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[Note: The Slavonic Life of Adam and Hawah is at the bottom of this page.]      

The Life Of Adam And Hawah

VITA ADAE ET EVAE -- The Life Of Adam And Hawah [Eve]

i 1 When they were driven out from Paradise [the Garden of Eden], they made themselves a booth, and spent seven days mourning and lamenting in great grief.

ii 1 After seven days, they began to be hungry and started to look for victuals to eat, and they did not find them.
2 Hawah said to Adam: My lord, I am hungry. Go, look for [something] for us to eat. Maybe Yahwah will look back, pity us, and recall us to the place in which we were before.

iii 1 Adam arose, walked seven days over all that land, and found no victuals such as they used to have in Paradise.
2 Hawah said to Adam: Will you kill me? I may die, and maybe Yahwah will bring you into Paradise, for on my account you were driven here.
3 Adam answered: Hawah, forbear from such words, that maybe Yahwah will not bring some other curse upon us. How is it possible that I should stretch forth my hand against my own flesh? Nay, let us arise and look for something for us to live on, that we not fail.

iv 1 They walked about and searched for nine days, and they found none such as they used to have in Paradise, but found only animal food.

2 Adam said to Hawah: This Yahwah provided for animals and brutes to eat, we used to have malak's food.
3 It is just and right that we lament before the sight of Yahwah who made us. Let us repent with a great penitence. Maybe Yahwah will be gracious to us, will pity us, and give us a share of something for our living.

v 1 Hawah said to Adam: What is penitence? Tell me, what sort of penitence am I to do? Let us not put too great a labor on ourselves, which we cannot endure, so that Yahwah will not hearken to our prayers, and will turn His countenance away from us because we did not fulfill what we promised.
2 My lord, how much penitence have you thought [to do], for I brought trouble and anguish upon you?

vi 1 Adam said to Hawah: You can not do so much as I, do only so much as you have strength for. I will spend forty days fasting. You arise, go to the river Tigris, lift up a stone, and stand on it in the water up to your neck in the deep of the river. Let no speech proceed out of your mouth, since we are unworthy to address Yahwah, for our lips are unclean from the unlawful and forbidden tree.
2 Stand in the water of the river thirty-seven days. I will spend forty days in the water of the Yordan River, perchance the Master Yahwah will take pity upon us.

vii 1 Hawah walked to the river Tigris, and did as Adam told her.
2 Likewise, Adam walked to the river Yordan, and stood on a stone up to his neck in water.

viii 1 Adam said: I tell you, water of Yordan, grieve with me, and assemble to me all swimming [creatures], which are in you, and let them surround me and mourn in company with me. Not for themselves let them lament, but for me. It is not they who sinned, but I.
2 Forthwith, all living things came and surrounded him, and, from that hour, the water of Yordan stood [still] and its current was stayed.

ix 1 Eighteen days passed by. Satan was angry. He transformed himself into the brightness of malaks, went to the river Tigris to Hawah, and found her weeping.
2 The devil pretended to grieve with her, he began to weep, and said to her: Come out of the river, and lament no more. Cease now from sorrow and moans. Why are you anxious, and your husband Adam?
3 Yahwah hears your groaning and accepts your penitence. All we malaks have entreated on your behalf, and made supplication to Yahwah.
4 He sent me to bring you out of the water, and give you the nourishment which you had in Paradise, for which you are crying out.
5 Now come out of the water. I will conduct you to the place where your victual is made ready.

x 1 Hawah heard, believed, and went out of the water of the river. Her flesh was [trembling] like grass from the chill of the water.
2 When she got out, she fell on the earth. The devil raised her up, and led her to Adam.
3 When Adam saw her, and the devil with her, he wept, cried aloud, and said: O Hawah, Hawah, where is the labor of your penitence?
4 You are ensnared by our adversary again, by whose means we were estranged from our abode in Paradise and spiritual joy.

xi 1 When she heard this, Hawah understood that the devil persuaded her to go out of the river. She fell on her face on the earth. Her sorrow, groaning, and wailing, was redoubled.
2 She cried out, and said: Woe to you, you devil. Why do you attack us for no cause? What have you to do with us? What did we do to you? You pursue us with deceit? Why does your malice assail us?
3 Did we take away your glory, and cause you to be without honor? Enemy, why do you harry us [and persecute us] to the death in wickedness, and envy?

