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This is Chapter 6 of the Book of Love, by Yahchanan

Who is Elohim?

There are only three language groups on the earth today. The children of Yaphet son of Noah speak the Indo-European languages (oriental and caucasian peoples). The children of Shem son of Noah speak the Semite languages. The children of Ham son of Noah speak the Hamite languages. The people from Adam till Noah spoke a different language, the original, of which none of the others are related. We call it: Sumerian. The Sumerian language existed before any of the others.

You see in the Book of Genesis where Noah's family moved off to Sumer, and built the Tower of Babel. They recognized three main gods. The Father of All is: An (Anu). We now call him: Yahwah Almighty. An (dingir) is also the Sumerian word for: universe. All of our universe is a part of An. His first son, the all-good, is: Ea (Yah). In the Hebrew bible he is called: the Word of Yahwah. Ea's original title was: En.Ki (Lord of the Earth). The other son, the all-bad, is: Enlil. In the Hebrew bible Enlil is also called: Lucifer, the devil, Satan, and Belial. Converted into English, En.Lil is: the LORD God!

Elohim is a necessarily and obviously PLURAL word. It does not refer to the "three sides of One-God". The 'One-God' already has a word: El. I think Elohim is: a group of three individual deities. The claim that Elohim is a single deity is the source of tremendous amounts of confusion. I think the Semite word elohim is just exactly the same as (a translation of) the earlier Sumerian word: anunnaki. As such, The Elohim are also the top Sumerian gods. But they are not three sides of one god because they fight with each other. Usually it is called a: Triad (not a Triune or Trinity, which requires unity).

In the land of Shinar (Sumer) An, Ea, and Enlil were the three main deities from which all else came. Sometimes they are called: The Eternals. The Sumerians had a word: anunnaki. The anunnaki were the gods they knew. The three main ones were known as: The Anunnaki. In Hebrew they are known as: The Elohim. The capitol letters in English separate 'The Elohim' (Three Eternals) from 'the elohim' (all lesser and later gods). Just as El with a capitol is The God of all the elohim, Elohim are The Gods among all the rest of the elohim. I say An is YHWH, Ea is AHYH, and Enlil translates into English as the Lord God.

Elohim with a capitol is: An and/or Ea and/or Enlil. Elohim is any one, or any two, or all three together. An is one of the Elohim (although he is not actually a god), Ea is another one of the Elohim, and the Devil is the other one of the Elohim.

The verse from Yeshayahu 40:28 ties Eternal and Elohim together. I don't know if it is significant, but Yeshayah is often quoted as saying: YHWH is an eternal Elohim. The word 'an' implies: one of a group. If he had used 'the' it would imply: the one and only. Yet apparently (depending on which version you are reading) he said: an elohim. Maybe 'an' is the correct word, and 'the' is the word used by the Elohists. The way the translation reads in English makes it plain YHWH is the only one of The Elohim who did the creating. Two of YHWH's attributes are given, He is one of the three Eternal Elohim, He is also the creator of the whole earth. By this we know there are more than one: Elohim.

Exodus chapter 3 is extremely important to us. Here we can see the differences between AHYH, YHWH, and The Elohim. This chapter was apparently reconstructed by someone with a 'One-God' doctrine to support. So Ahyah is nearly wiped out and replaced with: Elohim. All through the books Ahyah and Enlil are replaced with: Elohim. That way they can pretend it is all One-God they worship. Here is an example. The malak (servant) of YHWH appeared to Moshe as a fire in a bush. In 3:4 YHWH is watching Moshe, and then Elohim speaks to Moshe. Why doesn't it say: YHWH spoke to Moshe? Because He didn't. Because Moshe didn't really speak to YHWH, he spoke to the malak in the bush like an interpreter. In 3:14 that malak told Moshe His name is: AHYH. AHYH is one of: The Elohim. AHYH is not: YHWH!
RNV Exodus 3:4 So when Yahuwah saw that he turned aside to look, Elohiym called to him from the midst of the bush and said, "Mosheh! Mosheh!"
OJB Exodus 3:4 And when Hashem [YHWH] saw that he turned aside to see, Elohim called out unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moshe, Moshe.

RNV Exodus 18:11 Now I know that Yahuwah is greater than all the Elohiym.

