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This is Chapter 11 of the Book of Love, by Yahchanan

the Tree of Life

The Judeo-Christian Kabbalah cut down the Tree of Life, and planted a weed in its place!!

Now we are taught superstition, fantasy, confusion, and astrology. That is why knowledge and understanding is lost. For the top circle we usually see the English word: Head. Or maybe the Hebrew equivalent: Keter (in Hebrew letters). Sometimes they call it: Crown. Maybe we get to see another word (but not likely): ehyeh. What is that? It is a Hebrew word contraction, pronounced: eh-heh-yeh. And even that is a lie.

It is a mis-direction. Ehyeh is what they get when they throw away Ahyah by mis-pronouncing his name to the point where it is meaningless. The devil has led everyone astray. Look at the older versions of the Tree of Life diagram. Now we see this word is: AHYH. This is exactly the same name given to Moshe in Exodus 3:14. If you give the Freemasons a PILE of money, and if you rise up to the top, they will teach you this name. The Jew and Christian Kabbalahs mispronounced, obscured, and then removed the most important words in the universe. And yet, they claim to understand this Tree of Life!

There really is a Tree of Life. It is a real tree, the diagram is a poor representation of it. In Sumer they had a god named: NIN.GISH.ZIDDA (Lord of the Tree of Life). In Egypt he was known as Tehuti, Thoth is his Greek and English name. Thoth is probably one of the good malaks who came to earth after the Flood and taught medicine, etc, as in Jubilees chapter 10. Thoth is said to be the good son of: Ea. Look for him on the right Light side of the Tree.

Some who are into witchcraft and that nonsense will draw a picture of this Tree of Life diagram on the ground. They have secret weapons, a secret light, and incense. They stand in each circle, perform rituals and chants, and call on each god. Some cut themselves thinking the blood will cause the gods to gather around for a feast, and then grant the special request of him who fed them the blood sacrifice. Sometimes it is not their own blood they spill. They demand the attention of all these gods while they demand what actions they want performed.

In reality the names on the Tree of Life diagram are just a collection of names and titles of the primary known deities. There is nothing really special about it. Draw ten circles and fill in the names you know. Gods are thought to be controllable by their names. That is why Satan does not give up his name. The magician calls on all the most powerful names he knows. That is why you can see two circles for Ea-AHYH, one for each known name. The magician might not even know they are the same god. He just knows the gods are our servants, so he calls on all of them.

If you are one who is interested in that approach, please be advised: eventually you will have to pay for everything the gods gave you, and did for you. Do you know the cost?

I know you can search the web looking for different images of: the Tree of Life diagram. You will find gobs. How many of them have the name: Ahyah? In Hebrew it is spelled: Alef Heh Yod Heh. Pronounced: ah-hh-yah-hh. Without that name, their tree is a useless weed! They lead you around in circles following this channel, circles within circles, and that path, always being distracted from reality. The kabbalah have you running around in circles when the Light of YHWH is shining on you right now. Forget them. Just face the Light, and go that way.

The Tree is sometimes shown inverted. The root of the Tree is at the top, in the Eternity. From there the Tree points down to us on the ground.

Now, I have read the Hebrew language has not changed much over many years, except for the pronunciation of AHYH and YHWH! They purposely mis-pronounce those four letters and two names because they refused (and still refuse) to say the name of their King! In English letters the Tetragrammaton is: YHWH. It is pronounced: yah-hh-waw-hh. The Jews changed the 'yah' into a 'ye' or 'yo'. They changed the 'heh' into a 'hu' or 'ho'. They changed the 'waw' into 'vav'. They created vowel points turning YHWH into Adonai, ah-don-eye. That makes four sylables into three with different vowels. So that way they change the prounciation of the final 'heh' into nothing at all, since it is a sylable which no longer exists. At best they blend it into the 'vav' and pronounce: vah.

Apparently the Greeks did not worry about transliterating the heh's because they are only an exhale of breath. The lack of tounge and lip action means it has no other sound. In Greek and in English it takes two letters to duplicate the yah sound of the yod. Same with the wah sound of the waw. If we say the word 'hay' it is nothing more than an exhale without tounge action, followed by a vowel.

