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The Early Kings of Yisrayah

1Kings 18:31 Eliyah took twelve stones, according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Yaacob, to whom the Word of Yahwah came, saying: Yisrayah is your name.
Does your version say: Israel? 1Kings 18:31 tells us Yaacob struggled with the Word of YHWH his very self. The Word is: Ea. Or in Hebrew: Yah (YH). Yaacob struggled and prevailed with Ea, so yisrah+Ea = Yisrayah. Ea-Yah is the personal god of the nation of Yisrayah. YisrAHYH. It was AHYH-Ea who appeared to Moshe as a fire which engulfed but did not burn up a bush. Ea is the representative of: YHWH.

Yisrayah is apparently the original and correct name of: Israel. Those who examine the old books realize there are Yahwist documents and Elohist documents. These are distinguished by their use or non-use of the name: YHWH. Even in Ebla Syria about 4400 years ago there were Elohist and Yahwist documents. In them, the name of Yisrayah appears to have been found. You can see I prefer the Yahwist writings.
2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name,
Scripture says Yahwah put His Name there, so where is it now? Where did it go? Why did it go away? Yerusalem does not contain the name of YHWH. Israel does not contain His Name, not even the shortened form, but it does contain the name of the Canaanite deity, El. The people called Israelites do not bear the name of YHWH, so they are not YHWH's nation! YisraYah does contain the name of YHWH.

In Hebrew Yisrael means: persevered with El. Yisrayah means: persevered with Yah. Which do you think is correct?! It appears to me that the person and the country were originally named: Yisrayah. But in order to hide Yahwah's Name, they changed their name to: Israel! Blasphemy! Israel also contains the names of two Egyptian deities, Isis and Ra. Isis is: Easter. The bad son is: Ra. El is: Osiris.
Leviticus 18:3 You will not do after the doings of the land of Egypt.

Jubilees 32:17 And the Lord appeared to him by night and blessed him and said unto him: 18 Thy name shall not be called Jacob, but Israel shall they name thy name. And He said unto him again: I am the Lord [YHWH] who created the heaven and the earth.
This says it was the Lord who renamed him, but it did not happen at the ford of the Jabbuk as it says in the other books. The version of Jubilees which I have does not contain the name of YHWH, they call him: the Lord. I see in the next verse it means 'prevailed', not 'struggled with' or 'striven with' as they usually say. The OJB does not contain the name of YHWH either. They call him: G-d. Pitiful. But it also indirectly justifies the name: Yisrayah.
OJB Gen 32:28 (29) And he said, Shimcha shall be called no more Ya'akov, but Yisroel: for sarita im Elohim ([yisrah=to prevail + El=G-d = Yisroel] ye have striven with Elohim) and with anashim, and hast overcome.
Regarding the name Yisrael, "they" usually say it means: "struggled with God/El". And "they" say God is YHWH, so if he wrestled with God he wrestled with YHWH. I have come to think that is all wrong, just another deception. God is not YHWH!

Is it strange that the Genesis 32:24-30 story of Yaacob wrestling with a man sounds similar to the story of Gilgamesh and Enkidu wrestling with each other? In the story Yaacob wrestles a man/god who says: Let me go. Well, there is no way a man can hold YHWH. So it had to be a god. But, was the god a representative of YHWH, or some other? Yisrayah is valid if the god was representing YHWH, and that certainly seems to be the case.

Once upon a time the people in the center of the earth, the Promised Land, worshipped the Lord God (Ba'al El in their language). YHWH hated them, and decided to destroy them. YHWH established a nation called Yisrayah to honor his name. And they did honor him. So he prospered their nation, and gave them the Promised Land to live in forever and forever. But after a while their descendants decided to become different. They no longer called on YHWH, they called on the Lord God (Adonai El in their language). The Yisrayahites said they worship YHWH. YHWH said they do not, they worship Satan. He was so furious He threw them out of the Promised Land! First the Assyrians came and carried off ten of the tribes. Then the Babylonians came and carried off the rest. Their children cried to YHWH, so He brought them back into the Promised Land. But then their children went back and called on The Lord God, while pretending to worship YHWH. YHWH sent the Romans, and obliterated that nation completely. Nowadays the children of those Romans, who call themselves Christians, all worship The Lord God. What do you think YHWH is going to do? He is going to destroy them all, very soon.

Satan and those bad, evile gods are still here on earth. Sometimes they appear as humans, and sometimes they appear as aliens from another planet. They are doing everything they can to destroy humans, and to make the earth uninhabitable. They are making sure to poison the planet, such as nuclear waste on the land, mercury in the oceans, and chem-trails in the sky. They are building up the world's militaries to be ready to fight Yahshua when He returns to take over the earth.

People ask: What is the purpose of life? That is obvious. It is a test. YHWH wants to see if you choose to be one of the good kids, or one of the bad kids. You are given a heart of stone, yet made to know the difference between right and wrong. You are placed in a world where sin is encouraged and rewarded, and doing the right thing seems frowned upon.

What will you do?

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