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This is Chapter 5 of the Book of Love, by Yahchanan

Who is the LORD God?

You see in the Book of Genesis where Noah's family moved off to Sumer, and built the Tower of Babel. They recognized three main gods. The Father of All is: An (Anu). We now call him: Yahwah Almighty. An (dingir) is also the Sumerian word for: universe. All of our universe is a part of An. His first son, the all-good, is Ea (Yah). In the Hebrew bible he is called: the Word of Yahwah. Ea's original title was En.Ki: Lord of the Earth. The other son, the all-bad, is: Enlil. In the Hebrew bible Enlil is also called: Lucifer, the devil, Satan, and Belial. Converted into English, En.Lil is: the LORD God!

The earliest Sumerians definitely believed in three main gods. An [Anu] was the Father of all. He seems the same as Father Yahwah Almighty from the bible. Anu is the Owner of Heaven. The Lord of the Earth was Enki. EN.KI means: Lord of the Earth. His name is: Ea. The third is Enlil, EN.LIL. The Sumerians said they were three eternal gods. An was the Father, while Enki and Enlil were the sons. Enki is the all-good, while Enlil is the all-evil son. This correlates to the biblical Yahwah the Almighty Father, the Word of Yahwah, and Satan. Yahwah Almighty put his name (Ea/Yah) into The Word (Exodus 23:20-21, etc). Satan is Enlil, who chose to be the adversary of Yahwah and Ea.

The Book of Genesis tells us Yahwah gave dominion of the earth to Adam. Adam rejected Yahwah and submitted his dominion to Satan. Adam chose to follow and obey the Lord God, thereby giving Enlil the dominion of the earth. So Enlil became Lord of the Earth (Enki) instead of Ea, and he refused to let go. Dominion was removed from him and given to Noah. Noah's children chose to bow to Enlil, giving him dominion again. And there we are.

The god known as EN.LIL was and still is a bad god. He is always hostile to humans. He is the self-professed enemy of humanity. He pretends to be a good, beneficient, compassionate god. He gives us technology and other useful knowledge. But he is a liar, THE liar, the father of the lie. He it is who came to earth and provided those two lies: evolution, and, aliens from other planets. The Sumerian EN.LIL is the Hebrew biblical Satan.

To me it looks like YHWH is the later Hebrew word for the Sumerian: An (Anu). Also AHYH is the later Hebrew for the Sumerian: Ea. Adonai El is the Hebrew translation for: En.Lil, Lord God. A slightly-mispronounced Hebrew transcription for Enlil is: Belial (aka: Bel). If I can show this is true, it proves the Lord God is NOT YHWH, and YHWH is NOT the Lord God. The Lord God is the Adversary: En.Lil, Satan!

Would that bend your mind?

The kabbalah Tree of Life shows all three. They explain it by saying all three are different emanations of the: Eternal All. To them Lord God is how the Infinite appears at some times, and Ea is how the Infinite appears at some times, and An is how the Infinite appears at other times. Always it is the same being, according to them. All things are made from the substance of the Infinite. They say that is why the plural form Elohim is correct.

They combined An, Ea, and Enlil into "One God" with the Shema (Deut 6:4), which every Jew is required to know and agree with. That's why they use the plural form: Elohim. They say it is three sides of One God. That is how they end up with such crazy ideas. YHWH says the year begins in spring, God tells them it starts in fall. So they combined all the conflicting commands and call it: Judaism. I say Elohim is actually three gods combined into one.

So we see something like Joel 2:27: I am Yahwah your Elohim, and none else. How to explain it? YHWH is one of the gods combined into the "One God" named: Elohim. To me it sounds like the lying pen of the scribes created new doctrine, and installed their own personal favorite (Lord God) as head of the religion, and the people let them do it. They keep worshipping God, and pretending they are worshipping YHWH. So then YHWH destroyed and ended his nation. That should tell us what YHWH thinks about people who worship God.

It has been said El comes from the Sumerian Enlil. Enlil was the bad god who was in opposition to Enki. Enki was the good god. Enki is also known as E.A. If we pronounce E.A as ee-ah, it sounds the same as yah, short for Yahwah. The Sumerians said there were three eternal gods. Anu was the father, and Enki and Enlil were the sons. This is very similar to the idea of Yahwah the Almighty Father, the Word of Yahwah, and Satan. The Almighty put his name into The Word. Satan is El, adversary of Yahwah.

Does this bend your version of reality? Satan the devil is also the same Lord God worshipped by most of the people of the earth. And worse: this is already public information which I am merely reporting, I have said nothing new. You could find this information on a few other websites before mine. The tragedy is that hardly anyone wants to know the truth!

If you think I am stretching the truth when I claim this is already public information, please see the Gospels of the Nazarenes 51:1-8 and Yahchanan (John, if you are looking in a christian Holy Bible) 8:32-45. 1990 years ago Yahshua said: your El (God) is the father of the lie. The Jews were worshipping Adonai El, same as they do today. Yahshua said El is not YHWH. Adonai El is the Lord God, and the Lord God is Satan, the father of the lie, a murderer, the hater of all mankind.

