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The Wind Flood

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           "The Wind Flood"

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After Noah's Flood there were eight people on the earth. All of them believed in Yahwah. But they had children, and grand-children, who had children, and grand-children, and so it went. Genesis 10:10 and 11:2 and the other scriptures tell us these people went to a land they called Shinar and built towns. Some of their immediate descendants, the Akkadians, called it Shumer. Today in English we spell it Sumer, and call those people the Sumerians. All of the people on the earth lived there in that little area, except Noah who still lived at the foot of the mountain his ark was on. Sumer was a small area in what was later called Mesopotamia, "the cradle of civilization".

Sumer was barren when the first people arrived. Of course, that is because Noah's Flood destroyed everything. Every place on earth was barren. No plants, no soil, just rocks and silt and water (which was probably salty). It took a while for vegetation to grow back. Until then food had to be meticulously farmed and irrigated, as the Sumerians describe doing. Such circumstances would definitely encourage all the people to live together, so they could cooperate on survival. If there had been any place full of vegetation, no doubt they would have lived there instead of Shinar. Those people had the entire earth to themselves, they obviously picked the best place they found. They did not have trees to build with when they built the Tower of Babel. The raven Noah sent out did not find a place to land. Later the dove found a leaf. This does not imply a full-grown olive tree existed. The olive tree could have sprouted after the raven went by. Afterwards, Mesopotamia grew into a paradise because of its two rivers (as did Egypt and its rivers).

Any quick study of the Sumerians is sure to show that the archaeologists are baffled by the sudden appearance of such an advanced society, with no real hint of any previous peoples. Because the scoffers assume there was no worldwide Flood, they just say these people had to come from some other people, such as Ubaidians or Assyrians. Well, there were previous peoples, of course, but their evidence was removed by the Flood. Yet those eight survivors would still remember the technology and history of the antediluvian world. So they would be able to quickly establish themselves. That the Sumerians were smelting bronze shows advanced technical knowledge and capacity. Indeed, this is often considered the beginning of the Early Bronze Age. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make bronze? Furthermore, they had help. The Book of Jubilees also describes that period of time:
Jubilees 10:1 In the third week of this jubilee the unclean demons began to lead astray the children of the sons of Noah, and to make to err, and destroy them. 2 The sons of Noah came to Noah their father, and they told him concerning the demons which were leading astray and blinding and slaying his sons' sons. 3 And he prayed before the Master Yahwah, and said: Master of the spirits of all flesh, who has shown mercy to me, and have saved me and my sons from the waters of the flood, and have not caused me to perish as you did the sons of perdition (for your grace has been great towards me, and great has been your mercy to my soul), let your grace be lift up upon my sons. Do not let wicked spirits rule over them, lest they should destroy them from the earth. 4 But do you bless me and my sons, that we may increase and multiply and replenish the earth. 5 You know how your Watchers, the fathers of these spirits, acted in my day. As for these spirits which are living, imprison them and hold them fast in the place of condemnation. Do not let them bring destruction on the sons of your servant, Yahwah, for these are malignant, and created in order to destroy. 6 Do not let them rule over the spirits of the living, for you alone can exercise dominion over them. Do not let them have power over the sons of the righteous from henceforth and for evermore. 7 And the Master Yahwah bade us to bind all. 8 And the chief of the spirits, Mastema, came and said: Master, Creator, let some of them remain before me, and let them harken to my voice, and do all that I shall say to them. For if some of them are not left to me, I shall not be able to execute the power of my will on the sons of men. These are for corruption and leading astray before my judgment, for great is the wickedness of the sons of men. 9 And He said: Let the tenth part of them remain before him, and let nine parts descend into the place of condemnation. 10 And He commanded one of us that we should teach Noah all their medicines, for He knew that they would not walk in uprightness, nor strive in righteousness. 11 We did according to all His words. All the malignant evil ones we bound in the place of condemnation, and a tenth part of them we left that they might be subject before Satan on the earth. 12 And we explained to Noah all the medicines of their diseases, together with their seductions, how he might heal them with herbs of the earth. 13 Noah wrote down all things in a book as we instructed him concerning every kind of medicine. Thus the evil spirits were precluded from [hurting] the sons of Noah.

Mastema, who is equated with Satan in verse 11, is the leader of the "unclean demons" and "wicked" "evil spirits". There are also good spirits, or malaks. The one narrating the book says in verse 10 that "we should teach Noah all their medicines". It doesn't say how many "we" is. So apparently the Sumerians personally knew and conversed with Satan and his demons, and at least two of the good gods. But no doubt the greater seduction for them was not the medicines for healing; but rather the crafts for killing, and other "entertainment". So they would have paid the greater attention to the bad gods. More fun and profitable.

Get ready, because I am about to identify these bad gods for you. This is amazingly important!

In spite of all the Jew and catholic "one God" propaganda, I am fully aware the scriptures actually teach us there are, yes indeed, many gods. There are good gods, and bad gods. You are aware that scriptures teach us that idols are simply a thing made by humans to represent a god. But the gods themselves are real. These following scriptures do not deny that, indeed, they accept the reality of the gods. 1Kings 18:27 shows not only do gods exist, but they are individuals who are not necessarily paying attention to you. By contrast, Yahwah is always everywhere.

Why did millions of humans waste away their lives in service to the gods, if the gods are not real? We are talking about nearly every ancient human society, civilization after civilization, for thousands of years. Their time and energy was mostly spent building huge lavish temples for the gods and the priests.

In Exodus we are taught to use the name of Yahwah, but to never use the names of any of the gods, therefore, Yahwah is not a god. Some call Him a god because he can go in and out of our universe whenever He wants, and do miracles. But apparently the true definition of elohim (gods) are the beings Yahwah created before He created the universe [Genesis 1:1]. No doubt Satan and the other bad gods encouraged people to believe Yahwah is just another god, although he was in charge at the moment. Then they taught that Satan actually took over the Godhead from Yahwah. We remember it in the story of Zeus, who took over from his father, and now he is the king of heaven and earth. Yahwah is the Creator, the Father of all things. Here is a bit of evidence that shows there are many gods:
Hosea 13:4 Yet I am Yahwah your Father from the land of Egypt, you will know no gods [elohim] but Me, and besides Me there is no Savior.

Exodus 20:3 You shall have no other gods [elohim] before [besides] Me.

Exodus 23:13 Make no mention of the names of elohim

Psalm 97:9 O Yahwah, you are supreme above all the earth, you are most supreme over all elohim

Psalm 135:5 I know Yahwah is great, our Father is above all elohim.

1Kings 18:27 It came to pass at noon, Eliyah mocked them, and said: Cry aloud, for he is a god. Either he is musing, or he is gone aside, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he sleeps and must be awakened.

1 Corinthians 8:5 For though there are many gods, both in heaven and on earth (as there are many gods and many lords)
So the Sumerian gods, and right after them the Akkadian and Babylonian gods (the Mesopotamian gods, who they called the Anunnaki), are the good malaks and bad demons from Jubilees Chapter 10. Hey, people believe an angel came down and talked to the virgin Mary, and to Ezekial, and numerous other people. Why disbelieve in: the gods? Why dismiss the written records left to us by past generations. Why reject as myth the actual observations of the Greeks and Egyptians, and so forth? Hey, angels ARE gods. They exist, they are real, they interact with humans. The scripture tells us so numerous times. The history written down by our ancestors tells us so numerous times. Every christian believes Jesus Christ often threw demons out of people. And billions of people believe there is a being called Lucifer, Satan. Satan is a bad god.

