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The End

The ancient scriptures are a history book of humanity. First there was YHWH. Then He created the gods. Then they created the universe, the earth, and man. Men were horrible sinners, so YHWH decided to wipe the planet clean, and start over. His son, the Word, convinced Him to keep a few of our kind alive. So Noah survived the Flood.

But mankind were still nasty sinners, so YHWH wanted to wipe the surface of our planet clean, and start over. But the Son loved us, and wanted to give us a chance. YHWH said we did the deeds, the punishment stands. Death to all. The Son agreed to suffer the punishment if we could be saved. He did not fulfill the law for us, he fulfilled our punishment. We will still die for our sins, that can't be changed. But because of him we might get to live again, if we prove we are willing to live the Law.

The End of the story is one of the most important parts.

We have some epistles written by the apostles themselves, apparently. We have James the brother of Yahushua Messiyah (Nazarenes 96:13 And to the congregation in Jerusalem was given James Yahushua's brother for its president and malak,). And we have wisdom from Kepha (Peter) and Yahchanan (John). All of these appear to be genuine, and written by those who knew the Messiyah the best. Furthermore, close inspection will indicate that these epistles seem to be a direct refutation of the epistles of Paul, and of Paul's teachings. Note that Paul calls himself an apostle, but Yahshua Himself appointed these men as apostles.

Then at last we come to the Revelation of Yahushua our Messiyah to Yahchanan the beloved apostle regarding The End of the World as we know it. This is pretty powerful reading.


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