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This is Chapter 20 of the Book of Love, by Yahchanan

Christian Paganisms

Of course, it is impossible for any modern man to say with authority what happened thousands of years ago. So as near as I can determine, these are truths:

When Noah and his family disembarked from the ark, all eight of the people on this planet believed in Yahwah. But that didn't last! Noah had a great-grandson named: Nimrod. Nimrod was the first post-flood person to set up an anti-Yahwah religion. That religion still exists, it is called 'Babylon' in the Book of Revelation. Most of the paganism in modern christianity can be traced back to Nimrod.

The supposed death and resurrection of Nimrod (Tammuz) was a precursor of the death and resurrection of Yahshua, Yahwah's Messiyah. Nimrod's wife Semiramis (Cimmaramus) was a god, a real god, born of an 'egg' which landed in a river. After Nimrod died she announced that he was made into a god by the other gods. Then he came back to earth and impregnated her. Tammuz was the name of the child. But true gods don't get pregnant and have children. Tammuz was a god from the start, probably Satan himself. Semiramis then declared that Tammuz is Nimrod the human king "resurrected". She married him and renamed him: Nimrod. That is why they weep for Tammuz in Ezekiel 8:12-14 - they wept at Nimrod's death, and rejoiced at his resurrection. From this came the christian Trinity and the christian sign-of-the-cross: The Father, the Son, and the Virgin Mother. She was called a virgin because she was supposedly impregnated by Nimrod the god after he died as a human. From this came the virgin human woman impregnated by a god and having a god for a son routine.

You have probably heard of Semiramis by her more popular name: Easter.

December 25th is four days after the current winter solstice. Those ancient people weren't stupid, nor were they ignorant. They knew which day was the solstice, 5000 years ago it was the day we now call: December 25. It was supposedly Nimrod's birthday, which christians still celebrate, now called: christmas. Nimrod rejected Yahwah, and so rejected Yahwah's sabbath day. Instead he worshipped the sun on the first day of the week: sun-day. That is where the modern christian Sunday worship comes from. And it is why you are supposed to face east towards the sunrise while praying at the Easter sunrise service? Easter is: east-er.
Yeremyah 10:2 Do not learn the religious practices of the Gentile nations, and do not be deceived by the signs of heaven [astrology], though the heathen are deceived by them. 3 The religious customs of the peoples are futile! For one cuts a [xmas] tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the ax. 4 They decorate it with silver and gold. They fasten it with nails and with hammers, so that it will not topple.
Here you have a christmas tree condemned, in the Old Testament! -- NO, christmas has NEVER been about the birth of 'Jesus' - looks like it has always been about the birth of: Nimrod the Sun God. Legend has it that December 25th has always been celebrated as the birthday of Nimrod and Mithras - it is definitely NOT the day the Messiyah was born.

Astrology came from the great religion of Nimrod. It is believed by many that December 25th was Nimrod's birthday. He can be found in the scriptural history as the first worldwide bad man after Noah's time. The catholic bible implies he was just a hunter, no big deal. Sounds like he's hunting for food. But supposedly he was hunting human souls away from Yahwah. Nimrod was a warrior. In Hebrew Nimrod means: he rebelled. He was the builder of the: Tower of Babel. The founder of the great pagan religion which is today called: christianity, catholicism, and babylon.

Catholics still practice Nimrod's cult by celebrating birthdays, Easter, Nimrod's birthday (xmas), halloween, and the first day of the week (Satan's sabbath day). Every year astrology is used to determine the date of the Easter holiday. The days of the week are named after planets (gods). It has been said that the catholic "sign of the cross" is pagan, as it comes from Nimrod. See, Nimrod was a hunter of men, separating them from Yahwah. Easter "gave birth" to his "son", and named him Tammuz. Later she said Tammuz is the father re-incarnated. So she re-named the son Nimrod, and married him. The sign-of-the-cross is: the father (Nimrod), the son (Nimrod Jr, Tammuz), and the sacred mother (Semiramis, Easter).

I know Jesus comes from and is the Greek Iesous, a god who existed more than 2000 years ago in the Septuagint. But most Jesus freaks claim it comes from the Hebrew name: Yeshua. Too bad for them, I just let the leaders of Judaism prove to you Yeshua is not his name. So the name Jesus is a disaster no matter which way you look at it. Whoever told that name to you is of the devil. Notice in the names Yeshua and Moshe the s is a shin pronounced: shh. In Zeus and in Jesus and in Moses it is pronounced: z. Besides that, even if Jesus had come from Yeshua, the final s is obviously in honor of Zeus, there is no other reason for it to exist. In the name Moses the final s was also added by the Greeks to honor their Supreme Being, Zeus. They turned Moshe into a God-lover named: Mo-Zeus. Je-Zeus is the: Abomination of Desolation. And even besides all that, Jesus is preached by those who also preach the Lord God and Easter, Daniel's evil iron empire of Rome. Guilty by association. Jesus is a god, Yahshua is human. Jesus is a disaster.

There really is a Santa Claus after all! When you teach children to worship Santa Claus you are teaching them to worship the devil! Did you ever hear of Santa referred to as Saint Nick? Santa and Saint are the same word in different languages. Nick and Claus are both short for Nicolaus. Nicolaus is a variation of Nimrod. They didn't want to say the actual name of the god in case they said something that made him mad somehow, so they purposely mis-pronounced it. Saint Nimrod was the king of Babylon. Santa Claus is the guy who built the Tower of Babel. And yet that is precisely who the christians of today still worship. That is why the Book of Revelations refers to christians as: Nicolaitans. They are those who worship Nicolaus-Nimrod. Nicolaitans are those who celebrate christmas. Yahwah hates those people.

