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The Essene Humane Gospel of the Messiah

   AKA: The Salvation Of The World
   AKA: The Humane Gospel Of Yahushua

   Part I

(1)  The Essene Humane Messiah
(2)  The Birth Of Yahchanan The Baptist
(3)  The Prophecy of Earth Being Transformed Into An Edenic Paradise
(4)  The Birth of Yahushua In A Cave
(5)  Yahushua Sets Free The Captive Birds
(6)  Yahushua Teaches The Gentiles - Sacred Law Given To All Nations
(7)  All Creation Respects Yahushua - Promise of Paradise Restored
(8)  Yahushua Rescues A Lion
(9)  Yahchanan The Baptist Forerunner Of Yahushua
(10) The Sacred Messiah Descends On Yahushua
(11) Yahushua Interpreter Of The sacred Law
(12) Yahushua Tempted By Satan
(13) Yahushua The Lamb Of Yahwah Sacred And Humane
(14) Yahushua Appoints Apostles After His Name
(15) Yahushua And Miriam Of Magdala
(16) Yahushua Exposes The Evil Of Darkness
(17) Yahushua Teaches Natural Health Reform - The Natural Cures Of Nature
(18) Yahushua Fulfills The Scroll Of Yeshayah
(19) Yahushua Continues To Make Disciples
(20) Yahushua Condemns The Hunter Of Animals

  Part II 

(21) Yahushua Counsels The Rich
(22) The Pharisees Charge Yahushua With Blasphemy
(23) Yahushua Restores The Hearing Of A Deaf Man
(24) Yahushua Condemns The Ignorance Of The Pharisees
(25) Forgive your Brother Seventy Times Seven Times
(26) Yahushua Rescues A Horse From A Wicked Master
(27) Yahushua Condemns Animal Sacrifice - Shows It To Be From Satan And Not Yahwah
(28) Yahushua Blesses The Beasts And The Children In The Sacred Name Of The True Yahwah
(29) Yahushua Rebukes The Cruel Treatment Of A Sickly Creature Of Yahwah
(30) Satan Responsible For Every Disease - The un-sacred Law Of Lust
(31) The Sermon On The Mount
(32) Yahushua Tells Of The Origin Of The World
(33) The Eyes The Lamps Of The Body
(34) Judge Not Lest You Be Judged
(35) Yahushua Warns Of False Prophets - Who Will Twist His Words And Make A Lie Of Truth
(36) Yahushua Upholds The Pure Oblation And Clean Diet Of Man And Beast
(37) Yahchanan The Baptist Inquires Of The Messiah - Is Told Yahushua Is The Promised One
(38) Yahushua Sends Forth His Apostles To Yisrayah And The Nations
(39) Yahushua Feeds Five Thousand With Six Leaves And Seven Clusters Of Grapes
(40) Yahushua The True Bread And The Living Vine

  Part III 

(41) Only Yahushua Has Sayings Of Everlasting Life
(42) Blood And Sacrifices Vain Do Not Take Away Sin
(43) Yahushua Condemns The Ill Treatment Of A Camel
(44) Yahushua Tells His Disciples To Feed His Sheep
(45) The Humane Messiah - Man At His Best
(46) Yahushua Helps A Small Kitten In Need
(47) Unlawful To Torture Or Torment Animals
(48) The Eating Of Animals Birds And Fish Unlawful - Fishermen Condemned
(49) Yahushua Releases The Caged Birds
(50) The Return Of The Sacred Twelve
(51) Only Yahushua Gives Rest For He Is The True Rest
(52) Yahushua Again Gives The sacred Humane Law
(53) Yahushua Interprets The Law
(54) Yahushua The Living Water Which Comes From Heaven
(55) Yahushua Feeds One Thousand With Five Melons
(56) The True Temple The Body of Man In Which Yahwah's Spirit Dwells
(57) Yahushua Knows His Sheep - The True Sheep Know Him
(58) Yahushua Warns Of Lying Shepherds Who Will Mislead The Sheep
(59) True Sons And Daughters of Yahwah - Those Who Work Righteousness
(60) The Hypocrisy Of The Scribes And The Pharisees

  Part IV

(61) The Two And Seventy Return To Yahushua
(62) Yahushua Gives The Sign Of The End Of Wickedness
(63) Yahushua Gives The Sign Of Jonah - The Secret Sign Of The Fish
(64) Yahushua Tells Us The Mystery Of Man's Creation
(65) Four Trinities Hidden In The ONE Yahwah
(66) Yahushua Orders The Money Changers And Butchers Out Of The Temple
(67) Yahushua Prepares His Disciples For His Departure From Earth
(68) Humane Love - The Fulfillment Of The sacred Law
(69) The Love Supper of Yahushua The Day Before The Pagan Passover Ritual Of The Yahudim
(70) The PURE OBLATION - The Salvation Of The World
(71) Shedding Of Innocent Blood Is Of No Value - Only Living A Righteous Life Brings Peace
(72) The Commandment of ALL LOVE - Humane Love A Requirement
(73) Yahushua Enters Into The Pure Oblation With His Disciples - The True Last Supper
(74) All Truth Is From Yahwah In Heaven Above
(75) Yahushua Hurriedly Prepared For Execution
(76) Yahushua Asleep for Three Days In The Tomb Of The Dead - Reappears To His Disciples
(77) Yahushua Sends Forth the Sacred Spirit of Wisdom
(78) Yahushua Appears To His Disciples Assembled Behind Locked Doors
(79) By the Simplicity Of Woman Shall The World Be Saved


  Part I  of  The Essene Humane Gospel of the Messiah


   It is recorded in the homilies of Chrysostom that Yahushua told His disciples if they wanted to learn the mysteries of Yahwah, they would first have to be of Humane character. He said to them: For if you are disposed to be Humane, you will learn of the unspeakable mysteries.... Be you therefore Humane, that you may hear these things. Here Chrysostom implies that those who are prepared to receive Messiah and His sacred law will be entertained by Messiah's words, Come you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you before the foundation of the world.

  The word Humane describes man at his very human best, man who not only knows Yahwah's laws, but lives by them daily, for Humaneness is a virtue that results from the understanding of the spiritual fruits of the sacred spirit. It can be said that the present Bible translations of our day discredit greatly the Humane quality of Yahushua. His teachings were tampered with by Bible editors of the third and fourth centuries of the Catholic Assembly.

  Only the Essene writings contain the complete story of the most kind and generous of all men, a man that by his moral strength of sacred character puts all other men to shame, especially the religious frauds of today who preach in his sacred Name. Yes, so-called men of God who eat animal flesh, hunt, fish, trap animals, indulge in hard drink, lead sordid sex lives, participate in politics, support warfare and weapons, and have an absolute lack of interest in the human affairs of their fellow man, not to mention the innocent creatures of Yahwah. There are very few men who can call themselves men of Yahwah who can even come close to the standard of Humaneness Messiah set for His true disciples. Yahushua warned of such men, who would mislead the sheep of his fold for dishonest gain and riches, men interested in fame only, not in the truth of Yahwah. Little do such men realize their fate when Messiah tells them: Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness, I do not know you!

   The following Gospel can help many back to the narrow road of life. All are invited, there is still time to make the right change for the better, and follow Yahwah's law for life. There is no substitute for truth, the Essenes proved this long ago as they accepted the Messiah, while others did not. They proved to be the very fountainhead of pristine Messianics, and because of them we have this Humane Gospel today to read and study. Yahchanan the Immerser [John the Baptist] was without the slightest doubt an Essene prophet raised up by Yahwah to announce and make ready for the coming of Messiah on earth. He was a forerunner of the kingdom's promised heir and Messiah. Thus he was spiritually and physically prepared to identify with and relate to prophecies concerning him. The Essene Brotherhood, established long before Yahushua's birth, was in all readiness to provide whatever Yahushua would need in the way of shelter, food, and right education under their lofty standards set into motion for and by Yahwah's sacred law. If it were not for the Essenes we would have no gospel whatsoever today, for they were responsible for its original writing and careful preservation. Copies of the gospel in fragment form are and have been discovered in many lands. Slowly but surely, we will one day soon have most of Yahushua's writings. Yahchanan told us this when he said: The writings of Yahushua would indeed fill many books, which the world could not contain.

   The Birth Of Yahchanan The Immerser [John the Baptist]

  It was in the days of Herod, King of Yahudah [Judah] that a priest known as Zacharyah [Zacharias] .... And his wife Elizabeth were found by Yahwah to be righteous and pure.... Thus keeping the sacred Law and its commandments to the letter. But they had no children, Elizabeth being barren, and both well into the years of life.... Zacharyah's duty was to burn incense in the temple of the True Yahwah.... It was at this time a malak [servant] of Yahwah appeared to him, saying: Have no fear, Zacharyah, for your prayer was heard, and answered, for surely your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, even Yahchanan [John] you will call his name. You will have much gladness and rejoicing, for many will welcome his birth. Yahchanan will be great in the eyes of Yahwah. He will eat no animal flesh, nor drink strong drink at any time; he being filled with the Sacred Spirit even from his very beginning, from his mothers womb. For a certainty, many of the children of Yisrayah [Israel] he will turn back to the True Yahwah of Love, for he will be sent by HIM in the same spirit and power of Eliyah [Elias]...To make ready a sacred people prepared for Yahwah. Zacharyah said to the archangel Gabriyah: I am an old man, and my wife is old also, tell me, how is this to take place? Gabriyah, one of the seven glories of the True Yahwah Eternal, spoke to Zacharyah, informing him of his son to come. It came to pass, after a time, Elizabeth conceived.... Even a son as the malak foretold to be named Yahchanan ...Now Yahchanan in his coming manhood would be educated in the sacred Law of Yahwah, he being the promised forerunner and announcer of the sacred Messiah.

  It was in the sixth month the sacred Gabriyah was again sent by Yahwah to a certain place of Galilee to a virgin named Miriam [Mary], espoused to a man of the royal line of David, whose name was Yahusef [Joseph]. Now Yahusef was sacred and pure minded, skilled in the trade of woodworking and stone masonry. Miriam was gentle and kind, with a discerning mind, and humble spirit before Yahwah. Both were pronounced good and sacred before Yahwah. Of them was Yahushua, who is later called the Savior, or Messiah.

  Thus Gabriyah came to Miriam, and said: Behold, Miriam, you are highly favored of Yahwah, for the Motherhood of Yahwah is surely with you. Blessed are you among women, for blessed will be the fruit of your womb. Miriam beheld the glorious malak of Yahwah, she was confused at his saying, and wondered what manner of salutation this should mean for her. Understanding her mind, Gabriyah spoke to her, saying: Do not fear, Miriam, and do not be troubled with your thinking, for you found favor with Yahwah. Behold, you will conceive in your womb, and bring forth a sacred child of the Most High. He will be great, and will be called a Son of the Highest Order. For a certainty the All-Eternal One will give to Him alone the very throne of His father David. He will rule over all the house of Yaacob [Jacob] forever. Of His kingdom there will be no end, it will reign in peace eternal.

  Gabriyah spoke further to her: The sacred Spirit, even the Mother of Wisdom, will come upon Yahusef, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you. O Miriam, that which will be born of you is sacred, even Messiah, the Child of Yahwah. On earth His name will be called Yahushua [not: Jesus], for it is He who will save the people from bondage to sin, even all those repenting and obeying His sacred Laws.

  O Miriam, eat no animal flesh, nor drink strong drink, for the sacred child will be consecrated to the All-Eternal from its mother's womb. He will eat no animal flesh, nor strong drink, or drink in any form, nor will a razor ever touch His head. The malak Gabriyah spoke further: Behold, your cousin Elizabeth, she has conceived a son in her womb, even of old age she will bring forth, this being the sixth month with her, she who was called barren. I say to you, with Yahwah no thing will ever be impossible. At that, Miriam said: Behold the handmaid of Yahwah, be it to me according to your sacred words.

  In the same day, the malak Gabriyah appeared to Yahusef while he was asleep, and said to him: Hail, Yahusef, you are highly favored by Yahwah, for the Fatherhood of Yahwah is with you today. Blessed are you among men, and blessed is the fruit of your loins. Yahusef wondered at these words, his mind confused, but Gabriyah said to him: Do not fear, Yahusef, you son of David.... You will beget a child, and you will call His name Yahushua, for He alone will save His people from bondage to sin.

  Now for a certainty all this was said and done that it might be fulfilled which was written in the prophets, saying: Behold a maiden will conceive, be with child, bring forth a son, and will call His name Emmanuyah (which means: With us is Yahwah's Son). Thus Yahusef raised from his sleep and did as Gabriyah told him. He went in to Miriam, his espoused bride, and she conceived in her womb the sacred One of Yahwah.

  Later, at the home of Elizabeth.... Miriam said to Yahwah: My soul rejoices greatly in Yahwah's Son, my Savior. You regarded the humility of your handmaiden. Behold, from now on all generations will call me blessed. You who are mighty and powerful indeed did great things to me. Your Name and purpose is sacred, and your mercy is on those who respect you from generation to generation, even to eternity.... You exalted the humble and the meek, and remembered Abraham and your seed forever. Miriam lived on with Elizabeth for three months, and then returned to her own home.

   The Prophecy Of Earth Being Transformed Into An Edenic Paradise

   Yahusef spoke these words: Blessed is the True Yahwah of our fathers and our mothers in Yisrayah, for in the acceptable time you surely heard my voice, and in the day of salvation you always help me. For did you not say: I will preserve your sacred seed, and make a covenant of the people with you to renew the face of the earth, and return everything back to its root, to cause the desolate places to be rescued from the very hands of those doing the spoiling. You promised to restore Eden over the face of the earth, and give peace and joy to all the creatures. That you may say to the captives: Go forth, be set free, even as you were born free. Because of fear you said to those who live in darkness: Show yourselves in the light of day, do not be afraid any more. One and all, they will feed in the ways of pleasantness only. At that time your people will not hunt nor worry the creatures with fear of hungerness, for all who I made to rejoice before my eyes will be fed and satisfied. No, none will hunger or thirst any more. The heat of day will not smite them, the cold of night will not destroy them, and none will be weary or restless, for all will be at peace with one another under the Father-Mother Yahwah of Eternity.... Sing you sacred malaks in the heavens, and rejoice, you earthly man. O you deserts, break forth with righteous song. O Yahwah, you comfort your people, and all your creatures, and surely console those who suffer wrong....

  Now, it came to pass Elizabeth's full time came.... She brought forth a son.... All rejoiced with her.... On the eighth day the child was consecrated according to the sacred Law.... A wondrous thing took place.... For the child asked for a writing tablet, and wrote his own name, Yahchanan.... They all marveled for Yahwah. He opened his mouth, spoke, and praised Yahwah.... All those who heard about Yahchanan were amazed, and exclaimed:
What manner of child this will be! Surely the hand of the Eternal One is upon him!

  The child's father Zacharyah was filled with the sacred Spirit, and prophesied, saying: Blessed are you, O True Yahwah of Yisrayah. You have surely visited and reclaimed your people. You raised up your horn of salvation for us in the midst of David's household. Even as you spoke by the mouth of your sacred prophets, who were with us since the world's beginning, even Adam your first prophet, and now my son Yahchanan, who you gave us, in that we should be saved from our enemies. In order to perform the mercy promised to our ancestors, always thoughtful of your sacred covenant of old.... Because of all these things, O Yahwah, your child will be called the Prophet of the Highest, the Prophet of the Eternal All. He will truly go before your face, O Yahwah, to prepare your ways for the people, to grant knowledge of salvation to all nations by the remission of their sins. It is through the tender mercy and justice of Yahwah, even you our eternal Father. The very waters of truth has visited us from above today, to give true light to those who sit in darkness, in the very shadow of death itself, and to guide our feet as a lamp before us into the ways of peace and mercy.

  The child Yahchanan grew and became strong in the spirit and truth of the sacred Law, but his mission was hidden until the day of his appointed time to appear to Yisrayah. It was this Yahchanan who would one day baptize Yahushua, and witness to the Messiah descending upon him in the form of a dove, thus proclaiming Yahushua's identity to the world.

   The Birth of Yahushua In A Cave

   Yahusef and Miriam went into Bethlehem, the city of David.... Heavy with child...Miriam brought forth her firstborn babe in a cave, wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger within the cave, for there was no room to be found for them in the town. Behold, the cave was filled with bright light as of the sun, and it reflected the glory of many sacred malaks.

  There happened to be in the cave also an ox, a horse, an ass, and a sheep. Beneath the manger was a cat with her little ones, and there were doves overhead, each had its mate after its kind, the male with the female. Thus it came to pass that Yahushua was born in the midst of the animals which, through the redemption of man from ignorance and sin, he came to redeem from their sufferings, by the manifestation of the sons and daughters of Yahwah, all those whosoever lived according to the sacred Law....

  Shepherds were in the fields keeping watch over their flocks by night. Lo, the malak of Yahwah came upon them, the glory of the Highest shone round about them, and they were very afraid. The malak [messenger] said to them: Do not fear, kind shepherds. Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy and peace.... A Savior is born to you today in Bethlehem, the city of David, who is Yahushua, the coming Messiah and sacred One of Yahwah. Suddenly, there was heard great singing and rejoicing. Yea, even a multitude of the heavenly host praising Yahwah, saying: Glory be to Yahwah in the heights of the highest heaven, and on earth below, the seven-fold peace toward all men and women of good will. The shepherds said: Let us go now to David's city, and see the holiness which is come to pass, which Yahwah made known to us this hour. They journeyed with haste, found Miriam and Yahusef in the cave close to Bethlehem, and the sacred Child lying in a manger with many animals about...

  When the child Yahushua came to be eight days old, he was consecrated to Yahwah according to the sacred Law, and named Yahushua even as was spoken by the malak Gabriyah before He was conceived in Miriam's womb.... It came to pass that certain wise men heard of this Yahushua being born in the cave, near Bethlehem of Yahudah. Being from far away, these wise men of the East purified themselves, did not taste of flesh food, nor of strong drink, in order to find the Messiah whom they sought.... They saw His star in the heavens, the sign of His presence, and came to worship and honor Him as the sacred Child of Yahwah, even as it was written beforehand by the sacred prophets that gifts would be given to Him at His birth, and that out of Yahudah [Judah] will come forth a Teacher of Righteousness, who should renew the sacred Law to all the nations of the earth.

  When the wise men saw the babe with Miriam his mother, they fell upon their knees, and did obeisance to Him. They opened their treasure chest, and presented to the sacred Child gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, even as Adam was given these things from Eden after he took residence in the cave of treasures....After a time, the wise men were warned of Yahwah in a vision that they should not return to Herod, to report the whereabouts of the babe (for Herod sought after the babe to kill him). They departed into their own country with Herod not ever knowing of them again.

  Behold, a malak of Yahwah appeared to Yahusef in a dream, saying. Arise, take the young child and the mother, flee quickly into Egypt. Remain there safely until I bid you to return, for wicked Herod seeks to destroy Yahushua....They departed into Egypt by night, to the safety of the sacred brotherhood. Their brothers and sisters of the sacred Way remained with them for seven years, until word came that Herod was dead. Thus the prophecy was fulfilled, which was spoken of Yahwah, saying: I called my Son out of Egypt....

  When she heard of Herod's insane plan, Elizabeth took her infant son Yahchanan up into the mountains, and hid him.... When Zacharyah would not reveal the whereabouts of Yahchanan or Yahushua, they killed him in the Temple, between the sacred place and the altar.... Herod saw that he was fooled by the wise men who did not return to him. His anger was exceedingly great, and he sent forth a decree, by which all the children in Bethlehem and in every nearby coastal town were killed with the sword, from two years old and under he killed them.... Thus came to pass the words spoken by Yeremy [Yeremyah] the prophet, saying: In Rama a voice was heard, much lamentation, and loud weeping, for the mourning was great, Rachel weeping for her children, but would not be comforted, because they are dead. [Jeremiah 31:15]

  When Herod was dead, and all was safe in Yisrayah, behold, a malak of Yahwah appeared to Yahusef in Egypt, saying: Arise in safety, return your household into the land of Yisrayah, for the wicked are dead who sought after the young child's life. Yahusef arose, and came with Miriam and Yahushua into the land of Yisrayah, leaving behind them the brothers and sisters in Egypt of the sacred Way. They dwelled in a territory later known as Nazareth, even as Yahushua was called the Nazarene.

  It came to pass, Yahusef and Miriam went up to Yerusalem every year to honor the feast of the Unfermented Cakes and Pure Oblation. They observed the feast after the same manner of their true brothers, who abstained from bloodshed, the eating of flesh, and from strong drink.

  On one occasion, when Yahushua was twelve years old, He went to Yerusalem with His parents after the custom of the sacred feast. When they fulfilled the required days of the feast, Yahushua tarried behind, but His parents did not know of it.... It came to pass after three days they found Him in the temple, sitting in the midst of many learned men, both hearing them speak, and asking them questions. All there who heard Yahushua speak were truly astonished at His understanding and wisdom.... When Miriam and Yahusef at last confronted Him, Yahushua replied: How is it that you searched for me, and could not find? Did you not know I must be in my Parents House? But they did not understand the saying Yahushua spoke to them.

  It was at that time that a certain prophet, seeing Yahushua, said to Him: Behold the Love and the Wisdom of Yahwah are one in you, therefore in the age to come you will be called Yahushua, for by the anointed Messiah Yahwah will save mankind. What is now bitter as the salty sea will be turned into sweetness. But to this generation the Bride will not be made ready, for it is yet to the age to come.

   Yahushua Sets Free The Captive Birds

  On a certain day the child Yahushua came to a place where a trap was set for the capture of birds, and there were boys there awaiting their capture. Seeing them, Yahushua said to them: Who set this snare for the innocent creatures of Yahwah? Behold, in a like manner they will be caught without mercy or thoughtfulness. Lo, these are Yahwah's gifts to man. Yahushua beheld twelve sparrows, as it were dead. He moved His hands over them, and said to them: Go, fly away in freedom, remember me while you live. The on-looking Yahudim [Jews] saw this, were astonished, went off, and told it to the priests.

  Many wonders were seen wherever the child journeyed. Flowers were seen to spring up beneath His very feet, from barren rocky soil of old. Those who looked on stood in awe of Him, and were amazed, for never were such wonders seen. It was as if Yahwah Himself were walking upon the earth, and all of nature searched for Him so as to worship His very presence. All the sacred creations were moved and impressed by His glory and understanding.... All living things seemed to sense Him as something sacred. Yea, even wild animals were subdued at the mere sight of Him, or the sound of His voice, for no thing trembled, nor was afraid of Him. Even the most timid of creatures approached Him without fear or hesitation, seeking the peace He alone seemed to offer and contain...

  It came to pass after many wondrous events in the course of years, Yahushua reached His eighteenth year of age. He was espoused to Miriam, a maiden of the tribe of Yahudah. They lived according to the sacred laws of a pure marriage, with all chastity, thus proving themselves undefiled and purified from all sin for seven years before the Eternal Father. It was at this time Miriam saw a fleshly death, for Yahwah took her that Yahushua might fulfill all things, even that which was spoken of Him from the prophets.

  Yahushua came into the world that all things might return to their root. He came to release man from bondage to death, and to set every creature free before Yahwah. Yahushua would suffer a fleshly death for the sons and daughters of man, for upholding the purest motive of love. Fallen man had abused the Love of Yahwah, abandoning His sacred Law for the commands and false doctrines of men and devils.

  Great was the coming mission of the Messiah, and few understand the wisdom of it. Yahushua was the perfect example of Humane Love on earth. As a man He would excel in all things before Yahwah, as the spiritual Messiah. Yahushua knew and understood the wisdom of the Law, and it was written of Him: He came to re-new the sacred law, and teach its true meaning among men and gods.

  It came to pass Yahushua returned into Egypt to the sacred brotherhood, and was further instructed in truth and wisdom, even as Moshe was before Him. Yahushua meditated and fasted in the desert sanctuary, praying and obtaining the miraculous power of the sacred Name, by which NAME he worked many wonders, and taught much wisdom of sacred things.... In the fleshly body of man, Yahushua conversed with Yahwah the Eternal All for seven years, as if face to face. While in the spirit The Word knew of all that is sacred and pure, but now in the flesh, He experienced all natures, the beauty of life, and of the living creatures of Yahwah.

  Yahushua experienced the language of birds, of beasts, and even the fishes of the sea, and the healing powers of trees, of herbs, of grass, of flowers, of the purifying power of water, and the hidden secrets of precious stones in relation to all the creations of the earth. Small things even to great things Yahushua came to know and understand in a great way. Thus in Yahushua the man were all things revealed by Yahwah, even as all things were revealed to Him before He came. There remained no thing hidden from Him, whether it was times, seasons of the sun, the moon, the stars in their appointed times and places, the powers of the sacred letters, mysteries of the square and the circle, the transmutation of things, of forms, of numbers, and of signs.

  Yea, Yahushua understood every law of nature both visible and invisible to man, even the very secrets of the aeons He discerned and knew. So it was there remained nothing hidden to His mind, for all the natural decrees of Yahwah were manifested in Him and through Him, making the silent to be heard, and the darkness light. All the light of the sacred Law was in Him. The Word was in Yahwah's rest from the very beginning of time, even to His birth as a sacred child to the Messiah. The Word was perfect, He being the Law made flesh upon earth, to bear testimony to truth from above, that many would know of the Father's love, gentleness, and true nature.

  In time, Yahushua ended His stay with His brothers and sisters of the sacred Way in Egypt, and returned to Nazareth to visit His parents. While there He was approved as Rabbi in Yerusalem, instructing many in the sacred things of Yahwah, even in the temple, without interference.

   Yahushua Teaches The Gentiles
  Sacred Law Given To All Nations

   It came to pass, Yahushua went into many nations to teach the sacred law of Yahwah, into Assyria, India, Persia, and into the land of the Chaldeans [Babylon]. Yahushua traveled into many different nations, and spoke to many peoples of the sacred way of life. He visited their temples, and spoke to their priests, yea, instructing and reproving even their wise men for many years, according to the wisdom of the True Yahwah. Yahushua was loved there among the people, worked many wonders, healed the sick, and aided the weak and the ignorant. Yahushua felt a great pity for the people, even as He was witness to their lawlessness, poverty, slavery, and inhumanity.

  It was for these reasons He experienced the tender mercy of a perfect human being, realizing the peoples bondage to lawless morality, and death. The sacred law proved to be within Yahushua. He told to them the great love and compassion of the True Yahwah, even that Yahwah is not partial to His creation, but is good to all, and gives them His sacred Law as light to their feet in a world of gross darkness. The true tribe of Yisrayah is any man who keeps the sacred law, even as the Law was given to all men under the.... So the people of the nations hearkened to His words, and wanted much for Yahushua to always live among them, teaching the sacred way of spiritual and physical health reform. Yahushua did not stay, but traveled into many nations, making disciples everywhere He taught.