Some of the Greeks heard the real name pronounced correctly, and they heard four vowel sounds without consonants. The Greek does not have a 'y' sound, or a waw, so they transliterated it as best as their language could do, as: I-O-U-A. Pronounced: ee-ah-oo-ah. Guess what? That is exactly the original name of the Iowa River! The first two letters in Iowa come from the Hebrew yod, and should be pronounced: yah. Iowa is actually: Yahwah. And this is also the name at the center of the Tree of Life, the circle which is known as: heart and beauty. YHWH is the only circle connected to all the others. Everything comes from YHWH. YHWH is the true root of the tree.

Revelation 12:14 says the people of YHWH would be saved in a land prepared for them from the 1260 years of Papal Rome (the iron kingdom whose head died). Daniel 7:25 says the same. Now that these things have happened we see those people of YHWH said the River of YHWH flowed through the land of YHWH (Yahwah). They called on Him by name. When Yahwah removed from Jerusalem and the Israelites He put His name in what is now called: America. Then the christians came, now we call it: Iowa. At least 75% of the current Iowan's claim to be christian. They believe in God/Zeus/Jesus. Very few of the original people remain. Does this remind you of the desecration of Yahwah's temple by Antiochus IV Epiphanes? He and the modern christians belong to Rome. They both love Easter. He made a statue of Zeus, we have a cross-shaped statue of Jesus. He sacrificed a pig on the altar. Iowa produces 30% of the pigs America eats (which is a lot of pigs). To me it is a nearly identical story. America is likely to die very soon.

Yahwah IS life. Without Yahwah there is no: Tree-of-Life! Yet they threw Him away. Yahshua said the Jews hid the Key of Knowledge (Luke 11:52). What they hid is the name: Yahwah. IOWA is the YHWH Tetragrammaton in disguise, one version written in King's English, the other in Hebrew.

The Jews have completely rejected YHWH, and now call on: Adonai El (Jeremiah 2:5-23, 16:20, 18:13-15). So now if you can get them to say anything at all about YHWH, they say something like: ye-hu-va. They say it this way because it is not: YHWH.

The conventional Tree of Life diagram has ten circles arranged in three columns. There are three branches on the left, and three on the right. Between is the trunk of the Tree which we have to climb to reach Life. This is the same as the ladder I referred to earlier, with the light at the top. The top circle is Ahyah, the Light at the top. The central circle is connected to all the others, it is the Heart. The Heart is YHWH. This is the REAL Tree of Life! Ahyah and Yahwah are: life.

There are two other reasons true knowledge of this Tree of Life was lost. One reason is because the Tree has been rearranged. It did not use to be a tree. As far as I know, it was originally a series of circles one inside the other, all arranged concentrically. It can also be drawn as a spiral. We start in the center, and have to climb through each level to reach the light. These levels are the same as described by Enoch as: heavens. I have also called them: dimensions. Some call them: Aeons. The Kabbalah considers them the ten emanations of the Infinite. Perhaps they remind you of the ten manifestations of Vishnu?

The other reason knowledge was lost is because the Eternity, the part outside of the ten circles of the Tree of Life, was given from Sumerian, and is often ignored. But a tree has to grow somewhere. Maybe you were told it is: Ain, Soph, and Aur. Meaning: Without, End, and Light. Maybe you were told it is: San Pao Fuh. The Ain Soph Aur represent the Sumerian: three Eternals. So we see we have to climb the ladder through the ten levels above where we are born, until we get to the Light (Aur, Ohr), and he delivers us into Infinite Eternity (Without End).

Elohim is a plural word. When capitolized it always refers to the primary three beings. They are shown at the top of the image, outside the circles. In Sumer they were An, Ea, and Enlil. In Hebrew they are: YHWH, AHYH, and, GOD.

In the book Essene Revelations we learn some really interesting things. It speaks of: The mysterious Tree of Life in the Endless Sea. And: The Tree of Life that grows in the Sea of Eternity. And behold: The mystery of Yahwah will be revealed to those who have eaten from the Tree of Life which stands forever in the Eternal Sea. Now we can see the Eternal Sea is the same as: Ain Soph Aur. The Eternal is also called: the Infinite Divine Reality. Inside the Infinite Divine Reality is where the Tree of Life exists. The Tree of Life requires negative entropy.