They named the days of the week after planets. Back then, any permanent heavenly object which moved with respect to the regular stars (which are fixed in the sky) were named planets. Then they decided to call them gods, and worship them! You have Sun-day, Moon-day (Luna-day), Mars-day (Tiu's-day), Mercury-day (Woden's/Odin's-day), Jupiter-day (Thor's/Zeus'-day), Venus-day (Freya's/Frigg's-day), and Saturn-day. The correlation between gods and the days of the week are even more obvious in other languages, for example in Spanish they are: Domingo, Lunes, Martes, Miercoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sabado. There in Spanish you'll notice the first six days are named after the planets, the same planets as in English. But Saturday is actually called the sabbath, instead of after the planet. Other languages also still call the seventh day the sabbath, for example: the Greeks say Sabbato for both sabbath and for Saturday; Italians say Sabato for Saturday. Of course the original is the Hebrew Shabbat. This all indicates the week has never been changed, even though calendars have changed.

After Noah's flood, Nimrod provided humans with their first pagan religion, and drew them away from our Creator. Nimrod was the first 'sun god'. They worshipped him on the first day of the week: Sun-god-day. He gave the people astrology and god-worship. The catholics say it is okay to continue these pagan human traditions, since they are pretending it now has to do with the Savior of the universe.

This is part of the way parents teach their children to lie. Then they pretend that they are really celebrating the resurrection of the Messiyah, but their pretention is another lie. They go to church and pray to: The Lord God. Yet he is none other than the pagan god: Ba'al El. Did the Canaanites worship: Yahwah? No! So, they were worshipping demons and Satan. That is who the Jews and catholics of today are still worshipping! Notice in the catholic teaching that Jesus was dead two nights and one day (Friday night till Sunday morning). That is why the scripture was changed to read that he rose: the third day. But the Messiyah of Yahwah was dead and buried, and then three nights and three days (Matthew 12:40) passed, and then on the fourth day Yahwah raised Him from the dead. Obviously, the 'catholic Jesus' is NOT Yahwah's Messiyah!

Everyone in the world knew about Yahshua and his miracles. Since Yahshua is the son of Yahwah, the new catholic god HAD to be the son of the old god, who was Zeus, everyone knew that. So: Iesus (son of Zeus). Easy because the Greeks already had that god, Iesous, son of Zeus. And the Hindu already had Krishna in that role, and the Egyptians already had Horus in that role. So the catholic god was all of them together, Iesus Horus Krishna = Jesus H Christ = JHC = Greek mark of the beast. Correlating all the major religions brings all the people of the world together under one master universal religion: christianity.

Nimrod's folks watched the sky and invented astrology. Astrology was and is a means to learn the future without relying on Yahwah. That is where today's modern christian celebration of birthdays comes from. Yahwah's followers will mark the birthday on the calendar and keep track of how old someone is, sure, but they do not celebrate the date with presents and a party.

Idols are a substitute. They are man-made items which are said to represent a real god. They provide something else to worship besides Yahwah. Catholic churches have them everywhere: inside, outside. Natural things like the sun can also be used as idols.

Did you ever go to a catholic church? It is run by a priest, who is always known as: Father Whoever. - Did they never read the scriptures?
Matthew 23:9 And call no man your Father on the earth: for one is your Father, even He who is in heaven.

Matthew 6:7 And in praying do not use vain repetitions, as the pagans do. For they think they will be heard for their much speaking.
Yep, this exactly describes the catholics. Did you ever go to confession? You say your sins. The priest tells you to pray a bunch of Hail Mary's and a bunch of Our Father's, and your sins are forgiven. Vain repetitions. Did you ever pray the rosary? More vain repetitions of the same prayers, over and over. Catholics are pagans.
Malachi 2:17 You weary Yahwah with your words. Yet you say: When do we weary Him? In that you say: Everyone who does evil is good in the sight of Yahwah, and He delights in them.
That perfectly describes the catholics. They say it is okay to sin every day (do evil), but they think they will go to heaven anyways.

The eternal soul is an old tradition of men. People believe in reincarnation, etc, because they want a second chance to be good, that way they think it's okay to be evil in this life. Purgatory is a belief rooted in the same desire, the insistence that we can be evil in this life and yet still go to heaven for all eternity. But these christian beliefs are distinctly contradicted by what the scripture says. Purgatory is a pagan belief, it does not come from scripture.

The cross is an old pagan symbol. So after Messiyah died it became a christian cross. He really died on a stake. If a cross bar had been in place between His hands, it was most likely across the top of a permanently-mounted stake. It is very unlikely to have been shaped like the pagan christian cross.

Sure, they admit all of this came from paganism. It used-to-be pagan, but now it means something else - so it is okay now. But that is a ridiculous position! Scriptures are full of condemnation of idolatry. And the following of human traditions is also condemned strongly.

There is a question of why did some of these paganisms come first? Did Satan know in advance that the Messiyah would die and be resurrected, and therefore create a fake death and resurrection scenario first, in order to deceive and confuse? Maybe. Did Satan create his own version of things to come, in order to prove that he can do what Yahwah does? In order to prove that he is as good as Yahwah? Maybe. Satan's ministers were able to recreate some of Moshe's signs to Pharaoh, like the stick turning into a snake.

