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This is Chapter 17 of the Book of Love, by Yahchanan

The Abomination of Desolation,
the Mark of the Beast,
and the Anti-Christ

Yahwah is coming. Be scared.
Be very afraid. Fear YHWH!

           "Jesus Horus Christ"

I have identified Daniyah's "abomination which makes desolate". And guess what, it is not what those silly christians told us. What is it? It is (are you ready for it?): JESUS. Yep, Jesus IS the abomination of desolation! Need me to prove it to you? Okay, here goes:

What did Daniyah actually say about the abomination of desolation? The "abomination which desolates" was distinctly defined by Daniyah in detailed prophecy which later came true. It turned out to be the god Jupiter, Zeus Olympios, represented by an idol statue and altar erected by the Romans in the temple of Yahwah. He made it plain in Daniel 11:31. That chapter unmistakeably refers to the statue of Jupiter which Antiochus IV Epiphanes placed in the Temple of Yahwah in 166BC. Daniyah 11:39 says: He [Antioches] will deal with the strongest fortresses by the help of a foreign eloah. And that eloah (god) was Jupiter, the God of the Romans.

1Maccabees 1:57 says: king Antiochus set up the abominable idol of desolation upon the altar of Yahwah. Maccabees Books 1&2 both mention this statue of Jupiter in Jerusalem, fulfilling Daniyah's detailed prophecies. Then Antiochus made an altar, and sacrificed a pig to Jupiter. Some Jews call this idol statue Ba'al Shamen (The Lord of Heaven). The Greeks called the Lord of Heaven Zeus, the Canaanites called him Ba'al El (Lord God), the Romans called him Jupiter, and before all them the Sumerians called him En.Lil (Lord God). There is really no doubt in anyone's mind but that Jupiter IS Daniyah's "abomination which makes desolate".

Then, almost two hundred years after that original prophecy is fulfilled, Yahshua refers to this "abomination of desolation" in Matthew 24:15. The original scripture was plainly fulfilled in detail, such that who could doubt it? But then Yahshua indicated there is more connected to that incident. In English we usually find: When you see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniyah the prophet, stand in the holy place, then let everyone flee to the mountains. Well, most people think that verse means the abomination will 'once again' stand in the Temple at some point in our future. That is the main reason for the christian and Jewish contention that the temple must be rebuilt before the Great Tribulation can begin. So that the anti-christ can stand in it, and defile it. But watch out for the translation and punctuation which they use to further their doctrine. Probably that is not how we are to understand that verse. Furthermore, that saying was meant for the future of the people hearing it, not our future. By now the fulfillment is far in the past, it happened in 66AD.

Perhaps this would be a better rendition in English: Matthew 24:15 Therefore, when you see the abomination of desolation [Jupiter] return [return!] to Yerusalem [the city, not the Temple], the abomination which Daniyah said would stand in the Temple of Yahwah [which it did in 166BC], then let everyone flee to the mountains. This is in better agreement with the parallel passage in Luke 21:20 When you see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know her desolation is at hand.

We know the Essenes understood it this way. When the Romans (Jupiter lovers) showed up in Jerusalem again in 66AD the Essenes fled to the mountains as instructed. The Essenes considered that event in 66AD to be the fulfillment of Matthew 24:15 prophecy. I agree with them, it was the literal fulfillment. The Romans and their king-God Jupiter are the abomination, and they made Yisrayah desolate. They left no nation, no law, and no Yahwah. Yahshua Messiyah told the Jews their House is left desolate. That means no more nation of Yisrayah. Later on the Romans came and finished it all off. The world has been desolate ever since. Amos described it this way:
Amos 8:11 Behold, the days come: says the Heavenly Father Yahwah; that I will send a famine in the land. Not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of Yahwah. 12 They will wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they will run to and fro to seek the word of Yahwah, and will not find it.
There is a popular Jesus symbol, very famous: IHS. You see this IHS christogram (monogram of Christ) all over christianity. The ministers of Satan tell you it is the Greek translation of the Savior's Hebrew name: Yeshua. First off, his name was not: Yeshua. Second, that is not what it is. IHS is the symbol (mark) of: Iesous Horus Krishna. Nowadays we call him: Jesus H. Christ.

