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The Book of the Secrets of Hanoch [Enoch]

AKA: Slavonic Apocalypse of Enoch.
AKA: 2 Enoch.

Chapter 1
Enoch's encounter with the two malaks of Yahwah

1 There was a wise man, a great artificer. Yahwah conceived love for him and received him, that he should behold the uppermost dwellings and be an eye-witness of the wise, great, inconceivable, and immutable realm of Yahwah Almighty, of the very wonderful, glorious, bright, and many-eyed station of Yahwah's servants, of the inaccessible throne of Yahwah, of the degrees and manifestations of the incorporeal hosts, of the ineffable ministration of the multitude of the elements, of the various apparition and inexpressible singing of the host of Cherubim, and of the boundless light.
2 At that time he said: when my one hundred and sixty-fifth year was completed, I begat my son Mathusal.
3 After this too I lived two hundred years and completed of all the years of my life three hundred and sixty-five years.
4 On the first day of the month I was in my house alone, was resting on my bed, and slept.
5 When I was asleep, great distress came up into my heart. I was weeping with my eyes in sleep. I could not understand what this distress was, or what would happen to me.
6 There appeared to me two men, exceeding big, I never saw such on earth. Their faces were shining like the sun, their eyes were like a burning light, from their lips fire was coming forth, with purple clothing, singing of various kinds, their wings were brighter than gold, and their hands whiter than snow.
7 They were standing at the head of my bed, and began to call me by my name.
8 I arose from my sleep, and clearly saw those two men standing in front of me.
9 I saluted them, was seized with fear, the appearance of my face was changed to terror, and those men said to me:
10 Have courage, Enoch, do not fear. The eternal Yahwah sent us to you. Lo! You will ascend with us into heaven today. Tell your sons and all your household all that they will do without you on earth in your house, and let no one seek you till Yahwah return you to them.
11 I made haste to obey them. I went out from my house, made to the doors, as it was ordered me, summoned my sons Mathusal, Regim, and Gaidad, and made known to them all the marvels those men told me.

Chapter 2
The instruction of Enoch to his sons

1 Listen to me, my children, I do not know where I go, or what will befall me. My children, I tell you, Do not turn from Yahwah before the face of the vain who did not make Heaven and earth, for these will perish with those who worship them. May Yahwah make your hearts confident in the fear of Him. My children, let no one think to seek me, until Yahwah return me to you.

Chapter 3
Of Enoch's assumption; how the malaks took him into the first heaven

1 It came to pass, after Enoch told his sons, the malaks took him on to their wings, bore him on up to the first heaven, and placed him on the clouds. There I looked, again I looked higher, and saw the ether. They placed me on the first heaven and showed me a very great Sea, greater than the earthly sea.

Chapter 4
Of the malaks ruling the stars

1 They brought before my face the elders and rulers of the stellar orders. They showed me two hundred malaks who rule the stars, their services to the heavens, fly with their wings, and come round all those who sail.

Chapter 5
Of how the malaks keep the store-houses of the snow

1 I looked down and saw the treasure-houses of the snow, the malaks who keep their terrible store-houses, and the clouds from which they come out and into which they go.

Chapter 6
Of the dew and of the olive-oil, and various flowers

1 They showed me the treasure-house of the dew, like oil of the olive, and the appearance of its form, as of all the flowers of the earth. They showed me many malaks guarding the treasure-houses of these things, and how they are made to shut and open.

Chapter 7
Of how Enoch was taken on to the second heaven

1 Those men took me, led me on up to the second heaven, and showed me darkness, greater than earthly darkness. There I saw prisoners hanging, watching, awaiting the great and boundless judgment. These malaks were dark-looking, more than earthly darkness, and incessantly making weeping through all hours.
2 I said to the men who were with me: Why are these incessantly tortured? They answered me: These are Yahwah's apostates, who did not obey Yahwah's commands. They took counsel with their own will, and turned away with their prince, who also is fastened on the fifth heaven.
3 I felt great pity for them. They saluted me, and said to me: Man of Yahwah, pray for us to Yahwah. I answered to them: Who am I, a mortal man, that I should pray for gods? Who knows where I go, or what will befall me? Or who will pray for me?

Chapter 8
Of the assumption of Enoch to the third heaven

1 Those men took me then, led me on up to the third heaven, and placed me there. I looked downwards, and saw the produce of these places, such as has never been known for goodness.
2 I saw all the sweet-flowering trees. I beheld their fruits, which were sweet-smelling, and all the foods borne by them bubbling with fragrant exhalation.
3 In the midst of the trees that of life, in that place whereon Yahwah rests, when He goes up into paradise. This tree is of ineffable goodness and fragrance, and adorned more than every existing thing. On all sides it is in form gold-looking and vermilion and fire-like and covers all, and it has produce from all fruits.
4 Its root is in the garden at the earth's end.
5 Paradise is between corruptibility and incorruptibility.
6 Two springs come out which send forth honey and milk, and their springs send forth oil and wine. They separate into four parts, go round with quiet course, and go down into the PARADISE OF EDEN, between corruptibility and incorruptibility.
7 They go forth along the earth, and have a revolution to their circle even as other elements.
8 Here there is no unfruitful tree, every place is blessed.
9 There are three hundred malaks very bright who keep the garden. With incessant sweet singing and never-silent voices they serve Yahwah throughout all days and hours.
10 I said: How very sweet is this place.