   All Creation Respects Yahushua
  Promise of Paradise Restored

  Yahushua proved to be the Humane son of sacred Parents in that all the beasts of the field showed respect to Him, all the birds of the heaven took no fear in Him, and even the fishes of the sea rejoiced at the presence of Him. None were in fear of Him. Yea, the great wild beasts of the desert perceived the authority of Yahwah within Him, and did Him much service, bearing Him from place to place with much gladness and readiness. For a certainty the Spirit of the Divine Sacred Law was within Him, as He was in the Great Rest of the Father. Being filled with the fruitage of the sacred Spirit, also filled all things around Him, and made all things subject to Him.

  For thus will yet be fulfilled through Him the words of the prophet [Isaiah 11:6-9]: The lion will lie down with the calf, the leopard with the kid, the wolf with the lamb, the bear with the ass, the owl with the dove, and a child of Yahwah will lead them. It will come to pass, none will hurt or destroy in my sacred mountain, for my earth, my sanctuary, will be full of the knowledge of the sacred ONE, even as the waters cover the bed of the sea. It will come to pass, in that day I will make again and renew a covenant with the beasts of the earth, the fowls of the air, the fishes of the sea, and with all created things. All will know me. I will break the bow and the arrow of the hunter, the sword of the slaughterer, and I will banish all the instruments of bloodshed from the earth, even forever. I will surely make all of my creatures lie down in safety and in peace, to live without fear or outcry. They will not hunger nor thirst anymore, but be fed and cherished. Even as the sun does rise and set each new day, so it will be in the land blessed by Yahwah, where all dwell securely. I will take to myself all those elect, and deliver to them eternal righteousness. They will know the True Yahwah in lasting peace, in loving kindness, with all His Love and Glory. The earth will bring forth in abundance the good corn, the fresh juice of the grape, and the oil of every seed. At that time I will certainly say to those who were not my people: You are my people. And they will say to Me: You are Yahwah alone. In that day the whole of the earth will be taught the knowledge of the sacred Law, and the Love of Yahwah will fill the hearts of many, as they rejoice in the fruits of their labor. Thus my words will stand, and come to pass. All those putting their faith in my words will never come to disappointment, but be satisfied. Let all who have ears, hear, and all who have eyes, behold. The day draws near when such things will surely come to pass....

  Yahushua continued in His mercies toward the people. Many were amazed and astonished at His words, and works of charity. Wherever Yahushua journeyed, and whatever thing He did, all goodness and much beauty resulted, for the Spirit of the Eternal All rested upon Him, even as myriads of malaks ministered to Him.

   Yahushua Rescues A Lion

  On a certain day Yahushua was passing by a high mountain range near to the desert. He came upon a lion, pursued by many hunters seeking to kill him with stones and javelins. Seeing this, Yahushua rebuked them, saying: Why do you hunt these beautiful creatures of Yahwah, who are nobler than most of mankind? For a certainty by the cruelties of many generations these poor beasts were made the enemies of man. Had man been the caretaker and keeper of these poor beasts, even as Yahwah thus appointed him as such in the beginning, he would not hunt.

 I tell you today, if the power of Yahwah is shown in these creatures, so also is magnified His long-suffering and compassion... Cease forever to persecute these good creatures who do not desire to harm you. Do you see how he flees from you, and is terrified by your weapons and violence? Do you not know the hunters will become the hunted in this world? Even as every man will sow, so he will reap, even all just rewards and punishments. At that moment, the lion came down from the mountain's edge, laid at the feet of Yahushua, and showed love to Him. The animal sensed the seven-fold peace of Yahushua, and did not fear Him. The hunters were astonished at this, and exclaimed: Lo, this man surely loves all creatures, and has the power to subdue and command even the greatest of all beasts of the desert, in that they obey His words! Never have we witnessed such as this before! The hunters left off from pursuing the lion, and marveled at the words of Yahushua in wonderment, as to whom this man was....

   Yahchanan The Baptist Forerunner Of Yahushua

  It soon came to pass the time arrived for Yahushua's cousin, Yahchanan, to make ready a sacred people for Yahushua's Name. The sacred Word of Yahwah came to Yahchanan in the wilderness brotherhood of the elect, and Yahchanan set out to complete the special calling, even preaching the baptism of repentance from the remission of sins. It was written in the prophets concerning him: Prepare the sacred way of the Chosen One, make straight the pathway of the Anointed. Every valley will be filled, and every mountain and hill will be brought low. The crooked will be made straight, and the rough ways will be made smooth. All flesh will see the salvation of Yahwah at work among the people, and every eye will behold the glory of His way.

  The same Yahchanan, known as the Immerser [Baptist], appeared in simple dress and humility. His food was the fruit of the locust tree and wild honey, even as the malak Gabriyah spoke of.... Yahchanan spoke to the multitude, all those seeking baptism, and said: O generation of disobedient ones, heed my words.... Begin today to bring fruits worthy of repentance, righteous works that save.... For I tell you, every tree which does not bring good fruit is cut down, and cast into the fire. So will it be with you if you do not keep the sacred Law, and live it....

  Some wealthier people spoke out, and asked Yahchanan: What will we do, then? How are we to be saved? Yahchanan answered, and said to them: He who has two coats, let him impart to him who has none. He who has abundant food, let him do as the first. He who has riches, let him give his gold to the brotherhood where all share in love, care of the poor, the orphans, the widows, those of long years, and those with illness. Yea, give to the general fund where all those of Yahwah reside in true peace and love.

  There also came to him certain tax collectors to be baptized, and asked of him: Master, what will we do? Yahchanan said to them: Exact no more than that which is due you, and be ever merciful as to your authority.

  Then soldiers came to Yahchanan, and asked: What will we do, tell us, please. Yahchanan said to them: Do violence to no man, nor any creature, and do not accuse any falsely. Be content with your wages, which prove enough, accepting no bribe or favor.

  Yahchanan spoke to them all, saying: Listen, and hear well, all you who have ears. Keep yourselves from bloodshed, and all manner of blood, from anything strangled, from dead bodies of birds and beasts, and do not eat fish. Keep from all deeds of cruelty, and from all that is gotten of wrong, yea, contrary to natural laws of good and Humane Love. Do you think the blood of beasts and birds will wash sin? I tell you, No. You must all speak the truth, and be just. You must be merciful to one another, and to all creatures that live, thereby walking humbly with Yahwah, who loves the Pure Oblation only.

  The people were in strictest attendance of Yahchanan's words. Many wondered in their hearts whether he was the Messiah, and still others asked to him if he were. Yahchanan answered, saying to them all: I indeed baptize you with water. But the sacred One, mightier than I, yet comes, the latchet of whose very shoes I am not worthy to unloose. He will baptize you with water, and with fire. A fan is in His hand, He will thoroughly purge His floor, and will gather the true wheat into His storehouse, but He will burn the chaff with destructive fire. His fan airs the judgment of the wicked, who will be as if they were never born at all. Those of righteous heart will inherit the fountain of living waters, where eternal springs of truth impart life everlasting.

  Yahchanan, known as the Immerser, continued in many exhortations. Many people listened and longed to hear more, and know of the One greater than he, the sacred One to come in the Name of the sacred Law of Yahwah. Thus Yahchanan prepared the way, even as Yahushua's fore-runner of sacred truths. The Pharisees and the Sadducees got to hear of this message, and were greatly angered with him, for they were not looking to the Messiah, as Yahchanan was announcing in all of Yerusalem, all Yahudah, and all the region round about the Yordan River, even as he was baptizing all those confessing their sins. Yea, Yahchanan baptized many in the River Yordan.

   The Sacred Messiah Descends On Yahushua

   It came to pass, the time was right for Yahushua to come to Yahchanan. It was in the middle of the summer, in the tenth month that Yahushua from Galilee came to Yahchanan, to be baptized of him. But Yahchanan hesitated, saying: I surely have need to be baptized of you, why do you come to me?

  Answering, Yahushua said to him: Permit it to be so now, Yahchanan, for thus it becomes both to fulfil all that is righteous before the sacred Father-Mother in Heaven.

  Yahchanan listened, and did as Yahushua spoke. Yahushua, when He was immersed, went directly out of the water. Lo, the heavens were opened to Him, and from the cloud twelve Rays of Light appeared. The sacred Messiah descended in the form of a Dove with brilliant lighting upon Him. Lo, a voice from heaven was heard, saying: This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, today I have begotten you. Listen to Him, and obey His sacred Law.

  Yahchanan bore testimony of Him, saying: This is He of whom I spoke. He who comes after me is preferred before me, for He was before me. Of His fulness we all receive, even grace for grace, for grace and truth are the sacred Law which Yahushua Messiah is the fulness of.... Yahchanan continued, saying: I baptize with water. There stands One among you, whom you do not know, He will baptize with water and with fire, for in Him are the life and the judgment of the sacred Law.... All these things took place in Bethabara, beyond Yordan, where Yahchanan was baptizing. It was at this time Yahushua began His ministry in Yisrayah, He being indeed the sacred son of Miriam and Yahusef after the flesh. But also of the Spirit the sacred Messiah, the Son of Yahwah (the Father and Mother Eternal)....

   Yahushua Interpreter Of The Sacred Law

  Being anointed with the sacred Spirit, and commissioned by the Eternal All as grand prophet and interpreter of the sacred Law, Yahushua Messiah would now with full authority from above reveal to earthly man His mission of mercy. Fulfilling many prophecies of old, the Messiah would keep His promise to Adam made some 5500 years previously, that He come to earth like Yahwah, and redeem Adam and all his righteous seed from the bondage of death. Thus would the Son of Man deliver from death to eternal life all those worthy of the calling. Yea, even the tests and trials of Adam the Messiah would experience and suffer, ever proving the superiority of the sacred Law over the falsehoods of Satan, for Yahushua Messiah would restore all things to their root. Adam was cheated by Satan, and brought into a world of bondage to evil. Yahushua would give back what Adam had due, thus restoring him to his true identity, and revealing to the world the ignorance of Satan who claimed he was God alone, and beside him there remained no other gods. Satan said to Adam and Eve: I am a jealous God, you must have no other gods before my face. I curse the hundredth generation who do not worship me, but bless all who hear my laws and hearken to them. I am God, I, the only God over all.

  Yahushua came to the earth to expose the lies of the devil, and tell to the sons of man the truth of their origin and root. Yea, Yahushua even came to release many gods who seek repentance (but remained in bondage to Satan against their will) and to show them the sacred Way again. Great was the mission of the sacred Messiah, but few were the people who knew of it, or understood its way. Only to the Elect of Yahwah did Yahushua reveal such mysteries, and teach to them the unknown wisdom of the Eternal All.

   Yahushua Tempted By Satan

   Preparing Himself further for the mission set before Him, Yahushua retreated into the wilderness to contemplate His role of the promised Redeemer and Savior of the righteous seed of man. There was strength in the wilderness which possessed every nature of Yahwah. Yahushua looked to the sacred creations of His Father, and received enlightenment and spirit.

  While there in the desert, Yahushua was tempted by Satan. The wild animals of the desert were everywhere about Him, but all became subject to Him, for all sensed in Him the sacred Messiah of the True Yahwah. Yahushua fasted and prayed to His Heavenly Father among the wild beasts, His only companions. It came to pass afterwards He was hungry and exhausted. It was at this time and place the tempter came to Him, and said: If you are the true Son of Yahwah, command that these stones be made bread, so that you may eat and be filled, for is it not written concerning you: You will feed on the finest of wheat and honey, and you will be satisfied out of the rock with pure waters?

  Yahushua answered the tempter, and said: Yea, but it is also written, Man will not live by bread alone, but by every law that proceeds out of the mouth of the True Yahwah, even The Eternal All. The devil was silent for a time, and did not say a word to Yahushua. Later he appeared again to Yahushua, with a woman of overwhelming beauty and comeliness, and said to Him: Take her as your own, for her desire is upon you. You will have love, happiness, and much joy all your life, and even see your children's children. Yea, is it not written, It is not good for man that he should be alone.

  With voice raised, Yahushua said to the devil: Get behind me Satan, for it is also written, Do not be led away by the mere beauty of a woman, for all flesh is as grass, and the flower of the field. The grass withers, and the flower fades away, but the Law of the Eternal One endures forever. I tell you what you already know of me, I come to heal the spiritual ills of man. He who is truly born of Yahwah keeps the seed within, for he knows the good from the evil, and the light from the darkness. I restore all things to their original root, that all things may know the True Yahwah is above the evil of the world. Mankind suffers much by your ignorance. The entire creation sighs, cries, and awaits freedom from bondage, yea, even from the slavery of sin where you imprisoned them.

  Again Satan was silent for a time, but re-appeared the third time, saying: Come, let us go up into the sacred city, where I will set you on the very pinnacle of the Temple. Surely here in Yahwah's House, if you are the Son of Yahwah, and cast yourself downward, all that is written will take place. It says: He will give His sacred servants charge concerning you. They will bear you up in their hand, unless at any time you dash your foot against a stone. Once again Yahushua said to Satan: It is also written, You will not tempt Yahwah your Father, nor put His sacred Law to the test. You well know the All Power of the Father, and yea, the Holiness of His Laws. But because you imagined the impossible dream, you set up a kingdom over the Most High. You fooled many gods, and most of mankind. Thus you also realize your time is limited. Your evil and wrongdoing will bring your seed to you, but also my seed to Yahwah. Do what you must do, Satan, and do quickly. Your judgment is at hand, you will in no way escape your punishment which you prepared for yourself, and all those who love your lie.

  Again Satan remained silent, and went away angry. After a time he returned for the fourth time, and offered Yahushua all the power and glory of his world. Yea, the power and authority was his to grant to any he chose. He said to Yahushua, Come here, I have much to show to you, and much to grant. He took Yahushua up into an exceedingly high mountain range, where all the earth and its valleys could be seen in the vast distance. It was upon this mountain Satan viewed twelve cities and their peoples, yea, the kingdoms of the world, and every material desire in them, all in a moment of time. Boasting in his great power, the Arch-prince of evil said to Yahushua: All this power, all this authority, yea, and all the glory there as found in my world as you see yet to come, I will give to you freely. You well know that all you see is delivered to me for a time. Lo, I give it freely to whosoever I will. Is it not written, You will have dominion from sea to sea, so you will judge your people with righteousness, the poor with mercy, and make a full end of oppression. If you will worship me, Yahushua, all is yours.

  Yahushua looked at Satan, the father of every lie, false lord of every evil and lust, and said: Again I say to you, ignorant one, you know scripture well, even as you wrote much, and corrupted the sacred truths. Do not hide behind your twisted interpretation of sacred things, for you are in darkness, and do not see the light as sacred men see and know. Because of your deviation, the sacred Law flees from you, for what is sacred and pure has no fellowship with evil and sin. There is no light in darkness, and no truth in a lie. You taught the lie as truth, and say to your malaks: You alone are gods, there is no one else. But sacred Wisdom spoke to you, and said: You lie, Satanail, for the Eternal All is above the Rest. You know it is written, You will worship the Eternal All, and Him alone you will serve in all purity of heart. You know well, you have the authority over this world for a time, but the age comes when all things will enter into the Rest. Your power and authority will cease, yea, even as every evil work will cease and be no more. In the beginning you offered Adam all things also, but when he chose the good over the evil, which you thought he would not, you tried to destroy him and his seed, yea, even causing a flood to ruin all things of the sacred creation. But I spoke to Adam, and Adam to his sons. So Noah prepared an ark with my malaks, and saved a sacred remnant of the creation, and mankind flourished after the flood. But the time draws near when the righteous will inherit the earth. Those of Humane Love will prosper in all things, and you will not be over them, nor have power to corrupt the creation.

  At hearing these things spoken by Yahushua, Satan remained silent for a short time, then decided to end the temptations, and thus departed from Yahushua, knowing for a certainty this was the Son of Yahwah, knowing good from evil, and light from darkness.

  ... Behold, many sacred malaks of Yahwah came, and ministered to Yahushua with many songs and prayers to the glory of all that is sacred and pure, in that Yahushua warded off the temptations of Satan, and did not yield to wicked authority....

  After a time, Yahushua returned from the wilderness. His parents were happy to see Him, made Him a feast, and they gave to Him the gifts which the wise men presented to Him as a babe in the manger. Miriam spoke, saying: We kept these things for you, Yahushua, even to this day. She gave to Him the frankincense, the myrrh, and the gold. Yahushua took of the frankincense, of the myrrh He gave to Miriam Magdalene, but of the gold He gave to His parents to distribute among the combines of the brothers and sisters, those of the sacred way. Much happiness and joy was experienced at the feast, for the spirit of peace was with them in all they did and spoke. They ate the produce of the earth, and drank the juice of the ripened fruits, even as the sacred Law commands.

   Yahushua The Lamb Of Yahwah, Sacred And Humane

   The next day, Yahchanan the Baptist saw Yahushua coming to him, and said to the people standing nearby: Behold! The Lamb of Yahwah, who takes away the sin of the world by His righteousness. The sin is that many people abuse and forget true love... Yahchanan continued to bear testimony, saying: Yea, I saw the sacred Messiah descending from heaven like a Dove, and it rested upon Him ... I saw and bear public record that this was and is the Son of Yahwah, even Yahushua Messiah, the sacred One of Yahwah, who restores all things to their root.

   Yahushua Appoints Apostles After His Name

   The time arrived for Yahushua to start gathering disciples, that they might learn of His Law and Truth. The living Law was in the flesh, and walked among men teaching, healing, and ever interpreting the sacred Law to all who would hear and know the sacred way ... From every tribe of Yisrayah He appointed an apostle to Yisrayah, that they, like all nations of the earth, should hear testimony of His truths. In due course Yahushua would assemble many learners of the sacred Law to teach and instruct the nations The Way to eternal salvation.

  Kepha and Andrew, brothers, were among the first to become disciples. Andrew said to Kepha: We found the Messiah, our King, let us follow His ways to salvation... Going into Galilee, Yahushua came to Philip and said: Follow me. Philip approached Nathanyah, and said to him: We found Him, of whom Moshe in the law and the Prophets did foretell, this Yahushua of Nazareth, the son of Yahusef and Miriam. Yahushua said to Nathanyah: Behold, an Yisrayahite in whom is no guile or defilement of the sacred Law! Come! Follow me also with Philip.

  Yahushua continued to make disciples everywhere He spoke the word of the Eternal. Yea, even among young men and old men, wise men and unlearned men, young women and widows, wealthy and poor, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters. Many were those who heard the sacred voice, hearkened to truth, and many were blessed with understanding and wisdom....

  Some Pharisees looked on in all wonderment, but most looked on in envy and hate. Yahushua continued without letup to make disciples of all those yearning for truth and salvation.

   Yahushua and Miriam of Magdala

   It came to pass that one certain Pharisee, named Simon, asked of Yahushua that He would dine with him, so Yahushua sat down and ate with Simon. Behold, a woman of Magdala, Miriam, reputed a sinner, was also in the city, and looked for Yahushua to present Him with a gift, an alabaster box of ointment.

  Finding Yahushua in the house of the Pharisee, she stood at Yahushua's feet behind Him, weeping, washed His feet with her tears, wiped them with the hairs of her head, kissed His feet, and anointed them with ointment...

  The Pharisee Simon was surprised at what he saw, for he felt in his heart if Yahushua were a prophet, he would not have such a sinner touch him...

  Perceiving Simon's bewilderment, Yahushua said to him: There was a creditor who had two debtors. The one owed 500 pence, and the other 50. When they had nothing to pay, the creditor freely forgave both. Tell me, Simon, which of the debtors will love him most? Simon answered: I suppose he to whom he forgave the most. Yahushua said to him: You have rightly judged. Then He said to Simon: Now you see this woman in question. I entered into your house, but you gave me no water for my feet, did you? She who has no water washed my feet with many tears, and wiped them with the hairs of her head. You also gave me no kiss, but this woman since the very time I came in has not ceased to kiss my feet, even as you saw. Also you did not anoint my head with oil, but this woman has even anointed my feet with ointment.

  Simon, I say to you, By Yahwah's Grace, her sins (which are indeed many) are forgiven. You did not know this woman to be Humane, but know her only by her sins. I tell you truly, she loves and cares much, not only for the needy, but also every beast, the birds of the air, yea, even the fishes of the sea. I say to you, to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.

  Simon remained silent, but listened to every word. Yahushua said to the woman: Truly, your sins are forgiven you, all peace be to you. Those who sat at the table began to say within themselves, for a certainty: Who is this one who even forgives sins? For Yahushua did not say to the woman: I forgive you; but; Your sins are forgiven you. Yahushua discerned true Faith and penitence in her heart. Yea, Yahushua did not need the outside testimony of any man, for He Himself knew what was in every man and woman before Him, knowing the good from the evil, the right from the wrong.

  ... Yahushua continued to awaken the people to mercy and love because of His great wisdom and knowledge of the inner meanings of the sacred Law. The Spirit of Truth was upon Him, and everywhere He spoke, the people received His words in gladness and peace ... Miriam Magdalene also became a disciple of Yahushua, and sin never came to her again, for she was purified and yearned only to do good, and forget the evil. At times Miriam traveled with Yahushua and the disciples, and did herself speak the keeping of the sacred Law to many. Many women listened to her words, and became disciples of the sacred way. Yea, even bearing testimony to their families and neighbors of the salvation and light of Yahushua. Some of the Pharisees listened to Yahushua's words also, left off from their evil ways, and followed Him. There was great excitement among the priests who wished to not hear of Yahushua, nor His truths.

   Yahushua Exposes The Evil Of Darkness

  One day certain ones of the Pharisees questioned Yahushua, and said to Him: Why do you say Yahwah will condemn the world? Yahushua answered them, saying: The Eternal One loves the righteous seed in the world. The only begotten Son comes into the world, that whosoever believes in Him may not perish, but inherit everlasting life. Yahwah did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but that through Him the world may be saved from bondage to death and sin. I tell you, truly, those who believe on Him sent are not condemned. Those who do not believe condemn themselves, because they did not believe in the name of the only begotten of Yahwah.

  This is the condemnation, the Light is come into the world, but men love darkness rather than light. Light exposes the darkness, so all evil deeds are made manifest for every eye to see. All those who do evil hate the light, for the light is good. They do not come to the light, unless their evil deeds are exposed and condemned by the sacred Law. Those who work righteousness come to the Light, for they are drawn to it out of love for all that is pure and sacred, that their deeds may be made manifest, approved by Yahwah. They will shine forth with the light, and conquer the evil with the good.

  The Pharisees were silent at His words of wisdom, and dared not question Yahushua further at that time, for indeed their own evil deeds condemned them as workers of lawlessness, and they feared greater exposure, as many were the people who heard Yahushua's words.

   Yahushua Teaches Natural Health Reform
  The Natural Cures Of Nature

  Yahushua continued to travel with many disciples to various regions of Yisrayah, where He amassed believers of the sacred Law. Many listened to Him, were astonished, and believed truly in their hearts that He was the Son of Yahwah, the promised deliverer of the enslaved earthly race of man ... Yahushua healed every ailment and disease among the sick, even teaching the people there of true health reform according to the natural laws of nature. Yea, He taught the people healing properties of plants, even every herb and grass of the field, the power hidden in stones, and the cleansing miracle of pure water. Many were amazed, believed, and were healed.

  Yahushua amazed entire households with His great wisdom and understanding, and helped many to the sacred way of life. Yahushua taught the clean diet of man and beast, and taught even the sacred Law on health that all may know and learn true salvation. He named every fruit Yahwah gave to man as food, and every vegetable Yahwah gave to the beasts and birds of the earth. Yea, Yahushua even spoke of the fishes, and told every household with ears sacred truths of the sacred Way. Many were the listeners who obeyed His words from that time on.

  On hearing these things, a certain Sadducee who did not believe in the sacred things of Yahwah, asked Yahushua: Tell me, please, why do you say, Do not eat the flesh of animals. Were the beasts not given to man as food, even as the fruits and herbs you spoke of? Yahushua answered him, and said: Behold this melon, the fruit of the earth. Yahushua broke open a watermelon, and said to the Sadducee: You see with your own eyes the good fruit of the soil, the meat of man, and you see the seeds within, you count them, for one melon makes a hundred-fold and even more. If you sow this seed, you eat from the True Yahwah, for no blood was spilled. Nay, no pain nor outcry did you hear with your ears, or see with your eyes. The true food of man is from the Mother of the earth, for She brings forth perfect gifts to the humble of the land. But you seek what Satan gives, the anguish, the death, and the blood of living souls taken by the sword. Do you not know, those who live by the sword, die by the same death? Go your way, plant the seeds of the good fruit of life, and leave off from hurting the innocent creatures of Yahwah. I tell you, man needs male and female beasts for the food he so lusts after, but every plant and tree, Yahwah so gives, bears its own free seed for food. Do not depend on the things unnecessary to your soul. Plant the good seeds of the melon, which you save from season to season, and wait for the soil like sleeping man awaits the sunrise. The seed was made for tomorrow's meal, but the animals for the joy and pleasure of Yahwah and man.

   Yahushua Fulfills The Scroll Of Yeshayah

   Once again Yahushua visited the territory of His parents, known by some as Nazareth. As His custom was, He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day, and stood up so that He might read from Yeshayah's scroll. There in the small meeting place the scroll of the prophet Yeshayah was given to Him.

   Yahushua unrolled the scroll. He found the place where it was written and prophesied of Him, saying: The Spirit of Yahwah is upon me. He anointed me to preach the sacred way to the poor. He sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty and freedom all who are bound, and to preach the acceptable year of Yahwah. [Isaiah 61:1-3]

  Yahushua rolled up the scroll, gave it back to the attendant, and sat down. He began saying to them: Today this scripture is fulfilled. Yea, even as you heard with ears of flesh. I say to you all, I am the Messiah who Yeshayah spoke of, and knew. The poor of the land are those of humble heart and spirit who listen to my voice, even as I heal the broken-hearted who do not know the root from where they came, but do know I come to heal them with truth and mercy. Yea, I preach deliverance to the captives, even all of mankind enslaved to Satan's unmerciful laws, and of gods imprisoned in darkness. To the blind, I restore to them light, my sacred law, that they may know truth and see, both spiritual and physical marvels of Yahwah. To those bound, yea even every beast of the field and every flying creature of the heaven I set free, for I come also to put an end to every form of sacrifice in my Father's sacred Name. At no time did my Father-Mother Yahwah in Heaven ask such cruelty, but wanted only of man the Pure Oblation. Yea, I am come to fulfill all spoken of me, and all will be fulfilled through my presence.