RNV Exodus 19:3 Mosheh went up to the Elohiym, and Yahuwah called to him from the mountain.
YHWH-An the Father is often seen as harsh and demanding, mean and un-forgiving. He says: Obey my law or I will throw you in the fire! People are scared, one slip-up cost Adam and Eve 6000 years of misery. Enlil-Satan is seen as the oppressor and enemy of humankind. However Enlil lets people do what they want most of the time. Stay out of his way and your life should go by without terrible incident. Enlil has taught humans many things, like technology. But he is generally hostile to humankind. When he does not have permission to kill us he merely teaches us to kill each other, and ourselves. He always teaches us to go away from YHWH because he knows YHWH will throw you in the Fire if you do not cling to Him.

Many of the ancient Yisrayahites chose to follow Enlil rather than YHWH. So if they write 'Enlil' in the book, their part will be exposed and rejected. But if instead they write 'Elohim' their writing is accepted. In this way the commandments of Enlil are given the weight of the commandments of An. The Devil gives a command, the Israelites write it down as coming from Elohim, and it becomes Judaism doctrine. This has to be a source of many apparent contradictions in scripture.

For example; YHWH said the year begins in spring after the barley ripens. Elohim says the year begins in the fall. So Judaism has a calender where the first month of the year occurs several months before the first day of the year! (and someone said I'm the one who's wacko) For another example; after Noah's Flood Elohim appeared to Noah and said we can eat meat now. Malachi says YHWH never changes, and He only gave vegetables to Adam. So what's up with that? Did you hear of the Babylonian creation story called: The Eridu Genesis? After the Flood Noah (Ziusudra) converses with both An and Enlil: The Elohim. Supposedly the answer is: Enlil gave the promise to not send another Flood, and the permission to eat animals. For another example; YHWH said the sabbath day is the seventh day, so God gives a conflicting commandment and says the sabbath is the first day of the week. YHWH says to refrain from your regular work, also buying and selling, for the day. Elohim comes along and adds to that, saying if you insist on having the sabbath on the seventh day you cannot have any pleasure, no sex, can not even kindle a match to light the wood already in your fireplace to save you from misery, because that is too much work. But if you have the sabbath on the first day of the week, then you can do anything you want on both days. For another example; YHWH said do not eat pigs, they are an abomination, and represent the Abomination of Desolation itself. God says eat all the pigs you want, because God is that abomination. Elohim gets blamed for everything. Probably the Lord God said: an eye for an eye. That is because YHWH says: turn the other cheek.

Either these scriptures are corrupted with human-added contradictions, or, Elohim is three separate deities giving us conflicting commandments.

Even Adam and Eve had the same problem. Do what YHWH said, or, do what Enlil said. Enlil said to eat the fruit, and so they did.

If you read the first chapter of this book, then the following bit will be easy for you.

Imagine a vast area full of energy. This area is itself composed of the energy. Entropy wants this energy to all be the same as the rest, so that everything is smoothed out. So this is an area where entropy is near the maximum. Everything is almost the same as everything else. But this place has slightly warmer and slightly cooler spots, and vast currents running around. This particular enormous area is alive. It has intelligence and conciousness far beyond our own. After all, it is an enormous brain. His name is: An. If you are one of those whose language wants a vowel at the end, call Him: Anu.

The energy of An is spread out almost evenly, being close to maximum entropy. To us it would appear as fire, perhaps a hundred degrees above absolute zero, maybe a thousand. For some reason An decided to make a small area within Himself, composed of Himself. He made this a place where entropy had been reduced greatly, being opposite the normal situation. In this little bubble He organized some of the existing energy into highly-organized structures. We call them: gods. They have intelligence and free-will. An used the gods as tools and helpers to organize more of the energy until the bubble became a physical structure. We call it: the Universe. It is where we live.

In this Universe the entropy will remain low as long as it is maintained by an intelligence beyond this Universe. If An does not maintain the negative entropy it will always increase, as we know, because that is the current situation. When Adam sinned An stopped maintaining the negative entropy, and so we see it always and only increasing. Paradise turned into thorns and thistles.

An created the gods, the universe, the earth, and all that is on it. In the bible we see the book called Matthew. Verses 21:28-31 says the kingdom of An is like a man with two sons, and he asks them to work in the field. These sons are Enlil and Ea. The bad son is Enlil who said: I go. But he did not. Ea did not want to go work, but then he did. Ea is the good son. The question is asked, which of the two did the will of his father? My answer is: neither!