Chapter 9
The showing to Enoch of the place of the righteous and compassionate

1 Those men said to me: This place, O Enoch, is prepared for the righteous, who endure all manner of offence from those who exasperate their souls, avert their eyes from iniquity, make righteous judgment, give bread to the hungering, cover the naked with clothing, raise up the fallen, help injured orphans, walk without fault before the face of Yahwah, and serve Him alone. This place is prepared for them for eternal inheritance.

Chapter 10
Here they showed Enoch the terrible place and various tortures

1 Those two men led me up on to the Northern side, and showed me there a very terrible place. There were all manner of tortures in that place, cruel darkness and unillumined gloom. There is no light there, but murky fire constantly flaming aloft. There is a fiery river coming forth, that whole place is everywhere fire. Everywhere there is frost, ice, thirst, and shivering. The bonds are very cruel, the malaks fearful and merciless, bearing angry weapons, and merciless torture.
2 I said: Woe, woe, how very terrible this place is.
3 And those men said to me: This place, O Enoch, is prepared for those who dishonor Yahwah. Who when on earth practice sin against nature, which is child-corruption after the sodomitic fashion, magic-making, enchantments, devilish witchcrafts, stealing, lies, calumnies, envy, rancor, fornication, and murder. The accursed who steal the souls of men, who boast of their wicked deeds, who take away goods from the poor and themselves wax rich, injuring them for other men's goods, make the hungering to die when able to satisfy the empty, strip the naked while being able to clothe, who did not know their creator, and bowed to the soulless and lifeless gods (who cannot see nor hear, vain gods), who also built hewn images [idols] and bow down to unclean handiwork, for all these is prepared this place for eternal inheritance.

Chapter 11
Here they took Enoch on up to the fourth heaven where is the course of sun and moon

1 Those men took me, and led me on up to the fourth heaven, showed me all the successive goings, and all the rays of the light of sun and moon.
2 I measure their goings, and compared their light, and saw that the sun's light is greater than the moon's.
3 Its circle and the wheels on which it goes always, like the wind going past with very marvellous speed, and day and night it has no rest.
4 Its passage and return are accompanied by four great stars, each star has under it a thousand stars, to the right of the sun's wheel, and by four to the left, each having under it a thousand stars, altogether eight thousand, issuing with the sun continually.
5 By day fifteen myriads of malaks attend it, and by night a thousand.
6 Six-winged ones issue with the malaks before the sun's wheel into the fiery flames, a hundred malaks kindle the sun and set it alight.

Chapter 12
Of the very marvellous elements of the sun

1 I looked and saw other flying elements of the sun, whose names are Phoenixes and Chalkydri, marvellous and wonderful, with feet and tails in the form of a lion, a crocodile's head, their appearance is empurpled, like the rainbow. Their size is nine hundred measures, their wings are like those of malaks, each has twelve. They attend and accompany the sun, bearing heat and dew, as it is ordered them from Yahwah.
2 Thus the sun revolves and goes, rises under the heaven, and its course goes under the earth with the light of its rays incessantly.

Chapter 13
The malaks took Enoch and placed him in the east at the sun's gates

1 Those men bore me away to the east, and placed me at the sun's gates, where the sun goes forth according to the regulation of the seasons and the circuit of the months of the whole year, and the number of the hours day and night.
2 I saw six gates open (each gate having sixty-one stadia and a quarter of one stadium, I measured them truly, and understood their size to be so much), through which the sun goes forth, goes to the west, and is made even. It rises throughout all the months, and turns back again from the six gates according to the succession of the seasons. The period of the whole year is finished after the return of the four seasons.

Chapter 14
They took Enoch to the west

1 Again those men led me away to the western parts, and showed me six great gates open corresponding to the eastern gates, opposite to where the sun sets, according to the number of the days three hundred and sixty-five and a quarter.
2 Thus again it goes down to the western gates, and draws away its light, the greatness of its brightness, under the earth. The crown of its shining is in heaven with Yahwah, guarded by four hundred malaks. The sun goes round on wheels under the earth, stands seven great hours in night, and spends half its course under the earth. When it comes to the eastern approach in the eighth hour of the night, it brings its lights, the crown of shining, and the sun flames forth more than fire.

Chapter 15
The elements of the sun, the Phoenixes and Chalkydri broke into song

1 The elements of the sun, called Phoenixes and Chalkydri, break into song. Therefore every bird flutters with its wings, rejoicing at the giver of light, and they break into song at the command of Yahwah.
2 The giver of light comes to give brightness to the whole world. The morning guard takes shape, which is the rays of the sun. The sun of the earth goes out, receives its brightness to light up the whole face of the earth, and they showed me this calculation of the sun's going.
3 The gates which it enters, these are the great gates of the calculation of the hours of the year. For this reason the sun is a great creation, whose circuit lasts twenty-eight years, and begins again from the beginning.