  Those in the synagogue began to question among themselves just who this man could really be, and then some of them brought to Yahushua a blind man to test his power. They said to Yahushua: Heal this man now, even as you healed Gentiles in faraway lands, yea even India and Egypt. We heard of your travels to many lands, and the marvels you worked among the peoples.

  Looking upon the blind man, Yahushua perceived his unbelief, and also the unbelief of those who brought him. He perceived their evil desire to ensnare Him. On this account, Yahushua could do no mighty work in their behalf. Their unbelief and unworthiness of the sacred Spirit was manifest in their conduct. Yahushua said to them: Verily I say to you, No prophet is accepted in his own territory, for you believe me to not be the promised sacred One. But understand, a physician does not work cures upon those who know him. Yahushua went on to relate the examples of Eliyah and Elisha as further testimony to them.

  They were filled with wrath when they heard these things, and wanted to do harm to Yahushua ... But Yahushua passed through the midst of them, went His way, and escaped their evil intentions. And thus Yahushua showed them His rejection as Grand Prophet in a time to come by Yisrayah. Also that the Gentiles would go forth and venture ahead of Yisrayah in upholding all that is sacred and pure, and spread the word of truth to many men and nations. They did not understand the meaning of Yahushua's words, for their hearts were evil and hard.

   Yahushua Continues To Make Disciples

   Yahushua went out of the territory of his parents, and many of His disciples followed Him. Along the roadway they spoke among themselves as to the wonders of nature, and her many laws... Yahushua began to preach, and to say to many: Repent, for the Kingdom of Yahwah is near, even in your midst. As Yahushua was walking by the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon called Kepha, and Andrew his brother, for they were yet fishermen. He said to them: Come follow me, I will make you fishers of men. Leave off from disturbance of Yahwah's creatures, and learn to give life, not taking life from any living thing under the Sun. Hearing these words of Yahushua, they immediately left their nets, and followed Him on His way, wondering at the meaning of His words, for they were not of the sacred WAY of the Brotherhood, and did not understand the reverence toward all life.

  The sacred ones were named Essene by outsiders (meaning: the sacred Saints of Yahwah), those who do not take a life of any creature, but known by their keeping the law of Humane Love among themselves.

  Not long after this, Yahushua came to two other brothers, James the son of Zebedee, and Yahchanan his brother. He called them [...] They also followed Yahushua, and became apostles to Yahushua. Yahushua moved about all of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the sacred Way of life, healing all manner of sickness, and all manner of disease, among the people. The knowledge of His good works went throughout all Syria. Many were brought to Him ill with every kind of disease and torment, those possessed, those with palsy, and many other ailments which Yahushua healed.

  Word spread among the cities and towns like wildfire. Great masses of believers from Galilee, from Decapolis, from Yerusalem, Yahudah, and even from beyond Yordan, followed Yahushua. The fame of Yahushua's works and sayings were widely known. Many told their neighbors, and their neighbor's neighbors, so that the whole of the territory knew of Yahushua, and His Yahwah-sent mission. The disciples of Yahushua listened attentively to every word, and were astonished by His great wisdom and ability to know all things. Not a single soul asked a question or matter that Yahushua did not answer to satisfaction, some glad, some not. Many followed after Yahushua for unrighteous gain, but Yahushua knew their heart, and understood every mind.

   Yahushua Condemns The Hunter Of Animals

   As Yahushua was walking along with some of His disciples, they met up with a certain man who trained dogs to hunt other weaker creatures. Seeing this, Yahushua said to the man: Why do you do this foul thing? The man answered, and said: By this I earn my living, for what purpose do these creatures profit anything? Yea, these creatures are weak, and deserve death, but the dogs are strong.

  Yahushua looked upon the man with a sad countenance, and said: You truly lack Wisdom and Love from above. Lo, every creature Yahwah made has its own end and purpose in the Kingdom of Life, and who can say what good there is in it? Or what profit to yourself, or mankind? For it is not your part to judge the weak as inferior to the strong, for the weak were not delivered to man as food or for sport. As for man's living, I tell you, behold the fields yielding their daily increase, the fruit-bearing trees, and the herbs. What do you need more than these which honest work of your own hands will not give to you? I say to you today, before men and gods, Woe to the strong who misuse their strength! Woe to the crafty who hurt and destroy the Creatures of Yahwah! Yea, woe to the Hunters, for they will be hunted. With what mercy they show to their innocent prey, the same they will receive at the hands of unworthy men! Leave off from this foul work of evil men, work what is good in the eyes of Yahwah. Be blessed, unless you are cursed on your own account.

  It came to pass the man learned of the sacred way, and became Yahushua's disciple, never again doing harm to any of the Creatures of Yahwah.... The days passed quickly into weeks and months, but many were the righteous works and sayings of Yahushua. His disciples followed Him everywhere, in and out of small villages and towns. Wherever a large crowd was gathered around, Yahushua was in their middle, teaching the sacred way of life, better known among the people as the followers of the Essene Way.

   Part II 

   Yahushua Counsels The Rich

   One day two wealthy men, merchants, approached Yahushua, and the one said to him: Hail, Good Master. Yahushua quickly said to him: Do not call me good, for One alone is the ALL GOOD, who is the Eternal Father over all.

  The other merchant brought forth a question, and asked: Master, what good thing will I do in order to live long? Yahushua answered: Fulfill the Law of Humane Love, and obey the Prophets.

  The man answered: I have kept the law, and do believe the prophets, is this all? Then Yahushua said to him: Go then, sell all you have, divide with the poor of the sacred Way, the true brotherhood of Yahwah, and follow me also.

  These words did not please the man, and he looked sadly upon Yahushua, for he possessed much wealth. Then again Yahushua spoke to him: How do you say you performed the sacred Law, and the prophets? Behold, many of your own brothers are clad with dirty rags, and dying from hunger. Your house is full of much goods, none of which goes to those in great need. The two rich men remained silent, and did not say a word, walking away from Yahushua, knowing quite well the words He spoke were true.

  Yahushua said to Simon His disciple: Indeed, Simon, it is very difficult for the wealthy to enter the Kingdom of Yahwah. The rich care only for themselves, and despise greatly those who have not. Truly I tell you today, unless the rich share with the poor, and look to the needy in their despair, they cannot fulfill the sacred Law of Humane Love, nor will they enter into the Kingdom of the Elect.

  Yahushua continued to journey from place to place, healing every kind of disease Satan brought upon the earth, and man. Yahushua even healed leprosy, and every infirmity, thus teaching the people the use of every herb Yahwah gave Noah to cure all manner of illness. The people heard of His fame. Great multitudes gathered before Him to hear His words, and see His righteous works. From time to time Yahushua would leave the crowds behind, go off into the wilderness, fast, and pray, where sacred malaks would minister to Him.

   The Pharisees Charge Yahushua With Blasphemy

  One day Yahushua healed a man with palsy, and told him: Your sins are forgiven you. The scribes and the Pharisees began to reason among themselves that Yahushua speaks blasphemies. They reasoned: Who can forgive sins, but God alone?

  Yahushua perceived their thoughts. He looked upon them, and said: Why do you reason this way in your heart? Can even Yahwah Himself forgive sins, if man not repent? Whether it is easier to say: Your sins are forgiven you; or to say; Rise up and walk; know that the Son of Man has power upon earth to discern, and declare the forgiveness of sins. Any who put their faith in me and my law, their sins will be forgiven, and they will become purified.

  On hearing these words of Yahushua many glorified Yahwah, and were filled with the Spirit of Reverence, for they believed Yahushua to be the Son of the sacred Father.

  Another of the Pharisees approached Yahushua, and said to Him: Why do your disciples teach, Yahwah is not a jealous Yahwah? Did Moshe in scripture not say so, even: Have no other gods before my face? You speak blasphemy against Moshe, and God, from whom you say you are sent forth.

  Yahushua turned to the Pharisee, and said to him: If you do not know the Son, you do not know the Father who sent the Son. You speak according to the ignorance you live by, for your God is one with Satan, inventor of the lie, and every evil in man. My Father who sent me to the earthly sons of man is above the earthly matters where every deception and falsehood originated. You speak well when you say your God is a jealous God. What has the Maker of all things, who rules and owns the universe, reason for jealousy? He who is all Love, all Wisdom, all Power, and all Grace? Your God is over earth, my Yahwah over All Created Good. In your deception you speak corruption to the sons of man, for your God is inferior, ignorant, and does not know the sacred things, nor comes near to them. If you understood Moshe, you would understand me, for Moshe spoke of me and the TRUE Yahwah. You did not listen to him, but corrupted his words. You do not wish truth yourselves, and do not wish others to find it either.

  The people nearby listened to Yahushua's words, but the Pharisees walked away murmuring to themselves, not satisfied with Yahushua's answer.

   Yahushua Restores The Hearing Of A Deaf Man

   Yahushua departed to another village where He found a man who was deaf from birth. This man did not believe in the sound of rushing wind, or the thunder, or the cries of the beasts, or the birds which do complain of their hunger and their hurt, nor did he believe that others heard all these things. Hearing the deaf man speak, Yahushua felt great pity. He breathed into his ears a deep breath, spoke a few words no man understood, and at that moment the ears were opened, and the man heard for the first time.

  Now the man rejoiced with overwhelming gladness in the sounds he before denied were real. He said to Yahushua: Now, I hear all things, great one, it is exceedingly joyful! Yahushua perceived his great joy. Happy to see the man glad, He said to him: Yea, you hear much, but you do not hear all things. I say to you, Can you hear the sighing of the prisoner in chains, and the slave in bondage to evil men, or the language of the birds or the beasts of the forest when they commune with each other? Can you hear the voices and singing of sacred gods before Yahwah? Think now, how much you can not hear, and be humble in your lack of knowledge and understanding. I tell you, earthly man hears only with ears of flesh, but the man of Yahwah knows through His own heart what others do not hear.

   Yahushua Condemns The Ignorance Of The Pharisees

  Yahushua moved on, with His disciples following Him. They came upon a tax collector named Levi. Yahushua said to him: Follow me today. Levi left all behind, and followed Yahushua. Levi invited Yahushua to a great feast in his own house, and there gathered a great crowd of tax collectors and others... But the Scribes and Pharisees murmured against Yahushua's disciples, saying: Why do you eat and drink with publicans and evil-doers, do you not know any better men? Yahushua heard their complaining, and said to them: Those who are whole do not need a physician, but only those who are ill. Thus, I do not come to call the saints and righteous, those of the sacred way, the very elect, but I come to call sinners to repentance! I tell you truly, if all were as the Essene brotherhood, all would be doing the will of my Father-Mother in Heaven, and all would be well.

  The Pharisees answered Yahushua, and said to Him: The same you speak highly of work against the law of Moshe, for they do not offer the blood sacrifice at the temple, nor keep Sabbath the same as the priests and the people. Yet, you speak good and sacred things of these people, whom we wish to not recognize. Yea, these same disciples of Yahchanan fast much and make many prayers even as our own disciples do, and yet you do eat and drink much ...

  Yahushua answered them, saying: Yea, Yahchanan the Immerser came neither eating the flesh of animals, nor drinking strong drink, and made many disciples, and yet you say of him, he has a devil within. Lo, the Son of Man comes also, like Yahchanan, eating the fruits of the earth, and drinking the milk of the flock, and you say: Behold, a glutton and wine bibber, a friend of publicans and evil-doers. Yea, you also say, This one heals by Satan and the power of Satan. You condemn the Son of Man for righteous works in the name of the True Yahwah, which you do not know, to hide the evilness of your own wickeness and rotten works. You are like idols of stone: they have ears but do not hear, they have eyes but do not see, they have hearts made of hard stone. Cease from speaking the self righteousness of your ignorant ways, do not speak of sacred things, when you do not know the only True Yahwah, nor the One whom He sent forth.

  Yahushua taught His disciples by means of many parables, but the ears of the scribes and the Pharisees were stopped up, for they could not behold the truth Yahushua spoke....

  Yahushua departed from that place, and went into the mountains to a certain place with some of His disciples. One of them said: Master, teach us to pray according to your wisdom, for many pray in different manners, strange to us. Yahushua said to them: When you pray alone, enter into your secret chamber. After you close the door, pray to Abba Amma, Who is above and within you, and your Father-Mother Who sees all that is secret will surely answer you. ... When you are gathered together, and pray in the common place of your brothers and sisters, even the sacred brotherhood, do not use vain repetition, for your heavenly Parent knows what things you have need of before you ask them. Pray after this manner:

  Our Father-Mother Who are above all in heaven, and within every creature and thing: Hallowed be your sacred Name in twofold Trinity. In Wisdom, Love, and Equity, allow your Kingdom to come to all who love you. Let your will be done, as in Heaven, so in Earth. Give us day by day to partake of your sacred Bread, and the fruitage of the living sacred Vine. As you forgive us our trespasses, so may we be willing to forgive others who trespass against us. Show your goodness upon us, that we also may show the same to others. In the hour of temptation, deliver us from evil. Yours are the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory. From the Ages of ages, Now, and to the Ages of ages to come [Was, Is, Will Be]. Amein.

  His disciples listened attentively as Yahushua spoke the sacred words to them. Yahushua continued saying to them: Wherever there are seven gathered in My Name, there I am in the midst of them. Yea, if there are only three or two, and where is but one who prays in secret, I am with that one also. Truly I tell you, raise up the stone, and there I am.

  In the fire, and in the water, even as in every living form, Yahwah is manifest as its Life and its Substance. Yahwah is the Law, the Life, and the Love of all things. He is in all, and all who obey the sacred Word is in Him.

  Seek the fourteen fruits of the sacred Wisdom, even the Mother of everything from Above. The nature of good is within Her Laws, it cleaves to all who reach out for the True Vine of Life.

  I tell you truly, had Adam partaken of sacred Wisdom in Eden, the Son of Man would not be in your midst today. The sacred Tree of Life was planted that man would know the goodness of Yahwah, and not the evil of Satan. But now everything must return to its original root, for the world believes the lie for the truth, as it was implanted in the minds of evil men who love lawlessness, and not peace.

  Seek the virtues of good, that you may understand and identify the evil things of the world. There exists no evil in the earth, nor in the created marvels of Yahwah, but only the evil man works in spirit and body according to the lusts and desires of his flesh. The evil one tempts man into sin, and then evil results.

  I tell you, the sacred Law puts off all evil if you search after its power and wisdom. Seek first the Kingdom of Yahwah, and all else in the world will be vanity to you. The truth sets free the righteous, and breaks the chain of bondage to sin. Yea, do not sin, and evil will find no place. Pray after the manner I tell you, that you are spared the trials of Satan....

  His disciples delighted in Yahushua's words, and continued astonished at His great wisdom and understanding of all things.

   Forgive your Brother Seventy Times Seven Times

  Yahushua said to them further: If your brother sins in word seven times a day, and seven times a day he makes amendment, and was truly sorry, receive him as a brother in good faith.

  Simon said to Yahushua: Seven times a day is surely forgiving!

  Yahushua answered, and said to him: I tell you also, to seventy times seven, for even in the Prophets, after they were anointed by the sacred Spirit, utterance of sin was still found in them. Tell you, therefore, be considerate with one another, be tender, be pitiful, be kind. Not to your own race or kind alone, but to every creature within your care, for you are to them as gods, to whom they look in their time of need. Be Humane, for the Father-Mother in Heaven gave all creatures to your care from the very beginning.

  Love one another, and every creature of Yahwah. Be slow to anger, for many sin in anger which they repented of, when their anger was past. Anger is the sister of ignorance, and ignorance the brother of every sin. Yea, learn patience and endurance that you may not tire or grow weary of one another, or the work set before you.

  Look to the beasts of the field, and learn their ways. When they awaken each morning, they look up to the heaven and greet Yahwah, and in like manner offer prayer to their Creator. No, they do not complain of anything, though they suffer much, and hunger and thirst. These noble beasts rise above man in hidden qualities man does not know, and they teach man if man inquire. Learn the patience and courage of these beasts. Though they have no leader, they tend to their needs and care for their young, even as a good mother loves her child.

  If you look to nature, and her marvels everywhere, you will always be encouraged. Yahwah gives to the sons of man every creation under the Sun, to cheer his heart, and bring gladness to his soul. I tell you truly, these beasts of the field do not sin, and do not know sin. They are innocent of all evil. Woe to any man who causes the least one of them anguish or pain. I say to you, Whenever your heart is heavy with worry or sadness, look to these noble creations for joy and gladness. Walk into the forest, behold the trees and flowers, look at the mountains and the rivers. Watch the flying creatures, how they happily sing to the earth, and all in it. Observe the Great Household of Yahwah, yea, your sisters and brothers in every form. Look to them, they will receive you, and gladden your hearts with much joy and peace. Above all else, learn to love one another, even as I love you, and my Father in Heaven loves me. The sacred Law teaches the sacred way of love. No man knows the power of love, unless he keeps the law in his heart....

   Yahushua Rescues A Horse From A Wicked Master

  On another occasion, while Yahushua was traveling with His disciples over some mountains, they came upon a difficult path, very steep and dangerous. There they found a horse that had fallen down the steep sides, for it was overloaded with much weight. The owner of the beast struck at it, till blood flowed forth.

  Yahushua saw this sad sight, and said to the man: Son of cruelty, why do you beat your beast? Do you not see it is too weak for its heavy load, and do you not know it suffers much for you delivering such painful blows? The owner of the horse answered Yahushua, and said: What have you to do with my horse? I may beat it as much as it pleases me, for it is my own, I bought it with a goodly sum.

  Yahushua turned to His disciples, and said for the second time: Do you see how it bleeds, and do you hear how it cries, and laments? They answered, and said: No, Master, we do not hear the poor beast cry or lament.

  Yahushua was saddened at them, and said: Woe to you, because of the dullness of your hearts. You do not hear how it laments or wails to the heavenly Creator for mercy. There is woe to its owner, against whom it cries and wails in its pain. He will find no mercy, until he knows the Son of Man.

  Yahushua went to the horse and touched it. The horse stood up, and its wounds were healed as if it were never beaten. He said to the cruel man: Go your own way now. Beat your horse no more, if you also desire to find mercy for your own self. I tell you today, no nobler beast lives on earth. Every time you strike a blow of death to these my animals, you strike down the Son of Man. He who deals unjustly with Yahwah's Son, deals in sin against the Father-Mother in Heaven. One day you will be in need of mercy and rest, even as this beast, but who will offer it to you?

  Know the Son of Man better, unless you are found wanting, and so lose your life. The Eternal ALL suffers your sins with great mercy, otherwise He puts forth His Hand, and wipes the surface of your earth clean. Yea, know the power of mercy, and all mercy will be given to you in your time of need. The man took hold of his horse, and continued on his way. ...

   Yahushua Condemns Animal Sacrifice
   Shows It To Be From Satan And Not Yahwah

  After many other things were said and done, Yahushua returned to the city, and looked upon the innocent creatures of Yahwah awaiting slaughter as daily sacrifice in the temple at Yerusalem. He said to His disciples, and many people gathered around them (everywhere Yahushua went, crowds surrounded Him to listen, and hear His wisdom):

  Behold these poor innocent beasts of your earth, they do not harm themselves, nor man, nor any other creature. Yea, they eat the green vegetation of the field, they remain sinless and without blood-guilt since their creation. They remain faithful and obedient to their masters in hope that Humane feelings will be their reward in life, but instead they receive every hurt and death at man's hand.

  Lo, the lust of ignorant and stubborn man brings them down in death and much blood, that men may satisfy the lusts of their own flesh. Such men have hearts, but do not know them. They have become like their idols of stone, hard and vain.

  Woe to such blasphemers who reject the sacred Law of the sacredness of all life! Woe to such blind guides with hearts of stone, who use their eyes to lust after things they do not need, nor are lawful to them! They transgress the Law of Moshe to make themselves fat on the flesh and blood of innocent victims, that Yahwah did not command them even since the beginning! Woe is to this very temple built by human hands. The Temple made without hands is here in their midst, but they do not see or hear!

  I come to end all sacrifice and bloodshed. I tell you, if you do not cease offering and eating of flesh and blood, the wrath of Yahwah will not cease from you, even as it came to your fathers in the wilderness under Moshe, who lusted for flesh, which they ate to their fulness, and were filled with rottenness, and the plague consumed them according to their evil desires.

  I say to you, Though you are gathered together in my bosom, if you do not keep all my commandments, I will cast you forth. If you do not keep the lesser revelations, ask, who will give you the greater ones? Since time immemorial, Yahwah has at no time required animal or human sacrifices, lest He be inferior to the sacred Law! Yahwah has never permitted man or beast to devour one another for food, unless He is ignorant of His own Love! How then do you eat flesh, and give sacrifices of blood according to the law of Humane Love?

  You do not know the True Yahwah, but worship the perverted God of your world, even Satan the one and same father of the sword and bloodshed. Death entered into the world by this one, and death spread to all things. All things are in bondage as slaves to the master of the lie. I come to set free those imprisoned by chains of sin, and give forth my sacred Law again to the nations that they may know the only True Yahwah of love and mercy. Yahwah above suffers much sin and error of men, unless He puts a swift end to the vanity of the world, and cut off His Elect Seed.

  Be faithful to the complete Law of Yahwah, unless you stumble in your evil ways, and meet death as your final reward. He who is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in much. He who is unjust in the least, is unjust also in much. So it is with the sacred Law, you do not keep the first truths, but seek after the greater. Seek the first laws of Yahwah, and all else will be revealed to you. No man may digest the solid food of Yahwah, unless he first takes of the liquid, for my law is the water of life. Drink like pure water, and all other mysteries of Yahwah will be opened to you. Then you will know the True Yahwah and His Good Works.

  You desire to serve two masters, one good, one evil, and cannot. For either you will hate the one, and love the other, or else you will stick to the one and despise the other.... Know your true root, whether you are good or evil, and then you will know the truth that gives life and health. You cannot serve both the True Yahwah and Satan, for the True Yahwah is All Love, and His sacred Law leads to All Life, there being no death in His Order and Household.

  Know that Satan is the master of death and bloodshed, and also gives to the people many un-sacred laws that the True Yahwah hates and condemns. Do you not know the two cannot mix? The inferior will be done away with, for the sacred Law serves as judge over the living and the dead since the days of Adam and Eve. Hence, you are those who justify yourselves before men and Yahwah, for Yahwah knows your hearts and your ways....

  Know that the same Law and the Prophets were here until Yahchanan, and did not change. Yea, even before the foundations of your earth were laid, the Law was, and always will be ... Yea, it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away, than for one tittle (tiny bit) of the Law to fail its purpose. Keep the Law, then, and all other things will be added to you. There is no thing above the Law, and any thing which comes below the Law is not perfect nor complete, nor is it from the True Yahwah of Love....

  The Pharisees heard all these sayings of Yahushua, and observed that He was speaking of them. They live according to doctrines of men, and of the devil, not the true law Moshe gave them in the wilderness. They were responsible for the lawlessness of animal sacrifice and flesh-eating among Yisrayah.

   Yahushua Blesses The Beasts And The Children In The Sacred Name Of The True Yahwah

  Yahushua again departed from among the crowd, and continued to work good towards all. He proceeded to bless every beast and every child among the households of Yisrayah. He restored the sick and the dying to sound health again. Yea, everywhere Yahushua traveled, the people were aware of His mighty works, and proclaimed Him as the Son of Yahwah on earth. There was not a man or a child that did not hear or see of His beneficent deeds, the young and the aged, the crippled and the lame, the blind and the deaf, yea even all of the animal kingdom were aware of His presence, and His healing power of true love. His radiance was of a bright nature, like that of sacred malaks. The mere wave of His hand raced the healing forces of Yahwah throughout all the land. Yahushua had myriads of malaks at His side to service the needs of the righteous, and any man with faith. Yahushua was the true Son of Yahwah.

  Many were the children who followed Yahushua by His side, listening with great interest, and beholding the marvels that Yahushua worked daily. Yahushua loved the little children dearly, and said much to them concerning the wonders of nature, and the creations of Yahwah. Yahushua was never too busy to not notice their presence. He blessed them and their animals, and said:

  Obey your parents on earth as to the Laws of Yahwah, and your All Parent in Heaven will bless both your parents and yourself, and your life will be long and peaceful upon this earth. As you little children cherish your beasts you keep for pleasure and company, so I will cherish each one of you forever. Innocent and pure are the animals. All men must become innocent and pure as little children, or they will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Who among these little children does not love the creatures of Yahwah they so own, and keep with kindness? Yea, unless you all remain as innocent as these beloved children, you will never fulfill the Law of Love. Know, then, you parents of young ones, raise up your children in the sacred Law of Yahwah, and you will raise them up to salvation and everlasting life. Unless you impart the Humane Love of the sacred law when your child is yet young and innocent, the un-sacred law of Satan enters in, sours the sweetness of undefiled waters, and every cruel thing comes into being.

   Yahushua Rebukes The Cruel Treatment Of A Sickly Creature Of Yahwah

  One day as Yahushua traveled through a small village with some of His disciples, He noticed a crowd of no-gooders, those of a certain kind who search for evil things to do. They were torturing a sickly cat, which they had decided to treat shamefully, for they could find nothing better to use idle time, they being lazy and unworthy young men.

  Yahushua saw this mean cruelty, commanded them to leave off from tormenting the poor beast, and He began to reason with them, so as to make them realize their evil. But they did not listen, for the sacred Law was not found in them, but only hardness of heart. They reviled Yahushua for His interference with their pastime.

  At this Yahushua said to them: This good earth which my Father-Mother made for joy and gladness, you have made into the lowest regions of hell with your evil deeds of violence and cruelty. Why do the stronger always prey on the weakest? I tell you, since Satan cursed the sacred Creations of Yahwah, no thing is safe in the earth from un-sacred men, till the Son of Man comes in all His glory to free every creature from the curse of dread, and of fear.

  At hearing these words the young men fled from before His face, but one returned and defied Yahushua further, and spoke harsh words. Yea, even threatening Yahushua with harm. He was not responding to the sound counsel of Yahushua. Yahushua put forth His hand, and the young man's arm withered.

  The next day, the mother of the young man came to Yahushua, and prayed He would restore her son's withered arm. Discerning that the woman was of good heart, and the young man without maturity, Yahushua spoke to them of the law of love, and the unity of all life in the One Household of Yahwah. They both listened to Yahushua's words with sincere hearts.