The narrator of this portion of Jubilees is not named, but is one of the good malaks of Yahwah. In the Hebrew scripture gods are often called malaks, which is usually said to mean: messenger, servant, or worker. Christians call them angels. When satan committed his sin, he drew a third of the malaks of heaven into it with him. They are often called fallen angels, demons, devils, evil spirits, ghosts, aliens, etc. The word 'Nephilim' is usually translated: giants. But it really means the: fallen ones. Older cultures called them all gods, whether good or bad. They all came to earth and interacted with humans. Indeed, they were usually the kings of cities and heads of cults. The humans of the time could see and speak with these gods. They were not mythical beings. They were not imaginary. The people were not pretending the sun and the moon and the planets and the stars were gods. They were saying planets had attributes similar to the gods they knew. The real, live, Sun God was standing right in front of them, with supernatural powers, knowledge, and technology.

All of the writings we have from Greece, Sumer, Babylon, Atlantis, Egypt, and India show that these people accepted the existance of these gods as undisputed everyday fact. If you told them there was no such thing as a god, or that there is only One God, they would think you are crazy. They might say they know several of them personally. They witness these gods going up into the sky, and coming back down again. The Sumerians used the term 'Anunnaki', which means 'those who come down from heaven to earth'. In their language An means: universe; and Ki means: earth.

So at night they look up into space, and say: This planet reminds me of this god, and those stars remind me of that hero, etc. "No other god" plainly accepts the existance of other gods. Did you ever hear of the prophet Eliyah? Eliyah means: my god is Ea. Why say which god you worship unless there is more than one god? The Sumerian word 'Anunnaki' is the same as the later Hebrew word 'elohim', which is the same as the later English word 'gods'. Elohim is the plural of el, the mere existance of the word in plural proves there are many gods. The One-God Jews cannot explain existance of the word 'god' in plural, so they strangely insist it refers to the many 'sides' of the One-God. The christians use it to defend their Trinity.

I will show you some biblical evidence the gods were here on earth interacting with humans in person, not just as invisible spirits. I already quoted Jubilees chapter 10 above. The demons and the good gods came and taught the people. Ezekial 28:1-10 shows the prince of Tyre was human, a man like us. Then Ezekial 28:11-19 shows the king of Tyre was not human, but a god, here on earth, ruling humans in person.
Gospel of the Nazarenes 64:8 In the beginning Yahwah willed, and there came forth the beloved Son (the divine Love), and the beloved Daughter (the sacred Wisdom), equally proceeding from the One Eternal Fount. Of these are the generations of the Spirits of Yahwah, the Sons and Daughters of the Eternal. 9 These descended to earth, dwelled with men, taught them the ways of Yahwah, to love the laws of the Eternal, and obey them, that in them they may find salvation. 10 Many nations saw their day. Under diverse names they were revealed to them, but they did not rejoice in their light. Even now they come again to you.
That plainly says the gods dwelled with men. In Yeshayah chapter 14 the king of Babylon is the god Lucifer (the shining one, satan, who can appear as a being of light). 14:12 says: How you have fallen from heaven, O Hillel. Lucifer jumped off the ladder from the top rung. Don't be like him!


It is logical to think that after the Flood, when the earth was cleansed of sin, Yahwah came to the earth and conversed with men. No doubt Noah would have liked some help surviving on an earth which was devoid of vegetation and food. And we know Yahwah talked to Noah regarding the rainbow and so forth. But after a short time, the people of Sumer rejected Yahwah, who they called: An. So no doubt Yahwah would have left Sumer because they sinned against Him. He created us with a free will, and that is what they chose, so He left them to it.

Since those were all the people on earth, perhaps Yahwah withdrew from our universe into a higher dimension. From there He could watch us, and we could never know He is there. He could study everything in our universe in minute detail, going back and forth through time, and looking at something from a thousand different perspectives. Sometimes He sends one of His messengers [malaks] to interact with us. But from His perspective, this universe is tainted with sin, and so why would He want to be here? Revelation, etc, teaches that He will remove this universe from all existance, and create a new, sin-free, universe. And then He will come to the earth, the new earth.


Probably the Word of Yahwah was there, in the person of the early Mesopotamian god: Ea. The qualities of Ea are similar to what you would expect of the: Word of Yahwah. Ea was the first 'son' of An. Ea was the god of water, life, intelligence, and creation. He liked and was good to humans. One of the Sumerian 'king lists' (WB 444) claims that in the beginning the gods (kingship) "came down to the earth from heaven", and lived in Eridu. Ea was the god of Eridu. So 'the gods' had a God of their own, Ea. Meaning, in the beginning the King of the Gods was Ea.

Obviously the people of Shinar/Sumer knew about The Flood Of Noah, and Yahwah. Noah was still alive then, and his three sons. It is natural that the later Sumerians fit Yahwah into their new pantheon. Which means they equated Yahwah Almighty and the good gods down to the level of the bad gods. No doubt that is what the bad gods taught them to think. The short version of Yahwah is Yah, and the Hebrews spell it with two letters "YH". The Sumerian Ea was also spelled with two letters, E.A. If pronounced ee-ah it happens to produce the same sound as: Yah. Ea and Yah are apparently two different ways of spelling the same name, then. Ea's original title, Enki (EN.KI), means: Lord of the Earth. Hmm?


The earliest Sumerians definitely believed in three main gods. They called them: the Eternals. An [Anu] was the Father of all. He seems the same as Father Yahwah Almighty from the bible. Anu is the Owner of Heaven. The Lord of the Earth was Enki. EN.KI means: Lord of the Earth. His name is: Ea. The third eternal is Enlil, EN.LIL. The Sumerians said they were three eternal gods. An was the Father, while Enki and Enlil were the sons. Enki is the all-good, while Enlil is the all-evil son. This correlates to the biblical Yahwah the Almighty Father, the Word of Yahwah, and Satan. Yahwah Almighty put his name (Ea/Yah) into The Word (Exodus 23:20-21, etc). Satan is Enlil, who chose to be the adversary of Yahwah and Ea.

Here is something tremendously important I want you to understand. The god known as EN.LIL was and still is a bad god. He is always hostile to humans. He is the self-professed enemy of humanity. He pretends to be a good, beneficient, compassionate god. But he is a liar, THE liar, the father of the lie. He it is who came to earth and provided those two lies: evolution, and, aliens from other planets. The Sumerian EN.LIL is the biblical Satan.
Adam and Eve LVII:7 But now, O Adam, because you fell you are under my rule, and I am king over you. You obeyed me, and transgressed against Yahwah. There will not be any deliverance from my hands until the day promised you by Yahwah. 8 Because we do not know the day agreed on with you by Yahwah, nor the hour in which you will be delivered, for that reason we will multiply war and murder on you and your descendants after you. 10 We will not stop our evil-doing, no, not one day nor one hour.
I know you have heard the word: GOD. Do you know where that word comes from? The English word 'GOD' comes from the ancient word: El. God and El are the same word and the same being, that is easy to verify. Thousands of years ago the Hamitic and the Semetic languages both used the same word, El, to designate their supreme deity. Do you know where El comes from?