xii 1 With a heavy sigh, the devil spoke: O Adam! All my hostility, envy, and sorrow is for you, since it is for you that I was expelled from my glory which I possessed in the heavens in the midst of the malaks, and for you I was cast out in the earth.
2 Adam answered: What do you tell me?
3 What did I do to you, or what is my fault against you? Seeing you have received no harm or injury from us, why do you pursue us?

xiii 1 The devil replied: Adam, what do you tell me? It is for your sake that I was hurled from that place.
2 When you were formed, I was hurled out of the presence of Yahwah, and banished from the company of the malaks. Yahwah blew the breath of life into you, and your face and likeness was made in the image of Yahwah. Michael brought you, and made [us] worship you in the sight of Yahwah. Yahwah spoke: Here is Adam. I made you in our image and likeness.

xiv 1 Michael went out and called all the malaks, saying: Worship the image of Yahwah as the Master Yahwah commands. Michael himself worshipped first, then he called me, and said: Worship the image of Yahwah.
2 I answered: I have no [need] to worship Adam. Since Michael kept urging me to worship, I said to him: Why do you urge me? I will not worship an inferior and younger being [than I]. I am his senior in the Creation, before he was made I was already made. It is his duty to worship me.

xv 1 When the malaks who were under me heard this, they refused to worship him.
2 Michael said: Worship the image of Yahwah, but if you will not worship him, Yahwah will be mad at you.
3 I said, If He is mad with me, I will set my seat above the stars of heaven, and will be like the Highest.

xvi 1 Yahwah was angry with me, and banished me and my malaks from our glory. On your account we were expelled from our abodes into this world, hurled onto the earth.
2 Straightaway we were overcome with grief, since we were spoiled of so great glory. We were grieved when we saw you in such joy and luxury.
3 With guile I cheated your wife, and caused you to be expelled through her [doing] from your joy and luxury, as I was driven out of my glory.

xvii 1 When Adam heard the devil say this, he cried out, wept, and spoke: O Yahwah, my life is in your hands.
2 Banish this Adversary far from me, who seeks to destroy my soul, and give me his glory which he himself lost.
3 At that moment, the devil vanished before him. Adam endured in his penance, standing for forty days [on end] in the water of Yordan.

xviii 1 Hawah said to Adam: Live, my lord, to you life is granted, since you committed neither the first nor the second error. I erred and went astray for I did not keep the commandment of Yahwah. Now banish me from the light of your life. I will go to the sunsetting, and there I will be until I die.
2 She began to walk towards the western parts, to mourn, to weep bitterly, and groan aloud.
3 She made a booth there, while she had in her womb offspring three months old.

xix 1 When the time of her bearing approached, she began to be distressed with pains, and she cried aloud to Yahwah and said:
2 Pity me, O Yahwah, assist me. She was not heard, and the mercy of Yahwah did not encircle her.
3 She said to herself: Who will tell my lord Adam? I implore you, you luminaries of heaven, what time you return to the east, bear a message to my lord Adam.

xx 1 In that hour, Adam said: The complaint of Hawah comes to me. Maybe the serpent fights with her.
2 He went, and found her in great distress. Hawah said: From the moment I saw you, my lord, my grief-laden soul was refreshed. Entreat Yahwah on my behalf to hearken to you, look upon me, and free me from my awful pains.
3 Adam entreated Yahwah for Hawah.

xxi 1 Behold, there came twelve malaks and two virtues, standing on the right and on the left of Hawah.
2 Michael was standing on the right, he stroked her on the face as far as to the breast, and said to Hawah: Blessed are you, Hawah, for Adam's sake. Since his prayers and intercessions are great, I am sent that you may receive our help.
3 Rise up now, and prepare to bear. She bore a son, and he was shining. At once the babe rose up, ran, bore a blade of grass in his hands, and gave it to his mother. His name was called Cain.

xxii 1 Adam carried Hawah and the boy and led them to the East.
2 Yahwah sent diverse seeds by Michael the archangel, gave to Adam, and showed him how to work and till the ground, that they might have fruit by which they and all their generations might live.
3 Thereafter Hawah conceived and bore a son, whose name was Abel. Cain and Abel used to stay together.
4 Hawah said to Adam: My lord, while I slept, I saw a vision, as it were the blood of our son Abel in the hand of Cain, who was gulping it down in his mouth. Therefore I have sorrow.
5 Adam said: Alas if Cain slew Abel. Let us separate them from each other mutually, and let us make for each of them separate dwellings.

