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The Second Book of Adam and Hawah

Second Book of Adam and Chawah [Eve]

Chapter I. The grief-stricken family. Cain marries Luluwa and they move away.

WHEN Luluwa heard Cain's words, she wept, went to call her father and mother, and told them Cain killed his brother Abel.
2 They all cried aloud, lifted up their voices, slapped their faces, threw dust upon their heads, rent asunder their garments, went out, and came to the place where Abel was killed.
3 They found him lying on the earth, killed, and beasts around him. They wept and cried because of this just one. From his body, by reason of its purity, went forth a smell of sweet spices.
4 Adam carried him, tears streaming down his face, to the Cave of Treasures, where he laid him, and wound him up with sweet spices and myrrh.
5 Adam and Hawah continued by the burial of him in great grief a hundred and forty days. Abel was fifteen and a half years old, Cain seventeen years and a half.
6 As for Cain, when the mourning for his brother was ended, he took his sister Luluwa and married her, without leave from his father and mother. They could not keep him from her, by reason of their heavy heart.
7 He went down to the bottom of the mountain, away from the garden, near to the place where he had killed his brother.
8 In that place were many fruit trees and forest trees. His sister bore him children, who in their turn began to multiply by degrees until they filled that place.
9 As for Adam and Hawah, they did not come together after Abel's funeral for seven years. After this Hawah conceived. While she was with child, Adam said to her: Come, let us take an offering and offer it up to Yahweh, and ask Him to give us a fair child, in whom we may find comfort, and whom we may join in marriage to Abel's sister.
10 They prepared an offering, brought it up to the altar, offered it before the Master, began to entreat Him to accept their offering, and to give them a good offspring.
11 Yahweh heard Adam, and accepted his offering. Then they worshipped, Adam, Hawah, and their daughter. Then they came down to the Cave of Treasures, and placed a lamp in it, to burn by night and by day before the body of Abel.
12 Adam and Hawah continued fasting and praying until Hawah's time came that she should be delivered, when she said to Adam: I wish to go to the cave in the rock, to bring forth in it.
13 He said: Go, and take your daughter with you to wait on you. I will remain in this Cave of Treasures before the body of my son Abel.
14 Hawah hearkened to Adam, and went, she and her daughter. Adam remained by himself in the Cave of Treasures.

Chapter II. A third son is born to Adam and Hawah.

Hawah brought forth a son perfectly beautiful in figure and in countenance. His beauty was like that of his father Adam, yet more beautiful.
2 Hawah was comforted when she saw him, and remained eight days in the cave. Then she sent her daughter to Adam to tell him to come, see the child, and name him. The daughter stayed in his place by the body of her brother until Adam returned. So she did.
3 When Adam came and saw the child's good looks, his beauty, his perfect figure, he rejoiced over him, and was comforted for Abel. He named the child Seth, which means Yahweh heard my prayer, and delivered me out of my affliction. But it also means power and strength.
4 After Adam named the child, he returned to the Cave of Treasures, and his daughter went back to her mother.
5 Hawah continued in her cave until forty days were fulfilled, when she came to Adam, and brought with her the child and her daughter.
6 They came to a river of water, where Adam and his daughter washed themselves because of their sorrow for Abel, but Hawah and the babe washed for purification.
7 They returned, took an offering, went to the mountain, and offered it up for the babe. Yahweh accepted their offering, sent His blessing upon them, and upon their son Seth. And they came back to the Cave of Treasures.
8 As for Adam, he did not know his wife Hawah again all the days of his life. No more offspring were born of them, only those five: Cain, Luluwa, Abel, Aklia, and Seth alone.
9 Seth waxed in stature, in strength, and began to fast and pray, fervently.

Chapter III. Satan appears as a beautiful woman tempting Adam, telling him he is still a youth. Spend your youth in mirth and pleasure. The different forms which Satan takes.

As for our father Adam, at the end of seven years from the day he was severed from his wife Hawah, Satan envied him. He saw him thus separated from her, and strove to make him live with her again.
2 Adam arose, went up above the Cave of Treasures, and continued to sleep there night by night. As soon as it was light every day he came down to the cave, to pray there, and to receive a blessing from it.
3 When it was evening he went up on the roof of the cave, where he slept by himself, fearing lest Satan should overcome him. He continued thus apart thirty-nine days.
4 Satan (the hater of all good) saw Adam alone, fasting and praying. He appeared to him in the form of a beautiful woman, who came, stood before him in the night of the fortieth day, and said to him:
5 O Adam, from the time you have dwelt in this cave, we have experienced great peace from you. Your prayers reach us, and we are comforted about you.
6 O Adam, now that you go up over the roof of the cave to sleep, we have doubts about you. A great sorrow has come upon us because of your separation from Hawah. When you are on the roof of this cave, your prayer is poured out, and your heart wanders from side to side.
7 When you were in the cave your prayer was like fire gathered together. It came down to us, and you found rest.
8 I also grieved over your children who are severed from you. My sorrow is great about the murder of your son Abel. He was righteous, and everyone will grieve over a righteous man.
9 I rejoiced over the birth of your son Seth, yet after a little while I sorrowed greatly over Hawah, because she is my sister. When Yahweh sent a deep sleep over you, and drew her out of your side, He brought me out with her. He raised her by placing her with you, while He lowered me.
10 I rejoiced over my sister for her being with you. Yahweh made me a promise before, and said: Do not grieve. When Adam goes up on the roof of the Cave of Treasures, and is separated from Hawah his wife, I will send you to him, you will join yourself to him in marriage, and bear him five children, as Hawah did bear him five.
11 Now, lo! Yahweh's promise to me is fulfilled. It is He who sent me to you for the wedding. If you wed me, I will bear you finer and better children than those of Hawah.
12 You are as yet but a youth. Do not end your youth in this world in sorrow, spend the days of your youth in mirth and pleasure. Your days are few, and your trial is great. Be strong, end your days in this world in rejoicing. I will take pleasure in you, and you will rejoice with me in this way, and without fear.
13 Up, then, and fulfil the command of Yahweh. She drew near to Adam, and embraced him.
14 When Adam saw that he would be overcome by her, he prayed to Yahweh with a fervent heart to deliver him from her.
15 Yahweh sent His Word to Adam, saying: O Adam, that figure is the one that promised you the god-head, and majesty. He is not favorably disposed towards you. He shows himself to you at one time in the form of a woman, another moment the likeness of a servant, on other occasions in the similitude of a serpent, and at another time in the semblance of a god. He does all that only to destroy your soul.
16 Understanding your heart, O Adam, I delivered you many a time from his hands, in order to show you that I am a merciful Father, that I wish you good, and that I do not wish your ruin.