Let us look at even more ancient languages. In Ugarit they called the husband of Easter: 'il. The apostrophe shows they dropped a letter to make their word. In Phoenicia and in Syria it was: 'l. In Hebrew: 'al ('el). In Akkad it was: ilu. In old Akkad and Amurr it was: 'ila. Note 'ila is the source of the word: Allah. Allah and God are the same being.

Since the different language families use the same word, it most likely is more ancient than the Tower of Babel. And it is most likely a name being transliterated. And that is exactly what I have learned. Sumerian is the most ancient language of all. That is where the other languages got El from. El comes from the Sumerian LIL, it is the same word. Lil is 'il is 'el is El is God.

In Sumerian EN means: LORD. So we see EN.LIL is: the LORD God! The LORD God and Easter are the same malignant, wicked, evil demons from Jubilees chapter 10 (quoted above). From Babylon to Canaan to now, the Lord God is the consort to Easter. They are the same two demons Eliyah taught about. They are the same two demons half of today's world are worshipping! The LORD God is Allah, Satan in disguise. This is already public knowledge. The Jews, the christians, and the Muslims are worshipping EN.LIL. The Lord God is not Yahwah! Folks, this is verifiable reality.

The Sumerians also worshipped the goddess Easter, often spelled Ishtar. In early Sumer, An and Ea were the most important. Later Sumerians mostly worshipped Enlil and Easter. Easter was a later god, not an eternal. She arrived on earth from heaven in a saucer or egg-shaped flying vehicle which landed in the river, drove over to shore, and opened. Easter came out. She married Nimrod the human king, and lead all humankind astray to this day. She has been the 'consort' or 'wife' to El since the death of Nimrod. Easter has always been very popular since she arrived.

The Sumerians were there first. They were the family of Noah, and recorded for us the arrival of the good and bad gods after the Flood. They considered An [Anu in Akkad] to be the Father of all, owner of heaven. His two 'eternal sons' were Enki and Enlil. Enki is also called E.A, which can be pronounced the same as Yah. Enki is believed by many to be: The Word of Yahwah; of which we read so much in the Old Testament. He is the good son, who Yahwah (An) the Almighty Father put his name into. En means: LORD. Lil became 'il became El became God in later languages. Enlil IS the LORD God! Enlil is the deity worshipped in later days as: Zeus.

King of kings, Lord of lords, and The God of the gods. In order to be The God, the main strongest god of all the gods, you have to be A god. The God is: a god. Yahwah is not: a god. Yahwah created: the gods. The God is not: Yahwah! It is the main god, also known as: the Devil, and Satan. In order to be The Lord of lords, you have to be a god. So The Lord is also: The God. How could it be otherwise? Hence, we now call him: The Lord God. This is the English way of saying: En.Lil. The Lord God is the enemy of the human race.

Enlil has many other titles, such as "Supreme being", "Bull of heaven", "King of gods and men", and "King of heaven and earth". If you have been reading this book from the beginning, I know you have heard of Zeus. Zeus has many titles, such as "Supreme being", "Bull of heaven" (Taurus), "King of gods and men", and "King of heaven and earth". Furthermore, the modern Lord God has many titles, such as "Supreme Being", "King of gods and men", and "King of heaven and earth". Do you see Zeus and Enlil are the same being? Though he calls himself the creator of all, he is not. Though people call him 'the supreme being', he is not.

En.Lil is the enemy of mankind. The ancient Khmer civilization in Cambodia spent a millenium slaving away in the name of: Shiva. They built cities, and they fought numerous vicious wars. Many human beings died because of: Shiva. The Hindu god Shiva has been called Satan by many people before me. So it is to En.Lil the wars are fought, the blood is shed, the gold is stolen, and the temples are built. Today in America it is still the same, we keep building and fighting for: the Lord God (who is: Satan). All this terrible wasting away of humanity is to prevent us from finding the name of: YHWH. Later, that same Khmer civilization found: Buddha. He taught them: self-less-ness (instead of: self-ish-ness). Greed disappeared. They became passive, stopped fighting, soon stopped building, began obeying Yahwah's Law of Love, and then their civilization declined to nothing.


I personally do not like to use the title: Enki. We have to be very careful about the reports we get regarding: Enki and Ea. Many automatically think of Ea when they see the title Enki, and accuse Ea of bad things. But through nearly all human history the title Enki has belonged to: Enlil. En.Ki is the Lord of the Earth. It used to be: Ea. But Adam gave the title to: Enlil. So when we read bad things about Enki, it is certain to really be about: Enlil. Even when we read bad things about Ea, the author might be seeing Enki, and using the name Ea when it is really Enlil. This confusion is in addition to the lies Enlil tells us in order to cause ignorance and confusion.

Consider it this way, please: When Noah got off the ark, all eight of the humans on the earth believed firmly in Yahwah, who they called: An. The early Sumerians were in no doubt about Noah and his ark. Noah, Shem, Ham, and Yahphet were alive at the time. They could go up in the mountain and visit the ark. At some point in time that changed, now people believe in Satan. The demons won out, the Sumerians built the Tower of Babel.

The Book of Genesis tells us Yahwah gave dominion of the earth to Adam. Adam rejected Yahwah and submitted his dominion to Satan. Enki means: Lord of the Earth. Enki had the authority then to give the dominion to Adam. Adam chose to follow and obey the Lord God, thereby giving Enlil the dominion of the earth. So Enlil became Lord of the Earth instead of Enki, and he refused to let go. Dominion was removed from him and given to Noah. Noah's children chose to bow to Enlil, the LORD God, giving him dominion again. And there we are.

So how did Satan get in power? He was running around talking to people, he had to tell them some lies. Maybe it went something like this: "Yahwah? Yeah, he's one of us. I'm his boss. Don't bother with him, don't listen to him, we'll take care of him." And of course Satan had to have a lie to counter the obvious fact of creation: "We evolved into being on a planet we call Nibiru. Here on earth evolution proceeded to the point of the Neanderthal. We combined our genes with Neanderthal to create humans."

See? Two big lies, which are still working today! Evolution by accident instead of creation by Yahwah. Not just on one planet, but on two. And of course the other biggie today: aliens from another planet are here on earth! AAHHH! We're all gonna die...

Zecharia Sitchin was the first to draw attention to the late Sumerian beliefs, and I think he did a good job of it. Unfortunately many people are now becoming believers in the later Sumerian religion. This is the religion Satan provided. When the Tower was destroyed, Nimrod and others continued speaking that Sumerian language, the language Adam spoke. So they stayed in Sumer, only now they called it: Babylon. There in Babylon they worshipped Nimrod, Enlil, Easter, and "the gods" supposedly from Nibiru. Enlil stole away the title: En.Ki (Lord of the Earth). An and Ea were rejected.

The Sumerians recorded the appearance of Satan and his demons on earth IN PERSON, and the stories/lies they told (Epic of Gilgamesh, Enuma Elish, Eridu Genesis, etc). The Sumerians did not want to believe in Yahwah, because he always demands that you keep his commandments. They decided to go with Satan and his bunch, who don't care much about any commandments. When Revelation speaks about Babylon, it is speaking about whoever worships the Lord God, Easter, evolution, and so forth.

But there is a bunch of evidence proving the gods were here interacting with humans in person. Just head on over to Egypt. Their ancient temples and so forth have lots of hieroglyphics showing gods and humans together. The gods are normally shown twelve to fourteen feet tall, the humans half that or less.