Chapter 16
They took Enoch and again placed him in the east at the course of the moon

1 Those men showed me the other course, that of the moon, twelve great gates, crowned from west to east, by which the moon goes in and out of the customary times.
2 It goes in at the first gate to the western places of the sun, by the first gates with thirty-one days exactly, by the second gates with thirty-one days exactly, by the third with thirty days exactly, by the fourth with thirty days exactly, by the fifth with thirty-one days exactly, by the sixth with thirty-one days exactly, by the seventh with thirty days exactly, by the eighth with thirty-one days perfectly, by the ninth with thirty-one days exactly, by the tenth with thirty days perfectly, by the eleventh with thirty-one days exactly, by the twelfth with twenty-eight days exactly.
3 It goes through the western gates in the order and number of the eastern, and accomplishes the three hundred and sixty-five and a quarter days of the solar year. The lunar year has three hundred fifty-four, there are wanting to it twelve days of the solar circle, which are the lunar epacts of the whole year.
4 Thus, too, the great circle contains five hundred and thirty-two years.
5 The quarter of a day is omitted for three years, the fourth fulfills it exactly.
6 Therefore they are taken outside of heaven for three years and are not added to the number of days, because they change the time of the years to two new months towards completion, to two others towards diminution.
7 When the western gates are finished, it returns and goes to the eastern to the lights, and goes thus day and night about the heavenly circles, lower than all circles, swifter than the heavenly winds, and spirits and elements and malaks flying, each malak has six wings.
8 It has a sevenfold course in nineteen years.

Chapter 17
Of the singings of the malaks, which it is impossible to describe

1 In the midst of the heavens I saw armed soldiers, serving Yahwah with tympana, with organs, with incessant voice, with sweet voice, with sweet and incessant voice and various singing, which it is impossible to describe, and which astonishes every mind. So wonderful and marvellous is the singing of those malaks, I was delighted listening to it.

Chapter 18
Of the taking of Enoch on to the fifth heaven

1 The men took me on to the fifth heaven and placed me. There I saw many and countless soldiers, called Grigori, of human appearance. Their size was greater than that of great giants. Their faces withered, the silence of their mouths perpetual, and there was no service on the fifth heaven.
2 I said to the men who were with me: Why are these very withered, their faces melancholy, their mouths silent, and why is there no service on this heaven?
3 They said to me: These are the Grigori, who with their prince Satanail rejected Yahwah of light. After them are those who are held in great darkness on the second heaven. Three of them went down to earth from Yahwah's throne, to the place Ermon, and broke through their vows on the shoulder of the hill Ermon. They saw the daughters of men how good they are, took to themselves wives, and befouled the earth with their deeds. In all times of their age they made lawlessness and mixing, great enmity, and giants and marvellous big men are born.
4 Yahwah judged them with great judgment, they weep for their brethren, and they will be punished on Yahwah's great day.
5 I said to the Grigori: I saw your brethren, their works, their great torments. I prayed for them, but Yahwah has condemned them to be under earth till the existing heaven and earth will end forever.
6 I said: Why do you wait, brethren, and do not serve before Yahwah's face? Put your services before Yahwah's face, lest you anger your Master utterly.
7 They listened to my admonition, spoke to the four ranks in heaven, and lo! As I stood with those two men four trumpets trumpeted together with great voice, the Grigori broke into song with one voice, and their voice went up before Yahwah pitifully and affectingly.

Chapter 19
Of the taking of Enoch to the sixth heaven

1 Then those men took me and bore me on up to the sixth heaven. I saw seven bands of malaks, very bright, very glorious, their faces shining more than the sun's shining, glistening. There is no difference in their faces, or behavior, or manner of dress. These make the orders, learn the goings of the stars, the alteration of the moon, revolution of the sun, and the good government of the world.
2 When they see evil-doing they make commandments and instruction, sweet and loud singing, and all songs of praise.
3 These are the archmalaks (the ruling gods) who are above malaks, measure all life in heaven and on earth, the malaks who are appointed over seasons and years, the malaks who are over rivers and sea, who are over the fruits of the earth, the malaks who are over every grass, giving food to all, to every living thing, the malaks who write all the souls of men, all their deeds, and their lives before Yahwah's face. In their midst are six Phoenixes, six Cherubim, and six six-winged ones continually singing with one voice. It is not possible to describe their singing, they rejoice before Yahwah at His footstool.

Chapter 20
Here they took Enoch into the seventh heaven

1 Those two men lifted me on up to the seventh heaven. I saw a very great light, fiery troops of great archmalaks (the chief gods), incorporeal forces, dominions, orders, governments, cherubim, seraphim, thrones, many-eyed ones, nine regiments, and the Ioanit stations of light. I became afraid, and began to tremble with great terror.
2 Those men took me, led me after them, and said to me: Have courage, Enoch, do not fear. They showed me Yahwah from afar, sitting on His very high throne. What is there on the tenth heaven, since Yahwah dwells there?
3 On the tenth heaven is Yahwah, in the Hebrew tongue He is called Arawat [Father of Creation].
4 All the heavenly troops would come and stand on the ten steps according to their rank, bow down to Yahwah, and would again go to their places in joy and felicity, singing songs in the boundless light with small and tender voices, gloriously serving Him.