And about the Trinity. The christians appear to have gotten it from the pagans of Nimrod. But where did Nimrod get it? Some of the gnostic writings we have, like the Gospel of the Essenes, claim that first there was the Eternal All. He is the Father of everything. He has a female side, called the Mother Wisdom, Yahwah's Spirit, and also called the Holy Ghost by the christians. The Father-Mother had a Son, called The Word, later called The Messiyah. By those three the universe was created, and all three are known as Yahwah. Did the Essenes get this trinity from the pagans? Did the pagans get it from the truth, and then pass it onto the christians?
Nazarene 72:10 But the Comforter, who is my Mother, sacred Wisdom, whom the Father will send in my Name, she will teach you all things 73:13 But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send to you from the All Parent, even the Spirit of truth.
The gnostics teach that there was The One, who separated off a feminine part of Himself as a 'wife', called 'Wisdom'. They then created a Son, Adami, called 'The Word'. Thus, the Trinity. See Proverbs chapters 3 & 8.

By now all christians believe in the virgin birth of the Messiyah. But is that how it really happened? Various cultures beginning with Nimrod have had their virgins give birth to their gods. They do this because they want to believe the child is a GOD, not a human conceived by two humans. Did christianity get the idea from pagans? Or did Satan know in advance, and create the pagan myths in order to confuse us? Or, did christianity accept all of the previous paganisms which are now referred to as coincidences between paganism and true christianity? The "immaculate conception" in Matthew 1 is certainly a catholic invention.

If you think I'm crazy to suggest that the virgin birth is a pagan concept, please look in your scriptures and see; where does it state that a virgin gave birth? Not in the gospels of John or Mark. Not even in the epistles of Paul. Luke says she was a virgin before she conceived, but he does not say that she was still a virgin after conception. Only in Matthew is the virgin birth declared and worked out. And lest you want to talk about Isaiah 7:14 'behold, a virgin will conceive' - let me point out that it has been more correctly translated as: 'a maiden will conceive'. But that is no problem if it says virgin, because there are many women who conceive at the same time they lose their virginity. The gospels of the Nazarenes and of the Essenes specifically state that her husband, Yahusef, went in to her and ended her virginity, and that night she conceived.

It is a fact the catholics changed thousands of words in the scriptures in order to arrive at their: holy bible. So what would be the big deal if they changed a few more words to support their pagan beliefs? Many scholars over the years have claimed the gospel of Matthew which we currently have in the catholic bible is not the original gospel of Matthew - it is a fake which was written later by the pagans. It is widely believed the Matthew in the holy catholic bible was badly butchered, and it is the only place in the bible where the virgin birth is worked out. There is a so-called: The Original Gospel of Matthew. Someone has tried to restore it to the Hebrew original as best as he can. It is floating around the web someplace. 'The Original Gospel of Matthew' specifically says Yahusef took his wife Miriam, and she conceived. There is no virgin birth!

Most scholars agree the Romans took the existing pagan religion which they were dedicated to, and grafted some scriptural ideas onto it, thereby creating: catholicism. So the Roman catholic religion was and is pagan, even though they pretend otherwise. And since all christianity derives from catholicism, all christians are pagans. Christianity was the official religion of the: Pagan Roman Empire.

The Romans assimilated some of the religion of Judaism into their existing pagan religion. This was after the Jews assimilated the religion of the Canaanites into Judaism. So now we look back through the mist of time, and wonder what happened. We see bits and pieces, and try to fit them together. We know the Romans appropriated the legitimate Hebrew scriptures as their own to give themselves the appearance of legitimacy. But then they re-wrote them to make them agree with their own pagan religion, and added Paul into it, now they call it: the Holy Bible. They also stole the identity of Simon Kepha, one of the twelve disciples. To appear legitimate they claim HE was the first pope, but it was really Simon Peter the Magician. They transferred worship of Yahwah to the worship of God. God is El, the leader of the Canaanite pantheon of gods, therefore, he is Satan, leader of the bad gods. They transferred worship of Yahshua into worship of Jesus, the son of Zeus. There are four individuals here. We should be worshipping: Yahwah and Yahshua. We are taught to worship the evil demons: God and Jesus.

People vaguely say "The supreme being, whoever he is, we call him God". Well sure, there IS a being called God, and he IS the supreme being of this world. He is also called: Lucifer and Satan. He has many names. People know God is Satan, yet they keep calling on God to help them. And they naively say: "No, we mean the creator supreme being, him". But then, why are they addressing God?? Why should Yahwah answer to anyone calling on Satan? No, if you get an answer, it comes from Satan, the one you called.

Get this: the Simon Peter who founded christianity is NOT the apostle of the Savior! That was Simon Kepha, and he never went to Rome. Christianity was founded by Paul and Simon Peter. That Simon is the same Simon from Acts 8:9-24, also known as Simon the Magus (the Magician), and Simon the Scorcerer. The true apostle Simon Kepha was apalled by him, and rejected him. But the catholics needed to justify themselves, so they pretend the apostle was the first pope (and why not? they pretend Jesus is Yahshua, they pretend Christ is Yahwah's Messiah, and they pretend The Lord God is Yahwah!).