AIN (Ein) is the Sumerian An, also called Anu depending on what part of Sumer you lived in. An is the owner of the universe. The very word An also means: universe. We exist within An. No man or god has an existance separate from: An. Our entire universe and everything in it is just a figment of An's imagination! If we pronounce the two English letters A and N, it might sound like: ay en (as in: hay hen). Is 'ay-en' nearly the same as the 'ain' in: rain? Is Ain not the same as An? An is: the manifestation of energy at near-maximum entropy. An is: creation itself. An is much greater than His creation. An's creation is: negative entropy.

SOPH is Satan, Lucifer, also called Shiva and Enlil. He is The End because he always causes destruction. Soph is the corrupter of all creation. He is the father of the lie, the destroyer, severity. Soph is: increasing entropy.

AUR (as in: aura) is indeed: the Light of the Universe. Aur is the brother who builds up and preserves the creation from the bad effects of his evil brother Soph. Aur is also called: the Plan, the Word, the Law, Vishnu, or, the MessiYah. The first Sumerians called him: Lord of the Earth (Enki). He lost that title when his evil brother (Enlil/Shiva) usurped the Earth. Since then he is called: Ea (Yah). We read about Ea/Aur in the book called the Gospel of John:
Gospel of Yahchanan 1:1 In the beginning was The Word. The Word was with Yahwah. The Word was one of the Gods. 2 The same was in the beginning with Yahwah. 3 All things were made through Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made. 4 In Him is life, and the life is the Light of men [Isaiah 49:6]. 5 The Light shined in the darkness [the world of Enlil], and the darkness did not comprehend it.
The version in the Orthodox Jewish Bible is interesting. You will see they replaced YHWH with: Hashem. Hashem is Hebrew for: the Name. Dvar is Hebrew for: Word. So Dvar Hashem means: the Word of YHWH. The Word is NOT THE SAME as YHWH! The Word is one of: The Gods (Elohim).
OJB John 1:1 Bereshis (in the Beginning) was the Dvar Hashem, and the Dvar Hashem was agav (along with) Hashem, and the Dvar Hashem was nothing less, by nature, than elohim! 2 Bereshis (in the Beginning) this Dvar Hashem was with Hashem. 3 All things through him came to be, and without him came to be not one thing which came into being. 4 In him was Chayyim (Life) and the Chayyim was the Ohr (Light) of Bnei Adam. 5 And the Ohr shines in the choshech, and the choshech did not grasp it.

Isaiah 2:5 let us walk in the Light of Yahwah.

Vedas: In the beginning was Brahman, with whom was the Word, and the word is Brahman.
The Gospel of Yahchanan 1:1 simply verifies the similarity of Hinduism to reality. Yahchanan gives the correct account. It is known Yahshua traveled to Egypt and India and so forth before his baptism. Issa and Yahshua are quite similar names, and widely thought to be the same person. Saint Issa did not agree with the Brahman concept from the Vedas. He claimed the universe has a concious owner interacting with it, with a plan, and a law. It is not a random release of energy. I understand Siddhartha Gautama Buddha also did not agree with the Vedas, nor with the Brahman concept. The Vedas are not divinely inspired.
Gospel of the Nazarenes Prologue: From the Ages of Ages is the Eternal Thought. The Thought is the Word, the Word is the Act, and these Three are One in the Eternal Law. The Law is with Yahwah, and the Law proceeds from Yahwah. All things are created by Law, and without it is not created anything that exists. In the Word is Life and Substance, the Fire and the Light. The Love and the Wisdom are One for the Salvation of all. The Light shines in darkness, and the darkness does not conceal it. The Word is the one Life-giving Fire, shining into the world, the fire and light of every soul that enters into the world.
So when the Tower of Babel fell down the original Sumerian language split into seventy new languages (or 72 depending on which book you read), one for each nation (Genesis 10:1-32, Jubilees 44:34 & 15:31, Jasher 48:45-49:17). The children of Ham son of Noah were given Hamite languages, the children of Shem spoke the Semite language family, and the Indo-European family of languages were given to the sons of Yahpet son of Noah. When the new languages were begun each just put new names to the things they were already familiar with. So we can see each language would have a different name for: An. We see the Hebrews called him: Yahwah. The sons of Ham called him: Ptah. So we see the Hindu call him: Brahma (not the same as: Brahman).