When the Romans decided to make a universal religion, they had to appease a wide variety. They took the Son idea from the Babylonians and Jews, but the names from idolatry. So notice that Iesous was the Greek god, Horus was his Egyptian counterpart, and Krishna was the counterpart from the Hindu religion. All three are part of a pagan trinity of gods, all the pagan counterpart to Yahshua. 'I' is the first letter in Iesous (the Romans called him Iesus), 'H' is the first letter in Horus, and 'S' is the last letter in Christos, the Greek pronunciation of Krishna. The Greeks added the 'S' at the end of Krishna to honor their Supreme God: Zeus. The Romans used the 'S' in IHS instead of Krishna's first initial 'K' to honor Zeus further.

Jesus Horus Christ is not just a blending of the three big religions of the world - it is much more than that. Catholic means universal. To be a Catholic religion you have to encompass the world. And that is what they did. Iesus is the son of the Greek god - Zeus. Horus is the son of the Egyptian god - Osiris. Krishna is the son of the Hindu god - Vishnu. But it is much more. What they did was to combine the main son/god of the sons of Shem (Iesus), the sons of Ham (Horus), and the sons of Yahphet (Krishna) into one deity. These are the three sons of Noah, who were on the ark with Noah. So the Roman Catholics have tied together and corrupted the entire world.

Sometimes it is spelled IHC. Modern English has the 'J' letter which did not exist before, so now the christogram is sometimes spelled JHS or JHC. Always it means the same thing. The 'C' is just the first letter in Christos instead of the last letter. Of course, the catholics do not want you to know who you are really worshipping. So they have come up with a number of obfuscations to try and explain it away. For example, they tell you IHS in Latin means Jesus Hominum Salvator, which they say means Jesus Savior of Man in English. They also claim IHS is the Greek way of spelling Yeshua. Both things cannot be true, so they must be telling a lie.

You must know of the Greek god Zeus, King of Heaven, father of gods and men? He was not originally the king of the gods. He had to supplant his father Kronos for that. Gee whiz, isn't that the story of Satan and Yahwah? Isn't that the story of Enlil taking over from his father: An? That is the story of Satan taking over from: Yahwah. Satan would have us humans believe he is the king of men and all gods. But we know he is not the king of all the gods, just those who dwell on earth and hate men.

The people of old called all of these super-natural beings elohim, from Yahwah on down to the lowest angel. In English we say: gods. The bible says good angels and bad angels. The Semetic word elohim is the plural of el, a single god. When capitolized it becomes El (God), who is the king of the Canaanite pantheon of elohim (gods). El and Lord are really titles being used as names. The Canaanites had a thing where you should never say the name of your supreme deity, out of respect, supposedly, but maybe from fear. Really they were afraid Zeus would not like something he heard, and fry them with a lightning bolt. So they called him by titles and mispronunciations. His nickname is Satan, also known as Zeus. They worshipped the same gods most all of their neighbors in their world worshipped. Those gods are Satan and his demons.

Moshe promised the Yisrayahites they would fall victim to the pagan ways, and it would be a snare to them. It happened. The Yisrayahites did to Yahwah what Yahwah said do not do. They did like the local pagan nations. They decided the name of Yahwah should never be used, according to Hamite Canaanite doctrine. Instead they referred to Him as Adonai El, according to Canaanite doctrine. In English that is: Lord God. Adonai is the Semetic word for Ba'al, and in English it is Lord. The Canaanites were a Hamitic people, they called Zeus: Ba'al. Ba'al is the Lord God, who is Satan himself! He wants you to believe he is the: Lord of Heaven.

When I try to tell people The LORD God is Satan in disguise, they normally think I am a fool. They think my statement is ludicrous. Sometimes they say to me: GOD is the supreme being of the universe. They think what they are doing is providing me with a 'dictionary definition' of the word GOD. But GOD is already defined before we were born. GOD is Zeus, who is: Satan. What you are actually doing is expressing a statement of your religious belief. You are telling me you believe in GOD (Satan) as the supreme being of the universe! You are expressing a belief in GOD, and you are wrong. GOD and I both know YAHWAH is the supreme being. On Judgment Day Yahwah will be sitting on the throne. You and I and The LORD GOD will all be groveling in front of the throne, waiting for judgment. We know The LORD God is going into the Lake of Fire, because that is what true scripture teaches. We hope we will not be joining him.