Babylon was worship of Nimrod and his wife Semiramis. And it still is! Nimrod's birthday and Mithras' birthday and the day of the sun are the same, December 25. Semiramis is more popularly known by her other name: Ishtar. Christmas and Easter. Nimrod was a man. His wife was a real god. After he died he was supposedly made into a god, then came back and impregnated Semiramis. She gave birth to a god, named Tammuz. Then they said Tammuz is the reincarnation of Nimrod. This Tammuz is also known as: Jesus Horus Christ. Babylon is the worship of these gods.

So imagine you're Satan/Enlil and you need some lies to tell people who know the truth. You cannot deny Noah or his ark, so you have to downplay it with wild stories that seem to provide even more details. Those are the stories the later Sumerians wrote down, and which passed to us.

Creation by Yahwah was not completely denied, since it was ingrained into everyone's conciousness, so it was reduced to a science experiment by an alien from another planet. The bad Anunnaki say E.A was one of them, and is the one who messed with the caveman genes to make humans. Humans are a GMO: genetically-modified organism. But that whole story does not make sense. If it is hard enough to explain how evolution began (and then progressed) in the face of entropy, the Anunnaki said it happened twice. They evolved on one planet, while we independently came into being and evolved on another.

Check it out. The Anunnaki said they created humans by blending the Neandertal with themselves, because they needed slaves for their gold mines. Well, folks, the Neanderthal were big primates, very strong muscles and bones, and big brains. The Neandertal were primates like monkees and apes, different from humans. That does not make sense. If you wanted a slave you would not take away those muscles and bones, and replace them with the fairly fragile human being. You would want a powerful animal with a minimum of intelligence. We are weak and brittle animals, but we are smart enough to conquer you. The Anunnaki supposedly needed miners for their mines. Why would the Anunnaki want weakling humans as miners? It would have been better to keep the Neanderthal as they were.

When the Nibiru story is examined, it falls apart. Which is what every lie does. I believe the whole Nibiru thing is a lie Satan devised to cover up the truth. Satan created evolution and aliens-from-another-planet at the same time. It is how he tricked Noah's grandchildren. I am sure there is no planet called: Nibiru.

The Nibiru story seems crazy to me. If they are gods, why do they mine gold? They should just will it into existance, if they are gods. They say they evolved into existance on this planet Nibiru, but now they can not live there unless they take our gold. Something drastic must have changed on Nibiru, something out of their control, or it does not make sense. If they are gods, why don't they just move their planet to a more happy place? If they are gods, why do they need a planet at all?? Maybe they are just demons who are lying to us.

Sitchin says the Annunnaki used nuclear weapons on earth long ago. Why? If they were really a space-faring civilization they would know to use asteroids to bomb each other. That way there is no radiation cloud. Maybe all that Nibiru stuff was a lie, told to humans by Enlil.

And so let us contemplate Psalm 82. Once upon a time the scriptures recognised the difference between God and Yahwah. Then some God-lover went through and changed all the Yahwah references to God. Then someone went through to restore it, and changed all the God references to Yahwah. That has been going back and forth thousands of years now (I am also guilty). Clearly that leads to big mistakes. Sometimes the book said Lord God, sometimes it said Yahwah. For scripture to be understood correctly, we must sort out the different identities correctly. Was it Enlil who gave the hundred-twenty-year warning, and who sent the Flood, as in the Gospel of the Essenes? Now Psalm 82 is understandable.
Psalm 82 A Psalm of Asaph.
1 - God [Enlil] stands in the congregation of the gods. He judges among the gods [elohim, anunnaki]. -
2 [Ea challenges God:] How long will you [Enlil] judge unjustly, and respect the persons of the wicked? Selah 3 Judge the poor and fatherless. Do justice to the afflicted and destitute. 4 Rescue the poor and needy. Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.
5 [An says to Ea:] They [the gods] do not know, neither do they understand, they walk to and fro in darkness. All the foundations of the earth are shaken.
6 I [Ea] said [to the congregation]: You are gods, all of you sons of the Most High [An]. 7 Nevertheless you will die like men, and fall like one of the princes [men]. 8 Arise, O Father [An], judge the earth. For you inherit all the nations.
Look in your bible at Exodus 6:2-3. Does it say: God said to Moses, I am the Lord? A catholic bible has El Shaddai, meaning: God Almighty. This verse has been translated many different ways, showing how much trouble they have with it. This has always been a problem-verse for translators, how do we distinguish reality? Same with Genesis 17:1. Clearly, the winner re-wrote the history book. What did it originally say? The name Yahwah was already given at Exodus 3:15 as the Father of Abraham, and deity of Moshe. An is what the family of Noah called the Father, the Creator of all. Enlil the liar says himself and Ea are sons of An, but the bible says they are his creation.

Enlil the Adversary, the king and God of this world, simply put his name in there: Lord God, El. Abraham was alive in Sumer, according to the dates in Genesis. Abraham was a Sumerian, his father was the priest, and sold idols for the king: Nimrod. Abraham spoke Sumerian, and saw the Tower of Babel being built. Abraham knew Noah and Shem, so he would have known the name: An. Yahwah is a Hebrew word, and Hebrew did not exist. Perhaps the following would be a truer rendition of this mystery verse?
Exodus 6:2 An spoke to Moshe, and said to him: I am Yahwah. 3 I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Yaacob, as: An Almighty. I was known to them by my [Sumerian] name: An.

And so the gods returned to earth after Noah's Flood. The good gods came to teach medicine and good things. The bad gods came to corrupt and destroy. The good gods came to lead us along the straight and narrow path to Anu/Yahwah. The primary goal of the bad gods is to lead us away from Yahwah, and down any other path. Now, how do you teach someone something? In person. The Sumerians were the first generations of people after the Flood. They were the ones who witnessed the gods coming down to earth, to humanity. They actually talked to these gods, and each major god was king or queen of a city. The gods lived here on the earth with humans, together. The name of the group of gods in the Sumerian language was Anunnaki, which means: "from heaven to earth". The Sumerian Anunnaki is the same as the Hebrew elohim.

Sometimes a god might want to go around un-noticed, and so might have the appearance of a normal human, or a bird. But sometimes a god would want to make it obvious that s/he is superior to all the puny humans, and so the god would do something a human could never do. The Egyptians and many other cultures drew and sculpted their gods with human bodies and animal heads. One god would have the head of an eagle, another an ibex, one a crocodile, one a dog, another a lion, etc. Maybe they are fourteen feet tall. Expect that these are real depictions, not symbolic. That is really what the god looked like, to a human. Or at least, that is the avatar the god dressed in when s/he came down from their dimension into ours. When you see an image of a god with some symbols floating above his or her head, realize that they could very well be real. Humans cannot make things float above their heads. Gods can.


Let me describe this dimension concept. When there are zero dimensions you have a point. One dimension is a line. Let us suppose the line passes through the zero dimension point. Since that line can be extended towards infinity on each side, we might say the point bisects the line. A zero-dimension person in his point cannot detect the line. A one dimension person can move along the line, but he does not need to intersect with the point. He could spend his entire existance on one side of the point.