The old Hindu triad consists of Brahma the Creator of everything, Vishnu the builder-up, and Shiva the destroyer. Vishnu and Shiva are seen as equals and opposites. They are exactly the same as: Ea and Enlil. Now in English we call them: the Word (Sound) and the Devil (Satan).

Before any other language existed, the Sumerians recognised the three main Eternals: An, Ea, and Enlil. These are exactly the same as: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Vishnu, the good son, the builder up and protector of all good things, is said to appear to mankind in ten stages, or identities/avatars. These probably include: the human Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha, the human Krishna, the human Yahshua, and Thoth. They also include the yet-to-arrive Savior of the world: Kalki. He will arrive on a white horse, and save us from: Shiva the Satan. Does this sound like the return of Yahshua the Word to the earth? (Revelation 19:11-21) It should, they are the same! We read about the ten lives of Vishnu in the Gospel of the Nazarenes 64:10, for example.
Gospel of the Nazarenes 64:8 In the beginning Yahwah willed, and there came forth the beloved Son (the divine Love), and the beloved Daughter (the sacred Wisdom), equally proceeding from the One Eternal Fount. Of these are the generations of the Spirits of Yahwah, the Sons and Daughters of the Eternal. 9 These descended to earth, dwelled with men, taught them the ways of Yahwah, to love the laws of the Eternal, and obey them, because in them they may find salvation. 10 Many nations saw their day. Under different names they were revealed to them, but they did not rejoice in their light. Even now they come to you again, but Yisrayah does not receive them.
In Sumer and Babylon they did away with An and Ea to follow Enlil and Easter. The Sumerians knew An was supreme, but they pushed him aside and forgot him and Ea in favor of: the Lord God and his consort-wife, Easter. The Hindu did away with Brahma and Vishnu to follow Shiva and Parvati. Their temples to Shiva the Satan are numerous. Shiva's consort-wife Parvati is the same as Easter. They are both the mother goddess of love and sex. This simple fact alone shows the correspondence between the religions. Shiva is shown with or as a white bull, the same as Zeus. This shows the connection of Shiva with the Lord God, they are the same. The modern English name Zeus comes from the Sanskrit Dyeus. That is why Zeus is often spelled Dios from the Greek. It is the same word. The name Peter as used in the NT also came from Sanskrit, and still means: father. The names Zeus and Jupiter both come from the ancient Hindu Sanskrit Dyeus Pitar, which means: God the Father. Shiva, Lord God, and Zeus are different names of Enlil the devil.

Egypt's gods are harder to unravel. We know of Ptah who is the creator who existed before all other things. This appears to be: An-YHWH. Ptah conceived the Thought of creation, and executed the creation by his Word. Ptah is the lord of truth, justice, and eternity. We see the most famous and favorite god is known as Ra the Sun-God in the daytime, and as Osiris in the night-time. It is tempting to think of Ra as Ea, and Osiris as Enlil, since it is the light and the dark. Also Ra and Ea are very similar names. But no! The Hebrew word for 'bad' is: Ra. Ra was later called Amun, who was also the bad (this is why we do not use the Catholic word: Amen). Ra is also Zeus and Enlil, the Sun-God. The most popular God in all societies is always Enlil the bad. Osiris was married to the Egyptian Easter goddess, known as: Isis. So what happened to: Ea? The closest example I've seen is: Thoth. He it is who was chased out of Egypt by: Ra. Thoth is lord of the Tree of Life. Most likely he is Ea, the Word by which Ptah did the creating.

The Egyptians named An as Ptah, and then forgot him. Enlil is named Amun-Ra/Osiris, Easter is Isis, Tammuz became Horus. Osiris, Isis, and Horus became the favorite gods of Egypt. The Jews and christians did away with Yahwah and the Word to follow the Lord God and Easter. The Judeo-christian religions all pray to: the Lord God. Nothing has changed! These religions were based on reality, but they turned aside, and let the devil fill them with lies.