Chapter 21
Of how the malaks left Enoch, at the end of the seventh heaven, and went away from him unseen

1 The cherubim and seraphim standing about the throne, the six-winged and many-eyed ones do not depart, standing before Yahwah's face doing His will, cover His whole throne. They sing with gentle voice before Yahwah's face: Set-apart, Set-apart, Set-apart, Master Ruler of Sabaoth [hosts], heavens and earth are full of Your glory.
2 When I saw all these things, those men said to me: Enoch, thus far it is commanded us to journey with you. Those men went away from me, and then I did not see them.
3 I remained alone at the end of the seventh heaven, became afraid, fell on my face, and said to myself: Woe is me, what has befallen me?
4 Yahwah sent one of His glorious ones, [one of the seven highest malaks] the archmalak Gabriyah, and he said to me: Have courage, Enoch, do not fear, arise before Yahwah's face into eternity. Arise, come with me.
5 I answered him, and said in myself: My Master, my soul is departed from me from terror and trembling. I called to the men who led me up to this place, on them I relied, and it is with them I go before Yahwah's face.
6 Gabriyah caught me up, as a leaf caught up by the wind, and placed me before Yahwah's face.
7 I saw the eighth heaven, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Muzaloth, changer of the seasons, of drought, and of wet, and of the twelve constellations of the circle of the firmament, which are above the seventh heaven.
8 I saw the ninth heaven, which is called in Hebrew Kuchavim, where are the heavenly homes of the twelve constellations of the circle [zodiac] of the firmament.

Chapter 22
In the tenth heaven the archmalak Michayah led Enoch to Yahwah's face

1 On the tenth heaven, which is called Aravoth, I saw the appearance of Yahwah's face, like iron made to glow in fire, brought out emitting sparks, and it burns.
2 Thus in a moment of eternity I saw Yahwah's face, but Yahwah's face is ineffable, marvellous, very awful, and very, very terrible.
3 Who am I to tell of Yahwah's unspeakable being, of His very wonderful face? I cannot tell the quantity of His many instructions, and various voices. Yahwah's throne is very great, and not made with hands. Who will tell of the ineffable greatness of His glory, the quantity of those standing round Him, troops of cherubim and seraphim, their incessant singing, or His immutable beauty?
4 I fell prone, bowed down to Yahwah.
5 Yahwah with His lips said to me: Have courage, Enoch, do not fear. Arise, stand before my face into eternity.
6 The archistratege [the commander of the armies of the nations, named] Michayah lifted me up, and led me before Yahwah's face.
7 Yahwah said to His servants, tempting them: Let Enoch stand before my face into eternity. The glorious ones bowed down to Yahwah, and said: Let Enoch go according to Your word.
8 Yahwah said to Michayah: Go, take Enoch out of his earthly garments, anoint him with my sweet ointment, and put him into the garments of My glory.
9 Michayah did thus, as Yahwah told him. He anointed me, and dressed me. The appearance of that ointment is more than the great light, his ointment is like sweet dew, its smell mild, shining like the sun's ray. I looked at myself, and I was like one of His glorious ones (one of the seven highest malaks).
10 Yahwah summoned one of His archmalaks by name Pravuil, whose knowledge was quicker in wisdom than the other archmalaks, who wrote all the deeds of Yahwah. Yahwah said to Pravuil: Bring out the books from my store-houses, and a reed of quick-writing. Give it to Enoch, and deliver to him the choice and comforting books out of your hand.

Chapter 23
Of Enoch's writing, how he wrote his wonderful jouneyings and the heavenly hosts and himself wrote three hundred and sixty-six books

1 He was telling me all the works of heaven, earth, and sea, all the elements, their passages and goings, and the thunderings of the thunders, the sun, moon, the goings and changes of the stars, the seasons, years, days, and hours, the risings of the wind, the numbers of the malaks, the formation of their songs, all human things, the tongue of every human song and life, the commandments, instructions, sweet-voiced singings, and all things that it is fitting to learn.
2 Pravuil told me: All the things which I told you, we have written. Sit and write all the souls of mankind, however many of them are born, and the places prepared for them to eternity. All souls are prepared to eternity, before the formation of the world.
3 All double thirty days and thirty nights, I wrote out all things exactly, and wrote three hundred and sixty-six books.

Chapter 24
Of the great secrets of Yahwah, which Yahwah revealed and told Enoch, and spoke with him face to face

1 Yahwah summoned me, and said to me: Enoch, sit down on my left with Gabriyah.
2 I bowed down to Yahwah, and Yahwah spoke to me: Enoch, beloved, all that you see, all things that are standing finished I tell to you. Even before the very beginning, I created all from non-being, visible things from invisible.
3 Hear, Enoch, take in these my words. I have not told my secret to My malaks, I have not told them their rise, nor my endless realm, nor have they understood my creating, which I tell you today.
4 Before all things were visible, I alone used to go about in the invisible things, like the sun from east to west, and from west to east.
5 Even the sun has peace in itself, while I found no peace. I was creating all things, I conceived the thought of placing foundations, and of creating visible creation.