Chapter IV. Adam sees the Devil in his true colors.

THEN Yahweh ordered Satan to show himself to Adam plainly, in his own hideous form.
2 When Adam saw him, he feared, and trembled at the sight of him.
3 Yahweh said to Adam: Look at this devil, at his hideous look, and know that it is he who made you fall from brightness into darkness, from peace and rest to toil and misery.
4 O Adam, look at him who said of himself that he is Yahweh! Can Yahweh be black? Would Yahweh take the form of a woman? Is there anyone stronger than Yahweh? Can He be overpowered?
5 O Adam, behold him bound in your presence, in the air, unable to flee away! Therefore, I say to you, Do not be afraid of him. Take care, and beware of him in whatever he may do to you.
6 Yahweh drove Satan away from before Adam, whom He strengthened, and whose heart He comforted, saying to him: Go down to the Cave of Treasures, and do not separate yourself from Hawah. I will quell in you all animal lust.
7 From that hour it left Adam and Hawah, and they enjoyed rest by the commandment of Yahweh. Yahweh did not do the like to anyone of Adam's seed, only to Adam and Hawah.
8 Adam worshipped before the Master for delivering him, and for quenching his passions. He came down from above the cave, and dwelt with Hawah as aforetime.
9 This ended the forty days of his separation from Hawah.

Chapter V. The devil paints a brilliant picture for Seth to feast his thoughts upon.

As for Seth, when he was seven years old he knew good and evil, was consistent in fasting and praying, and spent all his nights in entreating Yahweh for mercy and forgiveness.
2 He also fasted when bringing up his offering every day, more than his father did. He was of a fair countenance, like to a malak of Yahweh. He also had a good heart, preserved the finest qualities of his soul, and for this reason he brought up his offering every day.
3 Yahweh was pleased with his offering, but He was also pleased with his purity. He continued doing the will of Yahweh, and of his father and mother, until he was seven years old.
4 After that, as he was coming down from the altar, having ended his offering, Satan appeared to him in the form of a beautiful god. Brilliant with light, a staff of light in his hand, girt about with a girdle of light.
5 He greeted Seth with a beautiful smile, and began to beguile him with fair words, saying to him: O Seth, why do you abide in this mountain? It is rough, full of stones, of sand, and of trees with no good fruit on them. It is a wilderness without habitations and without towns, no good place to dwell in. All is heat, weariness, and trouble.
6 He said further: We dwell in beautiful places, in another world than this earth. Our world is one of light and our condition is of the best. Our women are handsomer than any others, and I wish you, O Seth, to wed one of them. I see that you are fair to look upon, and in this land there is not one woman good enough for you. Besides, all those who live in this world are only five souls.
7 In our world there are very many men and many maidens, all more beautiful one than another. I wish, therefore, to remove you to there, that you may see my relations and be wedded to which ever you like.
8 You will abide by me and be at peace. You will be filled with splendor and light, as we are.
9 You will remain in our world, and rest from this world and the misery of it. You will never again feel faint and weary. You will never bring up an offering, nor sue for mercy, for you will commit no more sin nor be swayed by passions.
10 If you will hearken to what I say, you will wed one of my daughters. With us it is no sin to do so, neither is it reckoned animal lust.
11 In our world we have no Yahweh. We are all gods. We are all of the light, heavenly, powerful, strong, and glorious.

Chapter VI. Seth's conscience helps him. He returns to Adam and Hawah.

When Seth heard these words he was amazed, inclined his heart to Satan's treacherous speech, and said to him: Did you say there is another world created than this? Other creatures more beautiful than the creatures that are in this world?
2 Satan said: Yes. Behold, you heard me, but I will yet praise them and their ways, in your hearing.
3 Seth said to him: Your speech amazes me, and your beautiful description of it all.
4 I cannot go with you today, until I go to my father Adam and to my mother Hawah, and tell them all you said to me. If they give me leave to go with you, I will come.
5 Again Seth said: I am afraid of doing anything without my father's and mother's leave, lest I perish like my brother Cain, and like my father Adam, who transgressed the commandment of Yahweh. Behold, you know this place, meet me here tomorrow.
6 When Satan heard this, he said to Seth: If you tell your father Adam what I told you, he will not let you come with me.
7 Hearken to me. Do not tell your father and mother what I said to you. Come with me today, to our world. You will see beautiful things, enjoy yourself there, and revel today among my children, beholding them and taking your fill of mirth, and rejoice ever more. I will bring you back to this place tomorrow, but if you would rather abide with me, so be it.
8 Seth answered: The spirit of my father and of my mother hangs on me. If I hide from them one day they will die, and Yahweh will hold me guilty of sinning against them.
9 Except that they know I am come to this place to bring my offering up to it, they would not be separated from me one hour. Neither should I go to any other place, unless they let me. They treat me most kindly, because I come back to them quickly.
10 Satan said to him: What will happen to you if you hide yourself from them one night, and return to them at break of day?
11 When he saw how he kept on talking, and that he would not leave him, Seth ran. He went up to the altar, spread his hands to Yahweh, and sought deliverance from Him.
12 Yahweh sent His Word, and cursed Satan, who fled from Him.
13 As for Seth, he went up to the altar, saying thus in his heart: The altar is the place of offering, and Yahweh is there. A divine fire will consume it, so Satan will be unable to hurt me, and will not take me away to there.
14 Then Seth came down from the altar and went to his father and mother, whom he found in the way, longing to hear his voice, for he had tarried a while.
15 He told them what befell him from Satan, under the form of a malak.
16 When Adam heard his account, he kissed his face, and warned him against that malak, telling him it was Satan who thus appeared to him. Then Adam took Seth, they went to the Cave of Treasures, and rejoiced therein.
17 From that day forth Adam and Hawah never parted from him, to whatever place he might go, whether for his offering or for anything else.
18 This sign happened to Seth when he was nine years old.

Chapter VII. Seth marries Aklia. Adam lives to see grand children and great-grand children.