  Yahushua continued, saying to them also: As you do in this life to your fellow creatures, who are your lesser brothers and sisters, so it will be accounted to you in the life to come. I tell you truly, Satan charges all evil against your souls, and seeks to destroy the whole of mankind through sin. Therefore I tell you, work only that which is Humane, so that your good accounting can overrule the evil charges Satan will surely bring forth. No soul whom this one claims as seed will inherit the resurrection of life. The evil one brings many into sin, but judges that sin also. The wages of evil are death, and Satan gives no good rewards, only bad. Yea, all those whosoever live by the un-sacred law of this one condemns his own soul, for he is accused daily, without pity. Search for the wisdom of the True Yahwah, which leads to life and mercy for all creatures, great and small, weak and strong. The evil one will flee from you, for where light dwells, darkness does not enter.

  The young man believed the words of Yahushua, and confessed many sins to Him. Yahushua stretched forth His hand again, and healed the withered arm of the young man. Many people glorified Yahwah, in that He gave such great power to the Son of Man.

   Satan Responsible For Every Disease
   The Un-Sacred Law Of Lust

  Yahushua departed into another place, and continued to demonstrate the healing power of the sacred Law. He opened the eyes of the physical and spiritual blind. He even cured men possessed with demons, and left for mad. It was Satan's un-sacred laws that brought forth every manner of disease and infirmity on earth, even called by name in the sacred Book of Solomon. Yahushua healed with the power of nature. He used the herbs, the stones, and the pure waters of every stream, healing much sickness among the people, and instructing the people in the healing property of every fruit and grass Yahwah gave man for long life, and perfect health.

  Yahushua saw the multitudes. He was moved with deep compassion for them, because they were without knowledge of the sacred Laws of Yahwah, but were in bondage to the un-sacred laws of lusts, even to Satan the evil one.... It was then He said to His disciples: The Harvest is truly plentiful, but the laborers are few. Pray to Yahwah of the Harvest, that He will send forth more laborers into His Harvest. I tell you, The blind guides lead the sons of men into death, for how does the blind lead the blind in any other manner? Yea, they are the children of darkness, where no light can dwell. They take many with them into the depths of hell, for they speak only according to the lie, the un-sacred laws of Satan, inventor of every disease and plague.

  Yahushua's disciples prayed for more laborers to be sent into the Harvest, for they understood Yahushua's words, that the Pharisees and scribes were misleading the multitudes of Yisrayah, they being many, but the True Prophets being few...

  His disciples brought Him two small baskets of bread, fruit, and a pitcher of fresh water. Yahushua set the bread, the fruit, and also the water, before the multitude. They all ate, drank, and were filled. The disciples marvelled, for each had enough and to spare, and there were four thousand among them numbered.... Yahushua said to them: So also will it be with the Harvest. Although the Harvest is indeed plentiful, few laborers will gather in the Harvest, and yet all will be filled and satisfied. None will hunger nor thirst for righteousness, that will not be fed. Out from a little a great multitude will be fed, and out from a great multitude the little will be replenished.

  Know the very malaks of Yahwah are the reapers of the Harvest. They lead the sacred ones to every seed of Yahwah, spread out over the earth, even as the four sacred winds above. Yea, they make the light to shine forth, the sheep see the light, and know it comes from Yahwah. You are the light-bearers of the sacred Way. By your light, the roadway will be made clear for the righteous seed to follow you. Let your light shine forth and be seen, for no man covers a lantern with a sack, because the light is hidden.

  Know you are the light of the world, and my sheep look to your light. Feed my sheep even as the Good Shepherd commands you, for my malaks will deliver to you many in want of the Messiah, and his Truths. Feed my sheep, yea, feed my little lambs. All those listening to Yahushua's words departed, shouting praises of joy to Yahwah for all they heard and saw.

   The Sermon On The Mount

  It came to pass that one day, seeing the multitude awaiting Him, Yahushua went up into a mountain ... The twelve chosen as apostles came to Him ... Yahushua was seated, lifted up His eyes on His disciples, and said to them:

  Blessed in sacred Spirit and in spirit are the poor of the Brotherhood. They are the Elect of Yahwah. Theirs is the Kingdom of Yahwah, where they will rule over the sons of man as Kings and Priests.

  Blessed are those who mourn because of all the evil that works against the innocent creatures of Yahwah, they will be comforted.

  Blessed are those who keep the Humane Law of Love. They are the meek who will inherit the earth.

  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after all that is righteous and sacred. They will find Truth, and be ever filled.

  Blessed are the merciful. They will obtain and grant mercy, even as gods.

  Blessed are the pure in heart. They will know and see Yahwah.

  Blessed are the peace-makers. They will be called the children of light.

  Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness. They belong to the Kingdom of Yahwah. ...

  Woe to you who are rich, but greedy. In this life you received your only consolation.

  Woe to you who are full, and do not share. You will always hunger.

  Woe to you who laugh now at the sacred Law. You will mourn and weep.

  Woe to you when all men speak well of you. So did their evil fathers to the false prophets.

  Woe to the Lawless ones [christians], who have no hope, but depend on things that will not happen!

  Woe to you whose lust burns like fire in you, for it will be insatiable!

  Woe to you who love intimacy with womankind and many for unlawful relations. You defile the temple of Yahwah.

  I tell you truly, today such ones will undergo judgment in their lifetime and reap whatsoever they deserve according to the un-sacred laws of their God, for Satan punishes the evil seed of the harvest and condemns their souls to destruction.

  Yahushua continued to say to His disciples: Lo, you are the only light of the world, for gross darkness covers the earth as the waters cover the sea. Every nation of men needs the sacred Law of Yahwah, the Light of Salvation and Life. Let your light shine forth before men of righteous heart, that they may see your sacred works, and glorify your All-Parent who is in heaven.

  Do not think I came to destroy the sacred Law, or the Prophets, or to replace them with new things. No! I come to interpret the Law, and demonstrate the power of the Law. Truly I say to you, The sacred Law is Perfect and Superior to every law of man and devils. No thing can test the Law and succeed, in that the Law tests all things, and proves all things inferior. The Law judges man right or wrong, justly, and in wisdom of All that is sacred and Pure. By the grace of Yahwah all mercy, all love, and all power, separate the good from the evil, that man may be able to choose the good from the evil, and know the right from the wrong. He is a free being, a willing subject to Yahwah, or, to Satan.

  This is why I say to you, Behold, One greater than Moshe is here in your midst. I give you the Highest Law, the perfect and complete law. No, not a new law, but an old law, even as Adam, Enoch, and Noah received. Yea, the Prophets and Elect believed this law. It continued up till Yahchanan. It does not change, but remains true in form and detail, even this Law of Love you will obey.

  Know that my sacred remnant among men, even of every nation, receives my law. They give it to their sons, and their son's sons, even as the sacred Brotherhood of My Elect who you know sent Yahchanan forth among sinners. Know also, those who believe and obey my sacred Laws surely save their souls, and those who do not obey lose them.

  You heard it said many times: You will love your neighbors, and hate your enemies. But I say to those who hear my voice, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you, pray for those who use you spitefully. Only in this way may you be called the children of light, and followers of the sacred way.

  Does your Parent Who is in heaven not make the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends the rain on the just and the unjust alike? If you only love those who love you, what reward do you have? Sinners also love those who love them. If you only work good to those who work good to you, what reward do you have? Sinners even do the same.

  If a life desire is to you, and it turns you from the Light, cast it out from you. It is better to go through life possessing the Light of truth, than losing it, and be cast into the outer darkness, where there is no light or truth.

  Be complete in the sacred Law, even as your Parent who is in heaven is complete and all-perfect, and so gives the Law to you.... Only the Law leads to life, health, and peace. All else leads to sickness, sorrow, and death. Do not hold back the light. Yea, feed my sheep.

  Yahushua continued, saying: Take warning, do not give your alms before men, only to be seen of them. Otherwise you have no reward of your heavenly Parent, who knows the hearts of men, and every secret thing. When you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right hand does. Take notice that these alms may be secret, and the Secret One who sees in secret will bless you openly.

  I say to you, Except you fast from the world, its evil ways, and every lust, you will in no way ever find the Kingdom. Except you keep the seventh day sacred, and honor the same Sabbath as your forefathers the Prophets, you will not see the Father-Mother in heaven. Even as it is written, some will not follow the orders of Uriel. They will sin, and keep the Sabbath to the sign of the full moon, neglecting the appointed times of the sun and the seasons, and they will lead many astray in observing the sacred days. The Sabbath will be profaned. The sacred calendar of My Elect to time immemorial is written by the hand of Enoch.

  Do not lay up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where decay and rust corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal. Rather, lay up treasure in heaven for yourselves, where neither rust nor rot corrupts. For surely, where your treasure is, there your heart will be also, for out of the heart comes forth all desire for good or for evil things.

  I tell you truly, the world lives without hope of better things, but look only to the morrow for that which they do not today. Yea, the vanities of the world are as the sands of the desert, just as lonely and empty. Whosoever places all hope on me will not come to disappointment, but be satisfied and filled. I am the Hope of the world, the sacred Promise of better things for those of the Pure Oblation. Hope in me, then, and my law, and you will see life eternal in all its fulfillment and glory. Yea, shepherd my flock, give them the All-Hope, even as I gave you. Nurse my little lambs, even every one thirsting and hungering for the Hope and the truth that leads to life.

   Yahushua Tells Of The Origin Of The World

  One of Yahushua's disciples asked Him, saying: Master of all wisdom from above, tell us, please, the origin of the world, is it as the philosophers say it is?

  Yahushua said to him, and all the others who had open ears: Truly I say to you all this day, things are not always as they appear to the one beholding. One says the world came into being by itself, without Yahwah and without a creator. Another says the world came into being by fate, and still another says by providence. I tell you, all three do not speak the word of truth. Not one speaks of the true origin of the world, for no man knows of the origin, so the Son of Man reveals the mystery.

  Yahushua revealed the mystery only to His disciples in secret, and when they heard the mystery, they were astonished. Yahushua said to them: Do not tell this mystery to any man, unless he seek the all-truth, and be of the children of light, for such is not for the unwise of the world to behold.

   The Eyes The Lamps Of The Body

   Yahushua continued teaching the multitude surrounding Him, and they listened attentively to all He spoke.

  He said to them: The eyes are the lamps of the body of man. If your sight is clear and perfect, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are dim or shut, and do not perceive the light, your whole body will be full of darkness. And how great is that darkness Satan brings upon those who reject the light!

  I tell you, Satan blinds the minds of the unbelievers, that the light does not reach their eyes. The evil one works many wonders to mislead and deceive the faithless ones. But the sheep know the light from the darkness, and they come out of the darkness into the light, for they do not belong to Satan's harvest. Yea, the righteous seed knows their own root, and listen to the good shepherd whenever He calls them by name.

  I say to you, Do not be over-worried for your life, as to what you will eat, or what you will drink. Not yet for your body, as to what you will put on. Is the life you received freely not more valuable than food, and the body more so than clothing? What will it profit a man if he gain the whole world, and yet lose his life?

  I tell you this, Behold the fowls of the air. They do not sow, nor do they reap, nor gather into barns, yet your Heavenly Parent feeds them all ... Consider also the lilies of the field, how they grow. They do not toil, nor do they spin. Yet I say to you, Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Yea, observe the patience and endurance of every creature of Yahwah, and you will learn the true value of your life, and its worth. The world looks after things the body does not need, and humankind is made slaves to Satan's ignorance. Man strives in vain after every lust, and hastens to his grave.

  Do you not know the All-Parent sees your ways by day and by night, and knows what you need for your health, your body, and your everlasting life? O you of little faith, I tell you again, Do not be over-worried, saying: What will we eat or drink, or, how will we be clothed? The unlearned seek all these things, and are anxious for them. On account of their anxiety, they eat and drink at the table of demons. I tell you truly, believe, Satan yields a sword of seven evils, and the sword is the father of all.

  The mind conceives through Satan, and brings forth bloodshed first, ruin secondly, tribulation thirdly, captivity fourthly, dearth fifthly, panic sixthly, and destruction seventhly.

  Do not seek of Satan's evils. Do not share his table, decked with rich foods, taken by the sword, where life was taken and blood was spilled. Eat the simple foods of the field that are lawful to you. Neither drink the product of the vine, and lose your senses. Whosoever drinks wine no longer owns his soul, but gives it to Satan for every foul deed. Drink the waters of life, and every pure drink of the fruitage of trees. Do not touch the strong or sour drink that leads to sin.

  Do not worry about tomorrow, unless you put Yahwah to the test, and sin greatly against His sacred Laws. Each day brings enough blessing for the righteous man of Yahwah.... If you first seek the sacred Law of the Kingdom of Yahwah, you will know what the righteous man is, and every other thing will be added to you.

  I tell you truly, do not look and do not worry, where there is no need. Faith gives all to the patient of Yahwah, sufficient to one day at a time is the evil and the needs thereof. Why do you seek in advance such things, when you have yet to finish this day before you? Do not seek them, live accordingly to your needs of the hour. Have faith in my words, for without faith, it is impossible to know your All-Parent who is in heaven. For those who doubt the Son of Yahwah, do not know the Father nor the Mother, are without faith, without hope, and already as if dead.

   Judge Not Unless You Are Judged

  I tell you also, do not judge, so you are not judged. Only the Son of Man judges the soul of each man according to his works, and his knowledge. How are you to judge a man wiser than yourself, if this man understands the sacred Law, and you do not? Without wisdom from Yahwah, the ignorant judges the righteous as evil, and the evil as righteous. If a man does not know his own root, how will he judge another?

  Let this man first come to know his own soul, before he passes judgment on his brother, unless he defiles the sacred Law and himself. The law is judge to all, no man can place himself above the law, unless he sin. I say to you, The law is sacred, like precious pearls. Do not give it to the unworthy, nor cast these truths before the wicked, unless they trample them under feet of unknowing swine, turn again, and injure you.

  Yea, the evil one entertained the impossible thought, and said: I will raise my throne above the sacred Law, and be greater than the Eternal All. And so every evil came to the world. Do not be like Satan, who deceives minds, and corrupted Yahwah's sacred Law, dreaming impossible dreams that prove every evil and lie comes forth from un-sacred men and demons. The Law is perfect and true. Any man who deviates from the law also departs from the light, and enters into all darkness.

  If you truly seek the truth, the fine pearl of salvation, ask humbly before Yahwah, and it will be given you. Be humble in heart and in spirit, and all sacred things will be added to you. What brother among you asks Yahwah for mercy, and does not receive it? What sister among you asks Yahwah for modesty, and does not receive it? So every fruit of the Spirit will be given to you, if you ask with humble heart.

  Seek the kingdom of Yahwah first. You will be blessed of Yahwah, and be children of Light. I tell you, all things whatsoever you would that men should do to you, you do even so to them. What you would not that any creature should do to you, do not do to them. This is the Law of Love the Prophets spoke to your forefathers before me. Keep this law, and you will find eternal life. No other law is greater than love, for the law is love to those obeying its sayings.

  Yea, enter in at the sacred gate to life. The beginning of the road is the sacred law, and narrow is the gate to it, so only the righteous will enter in. Few there are who find the way, for wide is the gate to death, and broad is the road that leads to wickedness. Many go in, and do not return.

  Yahushua continued to say many other things to the disciples on the mount, and great was the number who heard His words.

   Yahushua Warns Of False Prophets Who Will Twist His Words And Make A Lie Of Truth

  He went on saying to them: Beware of false prophets, who indeed come to you in sheep's clothing, pretending to be innocent and harmless as sheep. Inwardly they are ravening wolves, with appetites lusting after the blood and flesh of innocent creatures. Yea, their hands are dripping with blood. They boast in their evil, say it is good, and deceive many at the entrance of the gate. You will know them by their works, for though they speak love, they give only hate. You will readily know their true root by their fruits, for it is those who call truth a lie, and the lie a truth.

  Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? So it will be, every good tree brings forth sacred fruit, but a corrupt tree brings forth only evil fruit. By their fruits you will know the good from the evil. Beware unless you be misled, and not find the tree of life....

  Many will say to me in that day: LORD and Savior, did we not prophesy in your Name? ... And do many wonderful works in your Name? But I will say to them: I never knew you. Depart from me, false witnesses, you who only work evil things.

  Yahushua said many other things to the people, as written for a testimony to all nations. When He finished His sermon on the mountain, the people were astonished at His great perception of all things. Yahushua taught them as one appealing to reason and the human heart, not as the scribes and the Pharisees who only taught by blind authority.

   Yahushua Upholds The Pure Oblation And Clean Diet Of Man And Beast

  It came to pass, in the course of Yahushua's travels, He came upon a place near Tiberias where seven wells can be found. A young man brought live rabbits and pigeons there, that he might eat as food with his companions. Yahushua beheld the young man, looked upon him with much concern, and said to him:

  I perceive you have a good heart, and Yahwah will surely give you the light of the law. But do you not know that in the beginning Yahwah gave man the fruits of the earth for food? He did not make him lower than the ape, or the ox, or the horse, or the sheep, that he should kill and eat the flesh and blood of his fellow creatures.

  In the beginning all beasts of the field, fowl of the air, and fishes of the sea, ate the green vegetation of the earth, as the ape, the ox, the horse, and the sheep. You believe Moshe commanded such creatures to be killed, offered as a sacrifice to Yahwah, and eaten. You believe wrongly, you do not know of temple oblations. At no time did the True Yahwah delight in or demand flesh and blood offerings, but only the Pure Oblation, the unbloody sacrifice of man's obedience to His sacred Law.

  Abel offered up the grains and fruits of the earth, but Yahwah only required Abel's keeping the sacred law. The pure oblation is from the heart of man, he who seeks after truth, righteousness, and pure worship of the Eternal All.

  I tell you, Satan (the evil one) makes the truth a lie. He gives flesh and blood to the sons of man, the burnt offering, the un-sacred law of evil doers, things that my sacred Father hates and abhors. Do you not know, before you stands one even greater than Moshe! Yea, the sacred one Moshe spoke of is here [Deuteronomy 18:15]. He restores the truth of the law, that all may know for a certainty Yahwah is True, and every man who does not keep the sacred Law is a liar.

  I tell you, The sacred Law of Moshe and Adam are one. Even as my Prophets spoke to Yisrayah, I speak. The sacred Law does not change, but evil men speak according to their desires of the flesh, and lust after things unlawful. You may eat freely of that which you offer to Yahwah in purity, for it is lawful. But of that kind which you do not offer in purity, you will not eat. The hour comes when all sacrifices and blood feasts will cease, and you will again worship Yahwah according to sacred law, and a pure oblation.

  The young man marveled at Yahushua's words, for he did not know the likeness of them at any time. He said to Yahushua: You speak much truth I did not know before today. Please continue, Master, I believe you come in the spirit of Moshe.

  Yahushua said to him: You listen well, may all peace be added to you. Now, let these innocent creatures go free, that they may rejoice in Yahwah, and bring no blood-guilt to any man.

  The young man did as Yahushua bid him, and set the rabbits and pigeons free. Yahushua helped the young man break their bonds, and destroy their cages.

  Lo, the frightened creatures feared they would be taken captive again, and did not move away from them. Yahushua spoke to them in a certain way, and told them they were free to move on. The creatures of Yahwah obeyed Yahushua's voice, and quickly departed in all gladness, free to continue life again. The young man and some of his companions stayed on to listen to Yahushua's words.

  At that same time as they sat by the well ...Yahushua stood up, and cried out for all to hear: If any are thirsty, let them come to me and drink. I will give to them of the waters of life freely. Those who believe in me, rivers of water will flow out of their hearts. That which is given to them, they will give even to others with power, for their truth will be as living waters to all who thirst, like a well from Yahwah, springing up into everlasting life for all who obey the sacred Laws.

   Yahchanan The Baptist Inquires Of The Messiah And Is Told Yahushua Is The Promised One

  It came to pass Yahchanan the Immerser was inquiring of Yahushua, asking if for a certainty He were the One the sacred prophets spoke of, or would there be another.

  Yahushua's answer was: Behold, Yahchanan my beloved: the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the sacred law is preached to the poor. Yahchanan knew for sure Yahushua was the sacred One He prepared the way for. Yahchanan's heart was glad. He rejoiced in the good news of the Messiah, and his soul was satisfied. He offered words of praise to Yahwah in the Heights, thanked Yahwah for his Kindness, and Grace upon earthly man.

  Yahushua told His disciples of Yahchanan, saying: For I say to you, Among those who are born of woman, from Adam until Yahchanan, there is not a greater Humane prophet than Yahchanan the Immerser. Yet I say to you, Whichever one of you comes to be a child of Yahwah will acquire the Kingdom, and be greater than Yahchanan. Many people heard Yahushua's words, but the Pharisees and some others rejected these words, not being immersed of Yahchanan, and they became agitated at Yahushua's goodness.

   Yahushua Sends Forth His Apostles To Yisrayah And The Nations

  Yahushua gathered to Himself the sacred Twelve, even His apostles after His Name, that He might send them forth to Yisrayah. These are the names of the sacred Twelve who stood for the Twelve tribes of Yisrayah: Simon, called Kepha, for the tribe of Reuben; Yaaqob [James], for the tribe of Naphtali; Thomas, called Dydimus, for the tribe of Yahudah; Matthew, called Levi, for the tribe of Gad; Yahchanan, for the tribe of Ephrayim; Simon, for the tribe of Issachar; Andrew, for the tribe of Yahusef; Nathanyah, for the tribe of Simeon; Thaddeus, for the tribe of Zebulun; Yaaqob [James], for the tribe of Benjamin; Jude, for the tribe of Dan; Philip, for the tribe of Asher; Judas Iscariot, who was among the disciples, but was not an Apostle; and also Barsabbas and Matthias were present with them.

  In like manner Yahushua called forth twelve others to be Prophets from among the sacred Brotherhood, the Essene Elect, saints, men of light, to be with the Apostles, and show to them the hidden things of Yahwah. Their names were Hermes, Aristobulus, Selenius, Nereus, Apollos, Barsabbas, Andronicus, Lucius, Apelles, Zachaeus, Urbanus, and Clementos.

  Yahushua called who should be Evangelists, and who should be Pastors. He called a four-fold Twelve .... He would send many others to the people of the nations, that they also might hear the truths of the righteous Brotherhood.

  After a time, Yahushua went up into a mountain, prayed, and meditated on the good work ahead. The time had arrived to make many disciples ready in truth of the sacred law, for they would be sent out into the world as testimony to the sacred way of life. Yahushua gave them power against unclean spirits and demons, and physical health reform.

  Yea, Yahushua called forth and prepared a fourfold Twelve, that He might send them first to the tribes of Yisrayah, to each four. Yahushua spoke many things to His chosen ones for the missions ahead, and every mystery of the sacred way was revealed to them. The chosen ones accepted the calling, and listened to every word Yahushua spoke to them. Yahushua promised to be with them in all their trials and tribulations, and in all their rejoicing in the teaching of the sacred Way.

  After a time all were chosen, and made ready by instructions of Yahushua. They stood all together around the Messiah, dressed in white linen robes, even assembled to be a sacred priesthood to Yahwah....

  Yahushua sent these fourfold Twelve forth, and granted them every authority, saying: I will that you be Twelve Apostles, with your companions, for a testimony to Yisrayah. Go first to the cities of Yisrayah, and to the lost sheep of Yisrayah. Preach as you go, saying to those men with hearing ears, The Kingdom of Yahwah is near, in your midst. Even as I baptized you in water, so also baptize those who have faith, and believe. You are given power to anoint, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils, and even raise the dead if need be.

  Remember, you received freely, so also give freely in turn. Accept no money for your service, unless you insult the Messiah who sent you forth. Do not provide gold, nor silver, nor precious metal, in your own purse, no, nor money for your travels, nor two coats, nor shoes, nor yet staves, for the workman is truly worthy of his food, and will be provided for wheresoever he goes.

  Eat all that which is given to you by strangers. But of that which is gotten by bloodshed, by the taking of life, do not touch nor eat, for it is not lawful to you. Do not sit with those who eat such things, unless you are counted unworthy by the law.

  Be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Be always Humane, innocent, and undefiled before Yahwah. The Son of Man is not come to destroy, but to save. He did not come to take life of man or beast, but to give life to body and soul. I tell you truly, do not fear those who can surely kill the body of flesh, the outer garment of man, but are not able to kill the soul. Fear Him who is able to destroy both body and soul in Gehenna [the Lake of Fire].

  The evil one seeks to destroy the Elect of Yahwah. Even as Adam was sought after, so you will be sought after and tempted. Do not be taken in by smooth talk, or promises of glory, even as Adam and many prophets were led astray. This one seeks only that you be blotted out of the book of life. Be on guard, unless you are fooled, and transgress the sacred Law. Whosoever confesses the truth before men, them I will confess before my Parent Who is in Heaven. Whosoever denies or perverts truth before men, them I will openly deny before my Parent Who is in Heaven. Verily I tell you, those who do not take their stake and follow me, are not worthy of me. He who finds his life, will lose it. He who loses his life for my sake, will surely find it again. I come to conquer all death for all time. I am the love, the life, and the Law of Yahwah. Those who believe in me will never know death at all. Death is the end for wicked men, but has no power over the righteous.

  After these and many other things were spoken and said, Yahushua appointed two and seventy well-versed in the two and seventy languages of mankind, and sent them with His authority two and two into every city and place where Yahushua Himself had previously preached the sacred law to the nations of the earth.

  Yahushua spoke to them concerning Babel, saying: Know the evil one confused the pure language of man [Sumerian], even of Adam and Enoch, and constructed a temple where the true prophet of Yahwah did not speak to the people. Babel means confusion, even as Satan is god of every disorder. So many languages have come into being to mislead the righteous. This one hates the Word of Yahwah, and seeks the un-sacred tongues which keeps man in confusion and ignorance of the sacred Law. Yahwah is One Yahwah, not of disorder, but of All Peace.

  Go to the nations, speak to them the truth and wisdom of the only True Yahwah, even our Eternal Father Who is in Heaven. Yea, go your many different ways. Behold, I send you forth as innocent lambs among unfed wolves. Be warned, Satan will aim every form of evil desire against you. This one hates truth, twists it into a lie, and deceives many. Trust no man, salute no man by the way. Trust only in the malaks of Yahwah who guide you, and always minister to you.

  Into whatsoever place you enter, say first: Peace be to this place or household. If the spirit of peace is there, then allow your peace to rest upon it. If not, your peace will come back to you. Speak with any who loves righteousness, and seeks after the sacred things of Yahwah. Do not speak sacred things to men of wicked heart, unless you cast truth before devils that mock....

  When some receive you, eat such things as are set before you without the taking of life, always making yourself an example of the sacred way. If some offer you flesh of animals, speak the truth of such foul things, that they know the good from the evil.

  Work good works, heal their spiritual and physical ills, and say to them: The Kingdom of Yahwah is come near to you today.