In Persia they believed there is an Eternity in which two forces existed. This Eternity is: An (Yahwah, Ptah, Qi). Ahura-Mazda (Ormuzd, Aur, Ea) was the Good Spirit. Ahriman (who is Soph, Enlil) was originally good, but chose to become the Evil Spirit. The bible says the same about Lucifer, he was good, before he sinned.

The Toltec and the Aztec peoples believed Quetzalcoatl and his army were the good (the White), while Tezcatlipoca and his army were the evil (the Black) side. Both were equal and opposite, in continual conflict with each other, with neither side able to win (there was also a Blue and a Red).

The Chinese yin and yang are the same two equal and opposite forces. They came from a mindless sea of energy called: Qi. The yin and the yang and the qi are the same three Elohim of the Jews.

So check it out, everybody; most all of our ancestors believed in the Good and the Evil fighting their way through history, and the issue can only be resolved when the Great Creator steps in and decides the winner. Most all of the world's religions were originally based on the same story. When all the old religions are correlated together it is seen that they all started from one basic truth, and then diverged away from it. Even the modern Holy catholic Bible is based on that truth, but then the names were changed to protect the guilty and subdue the innocent.

We have all inherited lies, lies, and more lies. What the bad gods tell us is what they want us to know. What is true they ridicule and dismiss as nothing but a myth. They control through ignorance. Their goal is to keep leading us farther away from: Yahwah.

In northern Japan there is an ancient people descended from Yahphet who go by the name of: Ainu. If this name is connected to An (Anu) they have lost it. It seems possible this is one of the last groups of people on earth who knew An by His original name.

So it seems as if all these ancient teachings are based on the same reality, and suffer the same kinds of corruptions since then. The following is not my favorite music, but when I learned of the lyrics I like them:
Spiritual Fantasy by Steppenwolf
It's sad to know it's just a song.

Humanity grew weary of it's doubtful state of mind
So it summoned from far and called from near
All the wise men thought to be sincere
To heal it's wounds and make it whole
And the lead the way back to the soul

The wise men came together with the hope to free man kind
Of the rubbish that had gathered in god's name
To embrace and trust each other in the search for the supreme

And when at last the word went round
That all were one and all
Many returned to seek the Light.
The Hindu reduced Brahma to an insignificant 100-year god. He is now the equal with Tammuz, always dying and reincarnating. Now they say creation came from an abstract metaphysical concept called Brahman (Isvara). Brahman/Isvara is a mindless expression of energy, with no conciousness or purpose. All of that energy is what our universe is accidentally composed of (evolution). The concious, purposeful thought of Brahma (creation) is now degraded and largely ignored, separated from Brahman. Do they understand their Brahman appears identical to the Big Bang which is preached by astronomers around the earth?

Do the astronomers know they are preaching Hinduism? Did we see the Kabbalah replace the Ain Soph with pure mindless energy, Qi, from which all sensible things are derived? That is also the Big Bang.

It is the concept of pantheism. Whatever the deity was, it exploded, and the remnants became our universe. No more deity! We are our own gods! It is the best lie Satan has come up with as an alternative to reality, so he teaches it to every civilization.

One day I was questioning a scientist about entropy. When he figured where I was going, he knew he could not defend his evolutionist belief. So he assumed I am a christian, and demanded: So where did God come from? He thought that question would silence me. He was definitely surprised when I immediately answered him: Yahwah made God.

Enlil gave the Sumerians a silly metaphysical answer to the question: Where did An come from? He said his parents were: Abzu (fresh water) and Nammu (salt water). He also gave the Hindu an answer to the equivalent question: Where did Brahma come from? He said Brahma is the physical manifestation of an abstract concept called: Isvara. Later they even separated Brahma from that, bringing him from Brahman.

En.Lil used to mean: Lord of the Air. He was in charge of things like wind and lightning. That is why Zeus is famous for his lightning bolts. When he took over control of the earth from Adam he usurped the title: Enki. Enki means: Lord of the Earth. Enlil the evil bully became the main God in the assembly of the gods. So in English we say: God. We use the capitol letter to show it as a proper noun, a name of a specific being. In this way En.Lil became Lord God. We still call him that.