We are all brainwashed since birth to believe 'God' is the supreme being of the universe. But no. God is the supreme being of this world we live in, the rest is a lie he tells so people will worship and fear him. Originally Adam was given authority over the earth. But he decided to follow his wife, who followed Satan. So now Satan is the God of this world, because Adam gave him the position! God is not YHWH. God is Satan. YHWH created God. YHWH created Adam and gave him a free will. When he decided to obey God instead of YHWH, YHWH went away. Right now on earth Satan is the king of gods and men, just like the scriptures, the Sumerians, the Greeks, and the Romans said he is. Humans were created with a free choice, and we decided to follow Satan. So Yahwah faded into the background. He created us with a free will to do as we choose. If we are not allowed to do as we choose, then we are not really free. So He had to withdraw.

So the Yisrayahites tricked themselves into rejecting Yahwah (YHWH), and worshipping Satan instead! And the christians insist on doing the same thing! It says so right there in my own so-called "holy" bible. It says that is what the Jews did, therefore they willingly commit the same sin! It is okay for them to do it, because the Jews did it first! Blithering idiots! They reject the obvious teaching of the scripture, instead they proudly follow the traditions of men!
Matthew 15:9 In vain do they worship me, teaching the traditions of men as their doctrines.

You can forget that Judeo-christian tripe about the "one and only God". These good gods and bad gods really do exist. Ancient people knew them personally. The Sumerians watched them descend from the heaven some little time after Noah's Flood, and called them: Anunnaki. They taught people things. Why do you think all the ancient human civilizations worshipped gods? Because they are real. They are not figments of imagination. They are not myth. A god is seen as any being who has abilities humans do not possess, such as being able to disappear from our reality.

And they are still here, doing the same things. Nowadays they usually make themselves look like humans, so you don't see them for what they are. (Essenes 78 But know this thing, Not all are men who are in the form of man.) You have the 'good gods' (Yahwah and his), and your 'bad gods' (Satan and his). But modern humans think we are 'educated', and 'intelligent', there is no way we would get tricked into joining a cult, to worship a bad god. Ah, deception! Instead of worshipping Zeus, now you are worshipping: son of Zeus! Jesus! Instead of Yahwah you also worship the Lord God, who is in fact Satan, who is called Zeus by the Greeks. He was called Jupiter by the Romans, but the world spoke Greek.

Jupiter? The Latin Iuppiter means: Iu is father. Iu is the king of the gods. The Latin Iu is pronounced essentially identical to the Greek Zeu. The Greeks insist a male name should have an 's' at the end instead of a vowel, so they called him Zeus. Piter means: father. In English piter is peter. The name Peter means father (it does not mean rock unless you are reading the holy catholic bible, which lies, go ahead, get me started on that). Ju-piter and Zeu-s are one and the same demon appearing to two different human civilizations. Check out the following verse, is it confusing to you?
Habakkuk 2:13 Behold, is it not for The LORD of hosts that the peoples labor for the [lake of] fire, and the nations weary themselves for vanity?
Notice that those who labor for The Lord end up in the Lake of Fire. This is completely contradictory to what is normally taught in the Holy Bible. There, you are taught to worship The Lord. Most christians say to worship the Lord God, and also the Lord Jesus Christ. The only way it makes sense is when you realize that The Lord is Satan! Oh, who do those Romans tell you to worship? They say Jesus Christ IS the LORD GOD in person. Just ask any catholic, they say to worship the Lord God Jesus Christ. Am I wrong? Please verify these identities:

LORD: a pagan god. Ba'al, Adonai. Title of Satan. Zeus.

GOD: a pagan god. El, the head of the Canaanite pantheon. Husband of Easter. Title of Satan. Zeus.

