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The Star of Bethlehem

Hello! Did you see The Star of Bethlehem 2015 ?

Hey, did you ever hear of the "Star of Bethlehem"? Many people have wondered what it was. Catholic tradition claims it was a supernatural light which came and stood over Bethlehem, leading the Three Wise Men to the birth of Jesus. But that is all wrong! When the magi were in Jerusalem no person looked out the window and said: Do you mean that star? That is because the star (sign) only lasted one night, and that was the year before. If the star was still there, the wise men would not have had to stop at the wrong city to inquire. Everyone within a thousand miles would have already gone to Bethlehem. By the time the magi arrived they could not have gotten within a dozen miles of the place.

If the Star of Bethlehem was a supernatural light standing above Bethlehem, bright enough to lead people there all the way from Persia, then why could no one else see it? Why do we not hear about it from every source? Why did the Israelites, Romans, Syrians, and Egyptians fail to see it? Why did the shepherds fail to see it? The Israelites shunned magic and astrology, as Yahweh told them. But the surrounding nations were into astrology. So most likely it was an astronomical event with an astrological explanation.

Furthermore, the Star of Bethlehem did NOT lead the magi to Bethlehem. It lead them to Jerusalem. They expected to find the King of Jerusalem IN Jerusalem. They got there the year after the Star appeared and disappeared. And when they got there, no one knew anything about any birth, any king, or any star! The Jewish rabbis knew nothing about their Messiyah being born, even though Daniel told them what year it would happen. Yet these astrologers just traveled halfway around the known world to say "HI!" to him!!

Scripture does not say "Three Wise Men", nor "Three Kings". That is human tradition, as is the idea they were at the 'manger' where and when Yahshua was born. It says magi from the east, bearing three presents. If you have read the Books of Adam and Eve, and the Cave of Treasures, then you understand the importance of those three particular gifts, why they had to be delivered, and why we are told about them. There is a very good chance there were other gifts as well, just not important enough to talk about. The magi (magicians) were almost certainly Zoroaster scorcerer priests from Persia and/or Chaldean priests from Babylon. Maybe they were kings, probably they were wise and knowledgable. These people lived and breathed mathematics, astrology, and astronomy. These are the kind of people the bible warns you against.

But strangely enough, they possessed the very items which Adam once possessed! And they knew a time was coming when they would deliver those three particular items to a particular person, the king of the world. All they had to do was wait for the sign to appear.

It is interesting that the only place in the bible we see the Star of Bethlehem mentioned is in the book of Matthew. It is widely believed that the Matthew in the holy catholic bible is a badly mangled version of the true writing. So finally someone has tried to restore it. On the web is a so-called Original Matthew. In this book it says: stars (plural). Jupiter and Venus were considered stars back in those days.

Now that we think we know the true date of Herod's death in 1BC, the event usually ascribed to the Star of Bethlehem in the most modern literature is the beautiful evening super-conjunction of Jupiter and Venus (the king and queen of heaven) in the constellation of Leo the Lion on June 17, 2BC. This occurred high in the western sky, with Leo well-placed for viewing. Jupiter and Venus were so close together (from our perspective) that only people with the sharpest vision could see them separately. Most people would have seen them merge into a single star for one night, the brightest star they ever saw. The magi knew the King of the World had just been born. From the rest of the signs they knew he was in Judah. So the next year they gathered up a company and went all the way over to Jerusalem to see him. The trip and the planning for it probably used up a year of their lives.

Please understand that I do not do astrology. I do not believe in superstition. I have been committing the act of astronomy for three decades. On this page it might sound like I am delving into astrology, but I am not. The magi knew how to read the astrological meaning of the astronomical events, I do not. I only deal in facts. The fact is Yahshua told us there would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And he told us to watch for them so we would not be surprised when He returns. Many scholars over the years have said a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is the most likely explanation. The conjunction on June 17, 2BC was extraordinarily close. It was almost an occultation and eclipse event. And over these same two years there have been lots of eclipse signs involving the sun and moon.