We know Satan encourages sin. We know Enlil encourages sin. We know Jesus says you can sin all you like, and you can go to heaven anyways. We know Jesus is God. We know God is Enlil. We know Zeus is Enlil. Enlil is Satan is God is Jesus is the devil. If the name Jesus did come innocently from Yeshua, they would be appalled at knowing the final 's' honors Zeus, and they would stop doing that.

Here is the difference, we know Yahwah and Yahshua both say: do not sin at all, ever. And since Yahwah is Life, we see The Way to eternity and bliss.

Okay, I don't want to scare you, but yes, I made an image based on my understanding. This is the part of the Tree of Life diagram which is most important! The rest of the gibberish is cut away, although it does have some value.

the Tree of Life

Humans are three-dimensional flesh objects standing on the ground and trying to fit into a spiritual self. We are stuck in the Dark Side, but we should want the Light. It is like putting a square peg into a round hole. We don't fit very well (unless you hammer very hard, but that doesn't feel good). Look for the Arm of Yahwah reaching out to help you. Grab it, and don't let go. Who is: the ARM?
Isaiah 53:1 To whom has the Arm of YHWH been revealed?
Regarding the Arm of Yahwah, you know I keep harping on the 'YA' portion of: theName. That sound comes from the Hebrew letter: yod. In earliest ancient-Hebrew pictographic writing the yod of YHWH was shown like an ARM reaching out to us. The Arm is your friend. In old Hebrew ARM is symbolic of: strength. Here are some more verses to look up: Deuteronomy 4:34, Deuteronomy 5:15, Deuteronomy 7:19, Deuteronomy 26:8, Job 40:9, Psalm 44:3, Psalm 89:10, Psalm 89:21, Psalm 98:1, Isaiah 30:30, Isaiah 33:2, Isaiah 40:10, Isaiah 52:10, Isaiah 63:12, Exodus 6:6, Exodus 15:16, Luke 1:51, Acts 13:17, Sirach 36:6, and John 12:38. Sometimes the Arm is said to be a prophecy of the Messiyah.

Climb the trunk of the Tree, the Ladder to Life. On the second level is El Chai, the God of Life. Sometimes he is called Shaddai, the Almighty. Regarding the Way of Yahwah, and the Tree of Life:
Proverbs 15:24 To the wise the way of life goes upward, that he may depart from the grave beneath.
The branches on the left side are related to evil, coming from: Soph. They are called: Severity. The left side of the Tree is: the Dark Side. Notice humans are also born on the dark side called: Severity. It turns out Soph and Aur were supposed to be good helpers. They are supposed to help us climb the Tree. But Soph (God, Ahriman) has chosen to be bad, just like the Persians said. He does not wish for you to find: The Way to Yahwah. He is waiting there to throw you back down, to destroy you. Stay away from all the temptations on the left side of the Tree. Do not grab for the gold or fame.

In the Dead Sea War Scroll we learn the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness fight it out through history, but they are evenly matched and neither can win. In the end it is Yahwah who wins it for the Light. We are born into the Dark Side. Seek for the Light.

The branches on the right side of the Tree of Life represent Aur, Ea, the good helper. From here we receive: Mercy. The right side of the Tree is: the Light Side.

When Yahwah created the nations He put a god in charge of each. Ea received charge over a special nation of YHWH's own, called: Yisrayah (Deuteronomy 32:8-9, Psalm 33:12, Matthew 26:31). It is important to realize the 'god of Yisrayah' was not: Yahwah! It is: Ea. Ea is a god, created by: the Heavenly Father Yahwah. The god of Yisrayah appears as: Yahwah of Hosts. Look on the Tree for: YHWH TSBAYT. It is usually translated as: Yahwah Sabaoth. Meaning: Armies, Nations, or, Hosts. Yah-Ea is the Good Shepherd of the nation of Yisrayah assigned to Him. We see this in the Gospel of Yahchanan 10:11-14.

