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the story of Yahushua our Messiyah

The Greeks were worshippers of the goddess Hellen, another name for Easter. Alexander the Great began the Hellenization of the world. He ended the Persian Empire. The Hellenization of the Jews accelerated when Simeon the Just died, two hundred or more years before Yahshua was born. That is when the Jews were rejecting YHWH and His laws, and becoming like the Greeks. The times of Greece in the Promised Land lasted until Rome took over in 70AD. It was during this time the Jewish messiah (Yahshua) was replaced with the Greek messiah (Iesous/Jesus), and also YHWH was replaced with the Greek's Lord God.

This group of books focuses on the life and times of our Messiyah and Savior: Yahshua. Many scoffers say these books were written decades - or even centuries - after the events. These scoffers also say the books were written by people who were not even alive at the time. That they are just hand-me-down stories, with much material borrowed from older cultures. And who am I to say? But it sure seems to me that most of this material comes by eye-witnesses. Matthew and John were there with our Messiyah on a regular - or, daily - basis. They were apostles who knew Yahushua. Luke was written by the disciple of Paul, while he lived with the apostles after the death of Yahshua. He had access to the original writings, and to the eye-witnesses themselves. He was a physician, a man of learning, and so one would presume he went to great lengths to learn and record the facts.

Yes it is probably true that these gospels were heavily modified by the first christians/pagans, in order to remove or change those things which were the most condemning of the pagans (especially the Gospel of Matthew). It is well accepted that some of the teachings of the Savior were suppressed in order to get the pagans to accept Him. But for the most part, I have to believe that these scriptures are accurate.

You will notice that I have changed the order of these books compared to the catholic bible. The Book of Acts is often called "Luke Part Two" because not only did Luke write it, but he also addressed both works to the same person: Theophilus. Now, half of the book refers to the legitimate apostles of Yahushua, and half of the work refers to Paul. Paul claimed he was an apostle, we have only his word that Yahushua appointed him the task. Even the people who were present at the moment did not make such claims as Paul did.

I have separated the Book of Acts into two sections. Following the Gospel of Luke you will find the section regarding the apostles. And in the section regarding Paul you will find the rest of the Book, the parts regarding Paul. Please do not accuse me of changing the scriptures. I am merely rearranging, I have not added nor subtracted. The way I have changed it makes the reading more seamless. If you click the "Next Book" link at the bottom of each page you will read the scriptures in proper order, with Acts following Luke. I attempt to answer the rest of your questions if you click on the page called Epistles.

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