When our father Adam saw that Seth was of a perfect heart, he wished him to marry, lest the enemy should appear to him another time, and overcome him.
2 So Adam said to his son Seth: O my son, I wish that you wed your sister Aklia, Abel's sister, that she may bear you children, who will replenish the earth, according to Yahweh's promise to us.
3 Do not be afraid, O my son, there is no disgrace in it. I wish you to marry, from fear lest the enemy overcome you.
4 Seth did not wish to marry, but in obedience to his father and mother, he did not say a word.
5 Adam married him to Aklia. He was fifteen years old.
6 When he was twenty years of age, he begat a son, whom he called Enos, and then begat other children than him.
7 Enos grew up, married, and begat Cainan.
8 Cainan also grew up, married, and begat Mahalaleel.
9 Those fathers were born during Adam's lifetime, and dwelt by the Cave of Treasures.
10 The days of Adam were nine hundred and thirty years, and those of Mahalaleel one hundred. Mahalaleel, when he was grown up, loved fasting, praying, and hard labors, until the end of our father Adam's days drew near.

Chapter VIII. Adam's remarkable last words. He predicts the Flood. He exhorts his offspring to good. He reveals certain mysteries of life.

When our father Adam saw that his end was near, he called his son Seth, who came to him in the Cave of Treasures, and he said to him:
2 O Seth, my son, bring me your children and your children's children, that I may shed my blessing on them before I die.
3 When Seth heard these words from his father Adam, he went from him, shed a flood of tears over his face, gathered together his children and his children's children, and brought them to his father Adam.
4 When our father Adam saw them around him, he wept at having to be separated from them.
5 When they saw him weeping, they all wept together, and fell upon his face saying: How will you be severed from us, O our father? How will the earth receive you, and hide you from our eyes? They lamented much, and in like words.
6 Our father Adam blessed them all, and said to Seth, after he had blessed them:
7 O Seth, my son, you know this world. It is full of sorrow, and of weariness. You know all that came upon us, from our trials in it. I command you in these words: to keep innocency, to be pure and just, and trusting in Yahweh. Do not lean to the discourses of Satan, nor to the apparitions in which he will show himself to you.
8 Keep the commandments I give you today, then give the same to your son Enos. Let Enos give it to his son Cainan, and Cainan to his son Mahalaleel, so that this commandment abide firm among all your children.
9 O Seth, my son, the moment I am dead take my body and wind it up with myrrh, aloes, and cassia. Leave me here in this Cave of Treasures in which are all these tokens Yahweh gave us from the garden.
10 O my son, hereafter a flood will come and overwhelm all creatures, and leave out only eight souls.
11 O my son, let those whom it will leave out from among your children at that time, take my body with them out of this cave. When they take it with them, let the oldest among them command his children to lay my body in a ship until the flood is assuaged, and they come out of the ship.
12 They will take my body and lay it in the middle of the earth, shortly after they are saved from the waters of the flood.
13 The place where my body will be laid is the middle of the earth. Yahweh will come from there and save all our kindred.
14 O Seth, my son, place yourself at the head of your people. Tend them, watch over them in the fear of Yahweh, and lead them in the good way. Command them to fast to Yahweh. Make them understand they must not hearken to Satan, lest he destroy them.
15 Sever your children and your children's children from Cain's children. Do not let them ever mix with those, nor come near them either in their words or in their deeds.
16 Adam let his blessing descend upon Seth, upon his children, and upon all his children's children.
17 He turned to his son Seth, and to Hawah his wife, and said to them: Preserve this gold, this incense, and this myrrh, that Yahweh gave us for a sign. In days that are coming a flood will overwhelm the whole creation. Those who go into the ark will take with them the gold, the incense, and the myrrh, together with my body. He will lay the gold, the incense, and the myrrh with my body in the middle of the earth.
18 After a long time, the city in which the gold, the incense, and the myrrh are found with my body will be plundered. When it is spoiled, the gold, the incense, and the myrrh will be taken care of with the spoil that is kept. Nothing of them will perish, until the Word of Yahweh made man comes. Kings will take them and offer to Him: gold in token of His being King, incense in token of His being King of heaven and earth, and myrrh in token of His passion.
19 Gold as a token of His overcoming Satan and all our foes, incense as a token that He will rise from the dead and be exalted above things in heaven and things in the earth, and myrrh in token that He will drink bitter gall and feel the pains of hell from Satan.
20 Now, O Seth, my son, behold I have revealed hidden mysteries to you, which Yahweh revealed to me. Keep my commandment, for yourself, and for your people.

Chapter IX. The death of Adam.

When Adam ended his commandment to Seth, his limbs were loosened, his hands and feet lost all power, his mouth became dumb, and his tongue ceased altogether to speak. He closed his eyes, and gave up the spirit.
2 When his children saw that he was dead, they threw themselves over him, men and women, old and young, weeping.
3 The death of Adam took place at the end of nine hundred and thirty years that he lived upon the earth, on the fifteenth day of Barmudeh, after the reckoning of an epact of the sun, at the ninth hour.
4 It was a Friday. The very day he was created, he rested. The hour at which he died was the same as that at which he came out of the garden.
5 Seth wound him up well, and embalmed him with plenty of sweet spices, from sacred trees and from the sacred Mountain. He laid his body on the eastern side of the inside of the cave, the side of the incense, and placed in front of him a lamp-stand kept burning.
6 His children stood before him weeping and wailing over him the whole night until break of day.
7 Seth and his son Enos, and Cainan, the son of Enos, went out and took good offerings to present to the Master, and they came to the altar upon which Adam offered gifts to Yahweh, when he did offer.
8 Hawah said to them: Wait until we ask Yahweh first to accept our offering, and to keep by Him the soul of Adam His servant, and to take it up to rest.
9 They all stood up and prayed.

Chapter X. Adam was the first.

When they ended their prayer, the Word of Yahweh came and comforted them concerning their father Adam.
2 After this they offered their gifts for themselves and for their father.
3 When they ended their offering, the Word of Yahweh came to Seth, the eldest among them, saying to him: O Seth, Seth, Seth (three times). As I was with your father, so I will be with you, until the fulfilment of the promise I made your father, saying: I will send My Word to save you and your seed.
4 As to your father Adam, keep the commandment he gave you, sever your seed from that of Cain your brother.
5 And Yahweh withdrew His Word from Seth.
6 Then Seth, Hawah, and their children, came down from the mountain to the Cave of Treasures.
7 Adam was the first whose soul died in the land of Eden, in the Cave of Treasures. No one died before him, except his son Abel, who died murdered.
8 All the children of Adam rose up, wept over their father Adam, and made offerings to him one hundred and forty days.

Chapter XI. Seth becomes head of the most happy and just tribe of people who ever lived.