Whenever the Yisrayahites abandoned YHWH's name for 'Adonai' (the LORD), or 'Elohim' (God), or anything else, they were punished and evicted from the Promised Land (and from the Eternal Covenant). 'The LORD' is English for 'Baal', the worst of the evil Canaanite gods. 'God' is English for 'El', the name of the same Canaanite prime deity. The LORD God is what the Canaanites called the deity specifically, the one who was married to Easter. We read of Yahwah's opinion regarding the Canaanites and their deities in the books of Moshe. The problem starts in Genesis when Ham sodomises his father, who then cursed Canaan. So it must be repulsive to Yahwah to be referred to as 'God' and 'LORD'. Did you notice how all the christians teach you to pray to: the LORD God? Do you know Easter is an evil god? Please pay very close attention to this next verse:
Exodus 23:13 Take heed in all things I said to you. Make no mention of the names of gods, nor let them be heard out of your mouth.

Jeremiah 2:11 Has a nation ever changed its gods (and these not gods at all)? But my people have exchanged their splendor [YHWH] for what is worthless [God].

Jeremiah 22:8 Many nations will pass by this city [Yerusalem], and they will say every man to his neighbor: Why did Yahwah do this to this great city? 9 Then they will answer: Because they forgot the covenant of Yahwah their Father. They worshipped the gods, and served them.
Hey, let's look at this from the other direction. If they worshipped the deities of the Canaanites would that qualify as worshipping gods? Of course! Yahwah told them to destroy all that. Who did the Canaanites worship? Ba'al El (LORD God) and Easter. When the Israelites quit calling and using the name of YHWH, who did they call on? Adonai El (LORD God). And Judaism still worships LORD God to this day! And so does every christian!! Everyone is doing what they were ordered to not do. When Yisrayah eventually refused to call on the name of Yahwah, they became Israel instead. So Yahwah gave them up to a king who DID call on the name of Yahwah.
Isaiah 41:25 I have raised up one from the north, and he is come; from the rising of the sun one that calls upon my Name.

Jeremiah 25:9 Behold, I will send and take all the families of the north: says Yahwah. I will send unto Nebuchadrezzar the king of Babylon, my servant, and will bring them against this land,

Greek Ezra 1:48 After king Nabuchodonosor [of Babylon] made him [Zedechyah the king of Yahudah] to swear by the name of Yahwah, he [Zedechyah] forswore himself, and rebelled. Hardening his neck and his heart, he transgressed the laws of Yahwah, Father of Yisrayah.
Did you catch that? Zedechyah the king of Yisrayah refused to call on: YHWH. He insisted on worshipping the Lord God instead! That is why their nation was destroyed! After all that, the greatest kings of the Persian Empire: Cyrus, Darius, and Xerxes; all believed in: YHWH (as well as the other gods, true). Cyrus commanded the second temple to be built (Ezra 1:1-7, 5:13, 6:3). The others backed him up.
Isaiah 44:28 [YHWH] says of Cyrus: He is my shepherd, and he shall perform all my pleasure, saying to Yerusalem: You shall be built. And to the temple: Your foundation shall be laid. 45:1 This is what Yahwah says to his anointed [messiyah], to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him, to strip kings of their armor, and to open doors before him so that gates will not be shut.

Cyrus: Ezra 1:2 Thus says Cyrus king of Persia: All the kingdoms of the earth has Yahwah, the Father of heaven, given me. 5:13 But in the first year of Cyrus king of Babylon, Cyrus the king made a decree to build this house of Yahwah.

1Esdras 2:3 This says Cyrus king of the Persians: Yahwah of Yisrayah, the most high Yahwah, has made me king of the whole world, 4 and commanded me to build Him a house at Yerusalem in Yahudah.

Darius said: Ezra 6:7 let the work of this house of Yahwah alone; let the governor of the Yahudim [Jews] and the elders of the Yahudim build this house of Yahwah in its place. 12 and Yahwah, who has caused His Name to dwell there, overthrow all kings and peoples that shall put forth their hand to alter the same, to destroy this house of Yahwah which is at Yerusalem. I Darius have made a decree; let it be done with all diligence.

Xerxes: Ezra 6:14 And they builded and finished it, according to the commandment of the Father of Yisrayah [Israel], and according to the decree of Cyrus, and Darius, and Artaxerxes kings of Persia. 7:1 in the reign of Artaxerxes king of Persia, 6 this Ezra went up from Babylon: and he was a ready scribe in the torah of Moses, which Yahwah, the Father of Yisrayah, had given. The king granted him all his request, according to the hand of Yahwah his Father upon him. 11 Now this is the copy of the letter that the king Artaxerxes gave unto Ezra the priest, even the scribe of the words of the mitzwah of Yahwah: 12 Artaxerxes, king of kings, 13 I make a decree, 15 and to carry the silver and gold, which the king and his counsellors have freely offered unto the Father of Yisrayah, whose habitation is in Yerusalem, 21 And I, even I Artaxerxes the king, do make a decree 23 Whatsoever is commanded by the Father of heaven, let it be done exactly for the house of the Father of heaven; for why should there be wrath against the realm of the king and his sons? 24 servants of this house of Yahwah, 26 And whosoever will not do the law of your Father, and the law of the king, let judgment be executed upon him with all diligence 27 Blessed be Yahwah, the Father of our fathers.