If two perpendicular lines intersect at a point, they define a two dimensional plane. Either one of those lines can be said to bisect the plane, since the plane can extend in either direction towards infinity. Someone living in the two dimensional universe has to cross a line to get to the other half of that universe. Or he can stay forever on his half of the line. He can see the whole line in its entirety, or he can get close up and inspect a tiny part of the line. He can go from one end of the line, and then to the other, without having to pass through the point. He can go around the point, while a one dimensional person on the line cannot. While he is doing this the one dimensional people on the line can not have any clue to his existance. They will only see him if he crosses the line, and they only see the part of him which is in the line.

We live in three dimensions of space, so a two dimensional plane surface can be said to bisect our world. But now we can travel around the one dimensional line by leaving the two dimensional plane we had before. We can observe the two dimensions completely, from afar. Or we can close in and see the details. Neither the one nor the two dimensional people can see us, nor detect us in any way, because we are outside their universes. If we so choose, we can interact with them by travelling into that part of our universe which is also in their universe.

Consider now someone living in the fourth dimension of space. He can intersect (interact) with our three dimensional universe if he chooses. He can see it from a distance, or from close up. But he would have to go through it to get to the other side of his universe, because our universe bisects his. We would see him pop into our universe, and then pop out, like any of the other gods. We can only detect that part of him which is in our three dimensions, and only while he is here. We really can't even imagine where the fourth dimension is. We only know of it because we see gods going there.

But there is a clue, called the right angle. When you are in a point, if you travel off in the right hand direction, you have now defined a line. You are now traveling along the line, but if you turn ninety degrees and travel off in the right hand direction, you have now defined a second dimension, a plane. If you again turn ninety degrees from both of the two lines which define your plane, you again define a new higher dimension. In this case you now have three dimensions. Our three dimensions are defined by three mutually perpendicular lines. To get to the fourth dimension all you have to do is travel along one of those three lines, and then make a right angle turn onto the next mutually perpendicular line (perpendicular to the three we know of), whereever that may be.

How to turn right when you are already in the third dimension? Maybe you must rotate the object's properties, but not the object. We know the gods can do it to themselves just by thinking about it.

The fourth dimension is bisected by our three. Someone in the fifth dimension of space can go completely around our three dimensional reality without intersecting it. How would someone in the sixth space dimension describe our three dimensional universe? Perhaps when he sees us, it is like when we see the comic strip section in the local newspaper.

These upper dimensions do exist. There is no privacy here in our three, none whatsoever. You could have a big ugly demon staring you in the face right now, and not know it. You might as well figure Yahwah has already examined every past, present, and future detail of our universe. No doubt he looked at it in fast motion, slow motion, stop motion, and so forth. When you blink, he saw it many times. So whatever you do, and whenever you do it, you might as well know that Yahwah is sitting there in front of you, watching you (and behind you, and above and below you, on your right and on your left, all at the same time, all the time). And we know from scripture his malaks are watching your every move, for they are required to write your good deeds and your bad deeds in books which will be read on judgment day.

We have three dimensions of space - x, y, z - so we say 3D (three-dimensional). But you also move forwards in a dimension which we call time - t. So you exist in four dimensions, although you can only go one way in the time dimension. You turn on your television and the cartoons are on. The screen on your tv produces an image which is in two dimensions of space and one of time - x, y, t. The cartoon exists in three dimensions, one less than you. Let us say you want to interact with this cartoon. You notice that your three dimensions of space do not fit into the two dimensions of space in the cartoon, but the time dimension is the same.

For example, let us say you could stick your finger into the tv without damaging it. Pretend there is no hardware, just the image. The cartoon characters suddenly see a solid object appear out of nowhere. It is the part of your finger which is in those two dimensions. So the cartoon guy whips out his laser and burns the solid object away. It is now completely gone from his universe. He doesn't know where it came from, nor where it went to. You felt some pain, and removed your finger. You see that the tip of your finger is missing, so you walk around to the back of the tv, retrieve it, wash it, put on some antibacterial lotion, stick the tip onto the rest of your finger, wrap it in a bandaid, and wait for it to heal. That is the worst thing the cartoon characters in their 2D cartoon land can do to you. They have no conception of who you are, what you are, or anything else about you - except for that sliver that was in their two dimensions of space.

Indeed, your avatar does not have to be part of yourself. You could use your fancy-schmancy light-pen to draw a cartoon character of your own into the cartoon. That way no part of you ever touches the same two dimensions the cartoon is in. That way, there is absolutely no possible way for those 2D characters to ever harm you. You simply do not exist in their universe.

So you decide to try again, you think those cartoon guys are funny and you just want to say "HI!". So you wrinkle up your finger and stick it back in. Now it looks like one of them. They see it. By wrinkling your finger back and forth you can keep changing your 2D character in time, and you have joined with the cartoon. This character you create to represent you in another reality is called an avatar. It is as much of you as can be stuffed into those two dimensions of space. Which means it is only a tiny piece of you. The cartoon characters interact with your avatar. It is composed of that part of your fingertip which is in their universe.

So what I am telling you is that the gods live in dimensions higher than ours, perhaps five dimensions of space and two of time. We interact with their avatars. Yahwah lives in the highest dimensions. We interact with that part of Him which fits into our three dimensions.
Secrets of Enoch 1:1 There was a wise man, a great artificer, and Yahwah conceived love for him and received him, that he should behold the uppermost dwellings and be an eye-witness of the wise and great and inconceivable and immutable realm of Yahwah Almighty 10 Have courage, Enoch, do not fear; the eternal Yahwah sent us to you, and lo! You shall today ascend with us into heaven.
In Secrets of Enoch, Enoch was given a tour of the heavens. The first malaks take him to the Seventh Heaven and leave him. Maybe only the archmalaks are capable of traveling to higher dimensions. So they come and take Enoch up to the Tenth Heaven, where Yahwah's throne is. That is where Satan thought he could rise up to. Isaiah 14:13 I will exalt my throne above the stars [malaks] of Yahwah; 14 I will make myself like the Most High. Secrets Of Enoch 29:3 And one [Satan] from out the order of angels [malaks] conceived an impossible thought, to place his throne higher than the clouds above the earth, that he might become equal in rank to My [Yahwah's] power.

But even that is probably not all of the "glory" (dimensions) of Yahwah. At the most, all Satan can do is cut off His fingertip. So now we get a clue. In the scriptures, there are levels of heavens, and each one sounds like a new dimension. Some modern scientists very seriously believe there must be ten or more dimensions. Apparently Enoch went up from our three dimensions another ten dimensions. Yahwah's throne would be in the fourteenth dimension, then. But what king has his throne in his private room? None. The throne is in a semi-public area. There are many other beings in the dimension where Yahwah's throne is, so that cannot be the highest dimension of all. The king has inner chambers. So we should expect that Yahwah actually exists in dimensions higher than the fourteenth. There has to be a level where only Yahwah can go, and no one else.

Imagine if you had four dimensions of space and two dimensions of time. We know that the person in the fourth dimension can see the first three dimensions in their entirety. Like when a 3D person reads a 2D book, he can see every part of the page at once, and read whatever pleases him. The same should be true of time. Someone who lived in two dimensions of time should be able to see humanity's entire one dimensional timeline at a glance. He should be able to stick his finger in at any point of time he chooses. We can only go forward in time, but someone in the second time dimension could also move backwards and sideways. We humans in the first time dimension can remember the past, but we can't go back there. Someone in the second time dimension could go back and re-live the past over and over. Or go back to his favorite point in time, and go sideways from there, which means he would be living in that moment forever. And what if someone lived in three dimensions of time? We can hardly imagine. He should be able to stick his finger in for a moment, and decide if we experience it for millenia or a moment.