JESUS: a pagan god. Latin: Iesus. Greek: Iesous. Son of supreme God Zeus by Electra. Named Iasion (Jason), nicknamed Iasius. Iasius is Iesous is Iesus is Jesus, meaning: Son of Zeus. To the Greek the name means: praise Zeus, or, hail Zeus. The Mexicans pronounce Jesus as: Hey, Zeus! Catholics claim the Latin Iesus comes from the Hebrew Yeshua, but it does not, it comes from the pre-existing Greek god. They say this because the Jews use Yeshua, as they refuse to say the name of Yahwah, therefore they refuse to say the name of Yahshua because it contains Yahwah.

CHRIST: a human, believed to be part of the supreme god. Krishna, believed to be an avatar of Vishnu, and born as a human. The English 'Christ' comes from the Greek 'Christus' or 'Kristos', which comes from the Sanskrit 'Krishna', which is the name of the Hindu god: Krishna. Christ IS Krishna.

ZEUS: the Greek name of: The GOD. Jupiter, the king of heaven. Satan, the God of this world. Father of gods and men. Ba'al Shomayim (The Lord of Heaven).

YHWH: Yahwah. The creator and owner of the gods, the universe, the earth, and everything in them (Genesis 1:1). Yahwah is NOT Ba'al (Lord), nor is he El (God). Those who worship the Lord God are in violation of the First Commandment: You will have no elohim [gods] before me. And another commandment: Do not let the names of evil elohim to exit your mouth in prayer or praise.

Please verify. That does not mean quickly skim one or two christian websites. It means do some real research. We know who you think you worship, find out who you really worship. Don't you want to know? Wouldn't you want to find proof that I am wrong, so that you can correct my ignorance? If you look up 'Lord' (for example) on a christian website, you will get the stroking you seek, and I will not consider it proof. I suggest to also look up Ba'al, El, etc on a bunch of secular websites and in book references, get a good concensus. Find a big library, and spend all day looking in every book they have. Eventually you should agree, the word 'pagan' means: anyone who does not worship YHWH.
2 Kings 23:13 on the right hand of the mount of corruption, which Solomon the king of Yisrayah built for Easter the abomination of the Sidonians, for Chemosh the abomination of Moab, and for Milcom the abomination of the children of Ammon.
This defines what an abomination is: the god they worship. Nowadays the verse could add: and for Zeus the abomination of the Greeks, and for Jesus the abomination of the Romans. Jesus is an abomination, specifically, the abomination which causes desolation. Yahwah sent Yahshua to us. He did not send Jesus. Jesus is an imposter. This is a case of identity theft.

When word came out of Jerusalem about the Almighty Father Yahwah and His son Yahshua, most of the Jews did not actually use those names. They said: Yeshua son of El. The Greeks and Romans said: Yes, we already know them, they are Zeus and one of his sons, Iesus. We'll just add their newest exploits to our existing pagan belief system, and call it christianity. Catholic means universal, and to be a universal religion you have to incorporate all religions. So they blended some of the new sayings into the existing Zeus worship. Now christians all worship Zeus as his son: Iesus.

Most say the name Jesus came from the name Yeshua, since they are similar. Yet I read in the history Zeus raped Electra, one of the Pleiades. Zeus is El, God. She had a son by him named Iasion, nicknamed Iasius. Iasius is Iesus is Jesus, meaning: son of Zeus. And when you learn of Iasion, you even find out Zeus killed him. He's dead. The Jews called Yahshua: Yeshua the son of God (Adonai El, since they refused the name of YHWH). That is also what the Greeks called Iesus. It was totally natural for the Greeks to identify him as the same person who was really Yahshua the Nazarene. If the Jews had said: Yahshua the son of Yahwah; the Greeks would have known who they were talking about. Jesus Christ is a pagan Greek god.

There is an easy way to prove Jesus is NOT Yahshua. Yahshua gave a sign, He said He would be in the grave, dead, for three days and three nights. The christians insist Jesus died Friday afternoon, and rose up Sunday before dawn. Count it up, Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night. That is only one-and-a-half days. Yahshua specifically said three nights, and three days. Jesus is not Yahshua the anointed of Yahwah. Jesus Christ is an imposter! Jesus did not live up to the sign, so he is someone else. When the Romans re-wrote the scriptures they changed "after three days" to "the third day" whenever it refers to the resurrection of Yahshua.