xxiii 1 They made Cain a husbandman, and Abel they made a shepherd, in order that in this way they might be mutually separated.
2 And thereafter, Cain slew Abel. Abel was slain when Adam was one hundred and twenty-two years. When Adam was one hundred and thirty years old, Adam knew his wife, begat a son, and called his name Seth.

xxiv 1 Adam said to Hawah: Behold, I begot a son in place of Abel, whom Cain slew.
2 After Adam begot Seth, he lived eight hundred years and begat thirty sons and thirty daughters (in all sixty-three children). They were increased over the face of the earth in their nations.

xxv 1 Adam said to Seth: Hear, my son Seth, that I may relate to you what I heard and saw after your mother and I were driven out of Paradise.
2 When we were at prayer, there came to me Michael the archangel, a messenger of Yahwah.
3 I saw a chariot like the wind, its wheels were fiery, I was caught up into the Paradise of righteousness, I saw Yahwah sitting, and His face was flaming fire that could not be endured. Many thousands of malaks were on the right and the left of that chariot.

xxvi 1 When I saw this I was confounded, terror seized me, and I bowed myself down before Yahwah with my face to the earth.
2 Yahwah said to me: Behold, you die, since you transgressed the commandment of Yahwah. You hearkened to the voice of your wife, whom I gave into your power, that you might hold her to your will. Yet you listened to her, and passed by My words.

xxvii 1 When I heard these words of Yahwah, I fell prone on the earth, worshipped Him, and said: My Master, all powerful and merciful Yahwah, Holy and Righteous One, do not let the name that is mindful of your majesty be blotted out, but convert my soul, for I die, my breath goes out of my mouth.
2 Do not cast me out from your presence, whom you did form of the clay of the earth. Do not banish from your favor him whom you did nourish.
3 Lo! A word concerning you came upon me, and Yahwah said to me: Your days were fashioned, you were created with a love of knowledge, there will not be taken forever from your seed the [right] to serve Me.

xxviii 1 When I heard these words I threw myself on the earth, adored Yahwah, and said: You are the eternal and supreme Yahwah, all creatures give you honor and praise.
2 You are the true Light gleaming above all light[s], the Living Life, infinite mighty Power. To you, the spiritual powers give honor and praise. You work the abundance of your mercy on the race of men.
3 After I worshipped Yahwah, Michael (Yahwah's archangel) seized my hand, cast me out of the paradise of vision, and of Yahwah's command.
4 Michael held a rod in his hand. He touched the waters, which were round about Paradise, and they froze hard.

xxix 1 I went across, Michael the archangel went across with me, and he led me back to the place where he caught me up.
2 Hearken, my son Seth, even to the rest of the secrets [and sacraments] that will be, which were revealed to me when I ate of the tree of knowledge.
3 I knew and perceived what will come to pass in this age, what Yahwah intends to do to his creation of the race of men.
4 Yahwah will appear in a flame of fire. From the mouth of His majesty He will give commandments and statutes (from His mouth will proceed a two-edged sword), and they will sanctify Him in the house of the habitation of His majesty.
5 He will show them the marvellous place of His majesty. Then they will build a house to Yahwah in the land which He will prepare for them, and there they will transgress His statutes. Their sanctuary will be burnt up, their land will be deserted, and they themselves will be dispersed because they kindled the wrath of Yahwah.
6 Once more He will cause them to come back from their dispersion, again they will build the house of Yahwah, and in the last time the house of Yahwah will be exalted greater than of old.
7 Once more iniquity will exceed righteousness. Thereafter Yahwah will dwell with men on earth [in visible form], and then righteousness will begin to shine. The house of Yahwah will be honored in the age, and their enemies will not be able to hurt the men who are believing in Yahwah. Yahwah will stir up for Himself a faithful people, whom He will save for eternity. The impious will be punished by Yahwah their king, the men who refused to love His law.
8 Heaven and earth, nights and days, and all creatures will obey Him, and not overstep His commandment. Men will not change their works, but they will be changed from forsaking the law of Yahwah.
9 Yahwah will repel the wicked from Himself, and the just will shine like the sun in the sight of Yahwah.
10 In that time men will be purified by water from their sins. Those who are unwilling to be purified by water will be condemned. Happy will be the man who ruled his soul [in this life] when the Judgment comes to pass, the greatness of Yahwah is seen among men, and their deeds are inquired into by Yahwah the just Judge.