When astronomers finally detect and account for the other dimensions of our universe, they will not need any stupid Dark Matter, nor any stupid Dark Energy, nor any Big Bang. It is true there is a large part of the universe we can not see. We can not see the origin of the vast amount of negative-entropy which exists.

So now we can understand some of what we read in the scripture. For example: 2 Samuel 22:10 He bowed the heavens, and came down. Psalms 144:5 O Yahwah, bow your heavens, and come down. John 1:51 You will see the heaven opened, and the malaks of Yahwah ascending and descending. Luke 4:5 is where Satan showed Yahshua "all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time". Now it is obvious. The three-dimensional human was taken up to at least the sixth dimension: from where he could see all of the world, and all of the history of the world, at a glance. He could see you, and at the same time he could see someone thousands of miles away and thousands of years in the past. Before Moshe died he was shown something similar. So were Abraham and many prophets. The two Books Of Enoch both contain numerous fascinating descriptions of going into higher dimensions. The Messiah seemingly referred to the higher dimensions in John 7:34 You will seek Me, and will not find Me. Where I am, you cannot come.

Genesis 10:25 And unto Eber were born two sons. The name of one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided, and his brother's name was Yoktan.
There is debate regarding what was divided. Peleg was five generations down from Noah. The genealogy is:  Noah; Shem; Arphaxad; Salah; Eber; and then Peleg. The years are given, so it is known that Peleg was born 101 years after the flood, and he lived 239 years. So he died 340 years after the Flood. Noah died 350 years after the Flood.

Now, what was divided?

Some say it was the division of people due to the confusion of languages (and perhaps the introduction of races) at the Tower of Babel. In Genesis, we read about the Tower Of Babel right after we read about Peleg (Genesis 11:1-9). The Tower was built by Nimrod, son of Cush, son of Ham, son of Noah. There are many descendents of Noah named in Genesis, but there are most likely many more not named. Since daughters are not named or numbered, it is possible that there were also more sons that were not named. Perhaps only the important descendents are named. It is possible that is enough people to build the Tower of Babel and populate all the cities described. There could have been a quarter of a million people living in Sumer at the time of the Wind Flood, or more. So each major city could have had tens of thousands of people. (Later, in Exodus we learn that about six dozen Israelites moved to Egypt, and 430 years later there were over a million of them.)

It is said that all the people lived in a plain in the land of Shinar. So these cities would have been next to each other. Apparently Nimrod began the first anti-Yahwah religion after Noah's flood. He drew all or most of the people away from Yahwah. Since Nimrod was three generations down from Noah, and Peleg was five, there was time for Nimrod to do his evil deeds before Peleg was born. So the division of the people's language and cities by Yahwah seems the most likely explanation. Division of the languages could have also led to the different races through subsequent inbreeding, such as dark-skinned (sons of Ham), light-skinned (sons of Shem are the semitics, which include the Israelites and the Arabs), caucasian and oriental (sons of Yapheth). There was definitely a division of the peoples:  Genesis 11:8 says: So Yahwah scattered them abroad from there upon the face of all the earth.

The Cave Of Treasures says: And in the days of Peleg all the tribes and families of the children of Noah gathered together, and went up from the East. And they found a plain in the land of Senar [Shinar SNR/Sumer SMR]. And in the days of Peleg the Tower which is in Babel was built, and there the tongues of men were confounded. And from that place they were scattered over the face of all the earth; and that place was called "Babel" ("Confusion"), because tongues were confounded there. And after the division of tongues Peleg died in great sorrow, and with tears in his eyes and grief in his heart, because in his days the earth was divided.

The other division believed by some is the division of the continent. Perhaps, Peleg is named after both of these events. Or rather, both events are the same event. Peleg died only 340 years after Noah's Flood. At this time the continents were most likely still somewhat pliable and prone to cracking. One could assume the Earth was still unstable. So if Peleg's event relates to a sea-floor spreading event where a continent cracked, it was probably not the Americas splitting off of Africa/Eurasia as some say. In that time there were few people, and they probably did not even know of the Americas. So the spreading most likely was smaller and in an area that they were familiar with. Someplace near the plain in the land of Shinar. The separation of Africa from Eurasia is a good candidate, like if the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea both formed in a single event. Genesis states that it was the "earth" that was divided. In the scriptures, "the earth" is normally a reference to the planet we live on, and "the world" is the human environment. Based on that, the division was probably a geographic one.

Another thing to consider is that Noah's Flood initiated the Ice Age. Around Peleg's time the air had been clearing of soot and dust, and once again the sun came on strong. So the Ice Age had to come to an end. And when it ended the ocean would have been filled back up with water. That could have caused the seas between Asia, Africa, and Europe to fill up, thereby dividing the continents from each other. The land-bridges would have been drowned, and perhaps the Black Sea and even the Mediterranean Sea were formed at this time.

Chapter Eight of the Book of Jubilees notes that it was the division of the land by the sons of Noah, when each claimed a part of the land for himself and his sons. Then in Chapter 10 it states that Peleg was already alive when the Tower of Babel was being built.

The Book of Jasher agrees it was both things, the division of the world of men, and a division in the earth the men lived on. 7:19 These are the generations of Shem; Shem begat Arpachshad and Arpachshad begat Shelach, and Shelach begat Eber and to Eber were born two children, the name of one was Peleg, for in his days the sons of men were divided, and in the latter days the earth was divided.

The crustal spreading event in Peleg's day was most likely the opening of the Red Sea, dividing Asia from Africa. This might have also involved opening the Mediterranean Sea, at least the east end of it. Then there was another event soon after, in Abraham's day. You heard of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. When Abraham and Lot split up, Lot chose the plain of the Yordan (Jordan) River, called: the Valley of Kings. It was well-watered like a paradise, and plenty of room (Genesis 13:10). In those days there was no Dead Sea, the area was above sea level. The Yordan River flowed through a large plain, and then down the valley now called the Wadi Arabah, through the Gulf of Aquaba, and finally into the Red Sea.

The earth cracked along the River and spread apart there, now called the Jordan Rift Valley. The whole valley sank well below sea level as it spread open. Instead of a nice plain, now we see the Dead Sea. The cities are now covered in sulphur and rocks. When a crack like that opens it spews magma and rocks all along the crack. The Arabah is now dry. The Gulf of Aquaba was likely a lot smaller before the event, if it even existed (maybe just a coincidence, the mouth of the Gulf of Aquaba is where Moshe later parted the Red Sea, and the people passed). This crustal spreading event continues at a slower pace today. The same overall rift system has opened cracks in the ground in Ethiopia in 2005, and in Kenya in 2018.


It is interesting that when the bad gods first came to earth, right after the Flood, they claimed to be aliens from another planet! That is the same lie they are using to this day. The Sumerian gods are called the Anunnaki, from the planet Nibiru, which orbits the sun in a long elliptical orbit. Conveniently for the story, Nibiru is currently as far from the sun as it can get, which is way way beyond Pluto, and therefore invisible from earth. Or perhaps it is invisible because it does not exist?

The bad gods also provided the evolution lie, which still works wonderfully for them to this day. Supposedly, evolution created life and this race of gods on Nibiru; and also evolution independently created life and evolved it up to the point of the Neanderthal "cave men" on earth. The Anunnaki (gods) came to earth to mine our gold. They didn't want to do the work, so they used genetic manipulation to combine their genes with those of the Neanderthal. Neanderthal's turned into humans. The gods created us as slaves, supposedly. Human's are GMO's, they say (genetically-modified organisms).