After the death of Adam and of Hawah, Seth severed his children, and his children's children, from Cain's children. Cain and his seed went down and dwelt westward, below the place where he killed his brother Abel.
2 Seth and his children dwelt northwards upon the mountain of the Cave of Treasures, in order to be near to their father Adam.
3 Seth the elder, tall and good, with a fine soul, and of a strong mind, stood at the head of his people. He tended them in innocence, penitence, and meekness, and did not allow one of them to go down to Cain's children.
4 Because of their purity, they were named: Children of Yahweh. They were with Yahweh, instead of the hosts of malaks [gods] who fell. They continued in praises to Yahweh, and in singing psalms to Him in their cave, the Cave of Treasures.
5 Seth stood before the body of his father Adam, and of his mother Hawah, prayed night and day, and asked for mercy towards himself and his children. When he had some difficult dealing with a child, Yahweh would give him counsel.
6 Seth and his children did not like earthly work, but gave themselves to heavenly things. They had no other thought than praises, doxologies, and psalms to Yahweh.
7 At all times they hear the voices of malaks, praising and glorifying Yahweh: from within the garden, or when they were sent by Yahweh on an errand, or when they were going up to heaven.
8 Seth and his children, by reason of their purity, heard and saw those malaks. The garden was not far above them, only some fifteen spiritual cubits.
9 Now one spiritual cubit answers to three cubits of man, altogether forty-five cubits.
10 Seth and his children dwelt on the mountain below the garden. They did not sow, neither did they reap. They wrought no food for the body, not even wheat, only offerings. They ate well-flavored fruit of trees that grew on the mountain where they dwelt.
11 Seth often fasted every forty days, as his eldest children also did. The family of Seth smelled the smell of the trees in the garden, when the wind blew that way.
12 They were happy, innocent, without sudden fear, there was no jealousy, no evil action, no hatred among them. There was no animal passion. From no mouth among them went forth either foul words, curse, evil counsel, nor fraud. The men of that time never swore, but under hard circumstances. When men must swear, they swore by the blood of Abel the just.
13 They constrained their children and their women every day in the cave to fast and pray, and to worship the most high Yahweh. They blessed themselves in the body of their father Adam, and anointed themselves with it.
14 They did so until the end of Seth drew near.

Chapter XII. Seth's family affairs. His death. The headship of Enos. How the outcast branch of Adam's family fared.

THEN Seth, the just, called his son Enos, Cainan son of Enos, and Mahalaleel son of Cainan, and said to them:
2 As my end is near, I wish to build a roof over the altar on which gifts are offered.
3 They hearkened to his commandment and went out, all of them, both old and young, and worked hard at it, and built a beautiful roof over the altar.
4 Seth's thought, in so doing, was that a blessing should come upon his children on the mountain. And that he should present an offering for them before his death.
5 When the building of the roof was completed, he commanded them to make offerings. They worked diligently at these, and brought them to Seth their father who took them and offered them upon the altar. He prayed Yahweh to accept their offerings, to have mercy on the souls of his children, and to keep them from the hand of Satan.
6 Yahweh accepted his offering, and sent His blessing upon him and upon his children. Yahweh made a promise to Seth, saying: At the end of the great five days and a half, concerning which I made a promise to you and to your father, I will send My Word to save you and your seed.
7 Seth and his children, and his children's children, met together, came down from the altar, and went to the Cave of Treasures. They prayed, blessed themselves in the body of our father Adam, and anointed themselves with it.
8 Seth abode a few days in the Cave of Treasures, and then suffered, sufferings to death.
9 Enos, his first-born son, came to him, with Cainan his son, Mahalaleel Cainan's son, Jared the son of Mahalaleel, and Enoch Jared's son, with their wives and children to receive a blessing from Seth.
10 Seth prayed over them, blessed them, and adjured them by the blood of Abel the just, saying: I beg of you my children, do not let one of you go down from this holy and pure mountain.
11 Make no fellowship with the children of Cain the murderer and the sinner, who killed his brother. You know, O my children, that we flee from him, and from all his sin with all our might because he killed his brother Abel.
12 After saying this, Seth blessed Enos, his first-born son, and commanded him to habitually minister in purity before the body of our father Adam all the days of his life. And to go at times to the altar which he Seth had built. He commanded him to feed his people in righteousness, judgment, and purity, all the days of his life.
13 The limbs of Seth were loosened, his hands and feet lost all power, his mouth became dumb and unable to speak, he gave up the spirit, and died the day after his nine hundred and twelfth year, on the twenty-seventh day of the month Abib. Enoch was then twenty years old.
14 They carefully wound up the body of Seth, embalmed him with sweet spices, and laid him in the Cave of Treasures, on the right side of our father Adam's body. They mourned for him forty days, and they offered gifts for him, as they did for our father Adam.
15 After the death of Seth, Enos rose at the head of his people. He fed them in righteousness and judgment, as his father commanded him.
16 By the time Enos was eight hundred and twenty years old, Cain had a large progeny. They married frequently, being given to animal lusts, until the land below the mountain was filled with them.

Chapter XIII. Among the children of Cain there was much robbery, murder, and Sin.

IN those days lived Lamech the blind, who was of the sons of Cain. He had a son whose name was Atun, and they two had much cattle.
2 Lamech was in the habit of sending them to feed with a young shepherd, who tended them. When coming home in the evening he wept before his grandfather, before his father Atun and his mother Hazina, and said to them: As for me, I cannot feed those cattle alone, lest one rob me of some of them, or kill me for the sake of them. Among the children of Cain, there was much robbery, murder, and sin.
3 Lamech pitied him, and he said: Truly, when alone he might be overpowered by the men of this place.
4 So Lamech arose, took a bow he had kept ever since he was a youth, before he became blind. He took large arrows, smooth stones, a sling which he had, went to the field with the young shepherd, and placed himself behind the cattle while the young shepherd watched the cattle. Thus did Lamech many days.
5 Ever since Yahweh cast him off, and cursed him with trembling and terror, Cain could neither settle nor find rest in any one place. He wandered from place to place.
6 In his wanderings he came to Lamech's wives, and asked them about him. They said to him: He is in the field with the cattle.
7 Cain went to look for him. As he came into the field the young shepherd heard the noise he made, and the cattle herding together from before him,
8 and he said to Lamech: O my Master, is that a wild beast, or a robber?
9 Lamech said to him: Make me understand which way he looks, when he comes up.
10 Lamech bent his bow, placed an arrow on it, and fitted a stone in the sling. When Cain came out from the open country, the shepherd said to Lamech: Behold, he is coming. Shoot!
11 Lamech shot at Cain with his arrow and hit him in his side. Then Lamech struck him with a stone from his sling, that fell upon his face, and knocked out both his eyes. Cain fell at once, and died.
12 Lamech and the young shepherd came up to him, and found him lying on the ground. The young shepherd said to him: It is Cain our grandfather, whom you killed, O my Master!
18 Lamech was sorry for it, and from the bitterness of his regret, he clapped his hands together, and struck with his flat palm the head of the youth, who fell as if dead. Lamech thought it was a feint, so he took up a stone, smote him, and smashed his head until he died.