Matthew 2:1 Yahshua was born in Bethlehem of Yahudah in the days of Herod the king. Behold, magi from the east came to Yahrusalem, saying: 2 Where is He who is born King of the Yahudim? We saw His star in the east, and are come to worship Him. 8 He sent them to Bethlehem. 9 Lo, the star, which they in the east saw, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was. 10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. 11 They came into the house and saw the young child with Miriam His mother. They fell down, and worshipped Him. Opening their treasures they offered gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Original Matthew 2:1 Now when Yahshua was born in Bethlehem, a city of the land of Judah in the days of Herod the king, Magi from Arabia came to Jerusalem, saying: 2 Where is the infant king of the Jews who has been born? For we saw stars from their rising pointing his star toward Jerusalem in the east and we have come with important gifts to adore him. 7 Then Herod met in private with the Magi and learned from them exactly what date the stars appeared. 8 And he sent them to Bethlehem. 9 Having heard the king, they went their way. The stars which they saw in the east were going before them until they [the magi] stopped before the place where the young child was. 10 And when they saw the stars, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy. 11 They came into the house and saw the young child with Miriyam his mother. They fell down and bowed down before him. Opening their sacks they offered him gifts, gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Gospel of the Nazarenes 5:1 Yahushua was born in Bethlehem of Judah, in the days of Herod the king. Behold, there came certain Magi from the east to Jerusalem, who purified themselves, and did not taste of flesh nor of strong drink, that they might find the Messiyah whom they sought. They said: Where is He who is born King of the Jews? We in the East saw His Star, and are come to worship Him. 4 When he had called the Magi privately, Herod enquired of them diligently what time the Star appeared. He sent them to Bethlehem. 5 When they heard the king, they departed. Lo, the Magi of the East saw the Star, and the malak of the Star went before them, till it came and stood over the place where the young child was. The Star had the appearance of six rays. 6 They went on their way with their camels and asses laden with gifts, and were intent on the heavens, seeking the child by the Star. They forgot their weary beasts for a little, who had borne their burden and heat of the day, and were thirsty and fainting, so the Star was hidden from their sight. 7 In vain they stood and gazed, and looked one upon the other in their trouble. Then they bethought them of their camels and asses, and hastened to undo their burdens, that they might have rest. 8 Now there was a well by the way near Bethlehem. As they stooped down to draw water for their beasts, lo, the Star they lost appeared to them, being reflected in the stillness of the water. 9 When they saw it they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. 10 They praised Yahweh who showed His mercy to them, even as they showed mercy to their thirsty beasts. 11 When they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Miriam His mother. They fell down, and worshipped Him. When they opened their treasures, they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Gospel of the Essenes: It came to pass that certain wise men heard of this Yahushua being born in the cave, near Bethlehem of Yahudah. Being from far away, these wise men of the East purified themselves, did not taste of flesh food, nor of strong drink, in order to find the Messiyah whom they sought. They saw His Star in the heavens, the sign of His presence, and came to worship and honor Him as the sacred Child of Yahweh, even as it was written beforehand by the sacred prophets that gifts would be given to Him at His birth, and that out of Judah shall come forth a Teacher of Righteousness, who should renew the sacred Law to all the nations of the earth. When the wise men saw the babe with Miriam his mother, they fell upon their knees, and did obeisance to Him. They opened their treasure chest, and presented to the sacred Child gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, even as Adam was given these things from Eden after he took residence in the cave of treasures.
So check this out:

The best interpretation of the Star of Bethlehem is a close evening conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in Leo the Lion near summer solstice. At the time Venus was a broad crescent, on our side of the sun. Venus was close to its maximum brightness. The moon was full, in Sagittarius. The moon was at its maximum brightness. Because Venus and the moon both go through crescent phases from new to full they change in brightness. The sun was in Gemini. There was a planet in the "Horns of the Bull", Taurus (near the M-1 supernova remnant). And these things all happened again in 2015, in the same way. The sun, moon, Venus, and Jupiter are the four brightest objects in our sky, and so they are the most important for leaving signs.

A planetary conjunction is the term used when planets appear to pass each other as they move around our sky. Jupiter and Venus do indeed pass each other regularly. Many times Jupiter will be behind the sun so the conjunction is not visible. Many times they pass in the morning when people are sleeping, such as in 3BC and in 2014AD. Most times they pass a fair distance away from each other, measured in degrees. What we are looking for is a close conjunction high in a dark evening sky so it will be visible to everyone with a clear sky. And the same alignment relative to the stars as before, almost a re-setting of the solar system clock. Close conjunctions are when the planets pass less than the diameter of the moon, such that if the moon happened to be there also it would eclipse/cover both planets.