  Remain in their home, teaching the sacred way of life to all within, always eating and drinking such things as they give you without the shedding of blood, or dullness of senses.

  Continue to preach in the public squares, and in every house of worship where you are welcome. Do not be peddlers of the truths of Yahwah, for precious are the gems devils and evil men would trample upon. Do not go from house to house as the merchant does, imagining greatness of things which are not great, but small in the eyes of Yahwah. Yahwah knows the sheep, the sheep hear His voice, and come out from darkness.

  I say to you all, The Perfect Father perceives the hearts of men, sends His sacred malaks as messengers to guide your steps, and makes the roadway before you. You bring the truth to men, my malaks separate the sheep from the goats, and lead you in all things.

  Do not cast the Messiah before devils, unless they trample Him under foot, and bring shame to your All-Parent in Heaven.... The fine pearl is Messiah, but only the poor in spirit receive Him. Yea, the worldly wise seek only the vanity of the world, and corrupt themselves by it. They do not seek the All-Truth which leads to life eternal, but the empty sayings of men, which leads to sin and death.

  Be fishers of men, cast your nets for the riches of Heaven. Do not become crude tools of Satan, but fine instruments of Messiah, ever seeking the lost sheep of Yahwah, scattered about in every nation of man, even as the waters cover the sea basins. I tell you, truly, Satan also gathers seed into the evil harvest. Whatsoever Satan gathers, he keeps, and declares victory over the good. I say to you all, Whatsoever this one does, leave it be. Authority is granted to the evil one to gather seed, even as the sacred malaks gather the righteous seed of Yahwah over whom Satan has no power.

  Yea, sacred malaks know the seed of Yahwah, and lead you to every one of them. You will feed my sheep with the truths of the Kingdom. If any man deny to feed the sheep of the true fold, he will not inherit the blessings laid down even from the foundation of the world. Go, feed the lost sheep, even Yisrayah, and every nation of men who love righteousness, and the pure oblation. Teach them all I taught you. If they are of the true fold, they will listen to your voice, and know you speak in the Messiah.

  Into whatsoever city you enter, and they do not receive you, go your ways out into the streets of the same, and say: Even the very dust of your city, which cleaves on us, we wipe off against you. Notwithstanding, be certain the Kingdom of Yahwah is come near to you, but you rejected it. Those of these cities who hear you, hear me also. Those who despise you, despise me also. Those who despise me, despise Him who sent me. Let all be persuaded in their own minds, for they will be judged by their evil, and rewarded for their good.

  Be merciful with every nation of people. Be patient at all times, in order that you obtain mercy also. Forgive others freely, you will be forgiven in like manner. Remember always, with what measure you mete, with the same it will be meted to you also. As you do to others, so it will be done to you. As you give, so it will be given to you. As you judge others, so you are judged. As you serve others, so you will be served.

  Do not speak a harsh word ever, nor belittle those below you in wisdom. Yahwah is just, and rewards everyone according to their works, good and bad. That which they sow, they will also reap. Go out to the nations, speak truth to them of the Messiah, even all I told you. Yea, teach them the sacred way of life. I tell you truly, all must be Humane to be worthy of me, and learn of the mysteries of Yahwah. My peace is with you, one and all, till the consummation of the wicked age. I am with you in all things. All things must see fulfillment, and be fulfilled in order that truth is made manifest in the world, and ignorance be put to shame. Although you are in the world, you are not part of the world. The time comes when all falsehood will be uncovered, and the True Yahwah vindicated of the unworthy sayings of man.

  The disciples of Yahushua journeyed into every land far away, into Egypt, into Persia, into India, and into every land where Yahushua had healed the spiritual and physical ills of the people. Yahushua kept His word to them, that disciples of light would come and teach the sacred way of life. All of Yisrayah was given testimony of the truth.... Every nation of earth received the sacred Law, and learned of the Messiah and the Father-Mother of all creation.

   Yahushua Feeds Five Thousand With Six Leaves And Seven Clusters Of Grapes

  It came to pass after Yahushua did and said many other things, multitudes began to follow Him wherever He traveled here or there. It was difficult for Yahushua and His disciples to be alone. Yahushua was moved with compassion toward them, because He realized they were as sheep not having a shepherd to care for their needs.

  So it was one day Yahushua and some of the disciples departed for a deserted place, but the people followed even here, for want of Yahushua's words. It was at this time Yahushua and the disciples wanted to eat, and rest. Yahushua said to them: Give them to eat. The disciples answered: How will this be, we have only six leaves, and seven clusters of grapes.

  Yahushua commanded them to make all sit down by divisions of fifty. He took of the six leaves, and the seven clusters of grapes. He looked up to heaven, blessed, broke the leaves, the grapes also, and gave them to His disciples. They divided them among them all. They all ate, and were filled...Some five thousand men, women, and children...

  Lo, they took up twelve baskets full of fragments that were left over. Yahushua taught them the meaning of the sacred Law. When the people saw the miracle, and heard His sayings, they were filled with great joy, and said: Truly, this is the Prophet Moshe spoke of, this Yahushua of Nazareth.

  The following day ... Many of the five thousand who were fed with the leaves and the grapes were seeking Yahushua again. When they had found Him ... Yahushua said to them: Verily, verily, I say to you, You seek me, not because you saw the miracles, but because you ate of the leaves, and the fruit, and were filled. I say to you today, do not work for the food which perishes, but rather for that food which endures to everlasting life, which the Son of Man, Who is also the Child of Yahwah, gives to you.

  They said to Yahushua: What will we do that we may work for this food you speak of? Yahushua answered, and said to them: This is the work of Yahwah, that you believe the truth of the sacred Law in me, and who I am. It is I only who gives it to you, yea, the sacred truth, and the way to Life.

  They said to Yahushua: What sign do you show, that we may see and believe you? Our forefathers ate manna in the desert, even bread from heaven.

  Messiah said to them: Truly, I say to you, Moshe did not give you the true bread from heaven. My Parent gives you the true bread from heaven, and the fruit of the living vine. I am that food of Yahwah which comes down from heaven, and gives life to the world ... I am the true Bread. I am the living Vine. I am the same [Ea] who appeared to Adam, and promised his deliverance. Those who come to me will never hunger, and those who believe on me will never thirst. Verily I say to you, Except you eat the flesh and drink the blood of Yahushua, you have no life in you.... I did not come down from heaven to do my own will, but the will of Yahwah who sent me. His will is that I should lose none of all who are given to me, but should raise them up again.

  Some of the Yahudim murmured at Him, because He said: I am the bread who comes down from heaven. The Yahudim did not believe in Him, but were envious of His good works. Yahushua knew their hard hearts, answered, and said to them: Do not murmur among yourselves. None can come to me except sacred Love and sacred Wisdom draw them, and these will rise again. It is written in the Prophets: They will all be taught of Yahwah. I say to you, Every man who hears and learns the Truth of the sacred Law, comes to me quickly indeed ...Those who believe my laws have everlasting life.

   Yahushua The True Bread And The Living Vine

  That is why I am the true Bread, and the living Vine. Yea, Your fathers ate manna in the wilderness, but are dead. This is the food of Yahwah who comes down from heaven, that whosoever eats it will not die. I am the living food who came down from heaven, if any eats of this food they will live forever. Know that the sacred Bread I give is My Law, and the Vine I give is my life.

  The Yahudim murmured again, and questioned among themselves: How can this man give us Himself for food? Surely this man speaks foolish things to grown men.

  Yahushua answered them, and said: Think that I speak of the eating of flesh, which you ignorantly do in the Temple of Yahwah? Indeed, you think evil things. Lo, my body is the substance of Yahwah, and this is meat indeed. My blood is the life of Yahwah, and is drink indeed. I say to you, do not think of flesh and blood. Your ancestors lusted for flesh, and flesh they received. They ate of corruption till it stank in the nostrils, and their carcasses fell by the thousand in the wilderness by reason of the plague. It is written of such ones: They will wander a Jubilee, nine and forty years in the wilderness, till they are purified from their lusts, before they enter the land of rest. Yea, seven times seven years they will wander, because they did not know My sacred Ways, nor obey My sacred Laws.

  I say to you, those who eat this sacred flesh, and drink this sacred blood, dwell in me, and I in them ...As the Father-Mother of life sent me, and by Whom I live, so those who eat of me, who is the law and the life, even they will live by me. I came down from heaven as the living law in the flesh, my blood imparts eternal life to all who obey. Let them hear with ears, and see with eyes. It is I before you today who gives such sacred things freely to the sons of man.

  Some of Yahushua's disciples did not understand the meaning of Yahushua's words, reasoned that this was a difficult saying, and who can understand it? They could not realize Yahushua was the living bread who gives life, for they imagined blood sacrifices the Pharisees offered at the Temple out of lawlessness and ignorance. Great was the number of innocent animals slaughtered and offered up to Yahwah in place of the Pure Oblation, and great was the blood-guilt and evil of their ways. At no time did Yahwah desire bloodshed, but only obedience to His Laws, the sacrifice of good works, and a pure heart.

  Knowing some of His disciples did not believe in Him as the living bread come down from heaven, Yahushua said to them: Do these words offend you? Do you know it is the spirit that quickens, and that flesh and blood profit nothing? My words are spirit, and they are life. Yea, you were subjected to mere doctrines of men and devils for a great time. Now you do not know the lie from the truth, and you do not believe truth when spoken. If you do not believe the Son of Man (who was sent from heaven to work many great things) then who will you believe, or hearken to? I tell you today, there are some among you who claim to be my disciples, but do not believe in my words, and do not understand the sacred truths of Yahwah. The truth is not in you, otherwise you would know me, and my words. From that day on, many of his disciples left off, and did not walk with Yahushua, for the all-truth was not in them, nor did they prove to be righteous seed.

   Part III 

   Only Yahushua Has Sayings Of Everlasting Life

  Yahushua said to all those remaining disciples: Will you also depart from me? Simon Kepha was among them, answered Yahushua, and said: Savior, Master of the sacred Law, to whom will we go? For truly you have the words of everlasting life. We believe, and we are sure for a certainty, you are the Messiah [The Word]. We do not doubt that you are a Son of the Living and only True Yahwah.

  It was later as Yahushua sat at supper with His disciples, one of them said to Him: Sacred Master. I know what you said: You will give your flesh to eat, and your blood to drink. It is a difficult saying for many. Master, tell us more of this saying, that all of us may understand.

  Looking upon them, knowing their humble and contrite spirit, Yahushua said to them: The words I spoke to you before are Spirit, and they are Life. The ignorant and carnally minded savor of bloodshed, and death. I say to you, Blessed are those who do understand the truthful meaning.

  Behold, I will explain, that you all know. You know of the corn which grows up into ripeness, is harvested, ground in the mill, and baked with fire into bread. Of this is my body made, which you see tonight. You also know of the grapes, which grow on the vine to ripeness, are plucked, crushed in the winepress, and so yield the fruit of the vine. My blood is made of this fruit of the vine, and of water. Your own eyes bear witness of me, that the Son of Man partakes only of the fruits of the trees, and the seeds of the herbs, as His food. These are changed by the Spirit into my flesh, and my blood. You will also eat of these alone, and their like. Whoever believes in me are my true disciples. Of these simple foods, in the Spirit, come life, health, and every kind of healing to man.

  As in the natural laws of nature, so in the spiritual laws of the ALL. My doctrine and my life are food and drink to you. The bread of Life, and the Vine of Salvation. As the corn and the grape are transmuted into flesh and blood in nature, so your natural minds must be changed into spiritual minds. I verily say to you, In the beginning all creatures of Yahwah found their sustenance in the herbs and the fruits of the earth alone. The evil one turned many from the use Yahwah gave them, to that which was contrary to their original use. Satan, the God of this world, introduced to man and beast alike the eating of flesh and blood of both animals and man. I say to you, not only did Satan incite man to eat man and animal alike, but also incited the very beasts to devour one another. Even the beasts will yet return to their natural food, as it is written in the Prophets, and most truly their words will not fail.

  Do not be like the ignorant, without Yahwah's law. They imagine blood will wash them clean of sins, even as they eat the flesh of their innocent victims. Such ones are from their father Satan, and do not desire the truth of my commandments.

  Know what I say to you. Keep my commandments. Be Humane, live the righteous life, you will be happy and healthy in this life, and in that which is to come. Do not marvel that I said to you, Except you eat the flesh and drink the blood of Messiah, you have no life in you. It is said: The meek and the humble will inherit the earth. Yea, even all those who seek the Humane life among the creatures of Yahwah ... I am the sacred Law come down from heaven. Whosoever eats of my table [Law], and obeys, the same eats of my body, the bread of life. Whosoever drinks of my blood (the rivers and streams of purifying waters) will not know death at all. I am the Law, the Life, and the Way. I impart eternal life to the righteous sons of man.

  The disciples understood the meaning of Yahushua's words, and said to Him: Sacred Master, now we know. Give us to eat of this bread evermore, and to drink of this cup. Your truths are meat and drink to us, may we live forever by your Substance, according to your promise.

   Blood And Vain Sacrifices Do Not Take Away Sin

  It came to pass Yahushua was again teaching His disciples in the outer courtyard of the Temple, and one of them said to Him: Master of all knowledge, please tell us of this saying among the priests of the Temple. They say that without shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins. Can the blood offerings of the law they obey take away sin, and wash clean?

  Knowing the law of Moshe was corrupted by the scribes, who even Yermeyah and Yeshayah spoke of, Yahushua said these words to His disciples: See the Temple, the house of Yahwah? You know that thousands of innocents are killed and offered up daily, their flesh consumed by men as unlawful food. The Prophets cried out with loud voice that no blood offering, of beast or bird, or man or woman, can take away or wash sin clean! I say to you, How can the conscience be purified from sin by the shedding of innocent blood? No, it will only increase the condemnation, for it is sin against the sacred law Yahwah gave first to Adam, Enoch, and Noah. There can be no remission of sins save by repentence and amendment only!

  The prophet wrote: Put your blood sacrifices to your burnt offerings, and away with them. Cease from the eating of flesh. I did not speak to your fathers when I brought them out of Egypt, nor command them concerning these things. This thing I commanded, saying: Obey my voice, walk in the sacred Laws I command you, and you will be my people ... But they did not hearken, nor incline their ear [Jeremiah 7:21-24].

  What does the Eternal Being command you, but to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with Yahwah? This indeed is the pure oblation! Is it not written that in the beginning Yahwah ordained the fruits of the trees, seeds, and the herbs, to be food for all flesh? Yea, it is written, but they made the House of Prayer a den of thieves and merchants. For the Pure Oblation with Incense they polluted My altars with blood, and ate the flesh of the dead! So, I say to you, Shed no innocent blood, nor ever eat flesh. Walk uprightly, love mercy, and do justly. If you are Humane, and keep my laws and commands, your days will be long and pleasant in the earth. Good health will cling to you even into old age of many years. Behold, the corn that grows ... with the other grain, is it not transmuted by the Spirit into my flesh? Behold the grapes ...with the other fruits of the earth, are they not transmuted by the Spirit into my blood?

  Let these be your Memorial to the Eternal All, with your own bodies and souls ... In these only is the presence of Yahwah manifest as the Substance and as the Life of the world. I tell you, of these you will freely eat and drink for the remission of sins, and for the eternal life ahead.

  The disciples were now well pleased with Yahushua's answer, praised Him greatly, and said: So let your words come to pass, Master. We believe you to be the only hope of the world, for you alone speak such things of great mercy and love for all the creatures of Yahwah.

   Yahushua Condemns The Ill Treatment Of A Camel

   At another time Yahushua was on His way to Yerusalem. He came upon a camel overloaded with wood, and the beast could move no further up the hill. Yahushua looked upon the driver who beat him mercilessly, and cruelly, but even the severe blows would not make the camel move one step further.

  Disturbed at the ill treatment of this poor innocent beast, Yahushua said to the driver: Why do you beat your poor brother? The man answered Yahushua, and said: I did not know he is my brother. Is he not only a beast of burden, made to serve me?

  Yahushua said to him: Did the Eternal Father in heaven make your camel, and also your children who serve you, of the same substance? Do you not have one breath of life, which you both received from above? Do you not know man was to serve the beast you so mercilessly beat, and not the beast serve man? Truly, men sow and reap, but the beast does not know. Show mercy on those weaker than you in mind, and the True Yahwah will return mercy to you.

  An animal is not judged by his strength, but the compassion of his master is judged and weighed in the scales. Learn the justice and mildness of the righteous, who treat all of Yahwah's creatures even as brothers and sisters of the great Household of Yahwah, and you will be greatly rewarded. He who treats a poor beast with compassion and kindness even loves his own flesh, and cherishes it.

  The man marvelled at Yahushua's words, and ceased from beating the camel. He took off some of the wood, the camel walked up the hill, and did not stop till he ended his journey. The camel sensed the great compassion and mercy of Yahushua. The man was also interested in Yahushua's doctrines, and asked further things in the way of the sacred law. Yahushua gladly taught him, told him much of the sacred way of life, and the man became one of His disciples, much happier for the experience.

   Yahushua Tells His Disciples To Feed His Sheep

  It came to pass Yahushua was in the middle of a pasture, and many sheep were about. His disciples were asking numerous questions concerning the great work ahead of telling all peoples of Yahushua's truths. One of the disciples, known as Simon Kepha, asked Yahushua: Tell us, Master, how are we to serve the people with the same understanding as you teach us?

  Yahushua said to him: Do you know the sacred Law, and its simple meanings? Simon Kepha answered Him, saying: Yea, I understand it well. You spoke of it many times, and demonstrated its power even to all of your disciples.

  Yahushua said to him: You know well, for I say to you today, if you keep my law and my saying, you will in no way be troubled, nor will you neglect the sheep of my pasture. Behold these sheep in the field. They hearken to their shepherd, and hear his voice, even as my sheep hear me, and I them. I tell you, feed my sheep. The Eternal Father in Heaven and the sacred Mother request it from you, even as they requested it of me. Feed my sheep. They await your word, and look for the sacred way of life. They are the true seed of Yisrayah, scattered here and there among every nation.

  Kepha said to Yahushua: But Master, how are we to find these lost sheep you speak of today, for they are many, but few are we who follow the sacred Way?

  Yahushua said to him again: Kepha, Feed my sheep, for it is requested of you to do so. I say to you, the sacred malaks have charge over the affairs of men, yea, even over the lives of my sheep. They will lead you to the sheep, and instruct you in sacred ways. Many indeed are the scattered sheep of Yisrayah, they will be gathered and fed from all nations under the sun. I say to you today, you will feed them with the food of the sacred Law. They will be satisfied, and hunger no more. Yea, give to them the bread of life, and add to them the water of life, one and all. Behold the young lambs, innocent, pure, without sin or guile. See how they listen to the sound of their master in charge. My sheep will also listen to your sounds of truth, come forth, and be gathered into a great nation, a sacred people to Yahwah, after the manner of the Brotherhood where all are in peace and love.

  Kepha, feed my sheep, that they not lack the sacred laws of truth, and not thirst for the waters of eternal life. It is so written: They will all be taught of Yahwah. Lo! The humble spirit of the sheep! Lo! The meekness of their merciful ways! Lo! The very sheep of my pasture are given into your hand for safe keeping. Protect them from every vile thing. The Eternal Father-Mother in Heaven will rejoice in your good works, and bless you with much greatness, and authority.

  Kepha said to Yahushua: Yea, Master, your sheep will be fed even to the ends of your earth, for we believe in your words as the Good Shepherd over the Flock of Yahwah.

   The Humane Messiah Man At His Best

  Yahushua journeyed again into Galilee, and came to a certain tree. He fasted and prayed beneath it for many days.

  Miriam Magdalene came there, with other women wanting of the sacred way of life. They ministered to Yahushua of their substance, and Yahushua taught them the sacred things of Yahwah.

  The Humane Nature of Yahushua was manifested greatly. All the birds gathered around Him, and welcomed Him with their song. Many other living creatures came to His feet, and gathered around and near Him. Does, the red fox, sheep, rabbits, squirrels, even skunks and little field mice played about. Yahushua fed them, and they ate one and all out of His hands.

  The creatures of the sacred Father did indeed sense the Humane Yahushua, and were unafraid in His presence. The fox did no harm to the weaker animals round about, but was at peace with all.

  The women assembled there were amazed, astonished at what they saw, and said: Lo, even the animals and birds respond to Yahushua's great loving-kindness and mercy. Surely this is the Son of the Father, sent from above.

  Yahushua departed from that place. He blessed the women and the creatures of Yahwah who showed love to Him. Turning to the fig tree, he blessed it also, saying:

  You gave me shelter and shade from the burning sun, and with all this, you also gave me food. Blessed be you, sacred creation of Yahwah and gods. Increase and be fruitful. Let all who come to you find rest, shade, and food, and let the birds of the sky rejoice in your branches. Behold, the fig tree grew and flourished exceedingly great. Its branches took root downward, and sent shoots upward. It spread mightily, so that no tree was like to it for size or beauty, and the over-abundance of its good fruit.

  Yahushua said to the women who watched, and were astonished at the sight: Yea, I say to you, even the trees of the earthly mother have ears, and hear. They have eyes, and see the glory of the Son of Yahwah. The sacred Father above all delivered many forms of life to the earth. Yea, kingdoms among kingdoms of living creatures, all sacred to Yahwah. Learn the mysteries of Life, and you will have life. Know the creatures of Yahwah, and Yahwah will know you, and show you all of the things under His one great Household of Life.

  I say to you truly today, from the least of these creatures to the greatest, my Father knows each by name and purpose. Every creature on earth has purpose and life, and man is given power to do them good or evil. Yea, the righteous know the creatures of Yahwah, and respect their place among the living creation of the vast miracles of nature. Do you think you do not owe love to the small ant who builds his home in the sand, cares for the young, and feeds them. Do you think this creature is too small for your concern, and mercy? Do not think wrong of such creatures, for all are of Yahwah, and share life in the universal plan of the Eternal All. The least is as great as the greatest, and the greatest is as great as the least. All are equal under the laws of Yahwah, who gives life and will to live in every creature on earth.

  Show mercy to these small creatures, and Yahwah will pour out much mercy on you. He who cares for the needs of the least of all creatures, cares for the needs of the Son of man, who came down from heaven to restore every creation to its root, that the earth may return again to its former glory.

  The women marvelled at the words of Yahushua, and said among themselves: Behold, the Son of the Living Yahwah, He cares even for the smallest of your creatures, by such love and mercy He is indeed the Savior.

  Yahushua heared the words they spoke, said to them again: Yea, he who is faithful and caring in small things, will be greater yet in caring for the interests of my kingdom which is among you today. By Humane Love the meek and humble will inherit the blessings stored up for them, and the earth will be given to them to rule.

  After saying many other things, Yahushua departed from among them, and said to them: All peace of the earthly malaks and the heavenly malaks be to you. Yea, seek the all-peace of Yahwah, and every joy will be added to your soul.

   Yahushua Helps A Small Kitten In Need

  After a time, Yahushua entered into a small village where He found a kitten, a young cat, who had none to care for her. She was hungry, and cried to Him for help. Yahushua picked her up, put her inside His garment, and there she lay in His bosom. When Yahushua came into the village square, He set food and drink before the cat. She ate, drank, and showed thanks to Him.

  Yahushua gave the cat to one of His disciples, who was a widow, whose name was Lorenza, and she took fine care of her. Some of the people in the village said: This man cares for all creatures, small and great. Are they His brothers and sisters, that He should love them so?

  Yahushua heard their words, and said to them: Verily, these are your fellow creatures of the great Household of the Eternal Being. Yea, they are your brothers and sisters indeed, and have the same breath of life in the Eternal Yahwah. They are precious souls breathing the Spirit of Life, good and sacred before Yahwah. I tell you, truly, whosoever cares for one of the least of these innocent creatures, and gives it to eat and drink in its need, the same does it to me. Whoever willingly allows one of these my creatures to be in want, and does not defend it when evilly threatened, the same one allows the evil as if done to me. As you do wrongly in this life, and cause harm to the great Household of Yahwah, so it will be charged against your soul. I tell you truly, the wicked one prepares a place for the evil, and a judgment. No unrighteous one will escape, for by evil, the evil one judges and condemns the souls of many. How are you to flee the judgment of the Lake of Fire [Gehenna] if you ill-treat my innocent creatures? Blood-guilt of man or beast is the crime of demons, it originated with the evil one, and Yahwah is far from those who sin in this manner.

  Flee from blood-guilt. Care for the innocent creatures even as you care for your own young, whom you love and cherish. Do not fall into the judgment of the evil one, for this one demands an eye for an eye, and life for a life. Vengeance and revenge belongs only to this evil one who claims to be like Yahwah, but in truth is a liar, and the founder of the lie.

  I tell you, your Father-Mother Yahwah in heaven does not seek revenge, nor to avenge. He is above the thoughts of self-professed false Yahwah's who through their ignorance rule the earth in error, and in sin. What relationship has light with darkness, how does something clean and pure come from something unclean and defiled? I tell you, it cannot be. The evil one speaks according to the evil of ignorance, and bathes in the darkness of self-creation. The sacred ones dwell in the unapproachable light, where no darkness comes near. Yea, evil comes from evil roots, and goodness comes from sacred roots. Know your roots, be free from slavery, and the bondage of Satan.

  The people in the village were amazed at Yahushua's words, and wondered greatly at His wisdom of all things. They took heed, and wanted to learn more of the sacred way of life...

   Unlawful To Torture Or Torment Animals

  On another occasion, some of Yahushua's disciples came and told Him of a certain Egyptian, a son of Belial [Satan], who taught others that it was lawful to torment and torture animals if their suffering brought any profit to man.

  Hearing this report, Yahushua said to them: Verily I say to you, Those who participate in and contemplate profits which are gotten by wronging one of Yahwah's innocent creatures cannot be righteous. No, nor can they be allowed to touch sacred things, or even come near to the table of Yahwah, nor can they teach the mysteries of the Kingdom. I tell you, Those whose hands are stained with blood, and whose mouths are defiled with the flesh of innocent creatures, are not worthy of life in this world, nor in the world to come. Let such be born again to the sacred truths of the kingdom, or forever be forgotten of Yahwah. By no means will such enter the Kingdom of light, they will remain in darkness due to their blood-guilt.

  Let all know that Yahwah gives the grains and the fruits of the earth for food, both to man and beast. Let no man say he is righteous if he does not eat the lawful sustenance of the body. I tell you truly, the robber who breaks into the house made by man is guilty, but those who break into the house made by Yahwah, even of the least of these, are the greatest evil-doers.

  I say to all who desire to be my true disciples, keep your hands from bloodshed, and let no flesh meat enter your mouths. Yahwah is just and bountiful, who ordains that man live by the fruits and seeds of the earth alone.