Then in verse 16 He says He will bring any good sheep (us humans) who belong to the other nations. Also in the Gospel of the Nazarenes it says: 46:8 Who is the Yisrayah of Yahwah? Even those of every nation and tribe who work righteousness, love mercy, and keep my commandments, these are the true Yisrayah [nation] of Yahwah. The Gospel of the Essenes agrees: The true tribe of Yisrayah is any man who keeps the sacred law, even as the Law was given to all men. So whatever Gentile nation you came from, it does not matter. Yahwah will graft you into His nation if you obey His laws, just like He grafted the Jews out of it (Yahchanan 15:1-10). The Jews and all Israelites rejected Yahwah, and so they lost their right to be in His nation. Matthew 21:43 says: The kingdom of Yahwah will be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. Every human can join Yahwah, and eat from the real Tree of Life, whoever you are!
2Ezra 2:10 These are the words of Yahweh to Ezra: Tell the people [who call on my Name] I give them the kingdom of Yerusalem which I once offered to Yisrayah. 11 I withdraw the splendor of my presence from Yisrayah. I will give to these others the everlasting habitations which I had prepared for Yisrayah.

Matt 23:38 Behold, your house is left to you desolate [2Ezra 1:32-33, Leviticus 26:27-33, Deuteronomy 11:26, Nazarenes 60:18, Luke 21:20, Mark 13:14].
Across from YHWH TSBAYT is ALHYM TSBAYT, the elohim of the hosts, or, the gods of each Gentile nation. Don't bother going that way. Jubilees 15:31-32 tells us about these gods, they are called: shepherds. There are seventy shepherds, one for each nation listed in Genesis 10:1-32. Jubilees and Enoch 89:59-65 says each shepherd destroys his nation as much as he can. Jeremiah 2:11 tells us the original nation of Yisrayah threw away YHWH, and went after the gods of the other nations. Avoid the gods of the nations, even if you are from one of the nations. If you want to climb out onto a branch, climb out to: Yahwah of the Hosts of Yisrayah. Obey Him and He will help you.

In the book of Yah'nah (Jonah 1:3-16) the boat was being tossed around by a storm. The men each prayed to their gods. These would be the gods of their particular nations, which ever nation each man was from had a different god assigned by YHWH. These include: Chemosh, Molock, Easter, etc. The men told Yahnah to pray to his god. He told them he was fleeing from YHWH. They knew who YHWH is. Yes, they were afraid! For when YHWH raises a storm it does not help to pray to any mere god to help you. The men knew this. When YHWH does something none of the gods of the nations can do anything about it, not even En.lil, the Lord and the God of Babylon.
Acts of Pilate (aka: Acts of Nicodemus): the most beloved Son of YHWH, even Messiah. We thought perhaps this same was the god of Yisrayah who said to Moshe: Make an ark of the covenant. We found He is the god of Yisrayah [Ea], even the Son of YHWH [An/Anu].

1Chonicles 17:24 Let your Name be established and magnified for ever, saying: Yahwah of hosts is the god of Yisrayah.

Yeshayah 48:1 who swear by the Name of Yahwah, and make mention of the god of Yisrayah, 2 and stay themselves upon the god of Yisrayah. Yahwah of hosts is His Name.

1Samuel 17:45 But I come to you in the Name of Yahwah of hosts, the god of the armies of Yisrayah, whom you defy.

Amos 9:5 For the Heavenly Father, Yahwah of hosts, is He who touches the land and it melts

Jeremiah 7:21 Thus says YHWH TSBAYT [Yahwah Sabaoth], the god of Yisrayah.
An interesting thing about the Tree of Life diagram is the eleventh circle. In Hebrew it is called: Daath. Daath is: the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was the other tree in the Garden of Eden (which is why it is usually omitted from the Tree of Life diagram). All of existence can also be looked at from that perspective. Adam chose to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and so ever since then humans are being given a first-hand lesson on the hazards of knowledge. Good and Evil are: Ea and God. The Light and the Dark. Both come from YHWH, and both were with Him in the beginning.

There is a plant which the Sumerians called: azalla. The Hindu called it: qanjha (food of the gods). The Sikhs called it: bhang (peace-giver). The Persians called it: garganinj. The Assyrians called it: qunnabu. The Akkadians called it: qunnabtu. This is thought to be the same 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil' which Adam and Eve ate from. These ancient civilizations were still consuming it. It is apparent Noah brought the seeds on his ark. It is certain this is the same plant the modern Americans call: marijuana.