The Star of Bethlehem came back! On June 30th 2015 there was a close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in the evening sky. This was a great conjunction, visible to everyone in the world. You were able to look in the evening sky after dusk, and easily see Jupiter and Venus high in the western sky, so close together they looked like they would bump into each other. They were together in the front paws of Leo the Lion. The whole constellation of Leo was visible reaching up along the ecliptic into the dark sky. All perfectly positioned, just like last time. And also the next evening, July 1 2015, they were still very close together. On the nights of June 30 and July 1 2015 they were very close, right next to each other, less than the apparent diameter of the moon. Beginning July 1 they were moving apart.

I have been watching the solar system clock go 'round in circles for decades now. Please understand I am not an astrologer, I do not believe in astrology. I am an advanced amateur astronomer who owns his own telescopes. I study science and facts, not superstition. Yahshua said to look for signs. These are the kinds of signs he gave.

2 Peter 3:4 They will say: Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.
It looks to me as if the Star of Bethlehem 2015 was the "promise of his coming". It is a sign he has not forgotten us, the clock is turning, the remaining time is short. It is doubly important because of the concurrent signs in the sun and moon. There is also something called the "sign of his coming", which cannot occur yet. In the Didache that is described as an opening in the heaven, the same one through which Yahshua rides on his way to earth. It seems to me that must be an opening from our three dimensions of space into the higher dimensions. As dawn shines from east to west, everyone on earth will see this opening, and Yahshua riding through it. But first we must wait for the Two Witnesses.


JUNE 17, 2BC
Sun is in Gemini
Moon full leaving Sagittarius
Jupiter and Venus extremely close conjunction in Leo
Venus is a fat crescent
Saturn in Taurus
Mercury leaving Cancer entering Leo
Mars in Cancer

JUNE 30, 2015
Sun is in Gemini
Moon full entering Sagittarius
Jupiter and Venus close conjunction in Leo
Venus is a fat crescent
Mercury in Taurus
Mars, god of war, is hidden behind the sun in Gemini.

In both cases there is a planet in the horns of Taurus, very early in the dawn.
The end of June is summer solstice.
June 12 is earliest sunrise of the year in Los Angeles in 2015.
June 30 is the latest sunset of the year in Los Angeles in 2015.
Nimrod's day is winter solstice, December 25.


Regarding the timing of the event, there is an interesting thing I discovered. If Yahshua was born in 2BC and died in 33AD, he was around 35 years old when he died. The half-way point would then be 15AD. Human tradition indicates the time from creation to the Flood was 2000 years. Another 2000 years from the Flood to Yahshua. And then a final 2000 years until Yahshua's 'second-coming', for a total of 6000 years so far. 2000 years from 15AD is today!


Using TheSky astronomical planetarium software, I discovered that on August 19, 1BC (-1), the new crescent moon was next to Jupiter and Venus. Mercury, the moon, Jupiter, and Venus, were all in Virgo the Virgin. The sun was in Leo, there is always a Leo connection. Saturn was in Gemini. It seems as if that might be a sign. Perhaps this date had something to do with the Day of Trumpets that year? Yahshua was over a year old. We remember Herod killed all the kids under two. I suppose it was a perfect time for the magi to arrive in Jerusalem. Perhaps they timed their arrival on purpose?

But they were disappointed. The King was not there. They probably had a company of people with them, and so they probably stayed in Jerusalem that night. The magi saw the Star of Bethlehem the year before. It lasted one evening, and then it was gone. They had to deduce the location of the King from the rest of the signs in the sky. Perhaps they were thinking maybe they had it wrong. That would lead them to be dejected, walking half-way around the world for nothing.

Then the next day they were sent to Bethlehem. On August 20 1BC Jupiter and Venus passed about a half-degree from each other, almost as close as they will this year. That was the third Jupiter-Venus conjunction in a series of three. An easily-visible but thin crescent moon was above them, and Mercury was nearby. So, as they were travelling south on the first part of the road to Bethlehem, they would have been able to see Venus "ahead" of them in the afternoon. Venus is easy to see in the daytime, and they were probably able to see Jupiter right next to it. Jupiter is difficult to see in the daytime (try binoculars), but when it is right next to Venus it becomes easy to find.