Did you ever hear when someone insults God, and then turns his head to the sky, turns up his palm, and says: See, no lightning bolt!? It is Zeus who uses lightning bolts, not Yahwah. Yahwah uses fire. Do you accept that the Lord God is Zeus? Who else could it be? Certainly not Yahwah, He does not accept pagan titles and names. Yahwah told the Yisrayahites to destroy all the LORD God and Easter worshippers in Canaan (the Promised Land). Do you see that christianity preaches Jesus and God are the same individual? Just ask the catholics, they always preach that Jesus Christ is The LORD God, his own self, in human flesh. Nearly every christian says it. So when you worship Jesus you worship Zeus. The quote below is from the vatican's website. They claim YHWH and God and Jesus are one and the same!
Roman Catholic Catechism 209 Out of respect for the holiness of God, the people of Israel do not pronounce his name. In the reading of Sacred Scripture, the revealed name (YHWH) is replaced by the divine title "LORD" (in Hebrew Adonai, in Greek Kyrios). It is under this title that the divinity of Jesus will be acclaimed: "Jesus is LORD."
Indeed, I saw it said Jesus comes from a term: Jew Zeus. Far more likely is the explanation that Jesus comes from a combination of the Latin and the Greek names, Jupiter and Zeus. The Romans wanted their own language, and their own name for the deity, but the Greek language was firmly entrenched as the language of the world. So strip the father/piter from Jupiter, and put on the Greek name Zeus. What do you get? Ju-Zeus. Jesus. That was easy, because they already had a god by that name, and he was already the son of Zeus. The English Jesus is the Latin Iesus, who already filled the role of a divine god being born to a woman by the king of the gods. Then they said the Son IS the Father in person, in human form. Ta-dah! The religion you have today is the same religion Nimrod began back five thousand or so years ago in Babylon.

The supreme being is miraculously born as a human, by a human woman. Sound familiar? That is because Krishna did the same thing. That is because Nimrod-Tammuz did the same thing. The modern christians continue to teach the same thing, they say the supreme God of the universe came down, became a human, and was born from a human woman. They insist Jesus is as much of God as can be stuffed into a human body. The problem for the christians, is, the scriptures do not teach it. The scriptures are exceedingly adamant that the Father and the Son are two completely separate individuals. They are NOT one and the same. That is a pagan cult belief begun by Nimrod Jr, and his mother/wife Easter, back there in Babylon.

Can anyone deny that Daniyah's abomination is Zeus? And who does the world of today worship? They still worship Zeus, but now they call him: Jesus! Scripture is clear that in our days the world will be fully deceived by the evil one: Satan. Yet almost half the world believes in Jesus, and the other half are told they should. Therefore those who believe in Jesus are deceived. The christians say all you have to do is believe in Jesus, and you can go to heaven! Yippee! But which part of heaven? The good part, or the bad part? Scripture says only a few people will find the way to the good part, which is where Yahwah will live, which is on Earth. The masses are going off to the lake of fire and brimstone. Look at the world around you. Are the masses the christians?

The scripture are clear that Satan causes the desolation in the world of humans. That abomination causes the desolation of knowledge of Yahwah in our world. The desolation is the lack of the name and laws of Yahwah in this world. The universal (catholic) Roman pagan religion of Zeus-Satan removed Yahwah from the scriptures, and put Paul in, thereby inventing the: Holy Bible. Think I am wrong? The Nelson bible publishing company says they purposely removed Yahwah's name some ten thousand times, replacing it with Satan's titles, and they blame their sin on the Jews. At first the Jews did not remove His name completely, they just refuse to say it or teach it. Therefore the sin of the Romans is even worse.

There is another passage which is pretty confusing to the average christian. Our Savior said: Matthew 7:22 Many will say to Me in that day: Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy by your name, and by your name cast out demons, and by your name do many mighty works? 23 Then I will profess to them: I never knew you. Depart from Me, you who work lawlessness. You see, the christians are going to face the Messiyah on Judgment Day and call Him: Lord Jesus. I can imagine they will be bewildered when He tells them to stand with the folks going into the lake of fire. They are going to say they cast out demons in his name: Jesus! And what does Yahshua the Messiyah say? I did not know you! Now we see the answer: the Lord Jesus Christ IS NOT Yahshua the Messiyah!