Chapter XIV. Time, the ever rolling stream, bears away another generation of men.

When Enos was nine hundred years old, all the children of Seth, and of Cainan his first-born, with their wives and children, gathered around him, asking for a blessing from him.
2 He prayed over them, blessed them, and adjured them by the blood of Abel the just, saying to them: Let not one of your children go down from this Sacred Mountain, and let them make no fellowship with the children of Cain the murderer.
3 Enos called his son Cainan, and said to him: See, O my son, set your heart on your people, establish them in righteousness, and in innocence. Stand ministering before the body of our father Adam, all the days of your life.
4 After this Enos entered into rest, aged nine hundred and eighty-five years. Cainan wound him up, laid him in the Cave of Treasures on the left of his father Adam, and made offerings for him after the custom of his fathers.

Chapter XV. The offspring of Adam continue to keep the Cave of Treasures as a family shrine.

After the death of Enos, Cainan stood at the head of his people in righteousness and innocence, as his father commanded him. He also continued to minister before the body of Adam, inside the Cave of Treasures.
2 When he had lived nine hundred and ten years, suffering and affliction came upon him. When he was about to enter into rest, all the fathers with their wives and children came to him. He blessed them, and adjured them by the blood of Abel the just, saying to them: Let not one among you go down from this Sacred Mountain, make no fellowship with the children of Cain the murderer.
3 Mahalaleel, his first-born son, received this commandment from his father, who blessed him, and died.
4 Mahalaleel embalmed him with sweet spices, laid him in the Cave of Treasures with his fathers, and they made offerings for him, after the custom of their fathers.

Chapter XVI. The good branch of the family is still afraid of the children of Cain.

Then Mahalaleel stood over his people, fed them in righteousness and innocence, and watched them to see they held no intercourse with the children of Cain.
2 He also continued in the Cave of Treasures praying and ministering before the body of our father Adam, asking Yahweh for mercy on himself and on his people. When he was eight hundred and seventy years old he fell sick.
3 All his children gathered to him, to see him, and to ask for his blessing on them all, before he left this world.
4 Mahalaleel arose, and sat on his bed, his tears streaming down his face. He called his eldest son Jared, who came to him.
5 He kissed his face, and said to him: O Jared, my son, I adjure you by Him who made heaven and earth, to watch over your people, to feed them in righteousness and in innocence, and do not let one of them go down from this Sacred Mountain to the children of Cain, lest he perish with them.
6 O my son, hereafter there will come a great destruction upon this earth on account of them. Yahweh will be angry with the world, and will destroy them with water.
7 I know your children will not hearken to you, they will go down from this mountain, hold intercourse with the children of Cain, and they will perish with them.
8 O my son! Teach them, and watch over them, that no guilt attach to you on their account.
9 Mahalaleel said to his son Jared: When I die, embalm my body, lay it in the Cave of Treasures, by the bodies of my fathers, then stand by my body and pray to Yahweh. Take care of them, and fulfil your ministry before them, until you enter into rest yourself.
10 Mahalaleel blessed all his children, lay down on his bed, and entered into rest like his fathers.
11 When Jared saw that his father Mahalaleel was dead, he wept, and sorrowed. He embraced and kissed his hands and his feet, as did all his children.
12 His children embalmed him carefully, and laid him by the bodies of his fathers. Then they arose, and mourned for him forty days.

Chapter XVII. Jared turns martinet. He is lured away to the land of Cain where he sees many voluptuous sights. Jared barely escapes with a clean heart.