1Ezra 7:4 They finished these things by the commandment of Yahwah Father of Yisrayah, with the consent of Cyrus, Darius, and Artexerxes, kings of Persia.
Yahwah caused the idolatrous Israelites to be killed, or dragged them into captivity and killed most of them there. Only a few were left over, those who called on Yahwah by NAME. So then he allowed those to go back into Yisrayah and start a new nation. But before long, their descendants quit calling on Yahwah, and turned to the Lord God again. So says Jeremiah 2:11. So Yahwah brought in the Romans, and once again ended the nation.

Today, we have a world which refuses to call on Yahwah by name. Billions are calling on God, the LORD, Allah, Buddah, Krishna, and Jesus Christ. And so very soon Yahwah will send a new king, one who does call on the name of Yahwah. His name is Yahushua (pronounced: yah-sh-wah, meaning: YHWH-saves). He was here on the earth two thousand years ago. Do you know of any nations who worship: the Lord God? Their remaining time on earth is short. Yahushua will come back to conquer and kill all those God-worshippers.

The Lord God is the self-professed enemy of all humankind. In the Dead Sea War Scroll we read about the Dark and the Light. They are evenly matched, and the fight goes back and forth during human history. Eventually the Father Yahwah steps in and ends the fight. It is clear from the details, the leader of the Darkness is none other than En.lil. The good side is lead by the god known as: Ea.

Christians are God-worshippers. Jews are God-worshippers. Muslims are Allah-worshippers. They all claim to follow the same God of Love. But God teaches them: anger, hatred, and warfare. Then God pushes them together and tells them to kill each other! They each say: Join my religion or you must die! Is that any way for humans to behave? Would humanity be better off if everyone loved everyone? YHWH beats the Lord God every time.

Did you really think GOD is the Supreme Being of the entire universe? Why? Because that is what everyone else says to you? He is not! Do not join that religion. Currently he is the Supreme God in the assembly of the gods, but that will be changing. Whenever the gods convene an assembly, there is no reason for An to be there since he is not a god. The main God in the council is: Enlil. He is the strongest and the bully. He is Lord of the Air (en.lil) and also Lord of the Earth (en.ki). So he out-ranks everyone else, even Ea.

El and God are similar in meaning because they are the same being. El and God are the same word in different languages. So where does 'El' come from? I have found the information difficult to come by. The devil (Enlil) has been hiding and burying the facts for millenia. We know the name Enlil is Sumerian. En comes into English as Lord.

Go to wikipedia's EL (God)(deity) page, they give many ancient-language versions of El except the Sumerian original: Lil. They are hiding the origin of the word: El. Notice El is spelled: 'El. The apostrophe most likely stands for a missing letter, that's how we do it in English. I am convinced the missing letter is: L. 'El is 'Il in some languages, 'El in others, and 'AL in some (like Hebrew). A couple languages add the ah sound to make it Allah, like the Arabic 'Ilah. The Akkadians liked a vowel at the end. They turned An into Anu, and 'Il (El) into 'Ila (Allah). All these languages got 'El from the same source, and that source has to be: Sumer. Sumerian was the original language, the only language existing before the Tower of Babel fell down. 'El is: LIL! En.Lil is: the Lord God.

Notice Zeus is Dios in some languages, and Dios is God. Zeus is the God of the Sky, and that is the definition of Enlil also. Zeus is Enlil is El is God. In the council of the gods Zeus-Enlil was the boss, the mightiest and strongest. He was stronger than Ea because Adam made Enlil into Enki, Lord of the Earth. So Enlil was Lord of the Earth and of the Sky, both. Enlil is the Mighty One among the gods. He answers to An only, no one else.

On pg 694 Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia says: El was the name of the "high god" or head of the Canaanite pantheon. On pg 702 it says: Baal was the "most important god of the Canaanite pantheon". He is also associated with the goddess Asherah. An Asherah is an Easter idol. Easter was the wife of El in Sumer. And to this day Xmas (God) Day and Easter Day are the two most important days on our christian calendar. This information is freely and widely available from any honest non-christian material. Christian materials usually try to obscure the truths.

Many nowadays try to say Baal was the son of El, and they are two separate gods. But that can not be. The Lord and The God have to be one and the same, as they are today. Baal and El are the same god, even though we are usually told Baal is the son of El. It was Baal Hadad who was his son, hadad means: son of.

They called the main God of all the gods: the Lord God. And we still call him that today. It should be obvious that to be the King of kings, you are a lord. And to be The Lord of all the lords, you have to be a god, since some gods are also lords. So The God of all the gods is also the King of kings and Lord of lords. That particular title was always attributed to Zeus. Zeus is the Lord God, the husband of Easter. Zeus claims to be the supreme God of the universe. The Canaanites said El (Zeus) is the Supreme Being of the universe. The christians of today still worship him.