Chapter 25
Yahwah relates to Enoch, how out of the very deepest parts came forth the visible and invisible

1 I commanded in the very lowest parts, that visible things should come down from invisible. Adoil (Light of Creation) came down very great, I beheld him, and lo! He had a belly of great light.
2 I said to him: Become undone, Adoil, and let the visible come out of you.
3 He came undone, and a great light came out. I was in the midst of the great light. As there is born light from light, there came forth a great age, and showed all creation, which I thought to create.
4 I saw that it was good.
5 I placed for myself a throne, took my seat on it, and said to the light: Go up higher, fix yourself high above the throne, and be a foundation to the highest things.
6 Above the light there is nothing else, and then I bent up and looked up from my throne.

Chapter 26
Yahwah summons from the very deepest a second time that Archas, heavy and very red should come forth

1 I summoned the very lowest a second time, and said: Let Archas (Spirit of Creation) come forth hard, and he came forth hard from the invisible.
2 Archas came forth, hard, heavy, and very red.
3 I said: Be opened, Archas, let there be born from you. He came undone, an age came forth, very great and very dark, bearing the creation of all lower things.
4 I saw that it was good, and said to him: Go down below, make yourself firm, and be a foundation for the lower things. It happened, he went down, fixed himself, became the foundation for the lower things, and below the darkness there is nothing else.

Chapter 27
Of how Yahwah founded the water, and surrounded it with light, and established on it seven islands

1 I commanded that there should be taken from light and darkness. I said: Be thick, and it became thus. I spread it out with the light, and it became water. I spread it out over the darkness, below the light, and then I made firm the waters, that is to say the bottomless. I made foundation of light around the water, created seven circles from inside, imaged the water like crystal wet and dry, that is to say like glass. The circumcession of the waters and the other elements, I showed each one of them its road, and the seven stars each one of them in its heaven, that they go thus, and I saw that it was good.
2 I separated between light and between darkness, that is to say in the midst of the water here and there. I said to the light, that it should be the day, and to the darkness, that it should be the night, and there was evening and there was morning the first day.

Chapter 28
The week in which Yahwah showed Enoch all his wisdom and power, throughout all the seven days, how he created all the heavenly and earthly forces and all moving things even down to man

1 I made firm the heavenly circle, made the lower water which is under heaven collect itself together, into one whole, the chaos become dry, and it became so.
2 Out of the waves I created rock hard and big, from the rock I piled up the dry, and the dry I called earth. The midst of the earth I called abyss, that is to say the bottomless. I collected the sea in one place, and bound it together with a yoke.
3 I said to the sea: Behold, I give you your eternal limits, and you will not break loose from your component parts.
4 I made fast the firmament. I called this day the first-created [Sunday].

Chapter 29
Then it became evening, and then again morning, and it was the second [Monday]; The fiery essence

1 For all the heavenly troops I imaged the image and essence of fire. My eye looked at the very hard, firm rock. From the gleam of my eye the lightning received its wonderful nature, which is both fire in water and water in fire. One does not put out the other, nor does the one dry up the other, therefore the lightning is brighter than the sun, softer than water, firmer than hard rock.
2 From the rock I cut off a great fire, and from the fire I created the orders of the incorporeal ten troops of malaks. Their weapons are fiery, their garments a burning flame, and I commanded that each one should stand in his order.
3 One [Satanail] from the order of malaks, having turned away with the order that was under him, conceived an impossible thought, to place his throne higher than the clouds above the earth, that he might become equal in rank to my power. [Isaiah 14:12]
4 I threw him out from the height with his malaks, he was flying in the air continuously above the bottomless.

Chapter 30
Then I created all the heavens, and the third day was, [Tuesday]

1 On the third day I commanded the earth to make grow great and fruitful trees, and hills, and seed to sow. I planted Paradise, enclosed it, placed flaming malaks as armed guardians, and thus I created renewal.
2 Then came evening, and came morning the fourth day.
3 [Wednesday]. On the fourth day I commanded that there should be great lights on the heavenly circles.
4 On the first uppermost circle I placed the stars, Kruno, and on the second Aphrodit, on the third Aris, on the fifth Zoues, on the sixth Ermis, on the seventh lesser the moon, and adorned it with the lesser stars.
5 On the lower I placed the sun for the illumination of day, the moon and stars for the illumination of night.
6 The sun that it should go according to each constellation, twelve. I appointed the succession of the months and their names and lives, their thunderings, and their hour-markings, how they should succeed.
7 Then evening came and morning came the fifth day.
8 [Thursday]. On the fifth day I commanded the sea, that it should bring forth fishes, feathered birds of many varieties, all animals creeping over the earth, going forth over the earth on four legs, soaring in the air, male sex and female, and every soul breathing the spirit of life.
9 There came evening, and there came morning, the sixth day.
10 [Friday]. On the sixth day I commanded Wisdom to create man from seven consistencies: one, his flesh from the earth; two, his blood from the dew; three, his eyes from the sun; four, his bones from stone; five, his intelligence from the swiftness of the malaks, and from cloud; six, his veins and his hair from the grass of the earth; seven, his soul from my breath, and from the wind.
11 I gave him seven natures: to the flesh hearing, the eyes for sight, to the soul smell, the veins for touch, the blood for taste, the bones for endurance, to the intelligence sweetness [enjoyment].
12 I conceived a cunning saying to say, I created man from invisible and from visible nature, of both are his death, life, and image. He knows speech like some created thing, small in greatness and again great in smallness. I placed him on earth, a second malak, honorable, great, and glorious. I appointed him as ruler to rule on earth, to have my wisdom, and there was none like him on earth of all my existing creatures.
13 I appointed him a name, from the four component parts, from east, from west, from south, from north. I appointed for him four special stars. I called his name Adam, and showed him the two ways, the light and the darkness.
14 I told him: This is good, and that bad. So I should learn whether he has love towards me, or hatred, that it is clear which in his race love me.
15 I saw his nature, but he did not see his own nature. Through not seeing he will sin worse. I said: After sin, what is there but death?
16 I put sleep into him, and he fell asleep. I took a rib from him, and created him a wife, that death should come to him by his wife. I took his last word, and called her name mother, that is to say, Eva.