Then Jared kept his father's commandment, and arose like a lion over his people. He fed them in righteousness and innocence, and commanded them to do nothing without his counsel. For he was afraid concerning them, lest they should go to the children of Cain.
2 He gave them orders repeatedly, and continued to do so until the end of the four hundred and eighty-fifth year of his life.
3 At the end of these years, this sign came to him. Jared was standing like a lion before the bodies of his fathers, praying and warning his people. Satan envied him, and wrought a beautiful apparition, because Jared would not let his children do anything without his counsel.
4 Satan appeared to him with thirty men of his hosts, in the form of handsome men. Satan himself was the elder and tallest among them, with a fine beard.
5 They stood at the mouth of the cave, and called out Jared from within it.
6 He came out to them, and found them looking like fine men, full of light, and of great beauty. He wondered at their beauty, and at their looks, and thought within himself whether they might not be of the children of Cain.
7 He said in his heart: The children of Cain cannot come up to the height of this mountain, and none of them is so handsome as these appear to be, and among these men there is not one of my kindred, they must be strangers.
8 Jared and they exchanged a greeting, and he said to the elder among them: O my father, explain to me the wonder that is in you. Tell me who these with you are, for they look to me like strange men.
9 The elder began to weep, and the rest wept with him. He said to Jared: I am Adam whom Yahweh made first. This is Abel my son, who was killed by his brother Cain, into whose heart Satan put to murder him.
10 This is my son Seth, whom I asked of the Master, who gave him to me, to comfort me instead of Abel.
11 This one is my son Enos, son of Seth, and that other one is Cainan, son of Enos, and that other one is Mahalaleel, son of Cainan, your father.
12 Jared remained wondering at their appearance, and at the speech of the elder to him.
13 The elder said to him: Do not marvel, O my son. We live in the land north of the garden, which Yahweh created before the world. He would not let us live there, but placed us inside the garden, below which you are now dwelling.
14 After I transgressed, He made me come out of it, and I was left to dwell in this cave. Great and sore troubles came upon me. When my death drew near, I commanded my son Seth to tend his people well, and this my commandment is to be handed from one to another, to the end of the generations to come.
15 O Jared, my son, we live in beautiful regions, while you live here in misery. And your father Mahalaleel informed me that a great flood will come and overwhelm the whole earth.
16 O my son, fearing for your sakes, I rose and took my children with me, and came here for us to visit you and your children. I found you standing in this cave weeping, and your children scattered about this mountain, in the heat and in misery.
17 O my son, we found other men below this mountain who inhabit a beautiful country, full of trees, of fruits, and of all manner of verdure. It is like a garden. When we found them we thought they were you, until your father Mahalaleel told me they were no such thing.
18 O my son, hearken to my counsel, and go down to them, you and your children. You will rest from all this suffering in which you are. If you will not go down to them, then, arise, take your children, and come with us to our garden. You will live in our beautiful land, and you will rest from all this trouble, which you and your children are now bearing.
19 Jared wondered when he heard this discourse from the elder. He went here and there, but at that moment he did not find one of his children.
20 He answered, and said to the elder: Why did you hide yourselves until today?
21 The elder replied: If your father had not told us, we would not have known it.
22 Jared believed his words were true.
23 So that elder said to Jared: Why did you turn about, so and so? He said: I was seeking one of my children, to tell him about my going with you, and about their coming down to those about whom you spoke to me.
24 When the elder heard Jared's intention, he said to him: Let alone that purpose at present. Come with us, you will see our country. If the land in which we dwell pleases you, we and you will return here and take your family with us. But if our country does not please you, you will come back to your own place.
25 The elder urged Jared to go before one of his children came to counsel him otherwise.
26 Jared, then, came out of the cave and went with them, and among them. They comforted him, until they came to the top of the mountain of the sons of Cain.
27 Then the elder said to one of his companions: We forgot something by the mouth of the cave, and that is the chosen garment we brought to clothe Jared with.
28 He said to one of them: Go back, we will wait for you here, until you come back. Then we will clothe Jared and he will be like us, good, handsome, and fit to come with us into our country.
29 Then that one went back.
30 When he was a short distance off, the elder called to him, and said to him: Tarry, I come up, and speak to you.
31 Then he stood still, and the elder went up to him, and said to him: One thing we forgot at the cave. Put out the lamp that burns inside it, above the bodies that are therein. Then come back to us, quick.
32 That one went, and the elder came back to his fellows and to Jared. They came down from the mountain, and Jared with them. They stayed by a fountain of water, near the houses of the children of Cain, and waited for their companion until he brought the garment for Jared.
33 He who went back to the cave, put out the lamp, came to them, brought a phantom with him, and showed it them. When Jared saw it he wondered at the beauty and grace thereof, and rejoiced in his heart believing it was all true.
34 While they were staying there, three of them went into houses of the sons of Cain, and said to them: Bring us today some food by the fountain of water, for us and our companions to eat.
35 When the sons of Cain saw them, they wondered at them, and thought: These are beautiful to look at, and such as we never saw before. So they rose, and came with them to the fountain of water, to see their companions.
36 They found them so very handsome, that they cried aloud about their places for others to gather together and come and look at these beautiful beings. Then they gathered around them both men and women.
37 The elder said to them: We are strangers in your land, bring us some good food and drink, you and your women, to refresh ourselves with you.
38 When those men heard these words of the elder, every one of Cain's sons brought his wife, and another brought his daughter. So many women came to them, every one addressing Jared either for himself or for his wife, all alike.
39 When Jared saw what they did, his very soul wrenched itself from them. He did not taste of their food or of their drink.
40 The elder saw him as he wrenched himself from them, and said to him: Do not be sad. I am the great elder, as you see me do, do yourself in like manner.
41 He spread his hands, and took one of the women. Five of his companions did the same before Jared, that he should do as they did.
42 When Jared saw them working infamy he wept, and said in his mind: My fathers never did the like.
43 He spread his hands and prayed with a fervent heart, with much weeping, and entreated Yahweh to deliver him from their hands.
44 No sooner did Jared begin to pray than the elder fled with his companions, for they could not abide in a place of prayer.
45 Jared turned round but could not see them, but found himself standing in the midst of the children of Cain.
46 He wept, and said: O Yahweh, do not destroy me with this race, concerning which my fathers warned me. O my Master Yahweh, I was thinking those who appeared to me were my fathers. I found them out to be devils, who allured me by this beautiful apparition, until I believed them.
47 I ask you, O Yahweh, to deliver me from this race among whom I am now staying, as you did deliver me from those devils. Send your malak to draw me out of the midst of them, I do not myself have power to escape from among them.
48 When Jared ended his prayer, Yahweh sent His malak in the midst of them, who took Jared and set him upon the mountain, showed him the way, gave him counsel, and then departed from him.

Chapter XVIII. Confusion in the Cave of Treasures. Miraculous speech of the dead Adam.

The children of Jared were in the habit of visiting him hour after hour, to receive his blessing and to ask his advice for everything they did. When he had a work to do, they did it for him.
2 This time when they went into the cave they did not find Jared. They found the lamp put out, the bodies of the fathers thrown about, and voices came from them by the power of Yahweh, that said: Satan in an apparition deceived our son, wishing to destroy him, as he destroyed our son Cain.
3 They also said: Yahweh Master of heaven and earth, deliver our son from the hand of Satan, who wrought a great and false apparition before him. They also spoke of other matters, by the power of Yahweh.
4 When the children of Jared heard these voices they feared, and stood weeping for their father, for they did not know what befell him.
5 They wept for him that day until the setting of the sun.
6 Then Jared came with a woeful countenance, wretched in mind and body, and sorrowful at being separated from the bodies of his fathers.
7 As he was drawing near to the cave, his children saw him, hastened to the cave, hung upon his neck, crying, and saying to him: O father, where were you, why did you leave us, as you were not wont to do? Again, O father, when you disappeared, the lamp over the bodies of our fathers went out, bodies were thrown about, and voices came from them.
8 When Jared heard this he was sorry, and went into the cave. He found the bodies thrown about, the lamp put out, and the fathers themselves praying for his deliverance from the hand of Satan.
9 Then Jared fell upon the bodies, embraced them, and said: O my fathers, through your intercession, let Yahweh deliver me from the hand of Satan! I beg you will ask Yahweh to keep me and to hide me from him to the day of my death.
10 All the voices ceased save the voice of our father Adam, who spoke to Jared by the power of Yahweh, just as one would speak to his fellow, saying: O Jared, my son, offer gifts to Yahweh for delivering you from the hand of Satan. When you bring those offerings, offer them on the altar on which I offered. Beware of Satan. He deluded me many a time with his apparitions, wishing to destroy me, but Yahweh delivered me out of his hand.
11 Command your people that they be on their guard against him, and never cease to offer up gifts to Yahweh.
12 Then the voice of Adam also became silent, and Jared and his children wondered at this. They laid the bodies as they were at first. Jared and his children stood praying the whole of that night, until break of day.
13 Jared made an offering and offered it up on the altar, as Adam commanded him. As he went up to the altar, he prayed to Yahweh for mercy and for forgiveness of his sin, concerning the lamp going out.
14 Yahweh appeared to Jared on the altar, blessed him and his children, and accepted their offerings. He commanded Jared to take of the sacred fire from the altar, and with it to light the lamp that shed light on the body of Adam.