However, this event happened not far from the sun. So Jupiter was only easily visible during dusk, low in a bright sky. Of course the magi were watching keenly, and knew ahead of time this would happen. This sign occurred low in the western sky just after sunset. So when the magi were traveling south-west on the last bit of the road into Bethlehem, it might be said that these two stars were still "ahead" of them on the way, "over Bethlehem". The stars were in the south as they travelled south, and as the planets began to set in the west, the road also turned more westerly.

We read that they once again saw the Star(s) they saw last year, and they rejoiced. Perhaps they saw this second conjunction low in the sky, and that is what is meant. We know they were disappointed at arriving in Jerusalem, perhaps with much fanfare on a specific date with the appearance of the new moon, and they were stymied. So if they were arriving in Bethlehem at dusk the next day, and saw this second conjunction, no doubt they took it as a sign they were on the right track. That would cause them to rejoice, as we read.

In the catholic bible only "catholic Matthew" suggests there was a supernatural "star" or light of any kind directly over Bethlehem, but not also over Jerusalem and the rest of the earth. Original Matthew does NOT say it! The idea that the star lead them right to the correct house, and then stopped there and hovered over that house, is certain to be a catholic invention and embellishment. If such a thing had happened everyone within hundreds of miles would have run right over there to see it. The scenario I came up with here seems much more realistic, and fits the records quite well.

And strangely enough, maybe, there will be a recurrance! On August 27 2016 Jupiter and Venus will have another conjunction in Virgo. This will be close to the sun early in the evening. And there is Mercury again, right next to them. The moon is a crescent again, this time it is before new, and it is near Gilgamesh. This will be a spectacularly close conjunction, the match of the one on June 17 2BC. But this only happens in the daytime here in California. This conjunction will be very easy to see in the daytime! By dusk they have already separated noticeably, but will still be very close, closer than 2015. The signs keep adding up. The triple-close-conjunction series of 3BC to 1BC is being duplicated right now, from 2014 to 2016. That includes the Star Of Bethlehem re-enactment in 2015. But hang on,,, is there something even more important??


Another very interesting thing I discovered is the placement of a bright planet in the horns of Taurus the Bull for both Star of Bethlehem occasions. I wondered about this. The only other interesting object in that spot is the Messier-1 Crab supernova remnant. A star exploded as a supernova and left a rapidly expanding debris field. Chinese astronomers saw the supernova in the year 1054AD. There are many pretty pictures on the web if you search for the Crab Nebula.

Now, a star getting ready to explode can go through one or more "outburst" phases. There is a star called Eta Carina which went through one of these outbursts some years ago. For a while it was very bright in our sky, one of the brightest objects, then it faded. Historically the brightness of Eta Carina has been irregularly variable. Considering astronomical timeframes, it can be said a supernova explosion of Eta Carina is imminent.

That means it is not only possible, but it is also highly likely the progenitor star of the Crab Nebula also went through bright periods. I did some searching and I did not find any reference to any references about pre-supernova sightings of this star. A search of the literature by anyone who can should turn up some ancient sightings. This star must have been known to the ancients, and carried some meaning to them. This must have been a very special spot in the sky. Probably there are references which are mistakenly thought to be references to the supernova itself, or some other thing.

So I did my own searching, and I discovered there are pre-supernova sightings, perhaps many of them. For example, the Cave Of Treasures lists the Babylonian Signs of the Zodiac, including Taurus, which is called: The Star and the Bull of Heaven. The Sumerians called it the same thing. How about the Akkadian Uru-anna: The Light of Heaven. Ancient Egyptian depictions of the Bull of Heaven (Taurus) show a big round Star or Light on his shoulder, for example in the temple of Isis in Dendera. I discovered many things are attributed to Orion, since he just happens to be there next to the Bull, and they had nothing else to assign it to. Some of these references might be the SN1054 progenitor star in an outburst period.