Chapter 31
Yahwah gives over paradise to Adam, and gives him a command to see the heavens opened, and that he should see the malaks singing the song of victory

1 Adam has life on earth. I created a garden in Eden in the east, that he should observe the testament, and keep the command.
2 I made the heavens open to him, that he should see the malaks singing the song of victory, and the gloomless light.
3 He was continuously in paradise. The devil understood that I wanted to create another world, because Adam was master on earth, to rule and control it.
4 The devil is the evil spirit of the lower places, as a fugitive he made Diana [Easter] from the heavens. His name was Satanail (Lucifer). He became different from the malaks, but his nature did not change his intelligence as far as his understanding of righteous and sinful things.
5 He understood his condemnation, and the sin which he sinned before. He conceived thought against Adam, in such form he entered and seduced Eva, but did not touch Adam.
6 I cursed ignorance, but what I blessed previously, those I did not curse. I did not curse man, nor the earth, nor other creatures, but man's evil fruit, and his works.

Chapter 32
After Adam's sin Yahwah sends him away into the earth from where He took him from, but does not wish to ruin him for all years to come

1 I said to him: Earth you are, you will go into the earth from where I took you. I will not ruin you, but send you from where I took you.
2 Then I can receive you again at My second presence.
3 I blessed all my creatures visible and invisible. Adam was five and half hours in paradise.
4 I blessed the seventh day, which is the Sabbath, on which He rested from all His works.

Chapter 33
Yahwah shows Enoch the age of this world, its existence of seven thousand years, and the eighth thousand is the end, neither years, nor months, nor weeks, nor days

1 I appointed the eighth day also, that the eighth day should be the first-created after my work. The first seven revolve in the form of the seventh thousand, and at the beginning of the eighth thousand there should be a time of not-counting, endless, with neither years nor months nor weeks nor days nor hours.
2 Enoch, all that I told you, all that you understand, all that you see of heavenly things, all that you see on earth, all that I wrote in books by my great wisdom, all these things I devised and created from the uppermost foundation to the lower and to the end, and there is no counsellor nor inheritor to my creations.
3 I [YHWH] am self-eternal, not made with hands, and without change.
4 My thought is my counsellor, my Wisdom and my Word are made, my eyes observe all things how they stand here and tremble with terror.
5 If I turn away my face, all things will be destroyed.
6 Apply your mind, Enoch, know Him who is speaking to you, and then take the books which you yourself wrote.
7 I give you Samuil and Raguil, who led you up, and the books. Go down to earth, tell your sons all that I told you, and all that you saw, from the lower heaven up to my throne, all the troops.
8 I created all forces, there is none that resists me or that does not subject himself to me. All subject themselves to my monarchy, and labor for my sole rule.
9 Give them the books of the handwriting. They will read them, will know me for the creator of all things, and will understand how there is no other Yahwah but me.
10 Let them distribute the books of your handwriting, children to children, generation to generation, nations to nations.
11 I will give you, Enoch, my intercessor, the archistratege Michayah, the handwritings of your fathers Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahaleleel, and Yared your father.

Chapter 34
Yahwah convicts the idolaters and sodomitic fornicators, and therefore brings down a deluge upon them

1 They rejected my commandments and my yoke. Worthless seed came up, not fearing Yahwah. They would not bow down to me, but bow down to vain gods, denied my unity, laden the whole earth with untruths, offences, abominable lecheries, namely one with another, and all manner of other unclean wickedness, which are disgusting to relate.
2 I will bring down a deluge upon the earth, and will destroy all men. The whole earth will crumble together into great darkness.

Chapter 35
Yahwah leaves one righteous man of Enoch's tribe with his whole house, who did Yahwah's pleasure according to His will

1 Behold from their seed another generation will arise, much afterwards, but of them many will be very insatiate.
2 He who raises that generation will reveal to them the books of your handwriting, and of your fathers. To them he must point out the guardianship of the world, to the faithful men, workers of my pleasure, who do not acknowledge my Name in vain.
3 They will tell another generation, and those others having read will be glorified thereafter, more than the first.

Chapter 36
Yahwah commanded Enoch to live on earth thirty days, to give instruction to his sons and to his children's children and after thirty days he was again taken on to heaven

1 Now, Enoch, I give you the term of thirty days to spend in your house. Tell your sons and all your household, that all may hear from my face what is told them by you, that they may read and understand, how there is no other Yahwah but me.
2 That they may always keep my commandments, begin to read and take in the books of your handwriting.
3 After thirty days I will send my malak for you, he will take you from earth, from your sons to me.