Chapter XIX. The children of Jared are led astray.

Then Yahweh revealed to him again the promise He made to Adam. He explained to him the 5,500 years, and revealed to him the mystery of His coming upon the earth.
2 Yahweh said to Jared: As to that fire which you take from the altar to light the lamp with, let it abide with you to give light to the bodies. Let it not come out of the cave until the body of Adam comes out of it.
3 O Jared, take care of the fire, that it burn bright in the lamp. Do not go out of the cave again until you receive an order through a vision, and not in an apparition, when seen by you.
4 Command your people to not hold intercourse with the children of Cain, and to not learn their ways. I am Yahweh who does not love hatred and works of iniquity.
5 Yahweh also gave many other commandments to Jared, and blessed him. And then withdrew His Word from him.
6 Jared drew near with his children, took some fire, came down to the cave, and lighted the lamp before the body of Adam. He gave his people commandments as Yahweh told him to do.
7 This sign happened to Jared at the end of his four hundred and fiftieth year, as did also many other wonders we do not record. But we record this one only for shortness sake, in order to not lengthen our narrative.
8 Jared continued to teach his children eighty years. After that they began to transgress the commandments he gave them, and to do many things without his counsel. They began to go down from the Sacred Mountain one after another, and to mix with the children of Cain, in foul fellowships.
9 Now the reason for which the children of Jared went down the Sacred Mountain is this, that we will now reveal to you.

Chapter XX. Ravishing music and strong drink loosed among the sons of Cain. They don colorful clothing. The children of Seth look on with longing eyes. They revolt from wise counsel and descend the mountain into the valley of iniquity. They can not ascend the mountain again.

After Cain went down to the land of dark soil, and his children multiplied therein, there was one of them, whose name was Genun, son of Lamech the blind who slew Cain.
2 As to this Genun, Satan came into him in his childhood. He made sundry trumpets and horns, string instruments, cymbals and psalteries, lyres and harps, and flutes. He played them at all times and at every hour.
3 When he played them, Satan came into them, so that from among them were heard beautiful and sweet sounds, that ravished the heart.
4 He gathered companies upon companies to play them. When they played, it pleased well the children of Cain, who inflamed themselves with sin among themselves, and burnt as with fire. Satan inflamed their hearts, one with another, and increased lust among them.
5 Satan also taught Genun to bring strong drink out of corn. Genun used this to bring together companies upon companies in drink-houses. He brought into their hands all manner of fruits and flowers, and they drank together.
6 Thus did Genun multiply sin exceedingly. He also acted with pride, and taught the children of Cain to commit all manner of the grossest wickedness, which they did not know. He put them up to manifold doings which they did not know before.
7 Satan rejoiced greatly when he saw that they yielded to Genun and hearkened to him in everything he told them. He increased Genuns understanding until he took iron and made weapons of war with it.
8 Then when they were drunk, hatred and murder increased among them. One man used violence against another to teach him evil, taking his children and defiling them before him.
9 When men saw they were overcome (and saw others that were not overpowered), those who were beaten came to Genun, took refuge with him, and he made them his confederates.
10 Sin increased among them greatly. A man married his own sister, or daughter, or mother, or others, or the daughter of his father's sister, so that there was no more distinction of relationship. They no longer knew what iniquity is, but did wickedly, and the earth was defiled with sin. They angered Yahweh the Judge, who created them.
11 Genun gathered together companies upon companies, that played on horns and on all the other instruments we already mentioned, at the foot of the Sacred Mountain. They did so in order that the children of Seth who were on the Sacred Mountain should hear it.
12 When the children of Seth heard the noise, they wondered, came by companies, and stood on the top of the mountain to look at those below. They did thus a whole year.
13 At the end of that year Genun saw they were being won over to him little by little. Satan entered into him, and taught him to make dyeing, stuffs for garments of different patterns, and made him understand how to dye crimson, purple, and what not.
14 The sons of Cain who wrought all this shone in beauty and gorgeous apparel, gathered together at the foot of the mountain in splendor, with horns and gorgeous dresses, and horse races, committing all manner of abominations.
15 Meanwhile the children of Seth, who were on the Sacred Mountain, prayed and praised Yahweh in the place of the hosts of malaks who were fallen. Yahweh had called them malaks, because He rejoiced over them greatly.
16 But after this, they no longer kept His commandment, nor held by the promise He made to their fathers. They relaxed from their fasting and praying, and from the counsel of Jared their father. They kept on gathering together on the top of the mountain, to look upon the children of Cain, from morning until evening, and upon what they did, upon their beautiful dresses and ornaments.
17 Then the children of Cain looked up from below, saw the children of Seth, standing in troops on the top of the mountain, and they called to them to come down to them.
18 The children of Seth said to them from above: We don't know the way. Genun, the son of Lamech, heard them say they did not know the way, and he bethought himself how he might bring them down.
19 Satan appeared to him by night, saying: There is no way for them to come down from the mountain on which they dwell. When they come tomorrow, say to them: Come to the western side of the mountain, there you will find the way of a stream of water, that comes down to the foot of the mountain between two hills. Come down that way to us.
20 When it was day, Genun blew the horns and beat the drums below the mountain, as he was wont. The children of Seth heard it, and came as they used to do.
21 Genun said to them from down below: Go to the western side of the mountain, there you will find the way to come down.
22 When the children of Seth heard these words from him, they went back into the cave to Jared, to tell him all they heard.
23 When Jared heard it, he was grieved, for he knew they would transgress his counsel.
24 After this a hundred men of the children of Seth gathered together, and said among themselves: Come, let us go down to the children of Cain, see what they do, and enjoy ourselves with them.
25 When Jared heard this of the hundred men, his very soul was moved, and his heart was grieved. He arose with great fervor, stood in the midst of them, and adjured them by the blood of Abel the just: Let not one of you go down from this holy and pure mountain, in which our fathers ordered us to dwell.
26 When Jared saw they did not receive his words, he said to them: O my good, innocent, and sacred children, know that once you go down from this holy mountain, Yahweh will not allow you to return to it again.
27 He again adjured them, saying: I adjure by the death of our father Adam, and by the blood of Abel, of Seth, of Enos, of Cainan, and of Mahalaleel, to hearken to me, and not go down from this holy mountain. The moment you leave it, you will be reft of life and of mercy. You will no longer be called children of Yahweh, but children of the devil.
28 But they would not hearken to his words.
29 Enoch at that time was already grown up, and in his zeal for Yahweh, he arose, and said: Hear me, O you sons of Seth, small and great. When you transgress the commandment of our fathers, and go down from this Sacred mountain, you will not come up here again forever.
30 They rose up against Enoch and would not hearken to his words, but went down from the Sacred Mountain.
31 When they looked at the daughters of Cain, at their beautiful figures, at their hands and feet dyed with color, and tattooed-in ornaments on their faces, the fire of sin was kindled in them.
32 Satan made them look most beautiful before the sons of Seth, as he also made the sons of Seth appear of the fairest in the eyes of the daughters of Cain, so that the daughters of Cain lusted after the sons of Seth like ravenous beasts, and the sons of Seth after the daughters of Cain, until they committed abomination with them.
33 After they fell into this defilement, they returned by the way they came, and tried to ascend the Sacred Mountain. But they could not, because the stones of that sacred mountain were of fire flashing before them, by reason of which they could not go up again.
34 Yahweh was angry with them, repented of them because they went down from glory, had thereby lost or forsaken their own purity or innocence, and were fallen into the defilement of sin.
35 Yahweh sent His Word to Jared, saying: Your children (whom you called: My children), transgressed My commandment, and went down to the abode of perdition, and of sin. Send a messenger to those who are left, that they may not go down, and be lost.
36 Jared wept before the Master, and asked of Him mercy and forgiveness. He wished that his soul might depart from his body, rather than hear these words from Yahweh about the going down of his children from the Sacred Mountain.
37 But he followed Yahweh's order, and preached to them to not go down from that Sacred mountain, and to not hold intercourse with the children of Cain.
38 But they did not heed his message, and would not obey his counsel.