Is this whole "aliens from another planet" ploy a carefully planned attempt to kill Yahshua Messiyah [Jesus Christ] when He returns to the earth? Satan knows every eye will be able to look up and see Him returning (Revelation 1:7 for example) at His "second coming". So Satan comes here first, and says: "We're the good aliens. The bad aliens are coming soon. We will give you technology, and help you destroy them." So he points to Yahshua, and all the world's human armies gather together with the supposedly "good" aliens, and they do battle against the Messiyah (Revelation 19:11-21).

It is interesting that the records we have discovered show the Sumerians most definitely did believe in a world-wide flood of water - Noah's Flood! After all, they could actually look up in the mountain and see Noah's ark sitting there. The people lived in the land of Shinar, which we call Sumer, and we call them Sumerians. These are the first generations of people after the Flood of Noah. The civilization of Sumeria collapsed because of the overthrow of the Tower Of Babel, the destruction of the cities of Sumer, and the dispersion because of the new languages. Nimrod stayed there, continued speaking Sumerian, and rebuilt his kingdom, but the nation became known as: Babylon.
Genesis 11:1 The whole earth was of one language and of one speech. 2 It came to pass, as they journeyed east they found a plain in the land of Shinar, and they dwelt there. 3 They said one to another: Come, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. They had brick for stone, and they had slime for mortar. 4 They said: Come, let us build us a city, and a tower whose top may reach to heaven. Let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. 5 Yahwah came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men built. 6 Yahwah said: Behold, they are one people, they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do. And now nothing will be withholden from them which they purpose to do. 7 Come, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech. 8 So Yahwah scattered them abroad from there upon the face of all the earth, and they left off building the city. 9 Therefore the name of it was called Babel, because Yahwah did there confound the language of all the earth, and from there did scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.


It is only in the last hundred years or so that archaeologists have recognised the existance of the highly-advanced civilization of Sumeria, which had a sudden and mysterious start and came to a sudden and mysterious end. This was the first civilization after Noah's Flood. The bible says the people settled in the land of Shinar, which is now called Sumer. So how and why did this civilization collapse so completely that it was hidden until very recently?

There is a book which answers the questions called: The Cave Of Treasures. It is validated by the Book of the Bee. It is an event which is dubbed: The Wind Flood. This most likely explains both the physical division of the earth in Peleg's time, and the mysterious destruction and fall of Sumer. This Wind Flood was accompanied by extreme wind, water floods, and earthquakes. There were whirlwinds (tornados?) and hurricanes much more powerful than anything we are accustomed to today, reportedly so strong they were capable of destroying mountains. Furthermore, the Book Of Yashar says the overthrow of Sumer and the destruction of the Tower Of Babel was accompanied by earthquakes and fire from heaven. What would you do if the wind was blowing at 800mph? At 100mph the wind picks up a tremendous amount of sand and dirt, and blasts you with it. At 800mph the wind would be carrying boulders and smashing them into things. Yes, the Wind Flood sounds like yet another comet impact into the earth, although a much smaller comet than the one which caused Noah's Flood. People in one area would experience flood, somewhere else they would get extreme wind and heat, somewhere else they would complain the loudest about all the molten rocks falling from space as the crater ejecta returned to earth (fire and brimstone).

The Wind Flood occurred in the days of Nahor, son of Serug, son of Reu, son of Peleg, son of Eber, son of Shelah, son of Arpachshad, son of Shem, son of Noah. Nahor was the grandfather of Abraham. Abraham was a resident of the city of Ur, in Sumer. Although we are not told it directly, it appears as if Yahwah warned Abraham to leave Sumer because of the coming judgment (Genesis 12:1). Sort of a smaller reenactment of Noah being saved from his Flood. In Sumer it was a common practice to sacrifice your children to devils (the demons of Satan, which they called: Anunnaki). They also began to worship idols, do astrology, kill humans, capture other humans for slaves, and eat blood. Just generations after Noah's Flood, the world had already rejected Yahwah again, as a result of the evil of Nimrod, Enlil, and Easter. Right before the Tower Of Babel incident, we read:
Yasher 9:19 and all that generation forgot Yahwah, served gods of wood and stone, and rebelled all their days. 20 King Nimrod reigned securely, and all the earth was under his control. All the earth was of one tongue and words of union.
Sumerian cuneiform inscriptions say Nabonidus (Nimrod king of Babylon) displeased the gods, and they made manifest their anger by making the storm wind to blow, and that the cities of Erech (Uruk) and Nippur were destroyed by a wind storm. Nippur was the headquarters of the god called Enlil (EN.LIL, the LORD God), who was the brother of Ea. Anu, Enlil, and Ea were the three Eternal Gods according to the early Sumerians, later Sumerians implied Enlil and Ea were sons of Anu. Enlil later usurped the authority of Ea (at least, in the eyes of the Sumerians), such as the title: En.Ki, Lord of the Earth. When people followed Enlil, Ea responded by punishing them. The LORD God's city was especially selected for destruction.

This Wind Flood might have been a regional event on the earth. First, most all of the people on earth lived in the same place, Sumer. So that is the only place that needed to be affected. Perhaps only a few hundred years after Noah's Flood the environment was still settling down. It might have been possible for a super-hurricane/tornado to form. A hurricane can definitely cause a water flood, with the 'storm surge' and rain. A hurricane strong enough to rend mountains would definitely be shaking the earth like crazy, everyone would talk about the earthquakes. But there is a good chance Yahwah always announces His judgments against the earth. First we get the prophets. Then we should see a comet approach the earth, that would be your last chance to repent. Then, BANG!

Yahwah despises the sacrifice of children, and the worshipping of idols. So He sent the Wind Flood upon the earth. It swept up all the idols and graven images, destroyed them, heaped them up in great piles, and covered everything with big mounds of dirt. As you can imagine, this destroyed the Sumerian civilization. All the buildings and houses would have been gone. Several cities were buried completely. Certainly this is the same windstorm with which Yahwah destroyed the Tower of Babel (Jubilees 10:26 The Master sent a mighty wind against the tower and overthrew it upon the earth. Behold, it was between Asshur and Babylon in the land of Shinar, and they called its name: Overthrow). Scripture says after that the place was called Babylon, which is fully in agreement with the result of modern archaeology.
The Book of the Cave of Treasures says: And in the one hundredth year of the life of Nahor, when Yahwah saw that the children of men were sacrificing their Sons to devils, and worshipping idols, He opened the storehouses of the wind, and the gate of the whirlwind, and a blast of wind went forth in all the earth. It uprooted the images, and the places where offerings were made to devils. It swept together the idols, and the images, and the pillared buildings in a heap, and piled up great mounds [of earth] over them; [and they are there] to this day. Now to this blast of wind learned men have given the name of: Wind-Flood. For these mounds came into being because of idols, and in them are buried all the idols of that time, and all the devils also who dwell in them are in these mounds, and there is no mound which has not devils in it.
And what do we see now? Modern scholars are in agreement that civilization began in Mesopotamia. That is where Sumer was. And when they go there to explore, they find large mounds of dirt, under which are ruins of cities, complete with their idols and so forth. Many of these ruins are the remains of the Sumerian civilization. Sure enough, the buried cities in the area are under mounds of dirt, called 'tells' in Arabic.