So far I gave you are their Sumerian names. That is because history proves Sumer was the first civilization and language. After that all the others appeared. All the languages are related to each other in a spread of variations. Sumerian was unique. I am also providing the Hebrew names because that is the language the most important history was recorded in. Yahwah chose Abraham, and Abraham spoke Hebrew, which is closely related to the other Semetic languages.

We see in the bible about the fall of the Tower of Babel and the new languages. This story is literal, it happened like it says. So each new language would have a name for An, and a name for Ea, and a name for Enlil. Today the scriptures have come down to us mainly from the Hebrew, so that is where I will go first. The Hebrew language is spoken by the nation An chose as his own special nation. The Hebrew name for An is: YHWH. The Hebrew name for Ea is: AHYH. However he is usually called: the Word of YHWH. The Hebrew name for Enlil is: Adonai El. These were the three main gods/deities of Sumer. But they are not to be considered as a Trinity, since they did not agree as one.

In the original Ge-Hinnom (the valley of Hinnom was the garbage dump outside Yerusalem) the fire was always kept burning, and the worms were always in the ground eating away. This is where the word and imagery for gehenna comes from. Gehenna is the Lake of Fire into which goes everything and everyone who does not get to live in paradise with: YHWH. In Mark 9:43 gehenna is referred to as: unquenchable fire. To me this sounds like run-away entropy, and leads into my own personal cosmology.

The Lake of Fire at Judgment Day is not really a lake, and it is not really fire. It is run-away entropy. There are places where it is called the: outer darkness, where there will be weeping, and gnashing of teeth (Nazarenes 61:20, 64:13, Matthew 8:12, 25:30, Revelation 22:15). You evaporate so fast it is like being on fire. It is the body of YHWH. After Judgment Day YHWH-An re-consumes all He does not save in the new negative-entropy bubble, the new universe without evil, which we call: Paradise.

The Book of Enoch agrees. In chapter 108 Enoch calls it a chaotic wilderness and a blazing fire. Entropy is often called chaos, so chaotic wilderness is a place with a very-high entropy level. He said those who go there experience: weeping, crying, lamentation, and strong pain.

The Lake of Fire is forever. Those who go in there probably do not last forever. Maybe the human people burn up right away, maybe they get some torment first. The gods last longer. Even satan probably would not last forever before being consumed. But the Fire will remain forever. Yep, in Isaiah 66:24 he says: dead bodies. He does not indicate nor imply eternal concious torment. The Fire lasts forever. I never liked that catholic "eternity in hell" routine.

You can't have the good without the bad. They are relative terms. If you don't have both, all you have is normal. If you want the good, you got to have the bad. So what does YHWH do? He gives the bad free reign for a while, and then locks it away. Then the good can follow.
Nazarenes 25:6 You are the salt of the earth, for every sacrifice must be salted with salt.

Mark 9:49 Everyone will be purified with fire, and every sacrifice will be salted with salt.
The earth is a sacrifice! The earth is a stage upon which billions of lives are played out, until a pre-determined time when the universe disappears in Fire. The next day is Judgment Day. We all meet our maker, and see what He says about us. It is like a man with billions of sperms, but he only wants a thousand children. So he runs a test to separate the good from the bad. This universe is the bad, it will be purified with fire, then after Judgment Day is the good world.

So my image represents: the Elohim. You heard of the taichi symbol which is used to represent the Chinese philosophy of the yin and the yang. The yin and the yang are the dark and the light. They constantly swirl around each other like a pair of fish. Equal and opposite, relative terms both require the presense of the other, like big and small, good and evil, above and below, hot and cold, light and dark, male and female, rich and poor, fast and slow, smart and stupid, nice and mean, ugly and pretty. Enlil chose the darkness, then Ea took the light.

The modern stylised taichi is a brilliant representation of Enlil and Ea, so my image started there. The yin and the yang are said to come from a fire-like sea of energy called: qi (the Sumerians believed the goddess Ki is formed from An). If the taichi symbol is in a Fire, it depicts all three of: The Elohim.

With the Chinese yin-yang philosophy An is called: Qi. Qi is fire. Qi is the vital life force of the universe. Inside of and born from Qi are the dark and the light: yin and yang, Enlil and Ea. That is what my diagram depicts. However, Qi is seen as inanimate, while An is quite animate.