xxx 1 Adam was nine hundred and thirty years old. Since he knew his days were coming to an end, he said: Let all my sons assemble themselves to me, that I may bless them before I die, and speak with them.
2 They were assembled in three parts, before his sight, in the house of prayer, where they used to worship Yahwah.
3 They asked him: What concerns you, Father, that you should assemble us, and why do you lie on your bed?
4 Adam answered, and said: My sons, I am sick, and in pain. All his sons said to him: What does it mean, father, this illness and pain?

xxxi 1 Then Seth his son said: O [my] lord, perchance you long after the fruit of paradise, which you were wont to eat, and therefore you lie in sadness? Tell me, I will go to the nearest gates of paradise, put dust on my head, throw myself down on the earth before the gates of paradise, lament, and make entreaty to Yahwah with loud lamentation. Maybe He will hearken to me, and send His malak to bring me the fruit for which you long.
2 Adam answered, and said: No, my son, I do not long [for this], but I feel weakness and great pain in my body.
3 Seth answered: What is pain, my lord father? I am ignorant. Do not hide it from us, tell us.
4 Adam answered, and said: Hear me, my sons. Yahwah made us, me and your mother, placed us in paradise, and gave us every tree bearing fruit to eat. He laid a prohibition on us concerning the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which is in the middle of paradise: Do not eat of it.
5 Yahwah gave a part of paradise to me and [a part] to your mother. The trees of the eastern part and the north, which is over against Aquilo He gave to me, and to your mother He gave the part of the south and the western part.

xxxiii 1 [Moreover] Yahwah gave us two malaks to guard us.
2 The hour came when the malaks ascended to worship in the sight of Yahwah. The Adversary found an opportunity while the malaks were absent, and the devil led your mother astray to eat of the unlawful and forbidden tree.
3 She ate, and gave to me.

xxxiv 1 Immediately, Yahwah was angry with us, and Yahwah said to me: You left behind my commandment, and did not keep my Word which I confirmed to you. Behold, I bring seventy blows upon your body. With diverse griefs you will be tormented, beginning at your head, your eyes, and your ears, down to your nails on your toes, and in every separate limb.
2 These Yahwah appointed for chastisement. All these things Yahwah sent to me, and to all our race.

xxxv 1 Thus Adam spoke to his sons. He was seized with violent pains, and he cried out with a loud voice: What will I do? I am in distress. So cruel are the pains with which I am beset. When Hawah saw him weeping, she also began to weep herself, and said: O Yahwah, hand his pain over to me, for it is I who sinned.
2 Hawah said to Adam: My lord, give me a part of your pains, for this comes to you from fault of mine.

xxxvi 1 Adam said to Hawah: Rise up, go with my son Seth to the neighborhood of Paradise, put dust on your heads, throw yourselves on the ground, and lament in the sight of Yahwah.
2 Maybe He will have pity [upon you], send His malak across to the tree of His mercy, where flows the oil of life, and will give you a drop of it to anoint me with, that I may have rest from these pains, by which I am being consumed. Seth and his mother went off towards the gates of Paradise. While they were walking, lo! Suddenly there came a beast [a serpent] which attacked and bit Seth.
3 As soon as Hawah saw it, she wept, and said: Alas, wretched woman that I am. I am accursed since I did not keep the commandment of Yahwah.
4 Hawah said to the serpent in a loud voice: Accursed beast! You do not fear to let yourself loose against the image of Yahwah, but dare to fight with it?

xxxviii 1 The beast answered in the language of men: Is it not against you, Hawah, that our malice [is directed]? Are you not the objects of our rage?
2 Tell me, Hawah, how was your mouth opened to eat of the fruit? If I will begin to reprove you, you can not bear it.

xxxix 1 Seth said to the beast: Yahwah revile you. Be silent, be dumb, shut your mouth, accursed enemy of Truth, confounder and destroyer.
2 Depart from the image of Yahwah till the day Yahwah orders you to be brought to the ordeal [resurrection].
3 The beast said to Seth: See, I leave the presence of the image of Yahwah, as you said. So he left Seth, wounded by his teeth.

xl 1 Seth and his mother walked to the regions of Paradise for the oil of mercy to anoint the sick Adam. They arrived at the gates of Paradise, took dust from the earth, placed it on their heads, bowed themselves with their faces to the earth, and began to lament and make loud moaning,
2 imploring Yahwah to pity Adam in his pains, to send His malak to give them the oil from the tree of His mercy.

xli 1 When they had been praying and imploring for many hours, behold, the malak Michael appeared to them, and said:
2 I am sent to you from Yahwah. I am set by Yahwah over the bodies of men. I tell you, Seth, [you] man of Yahwah,
3 do not weep nor pray and entreat on account of the oil of the tree of mercy to anoint your father Adam for the pains of his body.

