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Welcome to the Book of Love, by Yahchanan

Would you be surprised if you discovered everyone in the world is lying to you? Your government, your schools, your news media, your religion, and even the bible! They are all lying to you. They only teach you what they want you to know. Do you want to know what they are hiding from you? Do you want to know the secrets of the universe?

Most people lead a very horizontal life. They see the body they are in, and the earth around them. They accept it for what it is. They do what seems best to them as they go around on the flat earth in their little worlds. Some occasional people look up and see there is a ladder. We climb. There is a light at the top. We want to get there. But there are many traps. Like when you finally learn how to turn lead into gold. If you reach out for the gold, you lose your grip on the ladder. You slip down. Maybe you let go of the gold, grab back on, and start climbing again. It is a test. If you insist on the greed, and reach with both hands, you fall off the ladder. So keep your eyes focused on the Light at the top. Settle for no less.

What is the most important goal in life? Do you want to be happy? You can be. It is so easy it is the first thing I will share with you. There is an old song called: "Love Can Make You Happy". And that is the whole secret.

Happiness is a state of mind. It can not be purchased. There are a lot of rich people who are unhappy. Some people are very poor, some people have a lot of serious problems with health or whatever, yet many of those people are the happiest around. Happiness is something you choose. You decide to be happy, and so you are.

Angry, hateful people are never really happy. Sure, they are laughing and clapping each other on the back after they beat you up. And you will feel a bit of misery from the experience. But who is truly happy within himself? It is he who has the word of LOVE running through his mind dozens of times a day. The happy man is he who keeps contemplating about LOVE, and the many different meanings it has to different people. The unhappy man is he who despises LOVE, because LOVE will destroy him. LOVE is one of the most important words in the universe. If you embrace LOVE, it will build up a force in and around you.

Jealousy, greed, anger, and bitter hatred tie your guts into knots, you become stressed and tense, the body tightens up, and the organs fail. Continuous anger brings death. Love allows relaxation, growth, and healing. Therein is a great secret which few doctors teach. If you give up anger and hatred your body settles down, organs can heal and last longer, and then you get a longer healthier life. Love and forgiveness brings bodily health, peace of mind, and happiness. Someone said the rich man envies the healthy man. Which do you want?

Around 4000 years or so ago there was a remarkable man named Balaam (ba-la-am). He was a successor to Terah as Nimrod's chief priest in the Temple of Babylon (the Pethor of Mesopotamia). This man had the power of accurate prophecy. Maybe he manufactured gold using magic. Balaam had the knowledge, and he had the power. Kings considered him their equal, or higher. He had the world in his hands. Balaam reached out for the gold with both hands, and grabbed on tight. He fell off the ladder, was punished by the Universe, crawled around in the dirt with a broken body, blinded in one eye, and died in disgrace.

Then there was also Balaam the son of Beor the magician, the son of Janeas, the son of Balaam the Peter of Mesopotamia. He cursed nations, and they were doomed. The whole nation took the first opportunity to implode and self-destruct. If he blessed you, blessed you were. He had the world in his hands. Balaam reached out for the gold with both hands, and grabbed on tight. He fell off the ladder, got chopped up by swords, and died in disgrace. The Jews claim after they found his body they further abused it by: strangling, decapitating, stoning, and burning.

Perhaps you have heard of King David, who built up the nation of Israel. He focused on the light at the top of the ladder, and mostly kept climbing. His son was Solomon. King Solomon was the wisest man of all time. He had knowledge, riches, glory, and fame. From being wise, Solomon became a fool. His mind was focused on his crotch. He fell off the ladder, tore down the nation, and died in disgrace.

Perhaps you have been told to keep an open mind, close your eyes, look deep into your soul, turn off your mind, step outside yourself, forget your name, set yourself free, forget the world, forget the people, let your mind go, let your thoughts stray, lay down all thought, surrender to the void, that sort of thing. It is bad advice! Terrible. The Native Americans knew what happens. If your mind is open, the bad spirits rush right in. Soon you are hateful, angry, and unhappy. Better to keep your mind focused on the good, all the time. If you want to be so happy you glow from within, keep LOVE in your mind. Climb to the light. Banish the bad spirits. Do not be like Solomon and the Balaams.
Love Can Make You Happy. Mercy

The beauty of life can only survive if we love one another. Tommy James

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. Abraham Lincoln

They couldn't prevent Jack from feeling happy. Pete Townsend
What is the most important word in the universe? More powerful than LOVE. Your schools didn't teach you. Your parents didn't teach you. Your friends didn't teach you. Your television didn't teach you. Your government didn't teach you. Your religion didn't teach you. Your bible didn't teach you. Since LOVE can do so much good for you, what could this other word do? Since LOVE can destroy you if you despise it, what would this other word do to you? Do you even want to know the word?

Balaam and his descendants knew how to use the Power of the Universe, but they abused the Power, so it destroyed them. If you wish for the Power of the Universe to be on your side, you should focus your mind and your being on: Love. Let Love motivate your every move and thought at all times. Seek Love. In all things let Love guide you. We know gold does not buy happiness, happiness only comes from Love.