Both were named Simon. Bad Simon the Scorcerer went to Rome, and he was the first pope. The true apostle would not have allowed himself to be called Peter, as the bad Simon did. This is because Yahshua told him to not let people call each other Father on earth, and that is what Peter means: father. The Romans found Simon Kepha in the scriptures, and the scripture says Kepha means a stone, a small rock. The bad Romans simply replaced Kepha with Peter, and insist Peter means Rock. They say Peter is the translation of Kepha. But that is a lie. They do not sound the same, and they do not mean the same thing. They already had Simon Peter, and they badly wanted him to be the good guy from the gospels to justify their religion with.

Then they go a step further and insist Simon Peter is the very Rock upon which the church would be built, and therefore the catholic church is the church of the bible, since it is the church formed by Simon Peter. But that is just silly. If you read the old testament you would know Yahwah is the one and only: Rock of Yisrayah. Not some human, named Simon or anything else. Both non-Roman-Catholic gospels make it plain the Rock is not Peter nor Kepha, nor anyone named Simon. The bible makes it sound like the Rock is Peter. Here it is obviously not Peter, but The Word of Yahwah Himself, dwelling in Yahshua. Even in the catholic bible Yahshua calls Simon Kepha "Satan" just a few verses later.
Gospel of Nazarenes 44:4 All truth is in Yahwah, and I bear witness to the truth. I am the true Rock. On this Rock I build my congregation, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. Out of this Rock will flow rivers of living water to give life to the peoples of the earth. 5 You are my chosen twelve. In me, the Head and Cornerstone, the twelve foundations of my house are built on the Rock. In me my congregation will be built on you, and my congregation will be established in truth and righteousness.

Gospel of Essenes 50 I am the true Rock, on this Rock I build my Assembly, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.
What is obvious is that christianity is currently pagan. It does not adhere to the scriptures, although it pretends to. What is a fact is that the Roman pagans modified the scriptures to make them more appealing to themselves. The Romans added in the pagan things they wanted to keep believing in, and subtracted or confused things which were opposed to them. That was where the 'holy bible' came from. The holy catholic bible is simply not the same thing as the sacred scriptures of Yahwah. For example, maybe you realize that one pagan cult popular in Rome two thousand years ago was: Mithraism. When you joined the cult, the sign of the cross was placed on your forehead. The catholics still do this to all infants at what they call baptism. It is really "infant christening" in the name of: the LORD. Who is: the LORD? It is the god Baal, whom the Jews refer to as Adonai. So every catholic is a member of: the Mystery cult of Mithras!!

That mark they put on you is the Mark of the Beast. They still do it, like on Ash Wednesday.

We are warned (e.g. Jeremiah 10:2) to NOT learn the ways of the pagans, yet that is EXACTLY what all christians are doing! There is not a christian religion on this planet who does what they are told. Therefore, it should be easy for any reasonable person to see that all christians are cult members - they believe in and practice the words and traditions of men, not what the scripture teaches. All christians are pagans. Did you ever hear the saying: I can use your own bible to destroy your religion? It is real easy, because no religion follows their own bibles.

So these are pagan traditions which appear to have been impressed upon the real truth: the Trinity of gods; the three forms of one god; the cross (symbol of Tammuz); the sign of the cross; the cross on the forehead at baptism; the cross on the forehead on Ash Wednesday (the Mark of the Beast); crossing your fingers; infant baptism christening; the virgin birth of god; the human virgin Madonna with her god-child; Feast of the Assumption (reunion of the virgin to her son); christmas; easter; idols; guardian angels; use of rabbits, evergreen trees, eggs, and other decorations in ceremonies; eating fish on Friday; sunday worship; worshipping the sun; facing east while praying; astrology and birthdays; going to heaven; the eternal immortal soul; halos; purgatory; praying to dead people; patron saints; original sin; the days of the week and some of the months are named after the planets/gods; and refusing to say the name of a deity, only his title. Shucks, sometimes it seems like ALL modern christian beliefs have a pagan origin! Should christians be worried about that?

Did you notice? Both christmas and Easter are pagan holidays condemned in the scriptures - in the OLD Testament, a thousand years before the birth of the Messiyah. What it all means to me, is, everybody who celebrates christmas and Easter will go to hell.

You can find lots more in the book "The Two Babylons" by Alexander Hislop; and by searching the web (you could start with my LINKS page).

I can cure you of christianity! All you need is knowledge. First you have to realize christianity is something wrong, undesirable, and unwise. Even stupid. Most assume without checking that christians preach what is in the bible. But, no! If you begin to check the verse references that the christian preachers keep spitting out while thumping on their bibles, you will find these references rarely ever teach what the preacher is teaching. People are afraid to check the references and the context because then they can't blame the preacher for their sins. But on Judgment Day there will be no one to blame but yourself. The scriptures are plain for all to read. They are everywhere. You know the world is full of liars. Only a few find the narrow Way. Christianity is taught to and believed in by billions, so it is not The Way to eternal life. Scripture teaches The Way, christians do not teach it.

So let's define the word "christian" since there are so many conflicting usages floating around. The catholics refer to the Apostles, such as Kepha, John, James, etc, as christians. They also refer to Paul as a christian. They say Jesus is the founder of the christian faith. None of those things are true. The apostles and disciples of the Messiyah were called: Messianics of The Way of Yahwah. They did not know of anyone named: Jesus. The man they worshipped was/is named: Yahshua. A christian is someone who believes in Jesus Christ. Christians are people who worship a dream and a lie, and who practice ancient pagan religion. It is especially sad to see some christians promoting themselves as "true" christians, and the other christians as something else (such as deluded). It is a fact that all christians are deceived, sometimes willfully.