xlii 1 I tell you that in no way will you be able to receive thereof save in the last days.
2 When five thousand five hundred years are fulfilled, then the most beloved king Messiyah will come upon earth, the son of Yahwah, to revive the body of Adam (and with him to revive the bodies of the dead).
3 He, the Son of Yahwah, when He comes will be baptized in the river of Yordan, and when He comes out of the water of Yordan, then He will anoint from the oil of mercy all who believe in Him.
4 The oil of mercy will be for generation to generation for those who are ready to be born again of water and Yahwah's Spirit to life eternal.
5 The most beloved Son of Yahwah, Messiyah, descending on earth will lead your father Adam to Paradise to the tree of mercy.

xliii 1 Seth, go to your father Adam, since the time of his life is fulfilled. Six days here, then his soul will go off his body, and when it goes out, you will see great marvels in the heaven, in the earth, and the luminaries of heaven.
2 With these words, Michael departed from Seth.
3 Hawah and Seth returned bearing with them herbs of fragrance (nard, crocus, calamus, and cinnamon).

xliv 1 When Seth and his mother reached Adam, they told him the beast [the serpent] bit Seth.
2 Adam said to Hawah: What did you do? You brought a great plague upon us, transgression and sin for all our generations. This which you did, tell your children after my death.
3 Those who arise from us will toil and fail.
4 They will be wanting, curse us, and say: All evils our parents brought upon us, who were at the beginning.
5 When Hawah heard these words, she began to weep and moan.

xlv 1 Just as Michael the archangel foretold, after six days Adam's death came.
2 When Adam perceived the hour of his death was at hand, he said to all his sons: Behold, I am nine hundred and thirty years old, and I die. Bury me towards the sunrising in the field of yonder dwelling.
3 It came to pass when he finished all his discourse, he gave up the spirit. [Then] the sun was darkened (and the moon and the stars) for seven days.

xlvi 1 Seth in his mourning embraced the body of his father from above. Hawah was looking on the ground with hands folded over her head, and all her children wept most bitterly.
2 Behold, there appeared Michael the malak, who stood at the head of Adam, and said to Seth: Rise up from the body of your father, and come to me, see what is the doom of Yahwah concerning him.
3 His creature is he, and Yahwah pitied him. All malaks blew their trumpets, and cried:

xlvii 1 Blessed are you, O Yahwah, for you had pity on your creature.

xlviii 1 Seth saw the hand of Yahwah stretched out holding Adam, and He handed him over to Michael, saying:
2 Let him be in your charge in punishment till the day of Judgment, till the last years when I will convert his sorrow into joy.
3 He will sit on the throne of him who was his supplanter.
4 Yahwah said to the malaks Michael and Uriel: Bring me three linen clothes of byssus, spread them out over Adam, with other linen clothes over Abel his son, and bury Adam and Abel his son.
5 All the powers of malaks marched before Adam, and the sleep of the dead was consecrated.
6 The malaks Michael and Uriel buried Adam and Abel in the parts of Paradise, before the eyes of Seth and his mother [and no one else].
7 Michael and Uriel said: Just as you saw, in like manner bury your dead.

xlix 1 Six days after Adam died, Hawah perceived she would die, [so] she assembled all her sons and daughters,
2 Seth with thirty brothers and thirty sisters, and Hawah said to all: Hear me, my children, I will tell you what the archangel Michael said to us when I and your father transgressed the command of Yahwah:
3 On account of your transgression, Our Master will bring upon your race the anger of His judgment, first by water, the second time by fire. By these two, Yahwah will judge the whole human race.

l 1 Hearken to me, my children. Make tables of stone, others of clay, and write on them all my life and your fathers, [all] that you heard and saw from us.
2 When Yahwah judges our race by water, the tables of clay will be dissolved, and the tables of stone will remain. When by fire, the tables of stone will be broken up, and the tables of clay will be baked [hard].
3 When Hawah said all this to her children, she spread out her hands to heaven in prayer, and bent her knees to the earth. While she worshipped Yahwah and gave Him thanks, she gave up the spirit. Thereafter, all her children buried her with loud lamentation.

li 1 When they had been mourning four days, Michael the archangel appeared, and said to Seth:
2 Man of Yahwah, do not mourn for your dead more than six days. The seventh day is the sign of the resurrection and the rest of the age to come, on the seventh day Yahwah rested from all His works.
3 Thereupon Seth made the tables.