In Sumer they had a man called Nimrod who was the king, and the leader of the bad religion. He was the husband of the evil goddess known as: Easter. When he died Easter claimed he returned as a god and impregnated her with a son who is also a god. That son is Tammuz, who later became known as Nimrod when he married his mother. Tammuz is a god, and he is the husband of Easter. When Sumer became Babylon they continued this worship, calling Tammuz: God. The Jews were heavily into worship of Baal El and Easter at most points of their history, including now. The Roman Catholics continue it to today. That is why the book of Revelations refers to the Roman Catholics as: Babylon.

Yahwah has a verified habit of crushing and wiping out all nations who worship the LORD God and Easter. He even did it to Israel. He promised to do it again. Do you know of any nations who worship the LORD God and Easter? Their life on earth is ending.
Exodus 23:24 Do not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do after their works. Overthrow them utterly, and break their pillars in pieces. 25 Serve Yahwah your Father. He will bless your bread, your water, and I will take sickness away from the midst of you. 32 You will make no covenant with them, nor with their gods. 33 They will not dwell in your land, unless they make you sin against me. If you serve their gods [The LORD God and Easter], it will surely be a snare to you.
The claim that an obviously and necessarily plural word sometimes refers to a single being is truly fanciful! Especially since there was already a singular word 'El for this being. When talking about YHWH, Jews use Elohim as the three sides of One-God. I need a way to distinguish between the three (An, Enlil, Ea). When I see 'YHWH' or 'Elohim' in scriptures, who really is it talking about? Yahwah did not ask for sacrifices (Jeremiah 7:21-23). God did, and they call him: Yahwah.

So it appears there are many places in the scripture where God is referred to as YHWH, even tho he is not. That is because of the Jewish 'One God' doctrine.

Some say Yahwah is a family name, that is why it is used by both the Father and the Son. But then, would it not also apply to Enlil according to Sitchin's family tree? Couldn't he appear as Yahwah? So who told them to make sacrifices? Who brought the Flood? Was it Enlil? Yahshua said killing animals does not remove guilt, it only increases it. Killing animals does not come from the Law of Love, and Yahwah is Love. Jeremiah and Isaiah said they are supposed to not eat meat and kill animals. Sitchin and the Gospel of the Essenes says it was Enlil who sent the flood, Genesis says Yahwah. Is this Yahwah Enlil? The calendar is an example. The first month is in spring, the first day is in the fall. Does it come from two commandments from two Yahwah's? It sounds like YHWH says: spring. Then the hater of all mankind (Enlil) comes along and demands a conflict, saying: fall.

To make it even worse, the Jews through history have insisted on worshipping Lord God instead of Yahwah. They call on God and God answers. So it is often God who commands the Jews. So the lying priests turn to the lying pen of the scribes and cause them to write the commandments of God using the name of Yahwah. In that way the Jews are forced to obey stupid commandments, because they believe they were given by Yahwah.

If you wish for YHWH to listen to you, call on YHWH by his name. When YHWH hears you calling on God, maybe he will turn to Enlil and say: Hey, someone is calling you.

Matthew 21:23 then 28-31 says the kingdom of YHWH is like a man with two sons, and he asks them to work in the field. These sons appear to be Enlil and Ea. Enlil said: I go. But he did not. It looks like Ea is in and one with Yahshua, and they are working. Which did the will of their father? Neither!
Psalm 82:1 The God [Enlil, Psalm 89:7 below] stands in the congregation of the gods. He judges among the gods [elohim].
2 [Ea says to Enlil:] How long will you judge unjustly, and respect the persons of the wicked? Selah
3 Judge the poor and fatherless. Do justice to the afflicted and destitute.
4 Rescue the poor and needy. Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.
5 [An says to Ea:] They do not know, nor do they understand, they walk to and fro in darkness.
All the foundations of the earth are shaken.
6 I [Ea] said [to the congregation]: You are gods, all of you sons of the Most High [An].
7 Nevertheless you will die like men, and fall like one of the princes.
8 Arise, O Father [An], judge the earth. For you inherit all the nations.

Psalm 89:5 The heavens praise your wonders, O Yahwah, your faithfulness also in the congregation of the gods.
6 For who in the skies can be compared to Yahwah? Who among the sons of gods is like to Yahwah?
7 [The Lord] God [En.Lil] is very terrible [Mighty One] in the council of the holy ones [gods], and is feared above all those who are round about Him.
8 O Yahwah Father of hosts, who is a mighty one like to you, O Yah?

Psalm 68:26 Praise Elohim [GOD] in the great congregation, praise Yahwah in the assembly of Yisrayah.
To me it sure looks like the 'One God' known as Elohim is a composition of three gods who are referred to in the singular as if they are one being. In Shinar/Sumer the Triad of Eternals: An, Ea, Enlil. That is: the Father, the Son, and the Lord God!

Please consider Easter for a moment. In Sumer she was always the consort or wife to Enlil, never to An or Ea (she was also wife of the human Nimrod, to deceive humanity for a while). In later years she was always the consort and wife to 'El. El and Easter have always been connected by evil, as well. En.lil is the Lord God.

