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the Beginning of the earth

The first section of history is the beginning of man until the Promised Land of YHWH. The rest of history is about the times of the nations in charge of the Promised Land. The menu is arranged roughly in that order, the different books approximately chronological. It is important to understand all of these books have been modified since they were written.

After Noah's flood the Promised Land was promised to the children of Shem, but it was occupied by the children of Canaan son of Ham. YHWH then promised it to the children of Abraham as long as they would obey His commandments. That was Yisrayah the nation of YHWH, but they refused to obey those commandments. So Babylon came after them, then came Persia, then Greece. Now we are in the times of the power of Rome.

The next nation to be in charge of the Promised Land will be the kingdom of Yahshua son of Yahwahsef. That part is not on the menu because it has not happened yet. Those books have not been written. The last heading on the menu is my book. It is also in approximately chronological order.

And so before we get to Genesis I present several other books of the same time frame. They all say essentially the same thing, each filling in different details. We have Jubilees, Yasher, and the Cave of Treasures. This period is also described in greater detail in the books of Adam&Eve, Enoch, Abraham, and the 12 sons of Yaacob. You should read them all!

Torah means Law, teaching, and instruction. The Torah are often called the Five Books of Moshe (Moses). Evidently he only edited the first book, and someone finished the last after his death. Genesis was probably not written by Moshe, it was edited by him. He received many stories written way before his time, and edited them into this book. Many of the books might have been written by Enoch originally. But most likely he did write most of the later four books.

The Torah are the first five books of the standard bible. They lay the foundation. They teach us how we came to be. They teach us how to act. They teach us who Yahwah is and about His plan for this world.

I believe they have to be taken at face value for what they claim to be: a true and accurate history of the earth, and the world. If the Garden of Eden and seven days of creation are just allegories, or fancy stories, to warm me up for the rest of the book, then I have no reason to read the scripture at all. If I can't believe the first chapter, I won't believe any of them.

And so I judge the book by it's claims. Psalm 11:3 If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? By saying Genesis is not literal they destroy the very foundation of creation, and so, now the christian thinks he does not have to obey the law.

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