  I tell you, if any animal suffer greatly, and if its life is a misery to it, or if it is dangerous to you, release it from its life quickly, with as little pain as possible. Remember to send it forth in love and mercy, and only as the last thing done to it, after all else fails. I tell you, truly, men fear animals in vain, and seek to destroy them out of fear and ignorance. Do not wrongly judge every animal vicious, unless you destroy the innocent creatures of Yahwah in sin.

  Yea, do not torment them, nor torture them in life or death, or for profit of any kind, or the Eternal Father will withdraw His mercy from you. Yea, show mercy to them, as you expect mercy to be showed to you. Every beast, small and great, was given into your hands, and under your care. So remember well, whatsoever you do to the least of these my children, you do it to me. I am in them, and they are in me. Truly all of them are my creatures of good and sacred standing.

  Yahwah did not curse any creature of the earth, nor did He curse man. The evil one brings all calamity into the world, and destroyed the unity of every kingdom of life. I tell you truly, I rejoice greatly in all the joys of the animal kingdom, and I am afflicted in all their afflictions. On this account, I say to you, Be Humane and Kind, one to another, and to all the Creatures of Yahwah.

  The people were amazed at Yahushua's authority to speak such words. Many gathered there were flesh-eaters, and cruel to their animals. Their ignorance of the sacred Law was great, and they did not realize how they wronged each other, and the creatures of Yahwah.

   The Eating Of Animals, Birds, And Fish, Unlawful
  Fishermen Condemned

  On another day, the question of eating dead things was presented again. Some of Yahushua's newer disciples gathered around Him, and asked: Master, you do indeed know all things, your wisdom of the sacred Law excels all others. Tell us, is the eating of sea creatures lawful as some say?

  Yahushua looked upon them with sad eyes. He knew they were yet unlearned men, and their hearts were yet hardened by false doctrines of devils. He said to them:

  See the fishes of the sea? We stand beside the seashore, and look upon the waters of many lives. Yea, the water is their world, even as the dry land belongs to man. I ask you, do the fishes come to you, and ask of you for your dry land, or of its foods? No, nor is it lawful for you to go into the sea and ask for things which do not belong to you. The earth is divided into three kingdoms of souls, one of the land, one of the air, and one of the sea, each according to its kind. The Eternal Being gave the Spirit of life to them each, and the sacred Breath. What He freely gives to His creatures, neither men nor gods have authority to take back or claim as their own.

  Behold the fisherman, how he takes what is not his own, he is a thief. He steals the treasures of the deep, and disrupts the sacred life of the blessed. Yahwah blessed the sea creatures in the age they were created, and said to them all: Yea, it is good and sacred. Let them have life, and bring forth after their kind. Let them rejoice in their watery home, and sing to me songs of praise, of much joy, and peace. But the fisherman casts many kinds of food into the waters, because each one of the fish has his own food. The fish sees and pursues the food, and is snatched up. The fisherman rejoices, because he caught the unwise fish.

  Most truly I tell you, Satan, like the fisherman, casts his hooks into you. The evil one lies in wait, wishing to seize you, that he might swallow you up, and rejoice at the catch. Likened to a fisherman, Satan places many foods before your eyes, wishing to make you desirous of them, even if only to taste a little, so that he may seize you, and bring you out of light into darkness. I say to you, Do not touch the food of Satan. The wicked one lies in wait for the unwise and the unlearned with many hooks, traps, and every kind of net. If you are tempted with a single unlawful food, it is necessary for you to desire all others. Finally, then, such unlawful things become the food of death, and Satan is victorious. Do not be as fishermen, deceivers, men of trickery, nor eat their catch. Many are those who Satan snares with the taste of unlawful things, and makes them partners in death.

  Yahushua's disciples were well pleased with Yahushua's answer and they remarked of His great understanding of the sacred Laws of Yahwah and the workings of Satan the evil one.

   Yahushua Releases The Caged Birds

  It came to pass, as Yahushua was traveling to Yericho, He met a man with a cage overcrowded with birds which he caught, and among them were young doves. Yahushua saw how the birds were in misery, having lost their freedom, and moreover being tormented with hunger and thirst.

  So, Yahushua said to the man: What do you do with these weaker creatures of Yahwah? The man answered: I go on my way to make a living, I sell these birds I took freely of.

  Yahushua said to him: What do you think, if another man, stronger than you or with greater craft, were to bind you, and cage you? Or your wife, or your children, and throw them into a cage, in order to sell them into captivity for profit, thus making his living by such? I ask you, are these not your fellow creatures, but only weaker than you are? Does the same Yahwah, our Father-Mother, not care for them as for you? I tell you, let these your little brothers and sisters go free. See that you do this cruel thing no more. Take up a living of honest means, causing no harm to any of Yahwah's innocent creatures.

  The man marvelled at Yahushua's words, listened to Him, and agreed to let the birds go free. When the man unbound the birds, they flew to Yahushua. They rested upon His shoulder, sung songs to Him, and there they remained for a time until they flew away in freedom. The man was astonished at the sight he saw, and asked further of Yahushua many things, and Yahushua ministered to him for a good part of a day. After the man departed, he learned the craft of making baskets, and earned his bread honestly, without blood-guilt, with no further harm to Yahwah's creatures. After a time he destroyed his cages and traps, and became a disciple of the sacred Way of life. In the course of time he learned of the Humane Life, and instructed others even in the same instructions Yahushua taught him, that all creatures of Yahwah were born free, and should remain free to live in joy and peace among their own kinds.

   The Return Of The Sacred Twelve

  In the course of time, the sacred Twelve apostles returned and regathered to Yahushua. They related to Him the many things of their journeys to the twelve tribes of Yisrayah. Yahushua was sitting near the sea at this time, in a circle of twelve palm trees ... The chosen twelve and their disciples came to Him, and they all sat there together under the shade of the trees.

  Yahushua spoke to them many things ... Yahushua said to them: But whom do you say I am?

  The apostles in turn answered: You are indeed the sacred Messiah, the Son of the True Yahwah Eternal, who descended from heaven, and dwells in the hearts of those who believe and obey the sacred Law. We, your sacred twelve, worked every good thing in your Name, and it was accomplished, even as you said to us in the beginning. Yea, we were granted authority to heal every sickness Satan the evil one puts on earth, and yet raise the dead. Even the demons are subject to us through your sacred Name!

  In every place we go, the sacred Spirit goes also, and is there for strength and wisdom in all things. Yea, all things you spoke to us are true and proven, we are Sons of the Eternal Father/Mother in heaven for a certainty.

  Yahushua said to them: Blessed are you, my twelve who believe. Flesh and blood did not reveal these things to you, but only the Spirit of Yahwah who dwells within you. I indeed am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The Truth understands all things. I say to you, All Truth is in Yahwah, and I bear testimony to the All Truth. I am the true Rock, on this Rock I build my Assembly, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. Out of this Rock flows rivers of living water to give life to the peoples of the earth.

  Behold, and beware, there will arise after you men of perverse minds who will, through ignorance or through craft, suppress many truths which I spoke to you, and lay to me things which I never spoke at all, thereby sowing weeds among the good wheat I gave you to sow in the world.

  The truth of Yahwah will endure the contradictions of evil-doers ... But the time comes when the things they hid will be revealed and made known, and the truth will make free those who were bound by falsehood, enslaved by Satan's deceptions and lies.... Woe is the time when the evil spirit of the world enters into the assembly, and my doctrine and precepts are made void through the corruption of men and of women. Yea, woe is the world when the light is hidden, and truth abandoned.

  All these things will come to pass ... Many are those who will trespass against my sacred Laws, and seek the laws of the evil one. They will love the lie, hate the truth, yearn for every evil desire, and lust, contrary to nature.

  At that time Yahushua lifted His voice to heaven, and said: I thank you, O most righteous Parent, Creator of Every Perfect Gift, that though these things are hidden from the worldly wise, they are nevertheless revealed to babes.

   Only Yahushua Gives Rest For He Is The True Rest

  Come to me all you who labor, and are heavily burdened, I will give you my rest. Yea, take my yoke upon you, learn of me, I am meek, I am Humane, I am the sacred Way, and then you will find rest to your souls. My yoke is equal, and it is easy going. My burden is light, and does not press unequally. No one knows the Father, unless he knows me first. If you do not know me, and reject my laws, you will in no way enter into my rest, or come into peace and joy of life. My rest is life to all those who seek after the eternal treasures of heaven, and not worry over the vain glories of the world.

   Yahushua Again Gives The Sacred Humane Law

   After six days the Feast of Tabernacles was near at hand. Yahushua took the sacred Twelve, and brought them up into a high mountain away from the people. As He was praying, the fashion of His countenance was changed. He was transfigured before them, His face shone as the sun, and His robe was white as the light.

  Behold, there appeared to them Moshe and Eliyah talking with Him, speaking of the sacred Law, and of His decease He would accomplish at Yerusalem.

  Moshe spoke, saying: This is HE of whom I foretold, saying: The Eternal Spirit will send you a prophet from the midst of your brothers, like to me. He will speak to you that which the Eternal Spirit speaks to Him, and you will hearken to Him. Whoever will not obey will bring their own self-willed destruction upon themselves [Deuteronomy 18:15].

  Kepha said to Yahushua: Dear Master, it is good for us to be here. If you will, let us make three tabernacles, one for you, one for Moshe, and one for Eliyah.

  Behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them while he yet spoke, twelve rays as of the sun issued from the cloud, and a voice came out of the cloud, which said: This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear Him, and keep His law.

  When the disciples heard it, they fell on their faces, and were greatly astonished. Yahushua came, touched them, and said: Arise, do not be afraid. They saw no man when they lifted up their eyes, except Yahushua only. The six glories of the eternal spirit, the first of the sacred Arch-malaks, were seen upon Him.

  Yahushua said to them: Behold, anew I give to you The Law, which is not new but from old. Even as Moshe gave the law to Yisrayah after the flesh, so also I give to you the law for the Kingdom of Yisrayah after the Spirit.

  Who are the Yisrayah [nation, people] of Yahwah? Even those of every nation and tribe who work righteousness, love mercy, and keep my commandments, these are the true Yisrayah of Yahwah.

  Standing upon His feet, Yahushua spoke, saying:

  Hear O Yisrayah. The Eternal All, your Yahwah, is One. Many are My overseers, and My prophets. In Me all live, move, and have subsistence.

  You will love Yahwah with all your understanding of the sacred Law.

  You will love your neighbor as yourself, even as the law instructs.

  You will not take away the life of any creature for your pleasure, nor for your profit, nor yet torment it.

  You will not steal the goods of any, nor gather lands and riches to yourselves beyond your need or use.

  You will not eat the flesh nor drink the blood of any slaughtered creature, nor yet anything which brings disorder to your health or senses.

  You will not make impure marriages, where love and health are not, nor yet corrupt yourselves or any creature made pure by the sacred One.

  You will not bear false witness against any, nor willfully deceive any by a lie to hurt them.

  You will not do to others, as you would not have others do to you.

  You will worship One Eternal, the Father-Mother in Heaven, of Whom are all things, and reverence the sacred Name, keeping sacred their daily sacred communions.

  You will revere your fathers and your mothers on earth, whose care is for you, and all the teachers of righteousness.

  You will cherish and protect the weak, those who are oppressed, and all creatures who suffer wrong.

  You will work with your hands the things that are good and seemly. You will eat the fruits of the earth, to live long in the land.

  You will purify yourselves daily, rest every Seventh Day from labor, keeping the Sabbaths and the Festivals of Yahwah your Creator sacred.

  You will do to others, as you would have others do to you.

  His disciples heard these sacred words, and smote upon their breasts, saying: We have offended, please forgive us O Yahwah. May your wisdom, love, and truth be within us, so incline our hearts to love, to keep and cherish this sacred Law.

  Yahushua said to them: My yoke is equal, and my burden light. If you will to bear it, it will be easy to you. Lay no other burden on those who enter into the kingdom, but only these necessary things.

  This is the Law renewed to the Yisrayah of Yahwah, and the complete Law is within. It is the law of love, and it is not new, but old. Take heed that you add nothing to this law, nor take anything from it. Verily I say to you, Those who believe and obey this law will be saved, those who know yet do not obey it will be lost.

  As all die in Adam, so in Messiah all will be made alive. The disobedient will be given many tests. Those who persist in wickedness will descend, and will perish eternally. Those who obey my Law will inherit everlasting life.

  As they came down from the mountain, Yahushua charged them, saying: Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man is risen again from the sleep of death.

  His disciples then asked him, saying: Why do the scribes say Eliyah must come first? Yahushua answered, and said to them: Truly Eliyah will come first, and make all things ready.

   But I say to you, Eliyah came already, and they did not know him, but did to him whatsoever they lusted. Likewise also the Son of man will suffer of them. The disciples understood that Yahushua spoke to them of Yahchanan the Baptist.

   Yahushua Interprets The Law

  When they came down from the mountain, one of Yahushua's disciples asked Him: Master, if a man does not keep all these commandments, will he enter into Life?

  Yahushua answered him, saying: The Law is sacred in the letter, but more perfect in the spirit. The letter without the spirit is dead, the spirit makes the letter alive. Take heed that you obey the Law from the heart, in the spirit of love, all the Commandments I gave you. Each law is a hedge to you, a safeguard for your soul.

  It was written: You will not kill. I say to you, If any hate and desire but a moment to kill, they are guilty of the law. Yea, if they cause harm or pain to any innocent creature, they are indeed guilty. Only if they kill to put an end to suffering which cannot be healed, they are not guilty, if they do it quickly and [in love].

  It was also said: You will not steal. I say to you, if any is not content with what he has, and so desires and seeks after what is anothers, or if he withholds what is just from the worker, he has already stolen in his heart. I tell you truly, his guilt is greater than that of one who steals bread in necessity, to satisfy his hunger.

  Again you were told: You will not commit adultery. I say to you, If man and woman join together in marriage with unhealthy bodies, and beget unhealthy offspring, they are guilty. Yea, even though they did not take their neighbor's spouse.

  If any enter into marriage for unnatural relations, and not raise offspring, but come near to each other, they are guilty. If any has not taken a woman who belongs to another, but desires in his heart, and seeks after her body, he has committed adultery already in spirit.

  Again I say to you, If any lust and seek to possess the body of any creature for food, or for pleasure, or for profit, they defile themselves thereby. They deny my commandments, and are guilty.

  Yahushua continued to interpret the sacred Law. His disciples listened to Him with great interest, and were astonished by His love.

  He said to them: Yea, if a man tells the truth to his neighbor in such a way as to lead him into evil, even though it is true in the letter, he is guilty. Walk in the spirit, and thus you will fulfill the law in the letter, and be made ready for the Kingdom.

  Let the Law be unwritten within your own hearts, rather than on tablets of stone memorial. In this manner be perfect, as which things nevertheless you ought to do, and not to leave the other things undone.

  I say to you again, The Law I gave to you is sacred, just, and good. Blessed are all those who obey, and walk in it. I tell you truly, Yahwah is Spirit. Those who worship Yahwah must worship in spirit and truth, at all times, in every place under the sun. Whosoever listens to my words, and keeps the sacred Law pure, and undefiled, will inherit rich rewards in this life, and everlasting life in the world to come.

   Yahushua The Living Water Which Comes From Heaven

   Yahushua lifted up His voice, and cried aloud: O you who thirst, seek the living water which comes from Heaven. This is the water of life, whoever drinks thirsts no more. As you behold the waters of the very sea that washes and purifies all in it, know also the waters from above are life to your soul. The living waters of truth are sweet and refreshing, which the righteous bathe in, and delight in the All-Peace.

  Yea, when you learn the mysteries of Yahwah, you will know the waters of life, and every secret of nature hidden in the creations of the Father-Mother. All is in Them, and Them in all.

   Yahushua Feeds One Thousand With Five Melons

  Yahushua took of some fruit, five melons, and divided them among the people. They ate it, and their thirst was quenched. He said to them: If the True Yahwah makes the sun to shine, and the water to fill out these delicious fruits of earth, will the same not be the Sun of your souls, and fill you with water of life? Therefore, seek the truth, and let your souls be satisfied. The truth of Yahwah is that water which comes only from heaven, without money, without price, and those who drink will be satisfied. Those whom He fed with the five melons were one thousand men, women, and children, and none of them departed hungry or thirsty.

   The True Temple The Body of Man In Which Yahwah's Spirit Dwells

  It came to pass that some of Yahushua's disciples, who were stonemasons, were repairing one of the chambers of the Temple in Yerusalem, and Yahushua was passing by. They said to Him: Master and Savior, do you see these great buildings, and what manner of stones are set here...

  Yahushua answered: Yea, the stonework is indeed great and beautiful, for the stones are well-made. I tell you, the day comes when not one stone will be left on another ... The true Temple is the body of man in which the True Yahwah dwells by the Spirit. I say to you, When this Temple is destroyed, in three days Yahwah will raise up a more glorious temple, which the eye of the natural man does not perceive.

  Do you not know you are the living temples of the sacred Spirit? Whoever destroys one of these temples, the same will be destroyed himself!

  Some of the scribes and the Pharisees who rendered flesh and blood rituals at the Temple heard Yahushua's words, and tried to entangle Him in His talk. They said: If you would put away the sacrifice of sheep, oxen, and birds, to what purpose was this Temple built for Yahwah by Solomon?

  Yahushua said to them: It is written in the Prophets: My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations, for the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. But you do not know the Pure Oblation, nor do you wish to know, for you made it a house of slaughter and bloodshed, a house filled with many evils.

  Again I say to you, It is written: From the rising of the sun to the setting of the same, my Name will be great among the Gentiles, and incense will be offered to me with a Pure Offering. But you made it a desolation with your flesh and blood offerings, and use the sweet incense only to cover its ill odor. I am not come to destroy the law, but to interpret, and to fulfill all things spoken of me.

  Do you not know what is written? Obedience is better than sacrifice, to hearken better than the fat of rams. I, Yahwah, am weary of your burnt offerings, and vain oblations. Your hands are full of blood.

  Is it not also written: What is the sacrifice? Wash, and make yourself clean, put away the evil from before my eyes, cease to do evil, learn to do well. Yea, do justice for the fatherless, the widow, and all who are oppressed. By so doing, you will fulfill the Law ... Pure worshippers worship the Eternal Spirit in purity, and in truth...

  The Pharisees said to Yahushua: Who are you who seeks to do away with the blood rituals, and despises the seed of Abraham?

  Messiah said in answer: Before Abraham was, I AM.

  They refused to listen to Yahushua's words, and said: He is inspired by a demon. Some others said: He is mad.

  They told these things to the priests and elders, and they were very angry, saying: He spoke blasphemy, let us seek a way to rid ourselves of this one.

  Yahushua heard their words, and said further to them: I ask you, how do you teach the spiritual matters of Yahwah, if you do not understand the physical matters? If you do not have mercy on the creatures of Yahwah that you see and touch, how can you grasp the spiritual things of Yahwah which you see, and not touch?

  The Pharisees and scribes looked upon Yahushua with great contempt, and remained silent.

  Yahushua said to His disciples: So it is with the soul of every creature, though unseen by human eyes, for it is hidden within the garment of flesh and blood. Every creature is twofold by nature, without the spiritual half there can be no physical manifestation. I tell you, The body is dust, but the soul is of Yahwah. Do not fear those wicked who destroy the physical body, but cannot kill the spiritual soul. The man of Yahwah knows his root, he is of Yahwah. And Yahwah knows him who belongs to the fold.

  Know also, whosoever treats the least of these souls of Yahwah with contempt, does the same to me. These hypocrites do not respect the marvel of life within all things. Yea, they seek the death of things, and rejoice in it. They originate from the mother of seven evils, for where is suffering and bloodshed, there Satan is also.

  So these blind guides will inherit the place preserved for them. The Father-Mother above all things does not forgive the wanton sins of evil doers, and does not excuse the hardness of hearts and dullness of senses that accompany wicked men. Flee away from these workers of lawlessness. They do not wish eternal life, and desire to bar all others from the road leading to it. Truly I tell you today, they have their reward in full. In no manner will they enter the kingdom, nor receive the promise, for they are as dung upon the surface of the earth.

  Seek the sacred Law, love, and mercy of My ways, and you will find eternal life, and peace. Separate yourselves from wicked men, who twist and garble the sacred scriptures to satisfy their lust and pleasure.

  At a later time, after Yahushua said many other things to the Pharisees, certain of the scribes and Elders from the Temple came to Yahushua, saying: Tell us, Why do your disciples teach men that it is unlawful to eat the flesh of animals, even though they are offered in sacrifice as Moshe ordained? It is written: Yahwah said to Noah; The fear and the dread of you will be upon every beast of the field, every bird of the air, and every fish of the sea. They are delivered into your hand. Why do you say otherwise?

  Yahushua looked upon them, and said in a strong voice: You Hypocrites, well did Yeshayah speak of you, and your forefathers, saying: This people draws near to Me with their mouths, and honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. They worship Me in vain, teaching and believing. They teach the commandments of men for divine doctrine in my name, but to satisfy their own evil, and lusts.

  Yermeyah also bore testimony when he said, concerning blood offerings, and sacrifice: I the True Yahwah commanded none of these things in the day you came out of Egypt. Only this I commanded you: Do righteousness, walk in the ancient paths of My laws, so as to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with Yahwah. But you did not hearken to Me. I gave you all manner of seed in the beginning, fruit of the trees, and seed, for the food and healing of man and beast.

  The Scribes said to Yahushua: You speak against the law! Your sin is great!

  Yahushua perceived the hardness of their hearts, and the stubbornness of their evil ways. They were without mercy or goodness. He said to them: No, against Moshe I do not speak, nor against the ancient law that always was. I speak out against those who corrupted the law! The law was corrupted out of the hardness of your hearts.

  Behold, a greater than Moshe is here! I come to inscribe the law on soft fleshly hearts, not on stone tablets, that the meek live, and the wicked are judged. You speak according to your wickedness, and you judge Moshe by your standard of evil. Know that my servant Moshe speaks in truth of the True Yahwah. Evil in their ways, your forefathers called the truth a lie, and made the lie the truth. You believe the lie every time, because no truth can be found in you.

   Your law is of the maker of the lie. Your beliefs are the inventions of your God, who does not know truth, but only the lie. Truth was not found in this one, who thought the impossible thought to be like the Eternal Spirit. He did not strive for light, but darkness. Know then, you are workers of darkness, because no light is in you. You behold the Light before you, but do not see. If you do not know the real Moshe, you do not know the greater Moshe.

  The Elders and scribes were angry at Yahushua's words. They understood Him to mean they were wicked and stubborn, and they took up stones to cast at Him. But Yahushua passed through their midst, hidden from their violence.

   Yahushua Knows His Sheep
   The True Sheep Know Him

  Yahushua continued to work many wonders wherever He went to the people. He taught mysteries of Yahwah never heard before, but few understood their meaning. He healed every illness, made the blind to see, the poor were aided, and He preached peace, joy, and eternal life to all those of humble heart. The people were astonished by His great works, and followed Him in great numbers. Many of His disciples became followers of the Essene way of life.

  One day as Yahushua and some of His disciples were praying in the countryside, a shepherd leading his flock passed them by. Yahushua took up one of the young lambs in His arms, talked to it lovingly, and pressed it to His bosom. The young lamb cried out as a babe in the arms of a mother. Yahushua said to His disciples: I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, even as they know me. As the Parent of All knows me, even so I know my sheep, and lay down my life for the sheep. I have other sheep, who are not of this fold. I must bring them also, they will hear my voice. There will be one fold, one shepherd over all.

  Thus I lay down my earthly body, that I may take my spirit body again. No man takes life from me, I lay it down of my own will. I have power to lay my life down, and I have power to take it up again.

  Thus I say to you, Do not fear the things your eyes see concerning my body. It is my will that I lay my body down, not the will of any man. Yea, I come from heaven with power and glory of the Father-Mother Who sent me. I depart from earth. Like the Temple sacrifices of animal flesh, blood does not wash away the sins of man, nor burnt offerings the evil.

  I lay down my body in defense of the love of the law. There is no thing above the love of my law, and no thing is greater than to lay down a life for a brother. The love of the law is made manifest in me, that men may know they abused the law of love, and worked great sin against the creations of the Eternal Spirit.

  Yea, I am the perfect shepherd, for the perfect shepherd feeds His flock. He gathers His lambs in His bosom, and gently leads those that are with young. Yea, the perfect shepherd even gives His life for the safety of the sheep.

  Behold the hireling, who does not own the sheep, and is not the shepherd. He sees the wolf coming, leaves the sheep, flees, the wolf catches them, and scatters the sheep about.

  The hireling does not care, for the sheep are not his own.

  I tell you, I am the door. All who enter by me will be safe, will go in and out, and always find good pastures. The evil one comes only to steal, to kill, and to scatter the sheep. I am come only that they might have life more abundantly. He who enters in by the door is the true shepherd of the sheep, to whom the porter opens. The sheep hear his voice, for he calls his sheep by name, leads them out, and he knows their number.

  Yea, the sheep follow him willingly, for they know his voice. They do not follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of a stranger ... My sheep hear my voice, and I know them. They truly follow me, and keep my law. I give them eternal life. They will never perish, nor will any evil one pluck them out of my fold. I tell you my Parent, Who gave them to me, is greater than all, no man is able to pluck them out of my Parent's hand.

   Yahushua Warns Of Lying Shepherds Who Will Mislead The Sheep

  Yahushua said to His disciples: So it will be that many lying shepherds will mislead the sheep, seek to devour them, and scatter them about, doing so in my Name. I say to you, One misguides the sheep to barren pastures, and says to them: I am the door, and the way. This one would be better if he were never born at all! Indeed, many will come as wolves garbed in sheep's dress to scatter and destroy. You will know them by their merciless ways, for such are the ones who ill-treat the innocent creatures of Yahwah.

  I say to you, If a good shepherd has one hundred sheep, and one of them goes astray, this same shepherd will leave the ninety-nine in safety, and then set out to find the one lost sheep. If so be he finds it, I say to you truly, he rejoices more over that sheep than over the ninety-nine which did not go astray, and are safe!

  It is not the will of your Heavenly Parent that one of these should perish. The Son of Man is come to earth to save that which was lost, namely His sheep. Be perfect and good shepherds of the flock of Yahwah, lead the sheep to safety, and to life. Some of the disciples did not understand the parable Yahushua spoke to them, and questioned Him further.