Today we are bombarded by individuality slogans. Look out for number one. Predator or prey. He who dies with the most toys wins. Keep up with the neighbors. Private property. Do not enter. No tresspassing. Survival of the fittest. Only the strong survive. Dog eat dog world. Me generation. Claw your way up the ladder to success, stomp on whoever you have to. These sayings are designed to separate humans from each other. The bad gods use these slogans to give us a mind-set. Instead of cooperating we are now competing. That is bad for the human race. When you hurt someone, you hurt yourself.

Imagine how great this world would be if everyone was helping everyone, instead of all the fighting and suffering we have.

Did Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha teach we must give up our self-ness, our concept of being an independent being? One source of our suffering is our inherent desire to be an independent entity, with no one to answer to but ourself. But everything is connected. When we realise we are just equal parts of an overall everything, behavior changes, and we can reach nirvana. Eternal happiness. We are One with the All. Gautama Buddha was a human who found the Tree of Life and climbed it. Then he died by eating food prohibited in the bible as: unclean.

Gautama Buddha was teaching the Tenth Commandment: Do Not Covet. It is simple: do not desire that which belongs to another. And do not strongly desire more than you need. You cannot covet something unless you believe yourself to be a separate, individual entity. Coveting is self-centered thought. This thought pattern comes from the religion of: evolution. When you covet something which belongs to another you drive a wedge between the two of you. When you own more than you need, someone else is denied. Instead of being greedy and selfish, if everyone shared then everyone could have all they want.

Everyone struggles to be different, to have your own identity, to be your own person. You do the best you can with what you have available. You consider your self the good, and anyone you do not get along with as the bad. Since we are all different, we all become the bad in someone's opinion. That is the root of suffering! Hate and discontent follow naturally. Happiness goes someplace else. Love disappears. Enlil wins.

Welcome to my search for the real Universe. I'll take you where I am going. Maybe you will learn something, but I am no teacher, nor a preacher. I'm a seeker, always learning. Either you are growing, or, you are dying. Help me if you will, or follow along if you will. Here is where you find the ride I am on.

Are human beings any better than lemmings? Humanity is on an unstoppable suicidal head-first stampede into disaster. And they like it that way! Why join them? Popularity? I will give you the tools to rise above. Free.

If there is only one reality where we all live, why are there so many religions? The most likely explanation is that we human beings are being led astray by these religions. You will find I do not support any industrialized religion, only the reality they all diverged from.

If there is only one God, why are there so many religions? Muhammed wrote the Koran. Nobody cared much at first, but since then, wars have been fought because of it. Muhammed said the Jews got the Word first, but messed it up. Then the catholics had it, but they messed it up too. So he said God gave the Word to Abraham's other children, the Arabs. So I say they messed it up some more. Now what? Where is the reality they all diverged from?

Most people can't or won't agree with me. That is fine. Just try to understand what I say. Be exposed to it. And then, if you keep seeking, you will soon learn the things I am telling you. Just do not start at the end or the middle of the book, because you will be prejudiced, and not understand. Please try to debunk me if you think I am wrong. Get out a pad of paper and some pens. Just do not rely on the materials from your religion only. That is the best way for you, because you will convince yourself of the facts. When your own research and resourses cannot debunk me, then you can believe.

It's funny how we all live in the same universe, yet we all live in our own little worlds. Or maybe it's really not funny at all. Why do we not recognize the real universe? Since we all live in the same place, why do we all have different explanations for it? Is a dinosaur bone thousands of years old, or is it millions? Does death lead to nothing, fire, or, paradise?

Knowledge, true knowledge, that is the quest. What is the illusion? What is delusion? What is the lie? What is real? There is nothing more important than this. Do you want to go there? What if it is not what you think it is? What if it is not what you want it to be? Can you handle it? What if you realise you spent your whole life walking the wrong path? What if the path you chose was based on lies? And maybe now you have a family who expects you to behave a certain way, which you find is the wrong way. Can you turn around? Would you? Are you scared? You should be.

I also walked a number of paths before reaching this one. We are all still growing, we are all still trying to get there, or we might as well be dead. People are born into this nasty society which calls itself: civilized. You are expected to behave as told, to keep up, toe the line, do not question those who consider themselves the authority. If you slow down to doubt, or to think for yourself, you get run over, crushed, and thrown aside. Assumptions and presumptions do not always prove to be true. If it is you who has to die when it is your turn to die, should you first make sure you understand reality?

You can not read this book and remain the same. Something has to change. It is about you. Who you are, how you are, why you are, what you are, even where you are. It is what you have been looking for, but afraid to discover. Does death lead to: paradise, nothing, or Fire!?

Yahchanan's Lava Pit is possibly the most important website you will ever visit. Only the determined will reach the goal. Here is knowledge worth knowing. Worth more than money. I give it to you free, just insert it into your brain. I will be pulling together information from some ancient sources, including the bible. Although the bible is terribly corrupted it still contains gobs of great knowledge. Compare that to the secret knowledge of ancient mystery religions, and so forth and so on.

Prepare to read the most important book written in 1000 years. You are lucky to find it. It was being hidden from you by religions and by internet search engines and by some who have power and money. When you see the title of the first chapter of this book you might groan, and say: No, not that! But the question is crucial, that is why it is first, and that is why it is a long chapter. To discover reality, we must get past this question correctly. So please be patient, and enjoy the ride!

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        Cheers!   ~Yahchanan~

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