It sure looks like the Wind Flood is a fact of history. And so we might conclude the knowledge and the culture that was Sumer was repulsive to Yahwah. This includes their idols, which might include their technology. It obviously included the Tower of Babel. They had rejected the good gods, and what the good gods taught them. They accepted and practiced what the bad gods taught them. So Yahwah punished them, and told humanity to start over yet again. So Sumer became Babylon.


Perhaps after the Wind Flood another judgment was determined against the bad gods? Perhaps their involvement with humans was limited, and so after that they lived on mountaintops and interacted less frequently. Or less obviously. These gods live forever, relative to us. So they survive as human civilizations come and go. These gods who were experienced by the major ancient societies are none other than the malaks and demons mentioned in Jubilees Chapter 10.

If the Wind Flood is what downed the Tower of Babel, and that seems certain, it is also the other reason so many people left Shinar. It was destroyed. So they gathered together according to the new languages each now had, and they moved off to places like: Ireland, Russia, India, and China (Yaphet), Atlantis, Egypt, and Ethiopia (Ham), and Asia (Shem). So because of the collapse of civilization in Sumer, people spread out around the world. Everywhere they went, the gods followed.

The city of Ebla, Syria, was founded and built right after the fall of the Tower of Babel (about 5500 years ago). The Eblaites worshipped many of the known bad gods, such as: Ishtar (Easter), Dagan, Resheph, Kamish, Ba'al (Lord), Utu (Shamash the Sun God), Hadad, and more. They also worshipped: Ea (Ia). Apparently Yahwah came to the earth in person after the Flood of Noah had cleansed it of sin, and tried educating the people in The Way. But by the time of the Tower Yahwah had left the earth due to the corruption and sins of the people. Interestingly, the Eblaites called Jerusalem: Ye-ru-sa-lu-um.

Later cultures personally met and knew these gods, but gave them different names. And so it turns out that the gods of India, Egypt, Greece, and Rome must have been real beings, gods from a higher dimension than the three we live in. For example, most cultures each had a god for the sun, the moon, war, love, fertility, etc. They were the same gods, coming to visit and help create each layer of civilization of humanity throughout history. And, of course, the bad gods lead us into sin.

It was always a group of primitive peoples who claim 'the gods' came and taught them knowledge. India, Peru, Sumer, etc, etc. Each civilization had different names for each of the gods. The Mesopotamians had Utu, the Persians had Mithras, the Egyptians had Amen-Ra, the Hindu has Surya, the Greeks had Apollo, the Romans had Sol Invictus, and they were all the same 'God Of The Sun', who the christians still worship on Sun-God-Day (Sunday, the first day of the week). The different groups had different details and embellishments to the stories. But it is all based on literal fact. These people did physically interact with these gods. There were good gods who came to teach good things. And there are bad gods who, for some reason, Yahwah has given permission to corrupt and destroy. The Native Americans said there were 'good spirits' and 'bad spirits'.


When the Sumerians wrote down what was past history to them, the time before The Flood, they accepted the story given to them by the gods who were alive in the past. And those gods lied. They said they were aliens from another planet. They said they created humans, in a test tube, as slaves, to mine the earth (till the ground? Genesis 2:5 & 3:23). Neat story, eh? Today there are a lot of people who think it is historical fact.

And those gods are still giving humanity the same "aliens from another planet" routine, as well as the "evolution" routine, and every other lie humans are willing to listen to. Apparently they know they can baffle most of humanity with lies. It has been working for thousands of years.

The scoffers gleefully claim Moshe wrote Genesis. That is because they have a date for Moshe, and a date for the similar story from Sumer. They think they can discredit the bible, because the story from Sumer was recorded long before Moshe was born. It involves Gilgamesh, one-third human and two-thirds god. He interviewed Utnapishtim, the man who survived the Worldwide Flood. So the archaeologists say Moshe got the idea from Sumer. But it is obvious Genesis is a collection of very ancient writings edited by Moshe into one story. No doubt the inventors of the Gilgamesh tale also had these documents, or knowledge of them. In their day EVERYONE knew of: Noah's Flood.

Is the language of Shinar the original human language? The Cave Of Treasures says: And in the days of Peleg all the tribes and families of the children of Noah gathered together, and went up from the East. They found a plain in the land of Sen'ar, and they all sat down there. From Adam until this time they were all of one speech and one language.

The Sumerian language is a "language isolate", which means it belongs to no known language family, there is no closely related tongue previous to it. It is different from the Indo-European (e.g. English, Russian, Sanskrit, Persian, Latin, Greek, Hittite, Armenian, etc), Hamitic (e.g. Egyptian, Ethiopian, etc), and Semitic (e.g. Hebrew, Akkadian, Phoenician, and Aramaic) language families.

We do not know where the Sumerian language came from. Most likely, it is the language Yahwah taught to Adam. Noah would've brought the antediluvian language and writings, no doubt. And the Tower of Babel incident (where new languages were introduced) was the end of Sumer. After the Wind Flood it was called Babylon, and Nimrod was still the king (Jashar 11:1). The Sumerian language stayed in use thousands of years after the fall of the Tower. This is because it was considered a "high" or "sacred" language, and was used for scientific, religious, and ceremonial purposes.

So, please realise, it was the Sumerians who built the Tower of Babel. It was not built by Babylonians. When Yahwah destroyed the Tower of Babel [Tower of Confusion], the cities of Sumer were destroyed in the process. When civilization was restarted, that area was then called: Babylon. And there were new nations next door to it, such as Syria, Asshur (Assyria), Elam, and Akkad. And plenty of other new nations around the earth. Each of these nations had a new language. Those people whose new languages were based on Shem stayed nearby, such as Syrian and Akkadian. Based on the age of these civilizations, such as China and Syria, I estimate the Wind Flood occurred about five-to-six thousand years ago. For example, the city of Ebla, Syria, is about 5000 years old.

The word 'Babel' came to Hebrew from the Akkadian 'Babilu', which means: gate of God. Bab means: gate. Notice the -ilu in Babilu, and it is -el in Babel. In Akkadian they added a vowel to the end of the name, so 'Il became: 'Ilu. Ilu is El is: Enlil! Since babel means 'gate of God', and the God of this world is Satan-Enlil, then presumably the Tower of Babel was Satan's gateway into the world. Yes, babel is often said to mean: confusion. This definition must have come about later, after the Tower fell. Notice the word 'Babylon' is: bab-el-on. Babylon is also said to mean: gate of God. Babylon was Satan's country which existed where Sumer and the Tower of Babel used to be.

Can you fit all the different histories of the different human civilizations into a coherent whole? Yes. Add the scriptures (bible) to Sumer to Jubilees to Greek and Roman gods to Egypt to India to Atlantis to occult to astrology to Thoth to entropy to that empty grave, and what comes out is fascinating. You always hear that "the gods" are myths. But these ancient human civilizations were recording history in progress. They wrote down what they saw and experienced. There would not be such a large percentage of human civilizations which take the existance of gods as a matter of fact, unless gods WERE a matter of fact. The Greeks were not inventing mythology, they were recording reality. Gods were not a figment of their imagination, gods were real. And those gods are still real today!

Not all those in the form of men are men. You could elect a demon to President of the USA and not even know it.

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