One thing christians tenaciously hold on to is the belief that their 'Jesus Christ' is 'God' Himself. The scripture makes it plain that the Messiyah (the Word) was actually the 'Son of Yahwah'. 'Son' being a completely different individual. The truth can be found in Ephesians 1:20-21 He [the Father] raised Him [Yahshua Messiyah] up from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places. And in: Revelation 3:14 These things say the Amein, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of Yahwah. And many other places. The Triune Trinity Divinity (three parts of one God) is believed by most all pagan religions, but the original scripture does not teach it.

But even beyond that, there is one more thing which christians refuse to consider. Did you ever notice that in both the Gospel of the Nazarenes and the Gospel of the Essenes, it was not until Yahshua was baptised that the Messiyah descended on and joined up to him? And the most important fact regarding christian beliefs: at that baptism the voice of YAHWAH the Almighty Father was heard, saying: Today I have begotten you.

This means: Today I have become your Father. Up until His baptism when he was around thirty years old, Yahshua was a HUMAN person, begotten of human parents the good, fun, old-fashioned, human way. He was NOT the "Son of Yahwah" until his baptism. There was no virgin birth. There was no: Jesus was as much of God as can be stuffed into a human body. Those are pagan beliefs.

Strangely, the actual words of Yahwah the Father of us all appears to have been removed from the catholic bible as much as possible! Why would they do that? In all four of the canonical gospels those words are removed. What you read instead is: In you I am well-pleased. Yet there is very good reason to believe that in all four gospels it used to say: Today I have begotten you. This is especially true of the gospels of Matthew and Luke. The Revised Standard Version, the English Standard Version, and the New Living Translation all have footnotes to Luke 3:22 stating the original manuscripts said: Today I have begotten you. And they should say it was the Messiyah who descended on Yahshua in the form of a dove - not the Spirit descending. If the catholic Jesus was truly the creator of the universe, then there would be no reason for the Spirit of Yahwah to descend on him, would there? These two changes were made to support the pagan belief in a virgin human woman giving birth to: God their father.

However, for those looking for the truth, the truth can be found. For example the Gospels of the Nazarenes and of the Essenes were hidden from the Romans when the true religion went institutional and destroyed knowledge. You can also read those words of Yahwah the Father in other parts of the bible. For example, flip over to Psalm 2:7 and you see: I will tell of the decree: Yahwah said to me; You are my son, today I have begotten you. And be sure to go over to: Acts 13:33 that Yahwah has fulfilled the same to our children, in that He raised up Yahushua; as also it is written in the second psalm, you are my Son, this day I have begotten you. Or you can check out: Hebrews 1:5 For to which of the gods did He at any time say: You are my Son, this day I have begotten you? And again, I will be to him a Father, and he will be to me a Son? or: Hebrews 5:5 So Messiyah also did not glorify Himself to be made a high priest, but He who spoke to Him: You are my Son, this day I have begotten you. There are many passages in the writings of the early pre-Constantine church which include this saying, and they tell us it was at the baptism of Yahushua when Yahwah said it. First Clement 36:4 says: but of His Son the Father said thus: You are My Son, today I have begotten you.

There is a VERY powerful reason why christians want to believe The Lie. It has little to do with the fact that the virgin birth comes from paganism. It has everything to do with whether or not one chooses to obey: The Law of Yahwah. If you declare Jesus was "God" in person, then you can say: Well, of course He didn't sin - He was God! It is impossible for a human to NOT sin. Therefore, we have a license to sin.

However, if you recognize Yahshua was a human, nothing more, and He did not sin - then you must realize it is possible for you to not sin. And also the scriptures are correct when they tell you that to enter the Kingdom of Yahwah you must not sin - you must obey the commandments. To enter what christians call heaven, you must follow the sinless example of Yahshua (who they wrongly call: Jesus). It is because Yahshua did not sin as a human, that the Messiyah was able to enter and join with Him.

Christians refuse to obey the commandments. And in this way they think they have given themselves an excuse. That is why: the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one (1 John 5:19). But the sinner cannot justify himself - he can only be justified by the Messiyah, who said to obey the law. It is He who guards the door to the Kingdom of Yahwah. See my Judgment Day page.

Once you see that Yahshua and the Messiyah are two different individuals both living in the same body, then you can begin to understand the things they said. Sometimes it was Yahshua speaking, and sometimes it was the Messiyah (the Word of Yahwah the Father) speaking. Yahushua is the "son of man" and The Word is the "Son of Yahwah".

Sure, scripture contains many hidden meanings, although I take it at face value. I suppose the reason so many people assign so many hidden meanings to what they read is because they refuse to accept the obvious literal meaning. Like, people do not want to believe in Genesis as a literal historical document, so they say it is just allegories and parables. That way they can assign any meaning they want to it, and still claim they believe every word. These folks are liars, lying to themselves. Whatever contains hidden meanings must also be realistic at face-value in order to be useful to everyone (which the scriptures purport to be).
Mark 7:6 And He said to them: Well did Yeshayah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written; This people honors Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. 7 But in vain do they worship Me, teaching as their doctrines the precepts of men. [Isaiah 29:13] 8 You leave the commandment of Yahwah, and hold fast the tradition of men. 9 And He said to them: Full well do you reject the commandment of Yahwah, that you may keep your tradition.
Traditions of men, like the Roman Catholic tradition of observing Sunday as sabbath, and rejecting Yahwah's Fourth Law: Remember the Sabbath Day. The sabbath is always defined as the seventh day, never as the first day. Even YHWH the Father of Creation obeys the sabbath: YHWH raised Yahshua from the dead on the first day of the week. YHWH rested on the seventh day, the sabbath. He WORKED on the first day, Sunday.