In the same passage, the christians wonder how the Savior can call them: lawless. Christians teach the Law of Yahwah is done away with, nailed to the cross, so they are Law-less. But think it out and you see the fallacy. If there is no Law and they do not sin, then, why do they have to go to church every month and confess their sins to the priest? It is the Law which defines sin. Without the Law there is no sin. They are admitting that there is sin in themselves, therefore, the Law is still in effect. The preachers and worshippers of Jesus Christ are sinners who are going to be swimming in the Lake of Fire on Judgment Day.

How obvious is that? How could it be even more obvious?

Have you ever heard of The Didache: Teachings of the 12 Apostles? It is verified as very old, and certain to be genuine. The catholics hate it because they couldn't "fix" it. It plainly says: 'Jesus is Satan'.
The Didache: For in the last days, the false prophets [christian priests] and the corruptors [teachers of evolution] will be multiplied. The sheep [the righteous] will be turned into wolves [sinners], and love will be turned into hate. For when the lawlessness [christianity] increases, they will hate one another, and they will persecute and deliver up. Then the deceiver of creation [Satan] will appear as God's son [Jesus, son of Zeus], and he will do signs and wonders. The land [world] will be given up into his hands. He will do lawless things which have never been done from the age. Then human creation will come into the fire of examination [judgment]. Many will stumble and be destroyed. But those who endure in their trust [of Yahwah] will be saved from this accursed thing [Jesus].

Gospel of the Essenes: I say to you today, a strange Savior [Jesus] will rule the minds of many. Those generations will not believe in the evil of the world. They will judge all evil, good; and all good, evil. The strange God will work many miracles in the earth. The people will worship that Savior with much devotion, for all hope rests in the God that is not Yahwah, but deceives the people of every nation.
Ask anyone in the world today who is the Son of God? They will all say: Jesus. So Jesus is the devil, the self-professed enemy of all mankind. I'm not making this up, this is too crazy to imagine on my own. I am only reporting to you what the history and the scriptures teach. Now it is your turn to go and verify it.

You've heard the term "anti-christ", eh? Who do you think it is? You've heard all the speculation. Would you be surprised if I can tell you who it is? Would you be surprised if it is not who the christians say it is? So, in this term 'anti' actually means 'instead of' or 'alternate', as well as 'against'. And we know the christ part is pure deception. Yahshua the Savior was not Christ, He was: Messiyah. Translate the Hebrew word into English directly, instead of through ancient paganology, and it is: Messiyah. The true term is not anti-christ, it is anti-messiyah, or alternate-messiyah. So who did Satan put in place 'instead of' and 'against' Yahwah's Messiyah? Jesus Christ! Instead of Yahshua (YHWH saves), you have Jesus (son of Zeus). Instead of Messiyah (annointed of YHWH), you have Krishna (annointed one), a human! The so-called "anti-christ" IS the Jesus Christ fantasy!

They keep saying "anti-christ this" and "anti-christ that". That way they trick you into thinking "christ" is good, because that is the way they define it. They brainwash you into thinking anyone who says anything bad about "christ" is bad. They are getting you ready to fight against Yahshua when he comes to destroy Jesus Christ and the Roman catholic Babylon religion.

Yep, the anti-messiyah Jesus IS the abomination which desolates the world for two millenia. Jesus IS NOT Yahshua. Christ IS NOT Messiyah. Satan completely removed Yahwah from the world, and the people were happy to see Him go!

Read it and weep. All the christians are going to the Lake of Fire. Even my mother.

Okay here's the deal:

We are all brainwashed since birth to think we either choose to be one of the bad kids and run with the devil, or we choose to be one of the good kids and run with God and Jesus. Right? It is a lie!! There are two kinds of bad kids, those who run with the devil, and those who run with God. It is true. Look up who exactly God is, and you discover he is the devil! God IS Satan! He fed us the ultimate lie. He makes billions of people think they are the good kids who are going to go to heaven. The enemy of the world is masquerading as the Savior of the world.