   True Sons And Daughters of Yahwah
   Those Who Work Righteousness

  Yahushua continued to work miracles in the land, and work every good thing to the glory of the Eternal Father-Mother in heaven. He raised the dead, that they might walk and talk again. He cured every disease the evil one brought on man and animal. He discoursed on the sacred Law of Yahwah, and taught its virtues and values. He taught the meaning of true love, and divine mercy. He taught the forgiveness of those who trespass against the law, and each other. Yea, Yahushua taught the people the inner peace of the soul, and the sacred way of life.

  One warm sunny day Yahushua said to the disciples, and the great crowd around them: I tell you, one and all before me today, Who truly is the son of Yahwah, and who truly is the daughter of Yahwah? Yea, even the great crowd of those who turn from all evil, do righteousness, love mercy, and walk reverently with Yahwah. These are truly the sons and the daughters of man who come up out of Egypt, to whom it is given that they should be called the sons and the daughters of Yahwah.

  I tell you today, they are gathered out from every tribe, every nation, every race, and every tongue. They come from the East, the West, the North, and the South. Yea, this is the true Yisrayah of Yahwah, who dwells on Mt. Zion. They eat bread, and drink of the fruit of the vine, at the sacred table of Yahwah. They come to know and see Yahwah face to face. You know the sacred Law was given to every nation of men who would walk humbly before the True Yahwah, and out from every nation comes those who keep my Law to salvation. Indeed, these are the true Yisrayah of Yahwah. I tell you, Yahwah does not judge the souls of men by a race, but by the heart of man. Whosoever walks by the Pure Oblation, walks in the sacred path of Yahwah, and is saved.

   The Hypocrisy Of The Scribes And The Pharisees

  The time arrived when Yahushua spoke to the multitude and His disciples on the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and the Scribes. He said to all who listened: Behold, the Scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moshe's seat ... They desire to be called of men: Rabbi, Rabbi... I tell you, Do not desire to be called Rabbi. One is your Rabbi, even Messiah, and all you are brothers.

  Do not call anyone on earth Father [Peter], for on earth are fathers in flesh only. In Heaven there is One who is your Father and your Mother, Who is the Spirit of Truth, whom the wicked world cannot receive.

  Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You shut up the Kingdom of Yahwah against men. You reject the sacred law, and yourselves do not enter, you also prevent others from entering in.

  Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees. Hypocrites! You travel land and sea to make one believer. When he is made, you make him twofold more the child of Satan than yourselves.

  Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You pay tithes of mint, anise, and cumin. You omit the weightier matters of the law: judgment, mercy, and faith. These you ought to do, and not leave the other undone. But you do not care, you blind guides! You quickly strain out a gnat, and yet swallow a whole camel.

  Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You are like to white tombs, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are full of the dead within, and all uncleanness. Even so you also outwardly appear as shining temples, all righteous to men, but within you are full of hypocrisy and dead things. You yourselves are living tombs of the dead, rather than Temples of the living Yahwah, whom you do not know.

  Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You build the tombs of the prophets, decorate the sepulchres of the righteous, and say: If we lived in the days of our fathers, surely we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. Liars! You are witnesses to yourselves, that you do as the children of those who did kill the prophets.

  It was said by sacred Wisdom Herself: Behold, Behold, I send to you prophets, wise men, and scribes. Some of them you will scourge, kill, crucify, and persecute ... All the righteous bloodshed upon the earth will come upon you, the blood of righteous Abel, to the blood of Zacharyah.

  O Yerusalem, Yerusalem, you wicked city that killed the prophets, and stoned those who are sent to you in truth. How often I would have gathered your children together, even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings, but you would not give ear!

  Behold your hearts of stone, for now your house is left desolate to you. I say to you truly, You will not see me here again, till you cry out: Sacred, sacred, sacred. Blessed are those who come in the Name of the Just One...

  After saying all these things and more, those who listened were amazed at Yahushua's words, but the scribes and the Pharisees were enraged with hatred for Yahushua and wanted very much in their evil hearts to do away with Him, but did not yet. They walked away from Yahushua murmuring sayings to themselves, against His speech.

   Part IV

   The Two And Seventy Return To Yahushua

  After many months passed, the two and seventy returned to Yahushua with great joy, saying: Sacred Master, even the demons are subject to us through your Name. Yea, master, you gave us much power and authority. When your sacred Name is spoken, it puts to flight every evil spirit, imposes quiet on the soothsayer, prevents men from consulting augurs, and frustrates arrogant magicians. Not by dread of your Name, but by the authority of such great a power.

  The two and seventy were greatly excited and happy to see Yahushua once again, and they spoke to Him many things encountered in their journeys. They began to speak to Yahushua in their various languages, five or six apostles speaking at one time, each in a different tongue.

  Yahushua's disciples who were standing close by did not understand their words, and marveled why Yahushua did not interrupt their speech, but listened to every one of them in gladness.

  It was at this time that one of Yahushua's disciples said to Him: Teacher of Righteousness, your sacred apostles speak in many tongues, and we do not understand their words. Do you know the words?

  Yahushua turned to His disciples, and said to them: Behold, my chosen ones return from strange lands, and speak the tongues of every nation, one apostle for each tongue. Do you not know, I know all tongues. I understand, and do behold every word even as they speak to me at one time.

  His disciples were truly astonished, for never did they observe such a wonder. Yahushua said to them all: Behold, I speak to you in two and seventy tongues, that the Father-Mother in Heaven may be glorified in all things, and bring forth good from evil.

  Yahushua proceeded to address the two and seventy in the tongues of their nations, and the two and seventy heard the word of Yahushua, each according to his language, and all understood.

  The crowds standing by were amazed and astonished, and marveled greatly at the unusual event. Many said among themselves: This man speaks with the authority of Yahwah. He speaks all tongues with one breath, and these men of different nations indeed understand every word! Glory to the Heights above, this man is the true Messiah!

  Yahushua continued speaking to the two and seventy, and they each heard His words according to his own tongue. Yahushua said to them: Yea, even all things I spoke to you are proven. Yea, even the demons are subject to my Name, for I saw Satan as lightning fall from heaven. I gave you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will hurt you by any means. Notwithstanding in this, do not rejoice that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven!

  In that hour Yahushua rejoiced in spirit with His apostles, and offered prayer, and said: I thank you, sacred Parent of Heaven and Earth, that you hid these things from the worldly-wise, and revealed them to babes. Even so, All Sacred, for so it seemed good in your sight.

  Yea, all things are delivered to me of the All-Parent. No man knows the Son who is the Daughter, but the All-Parent. Nor who the All-Parent is, but the Son even the Daughter, and they to whom the Son and the Daughter will reveal it.

  Yahushua turned Himself, faced His disciples, and said privately: Blessed are the eyes who see the things you see. I tell you, truly, many prophets and kings desired to see those things you see, and did not see them. And to hear those things which you hear, but did not hear them. Yea, blessed are you of the inner circle who hear my word, and to whom the mysteries are revealed. You give to no innocent creature the pain of prison, or of death, but seek the good of all, to such is everlasting life.

  Blessed are you who abstain from all things gotten by bloodshed and death, and thus fulfill all righteousness. Blessed are you, for you will attain Beatitude.

  All of Yahushua's disciples rejoiced in His words. They all gathered around Yahushua, and the two and the seventy were there also in their midst. Yea, great was the gathering of the disciples who listened to the words of truth.

  It was at this time, a time of joy and peace, the two and seventy spoke much of their travels. They told of many disciples made over to the sacred way of life in every nation they went into. After a time the two and seventy, and all the other disciples of Yahushua, sat down to eat bread and fruit with Yahushua. They drank the juice of the fruits, and pure water. Prayer was heard before and after they supped, as was the custom of the Essene way.

  Yahushua lifted His eyes upwards toward heaven, gave praise and thanksgiving to the Eternal All, the Giver of every good gift from above. Oh, Father-Mother, our All-Parent of the One great Household of Life, we rejoice in your will on earth this day, and thank you for the simple food set before us to nourish our bodies of flesh. Oh, that your will is accomplished on earth, in that your Son came to teach your sacred Law, that your sheep may know and understand your great Love and Mercy. Grant your Earth all peace and joy. Make your innocent creatures, small and great, to rest under the strain of the evil one.

  Great is your Household of brothers and sisters under your power, and many are those oppressed by the evils of the world. Grant them the all-peace, that they may know your great Love and Mercy, for they do not know they exist because of you. Your Mercy is far-reaching, abundant, stretches out over the dry land and the sea, and touches every living soul, otherwise they see death and not know your sacred Way. Bless your sacred elect saints, who worship you in Spirit and in Truth, and who watch over your innocent creatures in faithfulness. They are in accord with you, and know your Sacredness is great, wonderful, and all fullness of love... Amein.

   Yahushua Gives The Sign Of The End Of Wickedness

  At another time while Yahushua sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him in private, and asked: Tell us, Master, you sacred Teacher of Righteousness, concerning the end of evil. What will be the sign that we should know of your coming again...

  Yahushua said to them: Take warning that no man deceive you. Many will come in my Name, saying: I am the Messiah, and the truth. Follow me, and be saved. Great will be the number the false prophets will deceive! Yea, many will take up the sacred Name in vain, misuse the meaning of it, cause great confusion among the people, and mislead many. Many things will take place upon earth that did not take place before, no, nor even seen by any generation except those of that generation.

  You will hear of great wars, and also much talk of war. Many will be threatened with destruction, but do not be troubled. Many things must come to pass yet before the end of all evil things in those days, the last before the Great Rest. Those who have power will gather to themselves in greed the lands, and the riches of the earth, for their own lusts. They will oppress the greater number who do not have.

  In those days the many will be held in bondage, but yet not in prison. They will be used to increase the riches of the greedy. Yea, even the innocent beasts of the field will be greatly oppressed, for every cruelty and lust will be worked against my innocent brothers and sisters of the great Household of Yahwah. Many will lust after the taste of flesh, and blood will flow freely as high as the bridle of the horse!

  In that time of trouble, no creature of Yahwah, no, man nor beast, will escape the cruel judgment of that wicked generation, save my sacred elect under the charge of my sacred malaks. I say to you today, a strange savior [Jesus] will rule the minds of many. That generation will not believe in the evil of the world, but will judge all evil, good; and all good, evil.

  A strange God will work many miracles in the earth. The people will worship that savior with much devotion, for all hope rests in the God that is not Yahwah, but decieves the people of every nation.

  The Eternal Spirit of All will send forth His sacred messengers. They will restore the sacred law anew, which wicked men hid with their vain traditions. Those who do not believe the sacred law will perish. In that day all those who keep my law and commandments will be hated of all nations for my Name's sake. Many will be offended at my sacred Laws, betray one another, and hate one another. Many false prophets will indeed arise, and deceive many.

  Yea, I tell you, in that age yet to come, the Father's Name will be blasphemed in a manner like never before in the history of the world, greater than even the star count of heaven itself! Hands dripping with the innocent blood of my creatures will take up my Name in vain, and mislead many. They will follow the ways of the Pharisees, not the true path of the Pure Oblation. Yea, many lies will be spoken of me in that age, things I did not speak to you, nor teach. They will lust after much flesh and sin, and their evil will mount higher than a new moon of your season. Many will believe, and be lost.

  Yea, there will be sheep, but few shepherds. The wolves will destroy the sheep, and scatter them about as the north wind scatters the fallen leaves. Many are the hopes of that age to come, but like the bow in the sky after the rain comes, they disappear into nothingness. Though their savior is great, only hopelessness will reign over the nations.

  I tell you, better for that generation to have not been born into the world. Darkness fills that age, and gross darkness the people, where the lie rules the hearts of many ... Yea, I tell to you truly, if any man says to you: Lo, here is the Messiah. Or: there he is. Be on guard, do not haste to believe. There will arise many false Messiahs, and false prophets, speaking the lie against the Humane Son of Yahwah. They will show great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, to even deceive the very elect of Yahwah.

  They say to you: Behold, he is in the desert. Do not go forth. Behold, he is in the secret place. Do not hurry to believe. As lightening [dawn] comes out of the east, and shines even to the west, so also will the coming of the Son Of Man be.

  Remember, wheresoever the carcass is, there the vultures will be gathered together. These birds eat of the dead. They gather round for the feast, and do not know the living. Know also, the true disciples of Messiah are among the living only, and are not found gathered round dead things.

  In the days before the Flood they were eating flesh and blood, drinking sour wine, and marrying for unnatural reasons, until the day Noah entered into the ark. They did not know until the Flood came, and took them all away. So also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

  One of Yahushua's disciples said to Him: Master of the Harvest, please tell us what will be the sign, that we may know for certainty of your coming? Yahushua said to His disciples: The Eternal Parent appointed a time and a season for everything, so will be the sacred judgment of that age. Verily I say to you, That age will not pass till all those things are fulfilled. The wicked heavens of Satan will pass away, and the evil of the world will pass away, but my words will not pass away, for my words are Law, Life, and Love. Out from my Law will come forth a new heaven that rules over the new earth. Yea, the Kingdom of my Elect will rule in peace and gladness the meek of the land. Wickedness will not be found, or searched for.

   Yahushua Gives The Sign Of Yonah
   The Secret Sign Of The Fish

  As for the sign that you ask of, I say to you this, There will be no sign given to my disciples but the sign of Yonah.

  One of the disciples said to Yahushua: Tell us: please, of this sign of Yonah, and how we will know it?

  Yahushua said to them again: I say once more to you, there will be no sign given, but the sign of Yonah. You know Yonah, and you will know my sign. As Yonah was in the stomach of the great fish, so I will be in the greater fish. I say to you, as the fish was in the great sea, so I will be in the greater sea, for in that age to come I will be in the fish even as Yonah. Let all those who have eyes, see; and all those who have ears, hear. I give to you only the sign of the great fish, that you may know when I come again to you.

  The disciples wondered at the words of Yahushua. They knew of Yonah, but did not understand the sign, and some of them questioned among themselves concerning the sign. Yahushua heard them, and said to them again: Do not be troubled over the sign, for it is yet to come in an age far off. I tell you truly, some of you know the sign now, and keep the secret, but all will understand before I take leave. Only my true disciples know the sign, and the meaning, but do not reveal it to unbelievers.

  The disciples remained quiet, and listened further of the things Yahushua spoke to them. Yahushua continued in telling more concerning the time when evil would be no more. Yea, in that age to come, there will be great lawlessness in the land. Every man will seek his own advantage. There will be no natural love between brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. The division of faith and belief will be great in that age of the end. In that age to come all things the prophets spoke will come to pass, yea, every sacred word to the letter. In that time, troubles and tribulations will engross the nations. Men will not know a way to escape. They will be caught by their evil as a bird in a snare, none will escape just rewards.

  In that age, many will fall into Satan's traps, and be misled, striving after riches and material goods. Many will leave off from my laws, the love of riches will blind them to truth.

  I tell you, truly, never in the history of the world will slavery be manifest as in that age. Satan will enslave the masses in manners unknown to your generation, and the masses will put their faith and hope in the vain promises of ever-speaking man. All done in that age will be accredited to man alone, for few will know the tricks and deceptions of the evil one, who works every strange miracle, fools the people, and leads them to destruction. Many will not profess Yahwah, but believe in their own might and strength. Entire nations will war in my Name, and deceive many.

  Yahushua told His disciples many other things concerning the end of the wicked age. The disciples marveled at His words, and were astonished at His sayings.

   Yahushua Tells Us The Mystery Of Man's Creation

  Yahushua continued to teach His disciples the mysteries of Yahwah. They rejoiced in His wisdom and great knowledge, for never were such words spoken before. Sitting again under the shade of the twelve palm trees, one of Yahushua's disciples asked: Righteous Teacher, it is written of old: The Gods made man in their own image, male and female they created them. How say you, then, that Yahwah is One? Please tell us the mystery.

  Yahushua answered them, saying: Truly, I say to you, In Yahwah is neither male, nor female. Both are one, Yahwah is the Two in One. He is She, and She is He. The Eternal All, Yahwah, is perfect, complete, and lacks nothing. Yahwah is Infinite, and One.

  As in the man, the Father is manifest, and the Mother hidden. So in the woman the Mother is manifest, and the Father hidden. I say to you, The name of the Father and the Mother are equally hallowed and reverenced, for they are the great powers of Yahwah. The one is not without the other in the One Infinite Yahwah.

  From the All-Parent comes forth all life and glory, male and female both. Yea, for the Eternal All, the First Father brings forth every kind of life into existence. He is in them all, and they are all in Him.

  Then one of Yahushua's disciples asked Him, saying: We believe what you tell us, Master, but did the All-Parent create everything small and great as we see before us today?

  Yahushua said to them further: Listen, you will learn the secrets of life. All life comes from the Eternal Spirit, and lives because of Him. The All-Parent did not bring forth all things you see before you today, nor of those things which you do not see, and do not know exist. I say to you this hour, in the beginning of the great Household of Life, the All-Parent contained all things and all life, without beginning and without ending. He Was, and Is. The Eternal Spirit desired to not be alone, but to give life abundantly.

  Thus He willed into being the First Mother, sacred Wisdom, the sacred Spirit of the All-Parent. The Father-Mother Yahwah together willed into being many creations, both visible and invisible. Yea, great are the wonders of the All-Parent, and little known to earthly man.

  Again one of His disciples questioned Yahushua further, and said to Him: Tell us, Master, was it the Father-Mother-Yahwah, then, who brought Adam forth on earth?

  Yahushua answered him, and said: The Eternal Spirit brings forth the Mother, sacred Wisdom, to create the invisible creatures first. The Mother is the sacred Spirit, or breath of Life. Then came the second Father, whom you see before you this hour. Together the sacred Mother and the second Father brought forth the sacred arch-malaks first, and many other malaks according to station and rank. No thing comes into being, unless the First Father knows of it to be. He is in all things, and all things in Him.

  Those who have ears, give ear to hear. The Sacreds of the Trinity of the Eternal Spirit created and brought forth the earthly man in the likeness of the All-Parent. Know then, the female is in the male, and the male is in the female, for this is the sacred nature of all things brought forth. There are female spirits, and male spirits. The world does not know of these secrets, they are beyond the knowledge of man, for great are the mysteries of the One Whom you call Yahwah. Even malaks do not know all things of the unapproachable light whereby this ONE dwells. He is One Alone, and there is no other like this ONE, known as the ONE and ALL in all things, and the All in One of everything sacred.

  Do not be troubled, nor work your minds for nothing, the Knowledge of this One is sufficient for you this hour. I was sent by this ONE to reveal the All-Truth for man and god. What I reveal is satisfying to your souls, for the mystery is sacred. Only the Seed of Yahwah knows the meaning of it, and keeps the faith of the one sent forth by the ALL-Parent.

  There are some among you who see with eyes unveiled the glory of the Heavens which contains the True Temple of the All-One Mighty Spirit of Life. You will understand according to your wisdom, you will learn the ways of Yahwah, and you will be prepared. Many are those not prepared to approach the Light. Be prepared now, do not get caught in death, for only in life can you prepare yourself for the All-Parent's approval and blessing.

  The disciples marveled at the mystery of life, listened to Yahushua with an open ear, and Yahushua continued to teach them in the ways of the sacred law of Yahwah.

   Four Trinities Hidden In The ONE Yahwah

  Yahushua continued to teach His disciples the mysteries of Yahwah, and of the ages. He said to them: Yahwah raised up testimony to the truth in every nation, and in every age, that all might know the will of the Eternal All, and do it. Yea, the sacred Law was given to all men, even from the very beginning with Adam. I say to you, only by doing the will of the Eternal will you enter into the kingdom, and be rulers and workers within the kingdom. I tell you today, the True and Perfect Yahwah is Power, Love, and Wisdom, and these three are One. Yet the True Yahwah is Justice, Knowledge, and Purity, and these three are One. Yea, Yahwah is Splendor, Compassion, and Sacred, and these three are One. And yet I say further to you, Yahwah is Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, and these three are One.

  These four Trinities are ONE in the hidden Deity, the Perfect, the Infinite, the Only. Likewise, in every man who is perfected there are three persons, that of the son, that of the spouse, and that of the father, and these three are one. So in every woman who is perfected there are three persons, that of the daughter, that of the bride, and that of the mother, and these three are one. The man and the woman are one, even as Yahwah is One.

  Thus it is with Yahwah the Father-Mother, in Whom is neither male nor female, and in Whom is both, and each is three-fold. All are One in the hidden Unity.

  For the most part Yahushua's disciples did not understand His words, and asked Yahushua to explain the mystery of life further. Yahushua said to them: Do not marvel at this. As it is above, so it is below. As it is below, so it is above. That which is so on earth, is because it is so in Heaven.

  I say to those who have ears, Hear, and understand. I and My Bride are one, even as Miriam Magdalena, whom I chose and sanctified to Myself as a type, is one with Me. I and My Assembly are One. The Assembly is the elect of humanity, for the salvation of all. The Assembly of the first-born is the Miriam of Yahwah.

  Thus says the Eternal Spirit, She is My Mother. She has ever conceived Me, and brought Me forth as Her Son, in every age and time. She is My Bride, ever one in sacred Union with Me her spouse. She is My Daughter, for she has ever issued and proceeded from Me her Father, rejoicing in Me.

  Yea, these two Trinities are One in the Eternal All, and are shown forth in each man and woman who are made perfect. Ever being born of Yahwah, and rejoicing in light. Ever being lifted up, made one with Yahwah. Ever conceiving, bringing forth Yahwah for the salvation of the many.

  This is the Mystery of the Trinity in Humanity. In every individual child of man must be accomplished the mystery of Yahwah, ever bearing testimony to the light, suffering for the truth, ascending into Heaven, and sending forth the Spirit of Truth. This is the only path of salvation, for the kingdom of Yahwah is within.

  One of Yahushua's disciples said to Him, asking: Righteous Teacher, tell us then, when will the kingdom come?

  Yahushua answered, and said: When that which is without will be as that which is within, and that which is within will be as that which is without. The male with the female, neither male nor female, but the two in One. Let all who have ears to hear, hear!

  The disciples wondered at Yahushua's sayings, and asked many questions among themselves concerning the mysteries He spoke.

   Yahushua Orders The Money Changers And Butchers Out Of The Temple

  It came to pass that the Passover ritual of the Yahudim was at hand, and Yahushua went into Yerusalem from Bethany. He found there in the temple those who sold sheep, oxen, and doves, and also the moneychangers awaiting business. Yahushua looked upon these men in disgust. He was weary from their continued evils, and hard-heartedness. Yahushua proceeded to drive all of them out of the Temple, loosed the oxen and the sheep, set the doves free, then poured out the changers money, and overturned their tables.

  Yahushua said to them: Your hands are dripping with blood of innocent creatures of Yahwah! Take these things with you, and return no more. Do not make my Father's House a house of business! Buyers and sellers! Money-lovers! Is it not written, MY House is a House of Prayer, for all nations, all peoples? But look, you made it a den of thieves, and filled it with all manner of evil.

  Yahushua would not allow any man to carry any vessel of blood through the Temple, nor would He allow any animals to be killed for sacrifice.... Yahushua said to them: Pure innocents suffer greatly because of the hardness of your hearts. You are from the ruler of darkness, in this one light does not exist. You have become the agents of darkness, and every evil. Yea, you all serve evil with willing hearts, and excitement of soul. You will be judged by your un-sacred standards, for if you know of Satan's laws, know also you will be punished by them. Satan judges evil men of this world with evil things, and chastises the children of disobedience.

  Workers of lawless deeds! How are you to flee the judgment of the Lake of Fire? Trust in your gods of death, and agony. You are judged by your false God, who leads you to darkness, and the pit, and does not feel sorry for your souls.

  Hearing these words, the Yahudim were angry with Yahushua, and said to Him: What sign do you show to us, by what authority do you say these things? We work only good to Adonai for generations, and do not know an evil deed!

  Yahushua answered, and said to them: Liars! Again, I say to you, even as I spoke to you before today, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.

  Not understanding His words, the Yahudim said to Him: Forty and six years this Temple was in the making, and you will rear it up in only three days? The Yahudim did not understand that Yahushua spoke of the Temple of His Body, that would be raised in three days after His death. The Yahudim did not know the inner workings of the True Assembly of Yahwah, nor did they seek after Yahushua's sayings to know.

  After that time the scribes and the priests of the Temple sought only how they might do away with Yahushua, for they feared His words, seeing that all the people were receptive to His teachings.

   Yahushua Prepares His Disciples For His Departure From Earth

  Yahushua went on to prepare His disciples for His departure from earth. He told them many things.... Yahushua said to them: If you really love me, keep my commandments. I will pray to the All-Parent, who will give you another Comforter, even The Mother of Wisdom, to abide with you forever. She is the sacred Spirit of Truth, even My Mother, I send to you. The evil world cannot receive, because it does not see or know her. But you know her, for the Spirit dwells with you, and will be in you.

  I will not leave you without comfort, I will come to you. Yet a little while, and the evil world does not see me, but you will see me, and know me. Yea, because I live, and am life, you will live also.... You will know I am in my Heavenly Parent, and you in me, and I in you.... Those alone who truly have my commandments, and keep them, these are those who really love me. Lo, those who love me will also be loved by my Parent, for I will love them, and will make myself known to them.

  All peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. Let your heart not be troubled, nor let it be afraid, for I will always be with you in every age. Yea, from this hour even till the end of this world of wickedness. As the Father and Mother love me, so I love you. Continue in my love.

  If you truly keep my commandents, you will surely abide in my love at all times, even as I keep my parent's commandment, and abide in the Spirit of Love. I say to you today, the will of the All-Parent is that Love is manifested in all things, that all creatures small and great may come to rejoice in the spirit of love itself. There is no greater thing in Heaven, nor on earth, than the realization of all-love.

  In the beginning the Eternal Spirit put forth that Love be made known to all things. The Eternal All proceeded to formulate the will of love, and placed the desire to give and receive love in every creation. Being loved, and sharing in love, is the will of the Father-Mother who sent me into the world. Those who abuse love should know and understand Yahwah is Love, His Mercy is without limit, and cannot be measured in human terms.

  Yahwah gave the enjoyment of love in every creature, that these creatures may experience the Love of Yahwah. Yahwah is in all things, and all things are in Yahwah. Love is the fulfillment of the will and Law of Yahwah, those who keep the commandments share in this great love. There is no greater blessing or realization for man or god than to know the love of Yahwah. Those who come to knowledge of One Father, come to knowledge of the Great Household of Life.

  Yea, I say to you today, life is the pathway to love, and love is the roadway to eternal life. Love one another, and the creatures of Yahwah, and all manner of peace and joy will come upon you. Have mercy upon one another, and the creatures of Yahwah, and you will rejoice in the Household of Yahwah, knowing the good from the evil. The Eternal Parent shares Love with all things, both visible and invisible. He brings forth all manner of life, that love may be manifested in every state, and age.