I forget the reference (I'm sorry) but there is a very old story about how the Bull [Taurus] has to charge a mysterious Star or Light every time it appears. The Star is coming to the earth, and the Bull has to chase it away before it gets here and bothers us. In this story, the Star is known to appear and disappear some number of times. The Bull is often used as the representative of the goddess known as Easter and Venus. The Sumerians and Babylonians called her Ishtar (pronounced: Easter), or Inanna, the goddess of sex, love, fertility, and war. In the Epic of Gilgamesh Easter sends The Bull Of Heaven to kill Gilgamesh. The Bull of Heaven itself refers to Enlil/Zeus. Modern drawings of Taurus the Bull show the tip of one horn right next to the Crab Nebula.

So for now let us call the "supernova-SN1054-Crab-Nebula-progenitor-star" 'Gilgamesh'. Gilgamesh then astrologically represents the King of the World, the Light of Yahweh, as the magi insisted it does. The evil Easter god (using the Bull) drives away the Word of Yahweh every time he tries to come to earth to help us.

It is possible that on the morning of June 17 2BC Gilgamesh was a bright star in an outburst phase, easily visible to the naked eye very early in the morning. It might have even been visible in the day time, west of the sun, at the same time Venus was visible east of the sun. Venus is easy to see in the daytime, I've seen Venus naked eye when it was only five degrees from the sun.

And that ties right in with the statement in Matthew often interpreted as the magi seeing "His Star" "rising in the east". This is from the Greek term "en te anatole". It refers to a star or planet which comes up over the horizon into the light of dawn. You get to see it for a few minutes before the sky gets too bright due to the sun rising soon after the star. And that is exactly the situation with the Crab Nebula. If Gilgamesh was bright on the morning of June 17 2BC it would surely qualify.

Note that the magi had to read a lot of signs around the sky, perhaps over a period of years. In this case, "His Star" is not the same star as the Star of Bethlehem conjunction in the evening, although it is normally assumed to be. It could be the magi waited for a thousand years for Gilgamesh to reappear after some previous appearance, and once it did, the Jupiter-Venus conjunction took on meaning? It could be so important that if nothing appears there this year, the Star of Bethlehem 2015 becomes a false alarm. However, I suspect something will appear there soon. Maybe the star, maybe a comet.

Any sign from Gilgamesh might be very bright. Although a flare-up is possible, Gilgamesh is now a neutron star. It is unlikely to give any more signs, since it blew up. Yet I know that comet hunters frequently search both sides of the sun along the ecliptic. So right there and then is a likely place for mankind to discover a monster new comet as it comes around the sun, aimed right at the earth, three weeks from impact. That is, if such a thing were ever to happen in the first place, of course. I'm not saying it is, just that it could.

Another thing to consider here is there are two other supernova remnants in the close neighborhood of the Crab Nebula supernova remnant. Next to the other horn of the Bull is the remnant we call Simeis-147. And there is a third one right next to them in the feet of Gemini, the IC-443 Jellyfish Nebula. Perhaps very early sightings of Gilgamesh were actually these other two stars which exploded? Perhaps the next sign will be the supernova of yet a different star in that neighborhood?

Apparently there is something special about that spot in the sky we were to watch for in 2015 and 2016. I am sure the ancient Persian astronomers could tell us the astrological meaning and reason why it was Saturn there the first time, and Mercury this time. I know Saturn often represents Yahweh, Jupiter-Zeus-satan is the King of Gods and Men after taking over from his father Saturn, and Mercury-Tehuti is the good son.

Here is another possible reference I found, you heard of this guy:
Nostradamus - Quatrains - Century 2 - Quatrain 41
The great star will burn for seven days,[Gilgamesh?]
The cloud will cause two suns to appear.[a comet next to the sun?]
The big mastiff will howl all night,[a constellation at opposition? a live dog?]
When the great pontiff will change country.[Rome will be destroyed]
When a comet comes near the sun, the heat ferociously sublimates the ices, and they form a cloud. The nucleus of the comet is brightly lit by the sun. If the comet is big enough, from earth you see the appearance of two suns. The brighter is Sol, the other is the comet. That situation lasts for several days as the comet comes around the sun. Maybe you already know the catholics have been predicting the death of Rome for many centuries? The Book of Revelations says it will happen suddenly. Hildegard and so forth have been predicting it will be a comet. We are usually told the pope will move to Jerusalem after the death of Rome.