We were brainwashed since birth. When I tell people that God IS Satan, they think I have lost my mind (if I ever had one). That is because people do not know the truth, they do not search for it, and they do not care. Any true searcher will check my story to see if it can be verified or refuted. And guess what? It is easy to verify.

Flip on back to the books of Moshe. You will see he told the Yisrayahites to go into the Promised Land (Canaan) and kill every person there. Also, to destroy their religion. Yahwah and Moshe hated the Canaanites. The Canaanites had a deal where they do not speak the name of their gods. The main big God they worshipped was Zeus, same as the rest of the known world at that time. But they only called him by titles, El and Ba'al. Ba'al IS The LORD, as you will see when you research it. El IS God. Both words are also used as titles in a generic sense, but in this case they are Capitolized as a proper noun (name) and refer to a specific being.

Notice that 'God' is not 'one of the definitions of' El. God IS El. Same name, same being, same word, different language. Zeus is Satan, of course. So Satan = God. Did you think Satan and God were direct opposites? You were wrong. Satan is the boss of this world, and so we are taught what he wants us to believe. Satan is the father of the lie, and that is what we are told every day. Lies, lies, and almost nothing but lies.

The Canaanites did not worship Yahwah, therefore, they worshipped Satan. Their god Ba'al El is Satan. The Hamatic words Ba'al El translate into English as: The LORD God!! If you worship The LORD God, then you worship: Satan. Simple.

And regarding the Savior, I've been told: I know his Jewish name is Yeshua, but in English we call him Jesus. So let me point out, that is a complete delusion on several levels. A person has one name, pronounced the same in each language. Also, Jesus IS NOT Yahshua. Jesus is a pagan god, the son of Zeus and Electra (one of the Pleiades). Satan impregnated a woman, and christians worship their offspring. Yahshua is the human son of two human parents, Yahusef and Miriam (Joseph and Mary).

If you address and worship Jesus you are worshipping a pagan god. Zeus is the Greek name for Satan. All Greek male names have an 's' at the end to honor Zeus. That is why Jesus has an 's' at the end. The name Jesus honors Zeus, so if the christians were not Zeus-lovers, they would remove the 's'.

Did you think Jesus H Christ is the good guy? Yahshua the true Messiah of YHWH gave a sign, He said He would be dead and in a grave for three nights and three days. Jesus was only supposedly dead from Friday evening till Sunday morning. That is not enough days! Jesus Christ is an imposter, an identity thief.

Sure, they say Yahshua knows they are really talking about Him, even though they refuse to say His name. He also knows whose name it is. Yet they insist Yahshua must respond to the name of a devil! Think it out: when you call on a devil by name, that devil answers. Hey, does Yahshua need you? Is it not that you need Him?

Do you know what word in Hebrew is translated to English as: name? It is: shem (I'm using English letters, as you see). If you look up this word in Strong's Concordance (8034 & 8035) you will find it is not only a name, it is also a mark. Does the word 'mark' mean anything to you? It should. You either have the mark (name) of the beast, or, you have the mark (name) of Yahwah foremost in your mind. Those with God, Lord, and Jesus foremost in their minds have the: mark of the beast (Revelation 13:16, 14:1, 17:5, 22:4).

The mark of the beast from Revelation 13:16-18 is not the number 666, like the devil's ministers keep telling you. Nor is it: 616. They say it is a number so you will be searching down a blind alley when the truth is right in front of you. The mark is a symbol, a name, not a number. The symbol is a monogram of: Jesus Horus Christ. It is not exactly the same as the IHS we saw earlier, but it means the same thing. The Greek letters are χξς, which looks like X and C, so that is how they are given in English. The short version is simply the X, like a cross. The X is a very popular christogram going way back, like in the word: xmas. Xmas means: Jesus-Christ-mass. A slightly tilted X represents the: Cross of Christ. This X is the mark the catholics put on every person at baptism, at confirmation, and again every year at Ash Wednesday (Lent). Without that mark on you every year you were not allowed to buy or sell anything. The mark of Jesus Christ is the: Mark of the Beast.