  If you do not love, you are dead in all things, and all things are dead to you. Learn the truth, love of the Will of Yahwah, that you all may inherit the blessing prepared for those who know love, and do love. Love does for the good of all, and not some. Love looks after the creatures of Yahwah, and does not seek its own reward, but the reward of other things. Yea, love is the beauty of the law made manifest by the Son of Man, who teaches the truths of Yahwah, that men may know the love of Yahwah withheld from the world.

  Thus I say to you again, love is the life of all things, and everything rejoices in the love of Yahwah. Withhold life from no thing, be it a flower, a bird, a tree, or a dog. The beauty of Yahwah can be seen in all things, for all things were brought into being because of Yahwah's love. Share your love, give freely of it, and all love will encompass your souls.

   Humane Love The Fulfillment Of The Sacred Law

  Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend. You are my friends, if you do whatsoever I command you ... These things I command you: Love one another, and all the creatures of Yahwah, for Humane Love is the Fulfillment of the sacred Law on Earth.

  If the evil world hates you, it hated me before it hated you. If you were of the evil world, the world would love you. Because you are not of the world, I chose you out of the world of darkness, therefore the world will hate you. Do not be afraid of the faces of evil ones. Great is the number who reject my word for the lies of the world, and greater is their evil. Such ones will come to no effect in their desire to destroy truth.

  Yea, I tell you, truth cannot be hidden from the household of Yahwah, nor will my sheep go unaccounted for. Each one will find green pasture, and be satisfied. Know the seed of Yahwah, and the power of my Arm.

  In no way or manner will any triumph victoriously over the will of the All-Parent. All things are known from their beginning, and every evil thing will end in due course of time. Just a little while longer, and the wicked world you know today will be no more. Trust in the prophets' words, for all said will be done. The wolf will lie down with the lamb. No harm will come to any of my people, because I am always in your midst.

   The Love Supper of Yahushua The Day Before The Pagan Passover Ritual Of The Yahudim

  It came to pass, Yahushua spoke many other things to His disciples, and all things were revealed to them. The Love Supper of Yahushua drew near, and was about to take place.

  The disciples gathered together. All clad in garments of pure white linen, neat and spotless, white linen being the symbol of righteousness among the elect saints and prophets of Yahwah.

  Yahushua was also dressed in His own pure white robe, without seam, and spotless.... Yahushua said to them: I rejoice greatly to share this Love Feast with you before I go my way. Here today is instituted the Memorial of my Oblation for the service and salvation of all. Great has been the redeeming quality of my stay on earth, much greater than any of you know at this hour. I tell you truly many are restored to the Eternal All, and many yet will be. The Son of Man came into the world to the being of every nature, in order to restore each to its original root. Thus the deficiency will be healed, and all things will become one again to the All-Parent.

  You behold the Yahudim today, before the pagan Passover ritual. They sacrifice the innocent creatures of Yahwah, and eat the flesh of dead animals. Such ones are blind, and do not see the sacred things of Yahwah, for truth is not in them. I tell you truly, better for such ones never to have come into the world at all if they corrupt the saints of Yahwah!

  Behold, the True Oblation. Yea, the PURE OBLATION set before you today! Such was the Memorial Moshe gave to the sons of Yisrayah out from the land of Egypt. But they proved to be sons of disobedience, transgressed my commandments, profaned the Pure Oblation, sacrificed to demons, lusted after much flesh, and evil things. My saints went forth among them, kept my laws, and proved sacred to the Eternal All (who sees all, and knows the hearts of men, good and evil).

   The PURE OBLATION The Salvation Of The World

  Lo! One greater than Moshe speaks truths, and is in your midst. Behold, the unleavened bread, the juice of the fruit, the oil, and the herbs. Those ignorant of truth ask, Where is the lamb Moshe commanded? They who do not know the True Father cannot know me, nor can they ever come to be near the Father when they reject the Son, whom the Father sent forth. Hypocrites! Offspring of vipers! Corrupters of the sacred Law given to Moshe!

  They imagine that killing of beasts, and birds, and the eating of their flesh will wash them clean. I tell you, if the pure waters of the Yordon does not wash them clean, neither will all the streams and seas of the earth make their evil souls pure! Yea, how much less so, the blood of the innocent creatures of Yahwah!

  See how they delight in the cries and agonies of the innocent. They rejected the Household of Yahwah for vain traditions of men, and devils. Their hearts are hard, and lusts many. They do not know mercy, the sword is their god, and riches their king.

  I say to you, If any man knows the Law of Yahwah, and raises a sword against the least of these my brothers and sisters, the innocent creatures of Yahwah, he will himself die by the sword, and not see life. I come into the world in the form of every life. Mercy was not showed. Those who work evil to the least of these my creatures, work evil against the Son, the Father, and the Great Household of Yahwah.

  Did Adam not speak of me as the bread of life that comes down from heaven to save the righteous seed? Did Abel not know the Pure Oblation, and was put to death on account? Satan entered into Cain, and bloodshed was manifested in the earth. Man and beast cried out to Yahwah, and Yahwah heard their cries. I did not recognize Cain's blood offering, nor did Yahwah recognize the evil of Satan. He grieved over the evil of mankind that spread over the land, even as the waters cover the sea basin.

  I say to you truly, for this end I came into the world, that I may put away all blood offering, and eating of flesh. Mankind are wicked, rejoice in their evils, and do not change. The power of the evil one is strong, and many follow.

  Tell the meek of the earth, that they may know truth. In the beginning Yahwah gave the fruits of the trees, the seeds, and the herbs, for food to all. Yea, to every man and beast. Those who love themselves, or their fellows, more than the True Yahwah, corrupted their ways, introduced every disease into their bodies, filled the earth with lust, and violence.

  To this day, men have not changed. Yea, they indeed corrupted the sacred law to suit their own evil ways. I kept sending prophets in their midst, to restore the law. But they added to their evil a hundred-fold, by taking innocent blood upon themselves and their children. They boast in their false gods and idols, and sacrifice the innocents of the earth, both man and beast.

   Shedding Of Innocent Blood Is Of No Value
   Only Living A Righteous Life Brings Peace

  Yahushua continued saying to them: I tell you, Not by shedding innocent blood, but by living a righteous life, will you find the true peace of Yahwah. You call me the Messiah of Yahwah, and you say well, for I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. In me is the Love of the Law, and the Law of all Life. Walk in the Way, and you will surely find the True Yahwah of Love and Mercy. Seek the Truth, and the Truth will make you free.

  I say to you, the world is slave to the evil one. They bring great pains upon themselves, and all the innocents in their midst. Live in the Life, and you will not see death. Death has no power over the righteous, but only the wicked.

  Know that all things are Alive in Yahwah, and the Spirit of Yahwah fills all things, for by the Spirit all things come to be.

  Keep my commandments. Love Yahwah with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself. On these first two greater laws hang all the sacred Law, and the Prophets. Yea, I tell you again, the sum of the law is this: Do not do to others, as you would not have others do to you. Thus, do to others, as you would have others do to you. I tell you truly, if every man lived by these words, all suffering would cease, for they suffer because of the evil of man. But you suffer because of yourselves.

  Blessed are those who keep this law, for Yahwah is manifested in all creatures. All creatures live in Yahwah, and Yahwah is hid in them. Do to all things, then, that which you would do to Yahwah, for Yahwah sees all things, and knows all things done to every creature that lives, and gives life.

  At the conclusion of the Love Supper, Yahushua said to His disciples: Now the Son of Man is glorified among His twelve, and Yahwah is glorified in Him. Verily say to you, Those who receive you, receive me. Those who receive me, receive the Father-Mother who sent me.

  To you who follow me in the regeneration of the Elect, I appoint a kingdom as the same was appointed to me. You who are faithful to the Truth will sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Yisrayah.

  One of the apostles asked Yahushua: Master of Righteousness, will you restore the kingdom to Yisrayah at this time?

  Yahushua answered him: My kingdom is not of this world, nor are all Yisrayah who are called Yisrayah. I tell you truly, those in every nation who do not defile themselves with cruelty, who do righteousness, who love mercy, who reverence all the works of Yahwah, and who give assistance to all that are weak and oppressed, the same are the true Yisrayah [nation] of Yahwah. Thus you will shepherd the nations of earth, and her peoples, in all manner of righteousness, for out of every nation and tongue Yisrayah will come forth. Yea, the sacred elect of Yahwah are the true Yisrayah, even all those honoring my sacred laws.

   The Commandment of ALL LOVE
   Humane Love A Requirement

  In the evening, after the Love Supper was ended, Yahushua remained with the twelve, and continued to teach them Humility and Love. Yahushua said to them: I give you an old Commandment this evening, for though it is of old, it will also be of new for all those who prove to be my True Disciples. It is that you remember in your Hearts to Love one another, and all the Creatures of Yahwah.

  I tell you, Humane Love is the Fulfilling of the sacred Law on Earth, in that Love is of Yahwah, and Yahwah is all Love. Whoever does not love each other, or all the Creatures of Yahwah, does not know the hidden mysteries of Yahwah. Yahwah reveals His Rest to those who Love Yahwah, and His creatures. You are clean through the Word I spoke to you. But know also, by these words all men will know you are my Disciples, only if you have Love one to another, and demonstrate Love and Mercy to all Creatures of Yahwah. Yea, especially to those weak, oppressed, and suffering wrong.

  I say to you, The whole Earth is overfilled with dark places, and deeds of cruelty, with great pain, disease, and sorrow, by the selfishness and ignorance of man.

  Love those who are in need of your mercy and care, and Yahwah (who sees all) will Love you in the same manner. The Father-Mother Yahwah draws near to those who love His Creatures, and watches over and cares for them. Yahwah withdraws Himself from those who do not care or love, men who worry only for their own needs, not for each other, or the Innocent Creatures of Yahwah.

  Yahushua said to them again: Love your enemies, in that you hate the evil they work only, but not the very Soul in ignorance. If you bless those who curse you, and give them light for their darkness, the Spirit of Love will dwell within your Hearts, and abound to all. They will know you are my True Disciples for the Love and Mercy you show to all. Once more I say to you, Love one another, and all the Creatures of Yahwah. Forgive one another where you fall short of Perfect Love, always striving for the Spirit of Love, and Mercy.

   Yahushua Enters Into The Pure Oblation With His Disciples
   The Last Supper

  Yahushua entered into the Eucharistic Pure Oblation with His disciples.... After giving thanks to Yahwah with prayer for the goodness of Yahwah in all things, Yahushua took the unleavened bread, and blessed it. And also the juice of the grape with water...

  Chanting the Invocation of the sacred Name of the First Father, calling upon the thrice sacred Father-Mother in Heaven to send down the sacred Spirit, and make the bread to be His body, even the Body of Messiah, and the fruit of the vine to be His Blood, even the Blood of Messiah, for the remission of evils, and the quest of eternal life, to all who obey the sacred Law of the Gospel, it was thus accomplished in Him.

  Then, lifting up the Pure Oblation toward heaven, Yahushua said: Yea, even the Son who is also the Daughter of man is lifted up from the earth. I draw all men to me. It will be known of all people that I am truly sent from Yahwah. Many will believe, and gain salvation.

  After saying many other things, Yahushua continued saying: I declared your Name to them, that the love you gave me may be in them also. And that their great love may spread from them, even to all of your creatures, yea, small and great, even to each one.

  Yahushua took of the sacred bread, and broke it, and also the Fruit of the Vine, and mingled it. Having blessed and hallowed both, and after casting a small piece of the Bread into the Cup, he blessed the sacred Union.

  Yahushua give the Bread to His disciples, saying: Eat, for this is my Body, even the Body of the Messiah, which is here for the salvation of the body and soul.

  He also gave His disciples the fruit of the Vine ... And said: Drink, for this is my Blood, even the Blood of the Messiah, which is Life to all for salvation of the soul, and the body.

  When all had partaken of the Pure Oblation, Yahushua said to them: Make this Oblation for a Memorial to me, whenever you assemble together in my Name. Eat and drink it with a pure heart, even the Bread of everlasting life, and the Water of eternal salvation. You will receive the Substance and the Life of Yahwah, who dwells in me, that I give freely to you all.

  With the Love Supper over, Yahushua and His disciples came into a garden called Gethsemane. Yahushua prayed there, and spoke to the disciples ... Before long there arrived an army of men seeking after Yahushua, to arrest Him for blasphemy against the laws of Moshe, and the customs of the Roman State.

  The chief priests, elders, and also the council, sought false witnesses against Yahushua, and Judas Iscariot was among them. The council questioned Yahushua in many of His sayings, as to who He was, and claimed to be, and they asked Him: Why do you forbid that a lamb be killed, and thus defile the Law of Moshe? It is said of you, no flesh enters into your mouth. Do you put yourself above the Law, and Moshe?

  Another asked Him: It is spoken of you, that you put forth bread before the lamb, and juice of the fruit before the poured blood. Do you not know you have blasphemed Yahwah?

  Still another asked of Yahushua: Why do you abolish the blood sacrifices of the law, and, yea, the eating of flesh as Moshe commanded we do lawfully?

  Yahushua looked at them, and perceived their evil hearts hardened with love of riches and vain glory, without mercy or natural affection. He said to them: I do not know that Moshe commanded such as lawful to you, nor does the sacred Law of Yahwah change for the desires of men. Moshe did not speak these words you made into law!

  You say and speak of Moshe, but if you know Moshe, you would also know the One greater than Moshe, for this sacred one spoke of me often. Thus I say to you, You do not behold Moshe whom you have not seen, nor do you behold the greater Moshe, whom you see, and do not believe.

  You do not believe Moshe and the prophets whom I sent forth to your fathers, and your father's fathers. You do not believe the wonders and marvels worked for the good of Yahwah and Man, by which even the blind see, the lame walk, and the dead rise again. I say to you, The blind see, yet their eyes do not shine, and they believe. Your eyes shine, but you see no sacred thing, for you are blind guides! And you will remain blind guides, for you reject the bread of life who came down from heaven to restore light to dark places, by which all see and believe that the Son of Man has visited the footstool of Yahwah.

  Many other questions the council asked of Yahushua, and Yahushua answered them, but they did not hear the truth of His sayings.

  Since it was unlawful for the Hebrews to try a man by night, they waited till morning when all the chief priests, a great company, took council against Yahushua. Hoping to have Yahushua put to death, they delivered Him to the Roman Governor in charge ... It was the day of their annual Passover ritual, so they did not go into the judgment hall, unless they be defiled by breaking their feast rules.

  The Roman Governor, disturbed over the commotion, and fearing an overthrow of Roman authority, asked Yahushua questions as to who He really was. He asked of Him: Are you really the King of the World, even as your disciples think you are? Why do you not eat the flesh of animals, and sacrifice as the Roman and Jewish custom demands of loyal subjects?

  Yahushua remained silent, and did not answer a word. Again the Roman Governor asked of Yahushua, You speak much in the streets of cities and villages. Now, speak to me these words of truth you say comes from Adonai. Why did you come to Yisrayah? Some say you are Adonai Himself, others say you have a demon.

   All Truth Is From Yahwah In Heaven Above

  Yahushua answered him, and said: I came into the world that I should bear testimony to the truth, for everyone that is of the truth hears my voice, and obeys.

  The Roman Governor then asked: Tell me, what is the truth? Yahushua looked up to the heavens, answered him, and said: Truth, the All-Truth, is of my Father-Mother who is from heaven above.

  Looking perplexed, the governor asked: Then truth cannot be found on earth among men?

  Yahushua said to him: Believe, truth has always been on earth among those whom it is given, and obey it. Truly I say to you, such ones who judge with righteousness and mercy are of the truth.

  The chief priests and Roman authorities debated Yahushua's fate, and quickly decided Yahushua must die. The responsibility of Yahushua's death was upon both authorities, as both the Romans and the Jews feared Yahushua's great popularity among the people. It was rumored that Yahushua would set up an earthly kingdom, remove all evil governments, and allow only the righteous to prosper.

  The hours were passing quickly, and the Yahudim were anticipating their Passover ritual, which began with the setting sun... Whatever was to be done with Yahushua must be accomplished quickly, for the pagan Passover ritual also fell on a high day, their Sabbath, and in no manner could they participate in an execution on this day.

  Yea, in their evil hearts the scribes and Pharisees wanted Yahushua executed, for He belittled their false pagan doctrines, and exposed their evil ways for all to see. The Romans dreaded even a greater thing, that of Yahushua overthrowing the rule and authority of the Roman yoke. Thus they also wanted Yahushua's death.

  Thus by evil hearts and corrupt knowledge Yahushua was sentenced to die for things He did not say, or plan to do. The guilt of His innocent blood was not to be conferred upon any one nation of men, but to all men who abandon His sacred Law, and do not listen to His good counsel. Out of one nation of men Satan brought forth every nation of men on earth. But all are equal in their standing before Yahwah's sacred Law, all knowing good from evil, with free minds to choose right and wrong.

  The would-be executors were guilty of their own ignorance, and brought the count of murder upon the entire human race. From one man, Adam, all men came forth, and by one tongue Satan confused the languages of man, and created many tongues. Thus the human race was guilty of deviating from Yahwah's sacred Law, and guilty of spilling innocent blood.

  This is the rule of guilt, sin entered into the world through one man, Adam. All men sin, all men die in Adam, and suffer blood-guilt in Adam's sin. Only the Messiah makes alive again, and gives Life to all those loving His commandments. Thus the deficiency will be healed, and all things will again be one with Yahwah.

   Yahushua Hurriedly Prepared For Execution

  They hurriedly prepared Yahushua for death. It was in the third hour, amid great confusion, they hung Yahushua on a tree. They mocked Him, and spoke every blasphemy against His Name.

  The chief priests and the scribes said: Look, He saved a lamb, but Himself He does not save! The dealers in birds and beasts at the Temple also reviled Yahushua by saying: Look, this is the one who drove the dealers in sheep, oxen, and doves, from the Temple. Now He Himself is but a sheep that is slaughtered.

  From the sixth hour, there was a great earthquake over all the territory even to the ninth hour. Many lighted torches, and were frightened.

  Behold, great thunder and lightning. The partitioned wall of the sacred place in the Temple fell apart, and the sacred Veil also fell, for it was torn in two, because the whole earth quaked.

  Many were frightened at the sights and events. A great number now beheld that this was truly Yahwah's Son, and they felt great shame for what they allowed to occur. Because it was still the day of preparation of their pagan festival, the Yahudim hurried with great haste, that the bodies should not remain upon the stakes. The paschal Sabbath was quickly approaching, when the Jews would offer many animals in sacrifice, and eat their flesh in remembrance of their exodus out from Egypt, things Yahwah did not command them.

  When evening arrived, Yahushua's body was taken down, hurriedly prepared for burial, and deposited in a nearby tomb by the members of the Essene Brotherhood, Yahushua's dearest disciples.

   Yahushua Asleep for Three Days In The Tomb Of The Dead
   Reappears To His Disciples

  Yahushua remained there in the tomb for some three days, and His malaks ministered to Him all this time.

  Yahushua came to the disciples again, even as He promised, that from among the dead He would raise Himself up, and again speak to these disciples many great things...

  Yahushua belonged among the resurrected to life. Yea, even at the time of the earth quaking many graves were opened. Some of the saints who slept in death arose, and came out of those graves after Yahushua came forth. They went into the city, and appeared to many, to the glory and power of the True Yahwah.

  Yahushua appeared to Miriam Magdalene, and she was told to announce His coming again into the city ... Then Yahushua appeared to certain others, they believed, and knew it was He, for they thought Him to be dead.

  Some of His own disciples did not believe at first sight. Only after Yahushua spoke to them in familiar words, did they behold, believe, and were amazed. In time to come, Yahushua appeared to the dealers in beasts and birds in the Temple at their time of sacrifice. His appearance, as bright as light, with a company from all the glory of his Kingdom, frightened these men. Many were likened to dead, and others fled in terror ... They remembered Yahushua before the execution, how He drove them out of the Temple courtyard.

  They were stricken with heartfelt terror. All the sacrifices ceased that day in the Temple, for all were afraid, and none could be had to buy or sell there, forcing their captives to be set free.

  The elders and priests were greatly angered at these reports, and did not believe them. But this did not change the minds of those affirmed, for they believed their eyes, and felt in their hearts the awesome power of Yahushua's words as if a powerful whip was lashed across their backs! Many of these same men now believed Yahushua was sent forth from Yahwah, to set the innocents free whom they had captured, and to deliver the oppressed from their hands. So they turned from their evil ways, and sinned no more.

  Yahushua appeared to many others in love, mercy, and healing. Great testimony was reported, that would fill many books concerning all Yahushua did. On account of these many things, much light and gladness was bestowed on the righteous in heart. Great fear engrossed the wicked, who did not believe, and did not obey the word of Messiah.

   Yahushua Sends Forth the Sacred Spirit of Wisdom

  Yahushua appeared to all of His disciples, and taught them many things concerning the reason for His visit on earth. His disciples were amazed, for never did Yahushua speak this way before.

  Yahushua said to them: All Peace be to you, for even as the Great Eternal Father-Mother sent me to you, so I send you to others.

  Yahushua breathed on them, and said: Receive the sacred Spirit of Wisdom. Go forth to the meek, give them the words of my Gospel, which I taught you, one and all. Announce to them the Son of Man is not dead, but lives! Yea, teach them the sacred Law of Love, even as I taught you... Baptize those who believe and repent in the knowledge of the sacred Way, bless and anoint them for life. Remember the Pure Oblation, and do so only as I commanded you, what I appointed to you for a Memorial of me.

  Lo, I gave my all, that the sin against Humane Love may be forgiven of men and gods. I came to restore all things to their original nature, that the root may unite with the Father, and be one again.

  Offer only the Bread of Life, and the Water of Salvation, for a Pure Oblation with incense, even as it is written of me. You will eat and drink it for a Memorial to me. The Son of Man came to earth to deliver all who believe in me from the slavery and bondage of evil powers, yea, the bondage of your ancestors.

  These are the very ones who, making a God of their belly, sacrifice to their evil gods the innocent creatures of the earth, in place of the carnal nature within themselves. They ate their flesh, and drank their blood, to their own ruination. They corrupted their bodies, making themselves tombs for the dead, instead of temples of the living.

  Yea, they shortened their days upon the earth because of their lusts, even as the un-sacred who do not know the truth; or who knowing it, changed it into a lie. I redeemed many from such ones, and evil doctrines, even as you will redeem many in my Name.

  Tell these things to all those of righteous hearts, that they may know truth, and be saved. Even as I send you, you send others also. I say to you, You are not alone, the sacred Spirit of Wisdom will guide you in all things. Do not fear, nor be faint of heart. Take courage in the strength of all wisdom, and prayer.

   Yahushua Appears To His Disciples Assembled Behind Locked Doors

  It was the eighth day (the first day of the week on the sacred Calendar) that Yahushua again appeared to His disciples, who were assembled behind locked doors.

  Yahushua said to them: All Peace be to you . . . Love one another, and all the creatures of Yahwah, and you will always do well in all things. But know this thing, Not all are men who are in the form of man. I ask you, are they men or women after the image of Yahwah whose ways are of violence and of evil, and oppression? Yea, who choose a lie, rather than the truth?

  No, for verily, unless they are born again, and receive the Spirit of Humane Love and Wisdom within their hearts, then only are they the true sons and daughters of Yisrayah ... The sons and daughters of light, the children of Yahwah. I came into the world for this reason, and for this reason I suffered at the hands of sinners, that all may know the Humane Love and Wisdom of the sacred Law demonstrated before men and gods.

  I say to you, there is no greater sin or evil than the ignorance and stubbornness of man. Ignorance begets fear, fear begets violence and bloodshed, and the innocent suffer greatly. Thus the evil of man is self-begotten, for not even Satan has power over the minds of men, for men can choose the good or the evil.

  But the evil way is broad, brings forth much vain glory, and illicit pleasure. Man seeks after the desires of the eyes and the body, and thus lusts after things un-sacred, without profit to the soul. Yea, I beheld lusts in mankind, unlike any other thing that hinders spirituality. Man chooses the evil over the good, and troubles the soul. Much calamity comes forth, and overwhelms the senses. Mankind become as demons, looking to hurt one another, and every innocent creature of Yahwah. Do not be like such ones, who choose evil over good, to satisfy the lusts and passions of the body. Look upon the innocent creatures of Yahwah as your brothers and sisters in need of compassion, and love. I tell you truly, even the least of these are my brothers and sisters. I am in them, even as they are in me.

  Yea, I came into the midst of the world. I was seen in the flesh of man, and heard by many. I found all men glutted with their lusts and pleasures. All were of the carnal nature, and sought after every hurtful desire of the body. Yea, they were all drunk with their own follies and self-deceptions: blasphemers, lovers of money, eaters of much flesh, drinkers of wine, greedy, blind guides, licentious, wicked, liars, thieves, cheats, and prostitutes, all hungry for every evil fruit.

  My soul grieved. I found none hungry or thirsty for the true Wisdom of Yahwah. Yea, the sons and daughters of men are blind in their heart. They are deaf in their soul, and do not hear my voice which leads them to salvation. They abandoned true love, and the malaks of mercy, joy, and all peace, for the wicked desires of their heart. They allow their bodies to enslave their souls in sin and ignorance. Their garments of flesh do not know the spiritual soul, and imprison all evil thoughts and desires within themselves. They neglected the malaks of the Earthly Mother, and they cast off the malaks of the Heavenly Father. They delight in every un-sacred law of the evil one, and take refuge.

   By the Simplicity of Woman Shall the World Be Saved

  Yahushua continued teaching His disciples, that they might understand the sacred mysteries of Yahwah. He said to them: I say to you, A sacred truth and mystery. Even as the whole world was ruined in the beginning by the sin and vanity of woman, so by the simplicity and truth of woman it will be saved. Do not curse a woman ever, nor look down upon her weakness in ignorance, for earthly man does not know the deficiency of woman, to judge or understand. Yea, respect woman, for woman is the mother of the universe, and all truth of divine creation rests within her. She is the foundation of all that is good, the motherhood exists from her.

  Yea, the man who honors a woman, honors his own mother and daughter, for mother is second only to Yahwah as a sacred being. The Father-Mother Yahwah above gave place to every creation in the grand household of Life, for every thing under the malak of sun, came into the world by Yahwah's good pleasure, and blessing. All things, weak and strong, live because of the sacred Law.

  I come to restore all things to their original root, that all things may again know Yahwah, and be in oneness with the All. Thus will the deficiency be healed, and all things returned to their own nature. Only then will the all-peace come upon the earth, and be as in Heaven. Many things are amiss and astray because of the evil of man, and his intervention. But the Son of Man comes to correct all things, and set all things straight. Those who have ears, hear.

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