What do you call some one who has three distinct multiple personalities, each with a different name? A Trinity! A christian says the Holy Spirit is actually God in person. So he believes the father is God, the son is Jesus, and Jesus is God himself in the flesh. Father, son, and holy spirit are said to be one being. Their Trinity. If you believe in the Trinity, you believe in the Lord God.

I believe the Lord God who is worshipped by half the world is Satan his very self. Scripture says Satan would deceive the world. I refuse to obey a Trinity, I separate them into their selves. Abraham sold to the people of Sumer the Enlil and Easter idols they carried around on their shoulders. Abraham also knew Noah personally. Abraham rejected Enlil and called on: An. So do I.

Now I hope you will understand something crazy. Really, really, crazy! Most humans would rather be a god than a human. But Yahwah created the gods to be the servants of Himself and mankind. He created the servants first so they'd be ready when Adam was made. Yahwah gave dominion of the entire creation to Adam. The gods are part of the creation, and that includes the main god of all: the Lord God. The Lord God is supposed to be our  servant!  Yet God thinks we should take orders from him. God is satan. Humans should not worship God!

The kingdom of YHWH is like a man who wants to open an expensive restaurant for rich people. First he builds the building. Then he hires and trains the servants. Then he brings in the customers. When you are seated in the restaurant you want to have privacy. But it is only an illusion. When you have some desire you raise your hand and you expect some servant to pop out from behind a curtain. You knew all along they were watching you. The illusion comes from you not being able to see them until you want to. An created the gods as our servants. We live in the third dimension, but they live in the fourth or more. We can't see them, but they are always watching us. They can appear from or disappear into the curtain. We know they have free will because many of them refuse to serve. Some are mean.

Enlil/Satan's original sin was not bowing to Adam and worshipping him! This was before the Garden of Eden incident. Humans are created as the actual image of YHWH. Humans are free persons who are required to obey laws. Gods are servants who are required to obey orders. Yahshua said the servant is not greater than the master. Humans are greater than the LORD God. If we know how, we humans can boss the Lord God around! Whatever God can do, you can make him do it for you! Who ever told you that?? That is POWER. Do you want to know how to do it? Knowledge brings power.

To boss God around you have to be ready, or he will sit there and laugh at you. But he is only your boss because you think he is. Why be a follower, like Adam? Humans should be the leaders. And we can be, if we know the right words, and how to use them. Yahshua and his followers routinely ordered demons (bad gods) to exit people. Seth ordered Satan to depart from the image of Yahwah (himself), and away Satan went! (Life Of Adam And Eve 39:1-3)

I'm not making this up, folks. See, for example, the Cave of Treasures in my menu. This is what the recorded history says. It is what the bible says. You can read it for yourself. I am not taking anything on faith. No faith means no organized religion. I am not preaching nor advocating anybody's religion. I accept facts. Entropy is a fact. As I already showed, entropy amounts to scientific proof creation is the way we got here. An/YHWH created and possesses all of the gods including the LORD God, and this universe, and everything else. He owns it all. No matter what the details are, Judgment Day is coming. There is nothing more important or stronger than YHWH!

Eliyah separated the LORD God from YHWH at the Mt Carmel incident (I hope you read the page I wrote about it). It looks like Jezebel's 400 prophets of Easter did not bother going. The king came home and told her about it. Later in the story are 400 evil prophets, probably the same 400.

So Eliyah put the two apart, and the nasty Jew sinners put them back together again. The Shema: your gods are One-God. Your One-God is an ELOHIM (plural) with three roots (YHWH, AHYH, GOD). Okay, so don't call him Baal anymore, because of Eliyah, now we call him Adonai. Don't bother much about that YHWH who keeps insisting on these crazy commandments, no, call on God instead and it is the same deity, but you don't have to obey those silly commandments! And if you call on God, you also get to worship the Easter you love. Yay!

There is an interesting thing about gods. We have read that Satan tried to put his throne up with YHWH's throne. YHWH threw him to the earth. Satan still lives in the fourth dimension of space, or maybe a bit higher. He can arrive in our three dimensions and appear to us. In an instant without seeming to move he is in the fourth dimension and invisible to us. It is that easy, if you know how. But he has not moved, he is still standing there in front of you, and he can see you. So the interesting thing is that he cannot leave the earth! He is still stuck here by gravity just like we are. To leave the earth you have to have access to even higher dimensions. It has been said it was Enlil who brought Noah's Flood, not YHWH. The reason given by the Sumerians is that our noise disturbed his sleep. He is stuck here. He gets as far away as he can, the highest dimension still available to him, and he can still hear us.

So the name of God is given in Isaiah 14:12-15. God is not YHWH.
OJB Deuteronomy 6:4 Shema Yisroel Adonoi Eloheinu Adonoi Echad.
The OJB says: Hear/Listen, Yisrael. The Lord God is Lord alone!
YHWH is gone! HaShem and AHYH were incorporated into the One-God along with Enlil (Lord God) in the kabbalah tree of life. That is who Elohim is. Three gods. Sure, it says haShem in the adjacent verses, but people don't pay attention to those. The SHEMA has been isolated into a false ONE-GOD doctrine.