As I said before, An His own self is composed of energy which is near maximum entropy. In this image He looks like the sun, a ball of fire, a fiery golden lake of lava. The outer edge fades into whatever background because I am not trying to depict the limits of An. If there is an outer limit to An I do not know about it. I am only depicting the bubble of negative entropy somewhere within the all-encompassing fire. An created an area within Himself where entropy has been reduced almost to nothing. This is the separation of the light and the darkness from the fire. An is identical to: The Lake Of Fire. The light and the dark and everything else are within: An. Whatever darkness is rejected from the negative-entropy bubble will then exist in the body of: An. An is: a consuming fire. Entropy increases rapidly. Everything which leaves the negative-entropy bubble will be consumed.

Many people over the years have had different ways of representing: The Elohim. Sometimes there will be a statue of a god with three faces, or three heads. In Japan this divinity was called: San Pao Fuh. In India he was called: Eko Deva Trimurtti (One God, three forms).

With the Hindu philosophy they believe this Supreme Deity has three principle sides: the creative, destructive, and preservative. These are called: Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. Their Brahma is An the creator of all, Shiva is Enlil the destructive devil, and Ea is the preservative brother Vishnu who keeps rebuilding what Shiva destroys. This Three-way Deity goes by the sacred name of: AUM (ah-oo-mm). A, U & M are three separate sounds or notes, when heard together they form a musical chord. The chord has three notes, but they do not necessarily harmonize. If one note is dischordant the beauty leaves. The Supreme Deity AUM is exactly equal to: The Elohim.

In Hinduism and Buddhism AUM is the sound of the three parts of everything. An is the One, then the Light and the Dark. Our entire universe vibrates with this chord. Sometimes it is spelled: OM (the Light and the Dark). But they still pronounce it with the same three separate phonetic components (ah-oo-mm).
the Cave of Treasures: On the Second Day Yahwah made the Lower Heaven, and called it: Reki'a (that is to say: what is solid and fixed: firmament). This He did that He might make known that the Lower Heaven [negative entropy bubble] does not possess the nature of the heaven which is above it. It is different in appearance from that heaven which is above it, for the heaven above it is of fire [Qi, An]. That upper heaven is: Nuhra (i.e. Light). This lower heaven is: Darpition. And because it has the dense nature of water it has been called: Reki'a.
Regarding the two spots, that also fits in. Even the Dark Side (Enlil) has a tiny bit of good in him. There is a black spot on the white side. Did Yahshua ever sin? Did Ea ever sin? Yahshua provided a seemingly unimportant parable (Matthew 21:28-31). The Father (An) asked his two sons to work in the field (earth). One son (Ea) said he would not work, but later did. The other (Enlil) said he would work, but did not. Yahshua asked which son did the will of the father. My answer is: neither! The father wanted his sons to say they would work, and then actually do it. Neither did both things. But the answer is not provided. Did Yahshua-Ea have a guilty consience? Not actually a sin, but still a stain?

So after An waited to see what his sons would do, he found Ea did go work in the field. But Enlil did not. An was angry that his son lied to him, and threw his son down to the earth to work (a star fell from heaven, Luke 10:18, Isaiah 14:12). But even then, Enlil only causes and teaches fear and death to the humans. Now he is stuck here. Now he spends his time ruining it for humans, and trying to get rid of us.

My image shows a fourth object in addition to: The Elohim. You saw the scriptures which say YHWH "stretched out" the universe. Well, we know what it looks like in the third dimension, but what would it look like if you were in the fourteenth dimension? I don't know either. So I drew it as a strip of color stretched-out between the Light and the Dark, this is our Universe. The Darkness pushes the colors of anger and hatred and war and kings in front of it (scarlet and purple). The Light pushes the colors of life and love and peace and happiness ahead of it (blue and green).

Considering our place somewhere within the Milky Way Galaxy, which is somewhere within the pixel in the center of this simple two-dimensional diagram, which pixel is somewhere within the Universe, which is surrounded by the Light and the Dark, which are themselves embedded in the Lake of Fire, it becomes brutally obvious why Yahshua said: If you wish to enter into life, obey the commandments of YHWH (Matthew 19:17).