Yahushua said do not call anyone on earth your Father. But that is exactly what catholics are supposed to call the priests, bishops, and even the pope (papa). That is your first clue. Have you ever been to a catholic confessional? That is the place where you are supposed to confess your sins, and be forgiven for them. You go into a little box, sit down, and talk to the priest. You are supposed to make the sign-of-the-pagan-cross, and say: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. Then you tell the priest your sins. He tells you that you are forgiven, and to pray a certain prayer a bunch of times, and then another prayer a bunch of times. Well, didn't Yahushua say that only the pagans repeated a prayer a bunch of times? So, anyway, you can only be forgiven for a sin by the person you sinned against. Yet here is someone called "Father" who you confess to, who claims to forgive your sins. Are you really certain he has that power, the power to forgive your sins? I think not! You sinned against Yahwah, yet you asked a human catholic priest to forgive your sins. So right here we have many violations of Yahushua's commands. He said to ask Yahwah for forgiveness. He also said to ask forgiveness in private (Matthew 6:6). He said do not call anyone: Father (Matthew 23:9). He said all you need to do is ask once (Matthew 6:7), in his name. Note that his name is NOT Jesus!

The web contains a tremendous amount of mis-information regarding the origin of that name: Jesus. Some of it is ignorant, some of it is purposely deceptive. Indeed, it should be obvious the christians do not want you to know where this name came from!! Indeed, it is just not possible for the Savior's name to have been Jesus, nor anything similar. He was Hebrew, and he had a Hebrew name.

We are usually told Jesus comes from the Latin Iesus, which comes from the Greek Iesous (Iesius). We are told Iesus is a direct transliteration of the incorrect Hebrew name, Yeshua, but even that is extremely unlikely to be true. Iesous was a Greek deity who was the son of Zeus. Since Yahushua was the son of Yahwah, and Zeus was the king of the pagan gods, it makes a lot of sense to think Jesus comes from Iesus. (Hebrew, Latin, and Greek do not have a J letter or sound. They used the I at the beginning of a word, and it was pronounced as a Y. English changed that into a J.) This god was also known to the Romans as: Baccus, son of Jupiter. And to the Babylonians as: Tammuz, son of Nimrod. He did many of the miracles which Yahshua later did.

Now, we are normally told by the christians that Jesus was God himself, with God being of course their supreme deity. Zeus was the supreme deity of the Greeks. The Romans called him Jupiter, and also claimed he was the supreme deity. Ju-piter means "Zeus is father". The Ju means Zeu (to which Greek grammar added the 's' at the end), piter/peter means father. So when Constantine wanted to meld all the ancient cult religions into one, it only made sense to put the two names together. So Ju/Zeus becomes Jesus, and everybody gets to keep worshipping their god they already worship. Since vowels are somewhat fluid, Ju is pronounced often enough as Je.

So whichever way you want to look at it (Ju/Zeus, or Iesous), it looks like there was NOT any attempt to transcription transliterate Yahushua into Greek or Roman. Instead, they used a name they already had, a name of an evil god. There is no doubt whatsoever, Jesus is not a transliteration of Yahushua. Not even close! The name Jesus comes from paganism, no matter how the christians twist and squirm the facts. It is obvious, if we tranliterate the original Hebrew name into English, we get Yahushua, which means YHWHsaves. The shorter form is Yahshua, meaning YAHsaves.

Of course the christians refuse to use the name of Yahwah, so their faked transliteration of the name Yahushua is different. The name they came up with is: Joshua (from Yehoshua). You will find it in the bible every single place you should see Yahshua - EXCEPT when that name refers to the Savior! Then you are given a different name. Look in the Old Testament, there is even a book called Joshua in the christian bible. So all these translators of christian bibles KNOW that Jesus is a lie, and blasphemy, the pagan God. But they teach it to you anyways!

Do you think I am wrong? Well then, where does Christ come from? It is certainly NOT a translation of the Hebrew Mashiyach. Christ comes from paganism! Christians are people who worship Christ, who is pagan, so christianity is a pagan religion from start to end.

Pretty much all of catholicism is traditions of men. Even if you really try, you will find almost nothing from the scripture in christianity. They claim to believe in the bible they keep thumping on, but that is a lie to get you into their cults. Their bible itself proves their lies. I suggest you read it!

Being a superior liar, Satan provides two errors for you to fall into. He doesn't care which you believe. These errors are opposites, and he leads you to believe there is no third choice. If you reject one choice, you accept the other lie. Yahshua said: Do not turn to the right hand (christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, etc) and do not turn to the left hand (evolution), but follow the narrow road to life (Yahwah's Law). Most see only the two false choices: God-of-this-world or evolution. So what do you do when you learn to reject both lies? You turn to Yahwah.

If you think I am blowing this all out of proportion, then I suggest you look into the Protestant Reformation. They knew the catholics had, without scriptural authority, created their own religion which was non-scriptural. The Protestors wanted to return to a true scripture-only religion. But even the Protestors couldn't agree with each other, and formed many sub-religions. They wanted to split off from the catholics with good intentions, but in the end they all still follow vatican holidays, such as xmas, Easter, and Sunday. They continue to worship: Jesus Christ and Lord God. So the Lutherans, Presbyterians, Reformed, Anglican, Puritan, Mormon, even the Jehovah's Witnesses, etc etc, are all still catholic in reality.