Satan has deceived the world into worshipping himself as En.Lil, Adonai.'El, Lord.God, since the days of Noah. I hope you can see it.

The Jews decided YHWH is too precious to pronounce. Instead they pray to Adonai El. They pretend they are still praying to YHWH, but YHWH says they are not. The identity of Adonai El was determined before there was a Hebrew language. It is a name of En.lil (En = Adonai = Baal = Lord, Lil = 'El = God). When the Jews threw away YHWH and his name, and embraced God instead, what did YHWH think about it? One of his answers is in Jeremiah 2:5-13.
Yeremyah 2:11 Has a nation ever changed its god? Yet my people have exchanged their splendor [YHWH] for what is worthless [God].
YHWH is not the name of: God. God comes from: 'El. The apostrophe in front of it shows there is a letter dropped. I think the English version of that letter is: L. I think 'El is short for the Sumerian word: Lil. In the days before all these ancient languages existed, only Sumerian existed. Of the three main deities, the bad one was En.Lil. When humanity rejected the good (An & Ea) they chose the bad. En.Lil was the main GOD of the earth. They tell me EN means roughly the same thing as: LORD. Lil originally referred to the atmosphere of the earth, En.Lil was Lord of the Air. When he succeeded in casting out Ea, he took over Ea's title of En.Ki, which means Lord of the Earth. So for nearly all human history, Enlil has been the Lord of the Air and Lord of the Earth, both. He was certainly the: Mighty One. The Strong One in the assembly of the gods (see Psalm 89:7 above). That is how En.Lil became: The Lord God.

I hate to use the term Enki. Lord of the Earth was originally Ea, but later it was given to Enlil. Some people seem to think Enki is always Ea. This leads to confusion, sometimes Enki is the good god, sometimes the bad god. You read a lot about Enki, but who ever told you that title is not for Ea alone? Who ever told you Enki is the devil? Also, since we have the name Ea, why don't we have the name of Enlil, only his title? Is it: Lucifer?

Let us look at really ancient languages. In Ugarit they called the husband of Easter: 'il. The apostrophe shows they dropped a letter to make their word. In Phoenicia and in Syria it was: 'l. In Hebrew: 'al ('el). In Akkad it was: ilu. In old Akkad and Amurr it was: 'ila. Note 'ila is the source of the word: Allah. Allah and God are the same being.

Since the different language families use the same word, it most likely is more ancient than the Tower of Babel. And it is most likely a name being transliterated. And that is exactly what I have learned. Sumerian is the most ancient language of all. That is where the other languages got El from. El comes from the Sumerian LIL, it is the same word. Lil is 'il is 'el is El is God. The Lord God is: the mighty one. The definition of El is said to be: the mighty one. En.lil was definitely: the mighty one in the council of the gods.

In Sumerian EN means: LORD. So we see EN.LIL is: the LORD God! The LORD God and Easter are the same malignant, wicked, evil demons from Jubilees chapter 10. From Babylon to Canaan to now, the Lord God is the consort to Easter. They are the same two demons Eliyah taught about. They are the same two demons half of today's world are worshipping! The LORD God is Allah, Satan in disguise. This is already public knowledge. The Jews, the christians, and the Muslims are worshipping EN.LIL. The Lord God is not: Yahwah!

This is verifiable reality. I am sorry I do not have a pile of evidence ready for you. Satan has spent thousands of years burying it. What I want to show is that 'El existed in many very ancient languages, and so the source of the word is more ancient. The only language preceding Eblaite and Akkadian and so forth was Sumerian, the language of the world. Sumer is where one has to look to find the lost letter. Abraham lived in the days before the fall of the Tower of Babel, when En.Lil was the: Mighty One. He ruled the air and the earth, everything available to mankind. Abraham knew there were many gods. Abraham rejected Enlil and Easter and called for AN instead. That is why he was rewarded.
Exodus 6:2 An spoke to Moshe, and said to him: I am Yahwah. 3 I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Yaacob, as: An Almighty. I was known to them by my [Sumerian] name: An.
In Greece the Lord God is known as: Zeus. He was the cheif deity of the pantheon, as was God in the council of the gods. Zeus was the god of the sky and the weather, same as: en.lil. Zeus (Dyeus) and Lucifer both mean: the shining one.

According to wikipedia and many other sources, yes, el is the singular form of elohim, which is plural. They are titles, god, and gods (or, the gods). Not capitolized. There is also El, which is a name of one certain god, it is capitolized. It is the NAME of the Canaanite prime deity. It is this name, not the title, which the Israelites used in place of YHWH. It is this name, not the title, which is converted into the English God, or GOD, and used in place of YHWH.

And yes, there is a difference between lord the title, and The LORD, the name of: Baal. As you can see, it is The LORD which is in the bibles. They always capitolize God and Lord to distinguish them from the generic titles god and lord. A woman might refer to her husband as "my lord", but she refers to her deity as "The Lord".