In one of the alternate endings of the Gospel of Mark, Yahshua said: Satan's term of years has expired. In John 14:15-17 Yahshua said he will send us a new comforter, even Wisdom.
The Gospel of the Essenes: Yahushua said to them: If you really love me, keep my commandments. I will pray to the All-Parent, who will give you another Comforter, even The Mother of Wisdom, to abide with you forever. She is the sacred Spirit of Truth, even My Mother, I send to you.
Enlil is being dropped from the Eternity in which is the Tree of Life. He leaped off the ladder! Soon, Enlil will be living in the Lake of Fire. Soph is being replaced by Sophia, the Wisdom of Yahwah. Scriptures tell us Sophia (Wisdom, Chokmah) is the female side of Yahwah (Love). Sophia and Yahwah are the female and male sides of our Creator. Together they created Aur, the Light (Word).
Secrets of Enoch 33:3 I [An, YHWH, Brahma] am self-eternal, not made with hands, and without change. 4 My Wisdom and my Word are made. My eyes observe all things how they stand here and tremble with terror. 5 If I turn away my face, all things will be destroyed.

Nazarenes 66:2 Yahwah is Power, Love, and Wisdom, and these three are One. 7 Thus it is with Yahwah the Father-Mother, in Whom is neither male nor female, and in Whom is both. 76:5 I [Yahshua the human] give a new commandment to you: love one another, and all the creatures of Yahwah. Love is the fulfilling of the law. Love is of Yahwah, and Yahwah is Love. Whoso does not love, does not know Yahwah. 12 Your Love shines on my right hand, and your Wisdom on my left. Your Love, your Wisdom, and your Power, are manifest in me.

Sirach 1:1 All wisdom comes from Yahwah, and is with Him forever. 4 Wisdom [Saraswati] was created before all things, the understanding of prudence from everlasting. 5 The word of Yahwah Most High is the fountain of wisdom, her ways are everlasting commandments. 6 To whom was the root of wisdom revealed? Or who knows her wise counsels? 7 [Unto whom has the knowledge of wisdom been made manifest? Who understands her great experience?] 8 There is one wise and greatly to be feared: Yahwah, sitting upon His throne. 9 He created her, saw her, numbered her, and poured her out upon all His works. 10 She is with all flesh according to His gift, He gave her to those who love Him. 26 If you desire Wisdom, keep the commandments, and Yahwah will give her to you. 11:14 Prosperity and adversity, life and death, poverty and riches, come of Yahwah. 15 Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the law, are of Yahwah. Love, and the way of good works, are from Him.

Sirach 24:1 Wisdom will praise herself, and will glory in the midst of her people. 9 He created me from the beginning before the world.

Gospel of the Nazarenes 6:5 Seeing Him, a certain prophet said to Him: Behold the Love and the Wisdom of Yahwah are one in you. In the age to come you will be called Yahu-Maria [Ea-Lakshmi], for Yahwah will save mankind by the Messiyah. 8:8 Yahwah (the Father and Mother Eternal). 50:1 Yahushua [as: Ea] spoke to them again, saying: I am the Light of the world. 4 I come from the Father-Mother [Love and Wisdom] who sent me. 8 the Father and the Mother are One in Yahwah. 11 I am of Yahwah. 52:11 Wisdom is not without Love, nor is Love without Wisdom.

Gospel of the Essenes: In the fire, and in the water, even as in every living form, Yahwah is manifest as its Life and its Substance. Yahwah is the Law, the Life, and the Love of all things. He is in all, and all who obey the sacred Word are in Him.

Life of Saint Issa 5:18 He is the principle of the mysterious existence of man, in whom He has breathed a part of His Being.

Clement 21:9 His breath is in us, and when He likes, He takes it away.
An/YHWH is at the center of the Tree of Life because all things emanate from Him. All of the other circles are connected to His. The true root is at the center, not at the top or the bottom. AHYH-Ea is head of all other things, that is why he is at the top of the tree.

Okay, so now you have learned how to turn granite into emeralds. So? You can't hold onto the Tree/Ladder of Life and the emeralds at the same time. You have to let go of one thing. So maybe you found something better than you were looking for?

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