The sun was in conjunction with Gilgamesh on May 27 1054. The normally accepted date for the 'discovery' of supernova SN1054 is July 4 1054. Apparently it was already very bright on July 4, easily visible in the daytime, and exploded sometime sooner. So what date did it actually do the blowing up? The next most reliable date for the discovery is June 10 1054 (according to wikipedia). As you can already see, in early June Gilgamesh was still almost behind the sun, barely visible in late dawn. Perhaps discovery was delayed by it being in the morning glare? Some folks might have discovered it sooner than others. We also have issues converting their records to our date.

So I decided to have a look with the computer planetarium software. Are you ready for a surprise? On June 8 1054 there was a wide Jupiter-Venus conjunction in the front paws of Leo the Lion, right where it will occur this year! The sun was in Gemini again, along with the new moon and Mars. Mercury was next to Gilgamesh, just like it will be again this year. And perhaps that is the very day Gilgamesh blew up!

Notice that momentous events in world history are tied to the recurrences of the Star of Bethlehem. The center conjunction in 2BC seems to be the birth of Yahshua. So if the magi arrived with the special presents on the third conjunction of the series, that would seem just right. When they said they saw 'His Star' rising in the east, they might have been talking about the first conjunction of the series, August 11 3BC. Jupiter and Venus were extra close when they rose into the dawn that day. Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and the sun were all in Leo, with the new moon in Virgo.

There seem to be some sightings of Gilgamesh from April 1054 before it went into conjunction with the sun. Conjunction means it was close to the sun from our perspective, and so we could not see it for a month or so. There is a very good chance Gilgamesh had rapid variations in brightness in the months before the actual explosion. A star getting ready to go supernova is fusing layers of different elements, and it can have outbursts as the last layers form. So here we might have more pre-supernova sightings.

Several decades BC Rome took over control of Jerusalem and Judah. This was the initiation of Daniel's final beast empire. Pope Leo IX died April 19 1054, right about the time Gilgamesh was getting ready to blow up. He was the last pope in control of the entire Roman Empire. The Great Schism of 1054 AD is the official separation of the east and west halves of the Roman Church. It was one church for a thousand years, and it has been separate ever since. Daniel's metal man has christianity as the two legs, so they had to be separated. Since then they have separated into the endless variations of christianity, represented by the ten toes of clay and iron. All we are waiting for now is the return of Yahshua to establish the Kingdom of Yahweh on the earth. And since Gilgamesh exploded last time around, what else is left? Another supernova?

Jupiter and Venus had a triple-conjunction Star-of-Bethlehem series in Virgo and Leo in 3BC to 1BC. This three-conjunction series is almost duplicated in 1053 to 1055, and again in 2014 to 2016. The middle conjunction in each series of three seems to be the most important one. That is the one which always has a marker for Gilgamesh. The first conjunction of the series is in the morning, the second is easy to see in the late evening, the third barely visible near the sun. But this time around the closest conjunction was the third one. On August 27 2016 Jupiter and Venus had a most spectacularly close conjunction in Virgo. Perhaps this time around the third conjunction is the important one? I don't know if there is any astrological significance to it, but as the Star of Bethlehem sign occured in 2016 Mars passed between Antares and Saturn.


If you know much about European history you realise there was a time called the Greek Dark Ages, from about 1200BC to 900BC. Before that there were flourishing Late Bronze Age civilizations in Europe and west Asia. All of them, every city, was suddenly destroyed and burned to a crisp. This violent collapse severely reduced population, art, literacy, and knowledge in most of the 'known world'. Humanity could no longer make bronze or pyramids.

After the collapse, the Roman and Greek civilizations arose from scratch around 800BC. In his works Plato tells of Solon going to Egypt and learning of the earlier, pre-collapse history of the area now called Greece. There was an advanced civilization there for many centuries, nowadays we call them the Mycenaeans. There was another advanced civilization across the sea in Atlantis, nowadays we call it South America, Tiahuanaco and so forth. The Egyptian told Solon there was a long war, then the gods judged the world by flood and shaking. Atlantis was destroyed, and the Mycenaeans were destroyed also.

So this Late Bronze Age collapse began around 1200BC, and initiated the Ancient Dark Ages. It is hard to date because all the evidence was incinerated. It is the same collapse in which Plato said Atlantis died. It began with the Atlantean invasion of the Mediterranean Sea countries, like Plato said. Nowadays the historians call it the Dorian Invasion. They are not allowed to speak about Atlantis, but the evidence correlates. They are also not allowed to say any thing about any contact with any people in the America's over 1000 years ago, so the historians have to claim they do not know where these Dorian Invaders came from!