Slavonic Life of Adam and Hawah


xxviii 1 We sat together before the gate of Paradise. Adam, weeping with his face bent down to the earth, lay on the ground lamenting. Seven days passed by, we had nothing to eat, and were consumed with great hunger.
2 I, Hawah, cried with a loud voice: Pity me, O Yahwah, My Creator. For my sake Adam suffers like this!

xxxix 1 I said to Adam: Rise up! my lord, that we may seek food, for my spirit fails me, and my heart within me is brought low.
2 Adam spoke to me: I have thoughts of killing you, but I fear since Yahwah created your image, you showed penitence and cried to Yahwah. So my heart does not depart from you.

xxx 1 Adam arose. We roamed through all lands and found nothing to eat save nettles [and] grass of the field. We returned again to the gates of Paradise, cried aloud, and entreated: Have compassion on your creature.
2 O Yahwah [our] Creator, allow us food.

xxxi 1 For fifteen days we entreated continuously. Then we heard Michael the archangel and Yoel praying for us.
2 Yoel the archangel was commanded by Yahwah, he took a seventh part of Paradise and gave it to us.
3 Yahwah said: Thorns and thistles will spring up from under your hands, from your sweat you will eat [bread], and your wife will tremble when she looks upon you.

xxxii 1 The archangel Yoel said to Adam: Thus said Yahwah; I did not create your wife to command you, but to obey [you]. Why are you obedient to your wife?
2 Yoel the archangel bade Adam separate the cattle and all kinds of flying and creeping things and animals, both wild and tame, and to give names to all things.
3 Then he took the oxen and began to plow.

xxxiii 1 The devil approached, stood before the oxen, hindered Adam in tilling the field, and said to Adam: The things of earth are mine, the things of Heaven are Yahwah's.
2 If you will be mine, you will labor on the earth. If you will be Yahwah's, go away to Paradise.
3 Adam said: The things of Heaven are Yahwah's, and the things of earth, and Paradise, and the whole Universe.

xxxiv 1 The devil said: I do not allow you to till the field, except you write the bond that you are mine.
2 Adam replied: Whosoever is lord of the earth, to the same I [belong], and my children. The devil was overcome with joy. But Adam was not ignorant that Yahwah would descend on earth and tread the devil under foot.
3 The devil said: Write me your bond.
4 Adam wrote: Who is lord of the earth, to the same I belong, and my children.

xxxv 1 Hawah said to Adam: Rise up, my lord, let us pray to Yahwah that He set us free from that devil, for you are in this strait on my account.
2 Adam said: Hawah, since you repented of your misdeed, my heart hearkens to you, for Yahwah created you out of my ribs. Let us fast forty days, maybe Yahwah will have pity on us, and will leave us understanding and life.
3 I, for my part, said: You, [my] lord, fast forty days, but I will fast forty-four.

xxxvi 1 Adam said to me: Haste to the river named Tigris, take a great stone and place it under your feet, enter into the stream and clothe yourself with water, as with a cloak, up to the neck, and pray to Yahwah in your heart, but let no word proceed out of your mouth.
2 I said: O [my] lord, with my whole heart I will call upon Yahwah.
3 Adam said to me: Take great care of yourself. Except you see me and all my tokens, do not depart out of the water, nor trust in the words which are said to you, lest you fall again into the snare.
4 Adam came to Yordan. He entered into the water and plunged himself altogether into the flood, even [to] the hairs of his head, while he made supplication to Yahwah, and sent prayers to Him.

xxxvii 1 The malaks came together, and all living creatures, wild and tame, and all birds that fly. They surrounded Adam like a wall, praying to Yahwah for Adam.

xxxviii 1 The devil came to me, wearing the form and brightness of a malak, shedding big teardrops, [and] said to me:
2 Come out of the water, Hawah. Yahwah hears your prayers and [hears] us malaks. Yahwah fulfilled the prayers of those who intercede on your behalf. Yahwah sent me to you, that you may come out of the water.

xxxix 1 I, Hawah, perceived that he was the devil, and answered him nothing. Adam returned from Yordan, saw the devil's footprints, and feared that maybe he had deceived me.
2 When he saw me standing in the water he was overcome with joy. He took me, and led me out of the water.

xl 1 Adam cried out with a loud voice: Be silent, Hawah, already my spirit is straitened in my body. Arise, go forth, utter prayers to Yahwah, till I deliver up my spirit to Yahwah.

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