Whenever the Israelites abandoned Yahwah's name for: Adonai (the LORD, Ba'al); or: Elohim (God); or anything else, they were punished and evicted from the Promised Land (and from the Eternal Covenant). God is English for: El. El is a name of Zeus, the Canaanite deity. We have read of Yahwah's opinion (and instructions to the Yisrayahites) regarding the Canaanites and their deity. So it must be repulsive to Yahwah to be referred to as: LORD God. Did you notice how all the Jews and the christians teach you to pray to: the LORD God? Why do you think they do that? And to this day, most of the world worships the Lord God instead of: Yahwah.

There was ID theft thousands of years ago. The Lord God stole the identity of YHWH all throughout the bible. Jesus stole the identity of Yahshua all throughout the new testament until now. Catholics stole the identity of Simon Kepha and gave it to Simon Peter the magician, the first pope.

Consider the origin of the word: LORD. Many places in the scripture we are admonished to NOT worship the god: Ba'al. Do you know what Ba'al is in English? It is: Lord!! "The LORD" is Ba'al, one of the evil gods.
Yeremyah 2:8 The priests did not say: Where is Yahwah? The prophets prophesied by Ba'al [the Lord]. 12:16 And it will come to pass, if they will diligently learn the ways of my people, to swear by my Name: As Yahwah lives; even as they taught my people to swear by Ba'al; then they will be built up in the midst of my people. 23:13 they prophesied by Ba'al [the Lord], and caused my people Yisrayah to err. 27 to cause My people to forget My Name through their dreams, which they tell every man to his neighbor, just as their fathers forgot My Name for Ba'al.
So, Satan and his servants want you to worship: the Lord God. So don't you think it would be a mistake to do so? Satan and his servants are the ones who are hiding the real names and titles from you, so it seems like a good idea to avoid their recommendations! Don't forget, Satan is: The God of this world.

Yahwah and God are two different individuals, they are not the same! People from Adam on down have chosen to follow GOD instead of Yahwah:
Yeshayah 65:11 But you who forgot Yahwah, who forget my holy mountain, who prepare a table for GOD [deity of Fortune, Lucifer, the Septuagint says: Demon], and who fill up mingled wine unto MENI [deity of Destiny, deity of Fate]; 12 I will destine you to the sword, and you will all bow down to the slaughter. When I called, you did not answer. When I spoke, you did not hear. You did what is evil in my eyes, and chose that [the LORD God, Lucifer] which I do not delight in.

Yeremyah 5:31 the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means. My people love to have it so, and what will you do in the end thereof? 8:8 Behold, the false pen of the scribes has wrought falsely
Those two verses show the Israelite scribes falsified the scriptures which came down to us. They changed Yahwah's Name and titles. For example, cross-reference 1Kings 22:5-8, and 2Chronicles 18, where it says:
1Kings 22:5 Jehoshaphat said to the king of Israel: Inquire first, I pray you, for the word of Yahwah. 6 Then the king of Israel gathered the prophets together, about four hundred men, and said to them: Shall I go against Ramoth-Gilead to battle, or shall I forbear? And they said: Go up, for the Lord will deliver it into the hand of the king. 7 But Jehoshaphat said: Is there not here a prophet of Yahwah besides, that we may inquire of him? 8 And the king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat: There is yet one man by whom we may inquire of Yahwah, Micayah the son of Imlah.
Please compare this to the King James or some other christian version. In verse 6 it says: for the Lord will deliver. This is because the 400 prophets were prophets of Adonai El - not of Yahwah, as verse 8 should make clear. The way it is rendered is confusing, and wrong. Jehoshaphat king of Yahudah asked for Yahwah's advice in verse 5, and received Baal's advice instead. But Jehoshaphat knew the difference, he knew the 400 prophets did not ask Yahwah, so in verse 7 he asked again. He knew the Israelites were pretending 'the Lord' is Yahwah. And he knew Yahwah doesn't answer to: 'the Lord' (Yahwah hates Ba'al). In verse 8 the King of Israel admitted there was only one prophet of Yahwah left in the country - so he also knew the difference. So the second time king Jehoshaphat asked, he got what he wanted.

The people who made the KJV also knew the difference, because different words are used in the Hebrew text for Yahwah, and for 'the Lord'. Their translation purposely deceives and confuses you!! They took Yahwah's Name from the scriptures (verse 7), and replaced it with pagan titles! By the time of the Messiyah, nearly all of the remaining Hebrews were worshipping: Adonai El (the Lord God). And the Messiyah said to them: John 4:22 You do not know what you worship. They pretended they were worshipping Yahwah, but they were not. Bringing them the NAME of Yahwah was Yahushua's most important message - but they rejected it with hostility!
Luke 9:2 And He sent them forth to preach the kingdom of Yahwah, 11 and He welcomed them, and spoke to them of the kingdom of Yahwah.

Luke 19:38 saying: Blessed is the King who comes in the Name of Yahwah.

Yahchanan 1:12 But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of Yahwah, even to those who believe on Yahwah's Name.