When I say Catholic, please realize that "catholic" means "universal". The catholic is the universal religion of the world. Of course we have the Roman catholic and the Eastern Orthodox catholic. But we have lots of other versions of the catholic religion also. Such as the Protestant, Methodist, Christian, etc etc. If your religion believes in christmas and Easter, it is catholic. If your religion does its sabbath on Sunday, it is the catholic religion. If you worship Jesus Christ, you are catholic. All of christianity is Catholic.

There are two things which are scarey to contemplate: entropy, and that empty grave. They mean that I must get my lifetime judged someday. The christian/pagan message is that you will be saved by simply believing, and when you die you can go to heaven. That is a false message! The gospel message which Yahushua Messiyah preached is the Kingdom of Yahwah. The Kingdom is here right now. You must enter it while you are alive, because when you are dead it is too late. To enter the Kingdom of Yahwah you must perfect yourself (stop sinning, etc). You must leave behind the ways of the world. Forget the false christian-pagan belief that it is okay to sin in this life because it is impossible for a human to not sin. Christianity is one of the main "ways of the world" which you must overcome to enter the Kingdom of Yahwah. Good luck!!

The Roman Catholic Church:

Christianity, the daughter of the Roman Catholic Church (which is itself the daughter of Babylon) is the greatest pagan organization ever created. It is currently in control of two or three billion people, one-third of the human population. If YOU are a christian, then WAKE UP!!
Revelation 17:5 And upon her forehead a name was written: MYSTERY, BABEL THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. [the Vatican supposedly has far more harlots/ prostitutes per person than any other place on the earth]

Revelation 17:9 The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sits: 18 And the woman whom you saw is the great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth. [Vatican City exists on seven named hills]

Revelation 18:2 Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great, 3 For by the wine of the wrath of her fornication all the nations are fallen. The kings of the earth committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth waxed rich by the power of her wantonness. [the great whore - a woman - is not called a king nor a nation, indicating a religious organization]

Revelation 18:8 Therefore her plagues will come in one day: death, mourning, and famine. She will be utterly burned with fire, for strong is Father Yahwah who judges her. 10 Woe, woe, the great city, Babylon, the strong city! For in one hour your judgment is come. 16 Woe, woe, the great city, she who was arrayed in fine linen, purple, and scarlet, decked with gold, precious stone, and pearl! [the ones clothed in scarlet, purple, and gold are the popes, bishops, etc of the Roman Catholic Church].
This is what christians do today, and they will receive the same punishment:
Judges 2:11 The children of Yisrayah did what was evil in the sight of Yahwah, and served: the gods. 12 They forgot Yahwah, the Father of their fathers, who brought them out of the land of Egypt. They followed gods, the gods of the peoples round about them, and bowed themselves down to them. They provoked Yahwah to anger. 13 They forgot Yahwah [YHWH] to serve: the LORD and Easter. 14 The anger of Yahwah was kindled against: Yisrayah. He delivered them into the hands of spoilers that despoiled them. He sold them into the hands of their enemies round about, so they could no longer stand before their enemies.
The christians insist: Jesus Christ is Lord. All they are doing is verifying Satan is indeed: the God of this world.
Yeshayah 9:16 Those who lead this people cause them to err, and those who are led of them are destroyed.

Do you really think the Roman Catholic New Testament is the actual word of Yahwah? It can not be. In the christian bible you see at John 1:42, Luke 3:16, and Luke 6:14 where it says Jesus named Simon as Peter. Furthermore John 1:42 adds: (which is by interpretation: a stone). Would you be surprised to learn you were lied to by your bible?

There was no Jesus in Jerusalem, his name is Yahshua. Yahshua did not name him Peter, his name is Kepha. Peter does not mean: foundation stone. The catholics want you to think they are the church of Yahshua and Yahwah. They tell you Simon Peter is the first pope, because he was. But that was not Simon the apostle! Lies, lies, and more lies.

Matthew 23:9 says: Do not call anyone on earth your Father [G3962]. Strong's Concordance says that Greek word 3962 is: pater; a "father". Greek 3962 is Peter! Peter means: Father! Yahshua said: Do not let anyone call you Peter. So we can rest assured Yahshua did not name Simon the apostle as: Peter! Also, Simon Kepha (the apostle) would not have allowed anyone to call him: Peter. Obviously that part of the bible is faked. It can not be correct.

Yahshua did not ever say he would build his church on the foundation of Simon, whether Peter or Kepha. Kepha means a stone, not a large foundation rock. Matthew 16:18 has to be faked also. Yeshayah says: Yahwah is the Rock, the only Savior of Yisrayah. The real Simon Peter is the sorcerer from Acts. He it is who went to Rome and founded christianity. He it is who was called: Father (Peter). All his catholic priests ever since have also been called 'Father' in direct violation and contempt of Matthew 23:9.

If you think Yahshua was planning to build his church upon the rock of Simon Kepha, look right at verse Matthew 16:23 where Yahshua claimed Simon was the devil, a stumbling-block, who does not take care of Yahwah. He cannot be the leader of the church of Yahwah. Yahshua came in the: Name of Yahwah. Yahwah is the Rock and Savior. A human named Simon has no ability to save the nation.