Chapter 37
Here Yahwah summons a malak

1 Yahwah called upon one of the older malaks, terrible and menacing, and placed him by me. His appearance white as snow, his hands like ice, having the appearance of great frost. He froze my face because I could not endure the terror of Yahwah, just as it is not possible to endure a stove's fire, the sun's heat, and the frost of the air.
2 Yahwah said to me: Enoch, if your face is not frozen here, no man will be able to behold your face.

Chapter 38
Mathusal continued to have hope and to await his father Enoch in his house day and night

1 Yahwah said to those men who led me up first: Let Enoch go on down to earth with you, and await him till the determined day.
2 They placed me by night on my bed.
3 Mathusal, expecting my coming, keeping watch by day and by night at my bed, was filled with awe when he heard my coming. I told him: Let all my household come together, that I tell them everything.

Chapter 39
Enoch's pitiful admonition to his sons with weeping and great lamentation, as he spoke to them

1 Oh my children, my beloved ones, hear the admonition of your father, as much as is according to Yahwah's will.
2 I come to you today, and announce to you (not from my lips, but from Yahwah's lips), all that is, was, all that is now, and all that will be till judgment-day.
3 Yahwah let me come to you. Hear the words of my lips, of a man made big for you. I am one who saw Yahwah's face, like iron made to glow from fire, it sends forth sparks and burns.
4 You look now upon my eyes, the eyes of a man big with meaning for you. I saw Yahwah's eyes, shining like the sun's rays, filling the eyes of man with awe.
5 You see now, my children, the right hand of a man who helps you. I saw Yahwah's right hand filling heaven as He helped me.
6 You see the compass of my work like your own. I saw Yahwah's limitless and perfect compass, which has no end.
7 You hear the words of my lips. I heard the words of Yahwah, like great thunder incessantly with hurling of clouds.
8 My children, hear the discourses of the Father of the earth. How fearful and awful is it to come before the face of the ruler of the earth [satan]? How much more terrible and awful is it to come before the face of the ruler of heaven [Yahwah] (the controller of quick and dead, and of the heavenly troops)? Who can endure that endless pain?

Chapter 40
Enoch admonishes his children truly of all things from Yahwah's lips, how he saw and heard and wrote down

1 My children, I know all things. This is from Yahwah's lips, and this my eyes have seen, from beginning to end.
2 I know all things, and wrote all things into books, the heavens and their end, their plenitude, all the armies, and their marchings.
3 I measured and described the stars, the great countless multitude of them.
4 What man has seen their revolutions, and their entrances? Not even the malaks see their number, while I have written all their names.
5 I measured the sun's circle, measured its rays, counted the hours. I wrote down all things that go over the earth. I wrote the things that are nourished, all seed sown and unsown, which the earth and all plants produce, every grass, every flower, their sweet smells, their names, the dwelling-places of the clouds, their composition, their wings, and how they bear rain and raindrops.
6 I investigated all things, wrote the road of the thunder and of the lightning. They showed me the keys and their guardians, their rise, the way they go. It is let out gently in measure by a chain, lest by a heavy chain and violence it hurl down the angry clouds and destroy all things on earth.
7 I wrote the treasure-houses of the snow, and the store-houses of the cold and the frosty airs. I observed their season's key-holder, he fills the clouds with them, and does not exhaust the treasure-houses.
8 I wrote the resting-places of the winds, observed and saw how their key-holders bear weighing-scales and measures. First, they put them in one weighing-scale, then in the other the weights and let them out according to measure cunningly over the whole earth, lest by heavy breathing they make the earth to rock.
9 I measured out the whole earth, its mountains, hills, fields, trees, stones, rivers. All existing things I wrote down, the height from earth to the seventh heaven, and downwards to the very lowest hell, the judgment-place, the very great, open, and weeping hell.
10 I saw how the prisoners are in pain, expecting the limitless judgment.
11 I wrote down all those being judged by the judge, all their judgment, sentences, and all their works.

Chapter 41
Of how Enoch lamented Adam's sin

1 I saw all forefathers from all time with Adam and Eva.
2 I sighed, broke into tears, and said of the ruin of their dishonor: Woe is me for my infirmity, and for that of my forefathers.
3 I thought in my heart, and said: Blessed is the man who has not been born, or who is born and will not sin before Yahwah's face, that he not come into this place, nor bring the yoke of this place.

Chapter 42
Of how Enoch saw the key-holders and guards of the gates of hell standing

1 I saw the key-holders and guards of the gates of hell standing, like great serpents, their faces like extinguishing lamps, their eyes of fire, their sharp teeth. I saw all Yahwah's works, how they are right. The works of man are some good, others bad, and in their works are known those who lie evilly.

Chapter 43
Enoch shows his children how he measured and wrote out Yahwah's judgments

1 I, my children, measured and wrote out every work, every measure, and every righteous judgment.
2 As one year is more honorable than another, so is one man more honorable than another, some for great possessions, some for wisdom of heart, some for particular intellect, some for cunning, one for silence of lip, another for cleanliness, one for strength, another for comeliness, one for youth, another for sharp wit, one for shape of body, another for sensibility. Let it be heard everywhere: there is none better than he who fears Yahwah, he will be more glorious in time to come.