Yahchanan 10:25 Yahushua answered them: I told you, and you do not believe. The works I do in my Father's Name, these bear witness of Me.

Yahchanan 12:13 Hosanna: Blessed is He who comes in the Name of Yahwah, even the King of Yisrayah.
Do you have a KJV? Look up this very famous verse and see if it makes any sense to you: Acts 2:21 And it will come to pass, whosoever calls on the Name of Yahwah will be saved. Does the KJV ever tell you the name of: The LORD? No - because his name is: Zeus!

Hey, look this up in your bible: Psalms 113:1 HalleluYah. Praise, O you servants of Yahwah, Praise the Name of Yahwah. 2 Blessed is the Name of Yahwah from this time forth and for evermore. 3 From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same Yahwah's Name is to be praised. Does your bible say to praise the name of: The LORD? Well then, where in your bible does it state the name of: The LORD? It doesn't??  WHY NOT? How are you supposed to "praise" the name of The LORD if you don't know the name? I have seen christians going around with bumper stickers on their car, demanding that I should: Praise the name of The LORD! Don't they think about what they are doing? Don't they realize they don't know the name of: The LORD?

Of course, El (God with a capitol) is NOT Yahwah's Name. El as a NAME is always the Canaanite Deity. With no capitol el as a Semetic TITLE can be almost anyone who a human would call a god. Yahwah is not really a god, He created the gods (AKA: elohim, malaks, angels, spirits, demons, aliens, Anunnaki). Nowadays people refer to Yahwah as 'God', as if that is His Name. He is not a god, and He was not the Canaanite deity. His Name was not in the Egyptian Book of Gods (Yasher 79). And therefore it is probably abhorrent to use the title 'god' (and the name God) in relation to Yahwah!

They also went thru a period of baal's in names of people and places, even though they knew it was repugnant to Yahwah. Modern humans think they refer to Yahwah as God (El), which is using El (God) as a name, not a title. When they think (or pretend) they are calling on and praying to Yahwah, they are actually calling on and praying to El, the Canaanite deity, who Yahwah hates! Yahwah destroyed Canaan, Yahudah, and Yisrayah for that reason, and the USA is right behind.

Some admit Baal is bad, but still refer to Yahwah as: El. They say it is okay because that is what they read in the bible and so forth, in the oldest writings. But please check it out. The oldest writings we have are called the Yahwist writings. They are called that because Yahwah is always called Yahwah, never El or Elohim. Then came the lying pen of the scribes, after that the Elohist writings arrived. They always refer to Yahwah as El or Elohim, never as Yahwah. The Books of Genesis and Exodus and the writings at Ebla Syria all show this problem. This should show that even in the earliest times there was a push to remove the name of Yahwah from all the writings and memories in the world.
Yeremyah 2:8 The temple officials did not say: Where is Yahwah? And those who handle the law did not know Me. The prophets prophesied by Ba'al [The LORD]. 19 Know therefore and see, it is an evil and bitter thing that you have forsaken Yahwah. 23 How can you say: I am not defiled. I have not gone after the pagan deities?
They rejected the name YHWH, saying it was too sacred to pronounce, and called on: Adonai. They thought Adonai was the same as: YHWH. But they were wrong. Adonai means: my Lord (which is the evil god: Satan). This is why they were rejected from the Promised Land and carried away into captivity.

There are many people who say 'el' and 'elohim' were Hebrew words before they were Canaanite words. But I am sure it is not so. Those words existed before there was such a thing as a Yisrayahite. I believe it is a bad practice to use the terms 'el' and 'elohim' to refer to Yahwah.

Il, El, Al, and Alla, are different language versions of a name which existed before the Tower of Babel fell down, from when there was only one language - Sumerian. The names Il, El, Al, Alla all refer to the primary god, En.lil. They come from the LIL portion of his name. Since EN means Lord, and Lil came to mean The God, we see the Sumerian En.lil is the Vatican's: Lord God. EN.LIL equals Lord God. It is the same god with the same name in two languages. Enlil is the Dark, the evil brother, the one who is often called: Satan. The Romans did not worship: YHWH. They worshipped the devil. Satan, Enlil, Lord God, Zeus, and Jupiter are different names of the same demon. The pagan Romans took the name of YHWH out of their version of the scriptures, and put in the name of their primary god: the Lord God.

The bible clearly says the sabbath is the seventh day of the week, and cannot be changed. The Catholics could not hide it. Yet they still observe the first day as their sabbath, as did the Pagan Roman Empire before them. Who do you worship?? YHWH? By name, or by pretend? If you worship the Lord God, I suggest you stop now, or you might have some problems with FIRE on Judgment Day.

Here in Los Angeles is a publication called: Jewish Journal. They have a column by Rabbi Menachem Schneerson. They call him: The Rebbe. Not just any rabbi, but: "THE Rebbe, the foremost Jewish leader in modern history" (June 2019). Rabbi Schneerson is a God-lover, not a YHWH-lover! He says we should become: "one with God". Many of the other authors in this journal preach about: The Lord. There is no YHWH anywhere.

The LORD God is the enemy of the entire human race. Watch out for him!

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