Strong's says the Greek words 4073, 4074, and 4075 are related to Peter, but here they mean a rock. Beware of christian materials which say what they want you to believe! The correct Strong's word is: Greek 2786, Kephas. It means: a stone. This is a stone small enough to pick up, not a gigantic foundation rock. But they are still trying to make believe Kephas is a huge rock upon which the church would be built. Their definitions are dictated by their doctrine.
Yeshayah 43:3 For I am Yahwah your Father, the Sacred One of Yisrayah, your Savior. 11 I, even I, am Yahwah. Besides me there is no Savior. 49:26 All flesh will know that I, Yahwah, am your Savior, and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Yaacob. 60:16 You will know that I, Yahwah, am your Savior, and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Yaacob.

Hosea 13:4 I am Yahwah your Father from the land of Egypt. You will not know God, only Me. Besides Me there is no Savior.

Matthew 23:9 Do not call [2564] anyone on earth [1093] your father [3962], for one [1520] is your Father [3962], He Who is in the sky [3772].
Greek 3962. pater (pat-ayr') apparently a primary word; a "father" (literally or figuratively, near or more remote):--father, parent.

Obviously James' book is faked also. It says: Lord Jesus Christ. We know Yaaqobus (James) was the leader of Yahshua's assembly in Jerusalem. There is no way he would deny the name of Yahwah. He never knew any Jesus Christ. He knew Yahshua Messiyah, and that is exactly what he would have written. He wrote in Hebrew, to Hebrews. He did not write the letter in Greek.

Being Hebrew he knew better than to use the word Baal (Lord) when referring to Yahshua. Nowadays the Jews would use Adonai (Lord) and say it is perfectly okay, although Baal and Adonai are the same word (in different languages) and mean the same thing. It is unlikely Yaaqobus would have referred to Yahshua as Adonai (capitolized as a proper noun). It is possible he said adonai in a generic sense, and it was changed by the Romans to match their doctrine. The older writings before the Babylonian captivity do not use Adonai, that is a later attempt to deny Yahwah.

It is usually assumed the people long ago were worshipping the gods as their religion. And probably some were. But there were probably a lot of people who were merely forced to acknowledge and appease the gods, to prevent those gods from punishing them. No doubt many people hated the gods and were only trying to defend themselves.

The name Yisrael means: struggled with El. Since it was a malak of Yahwah who Yaaqob struggled with, his true name should be: Yisrayah. The name Israel is said to represent the Trinity of gods the Yisrayahites believed in when they were in Egypt: Isis, Ra, and El. Isis is the Egyptian version of Easter. The Canaanites called their supreme God El, the Greeks called him Zeus, the Egyptians called him Osiris. Ra is the bad son of El and Isis.

It is said El comes from the Sumerian: Enlil. Enlil was the bad god who was in opposition to Enki. Enki was the good god. He is also known as E.A. If we pronounce E.A as ee-ah, it sounds the same as yah, short for Yahwah. The Sumerians said there were three eternal gods. Anu was the father, while Enki and Enlil were the sons. This is very similar to the idea of Yahwah the Almighty Father, the Word of Yahwah, and Satan. The Almighty put his name into: The Word. Satan is El, Enlil, adversary of Yahwah.

On pg 694 Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia says: El was the name of the "high god" or head of the Canaanite pantheon. On pg 702 it says: Baal was the "most important god of the Canaanite pantheon". He is also associated with the goddess Asherah. An Asherah is an Easter idol. Easter was the wife of El. This information is freely and widely available from any honest non-christian material. Christian materials usually try to obscure the truths.

Many nowadays try to say Baal was the son of El, and they are two separate gods. But that can not be. The Lord and The God have to be one and the same, as they are today. Baal and El are the same god, even though we are usually told Baal is the son of El. It was Baal Hadad who was his son, hadad means: son of.

They called the main GOD of all the gods: the Lord God. And we still call him that today. It should be obvious that to be the King of kings, you are a lord. And to be The Lord of all the lords, you have to be a god, since some gods are also lords. So The God of all the gods is also the King of kings and Lord of lords. That particular title was always attributed to Zeus. Zeus is the Lord God. Zeus claims to be the supreme God of the universe. The Canaanites said El (Zeus) is the Supreme Being of the universe. The christians of today still worship him.

In Sumer they had a man called Nimrod who was the king, and the leader of the bad religion. He was the husband of the evil goddess known as Easter. When he died Easter claimed he returned as a god and impregnated her with a son who is also a god. That son is Tammuz, who later became known as Nimrod when he married his mother. Tammuz is a god, and he is the husband of Easter. When Sumer became Babylon they continued this worship, calling Tammuz: God. The Jews were heavily into worship of Baal El and Easter at most points of their history, including now. The Roman Catholics continue it to today. That is why the book of Revelations refers to the Jews and Roman Catholics as: Babylon.

Yahwah has a verified habit of crushing and wiping out all nations who worship the LORD God and Easter. He even did it to his own special nation: Yisrayah. He promised to do it again. Do you know of any nations who worship the LORD God and Easter? Their life on earth is ending.
Exodus 23:24 Do not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do after their works. Overthrow them utterly, and break their pillars in pieces. 25 Serve Yahwah your Father. He will bless your bread, your water, and I will take sickness away from the midst of you. 32 You will make no covenant with them, nor with their gods. 33 They will not dwell in your land, lest they make you sin against me. If you serve their gods [The LORD God and Easter], it will surely be a snare to you.

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