Chapter XXI. Jared dies in sorrow for his sons who went astray. A prediction of the Flood.

After this another company gathered together, and they went to look after their brethren, but they perished as well as they. And so it was, company after company, until only a few of them were left.
2 Jared sickened from grief, and his sickness was such that the day of his death drew near.
3 He called Enoch his eldest son, Methuselah Enoch's son, Lamech the son of Methuselah, and Noah the son of Lamech.
4 When they came to him he prayed over them, blessed them, and said to them: You are righteous, innocent sons. Do not go down from this sacred mountain. Behold, your children and your children's children went down from this sacred mountain, and estranged themselves from this sacred mountain, through their abominable lust and transgression of Yahweh's commandment.
5 I know, through the power of Yahweh, that He will not leave you on this sacred mountain. Your children transgressed His commandment and that of our fathers, which we received from them.
6 O my sons, Yahweh will take you to a strange land, and you never will again return to behold with your eyes this garden and this sacred mountain.
7 O my sons, set your hearts on your own selves, and keep the commandment of Yahweh which is with you. And when you go from this sacred mountain, into a strange land which you do not know, take with you the body of our father Adam, and with it these three precious gifts and offerings, namely, the gold, the incense, and the myrrh. Let them be in the place where the body of our father Adam will lay.
8 O my sons, the Word of Yahweh will come to him of you who is left. When he goes out of this land he will take with him the body of our father Adam, and will lay it in the middle of the earth, the place in which salvation will be wrought.
9 Noah said to him: Who is he of us who will be left?
10 Jared answered: You are he who will be left. You will take the body of our father Adam from the cave, and place it with you in an ark when the flood comes.
11 Your son Shem, who will come out of your loins, he it is who will lay the body of our father Adam in the middle of the earth, in the place salvation will come from.
12 Jared turned to his son Enoch, and said to him: My son, abide in this cave. Minister diligently before the body of our father Adam all the days of your life, and feed your people in righteousness and innocence.
13 Jared said no more. His hands were loosened, his eyes closed, and he entered into rest like his fathers. His death took place in the three hundred and sixtieth year of Noah, in the nine hundred and eighty-ninth year of his own life, on the twelfth of Takhsas, on a Friday.
14 As Jared died, tears streamed down his face by reason of his great sorrow, for the children of Seth who fell in his days.
15 Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah, these four, wept over him, embalmed him carefully, and laid him in the Cave of Treasures. Then they rose, and mourned for him forty days.
16 When these days of mourning were ended, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, and Noah remained in sorrow of heart, because their father departed from them, and they saw him no more.

Chapter XXII. Only three righteous men left in the world. The evil conditions of men prior to the Flood.

Enoch kept the commandment of Jared his father, and continued to minister in the cave.
2 It is this Enoch to whom many wonders happened, and who also wrote a celebrated book, but those wonders may not be told in this place.
3 After this the children of Seth went astray, and fell: they, their children, and their wives. When Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, and Noah saw them, their hearts suffered by reason of their fall into doubt full of unbelief. They wept and sought of Yahweh mercy, to preserve them, and to bring them out of that wicked generation.
4 Enoch continued in his ministry before the Master three hundred and eighty-five years, and at the end of that time he became aware, through the grace of Yahweh, that Yahweh intended to remove him from the earth.
5 He said to his son: O my son, I know Yahweh intends to bring the waters of a Flood upon the earth, and to destroy our creation.
6 You are the last rulers over this people on this mountain, I know that not one will be left you to beget children on this sacred mountain. Nor will any one of you rule over the children of his people, neither will any great company be left of you, on this mountain.
7 Enoch said to them: Watch over your souls, hold fast by your fear of Yahweh and by your service of Him. Worship Him in upright faith. Serve Him in righteousness, innocence, judgment, repentance, and in purity.
8 When Enoch ended his commandments to them, Yahweh transported him from that mountain to the land of life, to the mansions of the righteous and of the chosen, the abode of Paradise of joy, in light that reaches up to heaven, light that is outside the light of this world. It is the light of Yahweh that fills the whole world, but which no place can contain.
9 Enoch was in the light of Yahweh, so he found himself out of the reach of death, until Yahweh would have him die.
10 Altogether, not one of our fathers or of their children remained on that holy mountain, except those three, Methuselah, Lamech, and Noah. For all the rest went down from the mountain and fell into sin with the children of Cain. Therefore they were forbidden that mountain, and none remained on it but those three men.

This completes: The Second Book of Adam and Hawah.

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