The abominable pigs even put that mark on me a few times, in my youth. But I broke free, and so can YOU!

Whether it is a name or a symbol or a number, the Orthodox Jewish Bible says the beast of Revelation 13 is the anti-Messiah. History has already proven this anti-YHWH beast is the Catholic Church and her Jesus Christ fantasy.
OJB Rev 13:17 And that no one should be able to buy or to sell except the one having the tav [mark], the name of the Chayyah (Beast, Anti-Moshiach) or the number of its name.
The catholics really did not change the sabbath of Yahwah. They do not have the authority, and so they can not. That is, and always has been, and always will be, the seventh day of the week. Yahwah's sabbath is and was celebrated by the people of Yahwah. The seventh-day sabbath is a sign between Yahwah and His followers. The first-day sabbath is a sign between Satan and his followers.

The Romans were pagans to the core. They already celebrated the first day of the week as the sabbath day to their main God, who is actually Enlil the Devil. They never changed that. But it is horrendously obvious to everyone the bible says the seventh day is the sabbath. So they lie to you, they say the pope has the authority to change God's sabbath to Sunday, even though Yahwah said His sabbath will always be the seventh day forever.

The Romans worshipped the sun as an idol which reminded them of their God, who was: The King Of Heaven. They called him Jupiter, the Greeks called him Zeus. He is also called Satan and Lucifer in the scriptures. Older civilizations had other names for him. He is a real god, and they knew it. When a human looks up at the sky the main thing you ever see is the sun, that is the king of our sky. So they worshipped the sun on Sun-day because it reminded them of their god. The sun becomes an idol. The god is really a god. At night they worshipped the planet Jupiter as Zeus.

Scholars and historians have divided the history of Rome into three divisions: Pagan Rome, Papal Rome, and Roman Republic/Vatican. These divisions were prophesied in advance, and so they are important to us. Note that the Romans are pagans all the way through. They did not adopt the religion of Yahshua and Yahwah, nor even Judaism. They had their own religion: Zeus worship. They identified YHWH (Yahwah) as their own Zeus (Jupiter). They identified Yahshua the Messiyah as their own Iesus (Jesus), the pagan divine son of Zeus. The Romans continued believing in Zeus and Iesus, they never worshipped Yahwah and Yahshua, nor held sabbath on the seventh day. The Romans continued being pagan when they brought in Papal Rome. The popes are all pagans, beginning with the first pope. The first pope was Simon Peter the Sorcerer (Acts 8:9-24).

The first pope was NOT Simon Kepha the apostle. Read the scripture, when does he appear in Rome? Never. Yahshua called him: Satan (Matthew 16:23). He was not: the apostle Yahshua loved. Because both were named Simon Satan pulled a switch, an identity theft. He elevated Simon Kepha to be the main apostle, then claimed the catholic church was founded by him. Neither thing is true. They claim Peter is the same as Kepha, but that is the lie they use to equate the two people. Peter means father. Kepha means a small stone (not a large rock nor a foundation stone). The holy catholic bible makes it sound as if the Savior would build his church on Peter the Foundation. That is not true, the foundation rock is the Savior Himself.

You see the layers of lies the devil gave us to sift through if we want to find any shred of truth. The enemy of the world is masquerading as the Savior of the world. Is that the craziest plot you ever heard? My imagination is not good enough to come up with it. I learned these things by study of the scripture. If you do not believe me, that is a good thing. You need to study the scriptures, they will tell you of this horrible thing the devil does. It is not a secret. The knowledge is there for whoever wants it.

The only true and proper path is the one Yahshua walked: the path to Yahwah. God IS NOT Yahwah, no matter what the Jews and christians tell you. Yes, billions of people are wrong, and I am right! God is the right hand, the devil is the left hand. Both of those paths lead to destruction. Only those who find the narrow Way in between will be able to find: Yahwah.

Yeshayah 24:5 The earth is polluted under the inhabitants thereof, because they transgress the torah, violate the statutes, and broke the everlasting covenant. 6 Therefore the curse [Jesus] devoured the earth, and those who dwell therein are found guilty.

Yeshayah 9:16 Those who lead this people cause them to err, and those who are led of them are destroyed.

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