Yet the people were all fighting with each other, just like nowadays. We are talking about World War! The Americas versus Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The war refugees were moving into Egypt and so forth looking for a place to live, nowadays we call them the first wave of the Sea Peoples. After some decades of that, the comet came in and wiped out everyone north and west of Israel. The few survivors became the second wave of Sea Peoples, also needing a new place to live.

Perhaps you have read my page about Amos' Shaking. There was a science convention where they decided a comet was to blame for the final conflagration. This great catastrophe destroyed Atlantis (South America), North America, Europe, north Africa, and west Asia with fire and shaking. The legend of Atlantis says they knew ahead of time civilization would die world-wide, so they sent out people across the earth to try to revive the world of men afterward. If it was a comet, they would have seen it coming.

Yahweh judged the world. Are you wondering if perhaps Gilgamesh was involved? Well, I do not know. But I am certain the approximately-millenial Star-of-Bethlehem triple-conjunction-series is connected to it! I had a look with TheSky astronomy planetarium software. Jupiter and Venus had a splendid three-conjunction series in Virgo and Leo in 1130BC to 1128BC to match the others. In this series the three conjunctions were all very close. The third one is the closest of any I saw, even closer than the one of June 17 2BC. This was a spectacular series, the best of the batch I looked at. For the middle occasion on June 9 1129BC Jupiter and Venus had a wonderfully close conjunction in Leo while the sun was in Gemini. Both Mercury, Mars, and the 29-day moon were surrounding Gilgamesh. Is that a sign? Is that when the comet showed up?

Don't forget, regarding the Star of Bethlehem, the FINAL SIGN was the spectacular super-close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on August 27, 2016. It was the brightest star you ever saw! (besides the sun) It was the repeat of the conjunction thought to mark the presentation of kingship to Yahushua. This is when the magicians from back east show up and give Him the same three tokens which were in the Cave of Treasures of Adam and Eve! Maybe it marks the beginning of the kingship of Yahushua over the earth (Revelations 11:15)? It occurs in Virgo the Virgin. Maybe it marks the marriage of Yahshua with his followers? The Lamb and His bride (Revelations 19:7-9)?

This combination of astronomical signs is not a common occurance, but it is sure recurring a lot in this chapter! Does it mean anything? This pattern recurs about every thousand years or so. The third time ago the world of men was severely damaged by a comet. The second time ago Yahshua was born. Last time the worldwide universal religion was severely damaged, cut in two. Each previous time, there seems to be a sign from Gilgamesh. Always, history is made!

In mid-2015 I saw several extremely important events in the news which were probably connected. But when I ask around, everyone says nothing important happened. In mid-July a pretty Comet PanSTARRS C/2014 Q1 with two tails was near the Venus-Jupiter conjunction. It brightened unexpectedly as it rounded the sun on July 6 2015. The USA now gets to pay its debt with land when the economy finally crashes (which it must do soon). Perhaps Japan will finally get Hawaii, and China will get California? Who owns the USA now? Not the people! Who owns the Federal Reserve (the one-world bank government)? Did you see those secret hand signals the pope was using when he came to the USA? Do you know why Rockefeller is selling all his oil and gas?

On May 28 2013 the world witnessed a real nice conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury in the evening sky. Should we be concerned about the fact this conjunction ocurred right next to Gilgamesh? No?

Thank you for reading! There we were, just months from the final act of the 'Star of Bethlehem 2015', and the world's news media was still keeping quiet about it! Who else has told you about this? I discovered the 2015 conjunction in an astronomy magazine, and even then they had barely anything to say. When I read about it being an evening conjunction in Leo, I knew it was a sign. I had to do the research to learn the great similarity to the original Star of Bethlehem, and the other events. This should be front-page news. It seems to me the christian world is keeping this event a secret. Myself, my friends, and my relatives heard nothing in the television, radio, or print media. There was almost nothing about it on the web. It is like satan's folks know what is coming, and they are scared to admit it. Perhaps they think this will go away if they ignore it? If you are confused by this situation, and would like to know what to do about it, please visit my Ten Commandments page.

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