In spite of all the catholic and Jew "one God" propaganda, I am fully aware the scriptures actually teach us there are, yes indeed, many gods. There are good gods, and bad gods. And the first of the ten commandments seems pretty important: Exodus 20:3 You will have no elohim instead of Me. Elohim are not idols of wood and stone, they are gods, the gods: such as El and Ba'al and Ishtar (God, the LORD, and Easter).

If there is only one god, the word elohim would not exist. Elohim is the plural form of el. Existance of the word elohim proves there are many gods. So the top three Sumerian Gods are now known as: The Elohim. The Elohim are: the Light, the Dark, and the Fire from which they came.

Facts. Reality. Plain and simple.
RNV Genesis 1:26 Then Elohiym said, let US make mankind in OUR image.
That defines Elohim as a plural being. But then, in the next verse ...
RNV Genesis 1:27 So Elohiym created the man in HIS image, in the image of Elohiym HE created him, male and female HE created them.
Suddenly Elohim is defined as a single being. Why the contradiction? The first verse refers to all three of them, the second verse refers to only one of them. Does this really prove the Jews do not know what is going on? Does it prove they are lying to us?
OJB Exo 3:6 Moreover He said, I am Elohei Avicha, Elohei Avraham, Elohei Yitzchak, and Elohei Ya'akov. And Moshe hid his face; for he was afraid to look upon HaElohim.
The Hebrew term HaElohim means: The Elohim. If Moshe thought Elohim was a single being, why did he have to ask His name? Why did he not know who he was talking to? This strongly suggests Moshe thought Elohim is more than one being. He had to ask which of the three Elohim he was talking to.

Elohim is used by Jews as a plural to depict three aspects of YHWH, such as: majesty, dignity, and excellence. But they cannot prove that is correct. The Jews themselves do not know what is correct. They are extremely embarrased by their own use of a plural word regarding their "One-God", and so they are forced to invent stupid explanations.

I have an explanation they should contemplate. Elohim is plural because it refers to THREE separate deities at the same time as the Jewish "One-God"!

To me it looks like YHWH is the later Hebrew word for the original Sumerian: An (Anu). Also AHYH is the later Hebrew for the Sumerian: Ea. Adonai.El is the Hebrew for: En.Lil, Lord God. If I showed this is true, it proved the Lord God is NOT YHWH, and YHWH is NOT the Lord God. The Lord God is: the Adversary, the Devil, Satan! Did that bend your mind?

The kabbalah Tree of Life diagram shows all three. They explain it by saying all three are different emanations of the Eternal All. To them Lord God is how the Ain Sof appears at some times, and Ea is how the Ain Sof appears at some times, and An is how the Ain Sof appears at other times. Always it is the same being, according to them. All things are made from the substance of the Ain Sof. They say that is why the plural form Elohim is correct.

The Hebrew comes without capitols, but from the context it is clear when they are talking about elohim (gods, or, the gods) or about Elohim (The Gods). So from the context we can see what to put in English. The capitolized word Elohim refers to the same three primary gods from everybody's original land of Sumer. Those are: An, Ea, and Enlil. Those are: The Gods. All other gods (elohim) are below them. It is important to realize these three primary Gods are not a trinity. They are not three aspects of a One-God. They do not agree and act in accordance with each other.

They combined An, Ea, and Enlil into "One God" with the Shema (Deut 6:4, Sirach 24:24), which every Jew is required to know and agree with. That's why they use the plural form: Elohim. So when a Jew says Elohim we do not know who he is talking about. Maybe one or two of the three. They say it is three sides of: One God. Although it is a plural word, Elohim is usually translated in the singular as: God. I say Elohim is actually three deities combined into one.

So we see something like Joel 2:27: I am Yahweh your Elohim, and none else. How to explain it? YHWH is one of the gods combined into the "One God" named: Elohim. To me it sounds like the lying pen of the scribes created new doctrine, and installed their own personal favorite (Lord God) as head of the religion, and the people let them do it. They keep worshipping God, and pretending they are worshipping: YHWH. So then YHWH destroyed and ended his nation. That should tell us what YHWH thinks about people who worship: God.

Americans have been using the word "love" as a euphemism for "sex" for so long that an entire generation has grown up not knowing the difference. Most don't even know there are two different things. They say "make love to me" and they do not know what love is. My parents could not teach me what love is because they did not know.

Love is not sex, and sex is not love. What is love, really? YHWH is love, and love is from YHWH. If you want to find YHWH, look for love. If you want to find love, look for YHWH. Anger and hatred and lust are from Enlil.

Did you really think God and YHWH were the same One? The sabbath day of YHWH is and was and will always be the seventh day of the week because the way it is defined in the book of Genesis leaves no other possibility. Ask any God-lover of today, he says the sabbath day of the Lord-God is the first day of the week, just as it was in Babylon 5000 years ago. YHWH lays down a commandment, Satan the Devil makes a conflicting commandment for his followers. Satan is God is Enlil is the Adversary to YHWH. Reality. Simple.

For over 3000 years the Jews have been praying to God and pretending they are praying to AHYH and YHWH. They use the code word "Elohim" to hide the truth.

The Jewish elohist writers use the term 'Elohim' to deify their Lord God who they love, to hide AHYH who they do not want, and to despise YHWH.

The Jews believe in the Lord God who tells them to hide the name of Yahwah from themselves and from the world. Both the OT and the NT say whoever calls on the name of Yahwah will be saved (Zecharyah 13:9, Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21 & 4:12, Romans 10:13). God does not want anyone to be saved, so God forbids usage of the name: Yahwah. The Jews happily went right along with this. They made the name of Yahwah vain by hiding it in direct violation of the third commandment. How terribly pathetic is that? God can not even save himself from Yahwah.

Believing God can or will save them from the judgment of Yahwah is like grasping for the wind. It is vanity and vexation. It is as crazy as can be. If you think Judaism would not support such weird behavior, I suggest you search on the web using this term: ineffable name doctrine. You will find they have several excuses for why they believe this is proper doctrine, and how it came about. But if you use your mind you will realize the bottom line is as I just described. Judaism worships the Lord God and despises Yahwah.

Soon there is to be a meeting of: The Elohim. I realize Jupiter and Saturn will appear very close together on December 21, 2020. From America they can be seen low in the southwest just after sunset on the winter solstice, about seven arc-minutes apart. This is a seriously close conjunction, and very important. This is also visible in the western sky after sunset like when the 2015 Star of Bethlehem recurrance occurred. Quite ominous.

The 12 21 2020 date seems strange to me. I know some people said the Mayan 12 21 2012 thing was possibly the wrong year due to misunderstandings in the calculations, maybe it would be 2020 or some other year. But the media locked onto 2012 and made it "official". Some people thought 2012 was a result of incorrect understanding and it was really a different year. This is probably another sign for us to watch for, not a marker for a happening. Yahshua said to watch for signs in the sun, moon, and stars.

Jupiter is the planet representing: Zeus (lord of heaven and earth). Saturn is the planet representing: An (owner of the universe). They will be moving into Capricorn, the constellation representing: Ea. An, Enlil, and Ea are: The Elohim. The planet representing Ea is Mercury, and it will be near the sun on this date. The sun is used to represent An or Enlil, depending, and it will appear near the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Mercury moves into Capricorn soon after. On January 10 2021 Saturn Mercury and Jupiter will form an equilateral triangle in Ea's house, each planet about two degrees from the others. It is the big three: The Elohim!

The astrologers will go crazy explaining all this. It is like a story in the heavens. It is as if An summoned the primary gods to a meeting at Ea's house, and is waiting at the door for Enlil to arrive. Meanwhile Mars the war planet is shining brightly at the top of the sky, near the zenith. Enlil stays in Capricorn a while, in January Ea arrives, the sun and the moon pass through, Venus (Easter) comes for a visit, Easter has a close conjunction with Saturn on February 5 2021, then a close conjunction with Jupiter on February 11 2021 as the moon goes by, and then on March 4 2021 Jupiter and Mercury (Enlil and his brother Ea) have a close conjunction meeting with Saturn looking on, finally all of the gods leave Ea's house and go on, while An lingers longer there in Capricorn. Maybe the future of humanity will be decided at this meeting?! Crazy, eh?

So Mercury goes into the backyard to avoid Venus when she comes through his house. But later he meets up with her on May 28 2021, next to the star I called Tehuti. Then finally on August 18 2021 Mercury and Mars have a super-close conjunction nicely visible in Leo in the evening sky. They will be less than five arc-minutes apart (closer than Jupiter and Saturn on 12 21 2020 to start all this). So Ea, the god of Israel, meets with the god of War, and this happens in Leo, the marker for Judah (Israel), while Saturn is still sitting in Capricorn. Hmm, I wonder if it means anything?

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