Chapter 44
Enoch instructs his sons that they revile not the face of man, small or great

1 Yahwah created man with His hands, in the likeness of his own face. Yahwah made him small and great.
2 Whoever reviles the ruler's face, abhors Yahwah's face, has despised Yahwah's face. He who vents anger on any man without injury, Yahwah's great anger will cut him down. He who spits on the face of man reproachfully, will be cut down at Yahwah's great judgment.
3 Blessed is the man who does not direct his heart with malice against any man, helps the injured and condemned, raises the broken down, and does charity to the needy. On the day of the great judgment every weight, every measure, and every makeweight will be as in the market. That is to say they are hung on scales and stand in the market. Everyone will learn his own measure, and according to his measure will take his reward.

Chapter 45
Yahwah shows how He does not want sacrifices from men, nor burnt-offerings, but pure and contrite hearts

1 Whoever hastens to make offerings before Yahwah's face, Yahwah for His part will hasten that offering by granting of his work.
2 Whoever increases his lamp before Yahwah's face and does not make true judgment, Yahwah will not increase his treasure in the realm of the highest.
3 When Yahwah demands bread, or candles, or the flesh of beasts, or any other sacrifice, then that is nothing. Yahwah demands pure hearts, and with all that only tests the heart of man.

Chapter 46
Of how an earthly ruler does not accept from man abominable and unclean gifts, then how much more does Yahwah abominate unclean gifts, but sends them away with wrath and does not accept his gifts

1 Hear, my people, take in the words of my lips.
2 If anyone bring any gifts to an earthly ruler, with disloyal thoughts in his heart, and the ruler know this, will he not be angry with him, not refuse his gifts, but give him over to judgment?
3 If one man make himself appear good to another by deceit of tongue, but have evil in his heart, then will the other not understand the treachery of his heart, and himself be condemned, since his untruth was plain to all?
4 Yahwah will send a great Light, then there will be judgment for the just and the unjust, no one will escape notice.

Chapter 47
Enoch instructs his sons from Yahwah's lips, and hands them the handwriting of this book

1 My children, lay thought on your hearts, mark well the words of your father, which are all come to you from Yahwah's lips.
2 Take these books of your father's handwriting and read them.
3 The books are many. In them you will learn all Yahwah's works, all that is from the beginning of creation, and will be till the end of time.
4 If you will observe my handwriting, you will not sin against Yahwah. There is no other except Yahwah, neither in heaven, nor in earth, nor in the very lowest places, nor in the one foundation.
5 Yahwah placed the foundations in the unknown, and spread forth heavens visible and invisible. He fixed the earth on the waters, and created countless creatures. Who has counted the water, the foundation of the unfixed, the dust of the earth, the sand of the sea, the drops of the rain, the morning dew, or the wind's breathings? Who filled earth and sea, and the indissoluble winter?
6 I cut the stars out of fire, decorated heaven, and put it in their midst.

Chapter 48
Of the sun's passage along the seven circles

1 That the sun go along the seven heavenly circles, which are the appointment of one hundred and eighty-two thrones, that it go down on a short day, and again one hundred and eighty-two, that it go down on a big day, and he has two thrones on which he rests, revolving here and there above the thrones of the months, from the seventeenth day of the month Tsivan it goes down to the month Thevan, from the seventeenth of Thevan it goes up.
2 Thus it goes close to the earth, the earth is glad and makes its fruits grow. When it goes away, the earth is sad, and trees and all fruits have no florescence.
3 All this He measured, with good measurement of hours, and fixed a measure by His wisdom, of the visible and the invisible.
4 From the invisible He made all things visible, Himself being invisible.
5 Thus I make known to you, my children. Distribute the books to your children, into all your generations. Among the nations who will have the sense to fear Yahwah, let them receive them. May they come to love them more than any food or earthly sweets, read them, and apply themselves to them.
6 Those who do not understand Yahwah, who do not fear Yahwah, who do not accept, but reject, who do not receive the books, a terrible judgment awaits these.
7 Blessed is the man who will bear their yoke and will drag them along, for he will be released on the day of the great judgment.

Chapter 49
Enoch instructs his sons to not swear either by heaven or earth, and shows Yahwah's promise, even in the mother's womb

1 I swear to you, my children, but I swear not by any oath, neither by heaven nor by earth, nor by any other creature which Yahwah created.
2 Yahwah said: There is no oath in me, nor injustice, but truth.
3 If there is no truth in men, let them swear by the words: Yea, yea. Or else: Nay, nay.
4 I swear to you, yea, yea, that there has been no man in his mother's womb, but that already before. Even to each one there is a place prepared for the repose of that soul, a measure fixed how much it is intended that a man be tried in this world.
5 Yea, children, do not deceive yourselves, there was previously prepared a place for every soul of man.

Chapter 50
Of how none born on earth can remain hidden nor his work remain concealed, but Yahwah bids us to be meek, to endure attack and insult, and to not offend widows and orphans

1 I put every man's work in writing, none born on earth can remain hidden, nor his works remain concealed.
2 I see all things.
3 Now therefore, my children, in patience and meekness spend the number of your days, that you inherit endless life.
4 For the sake of Yahwah endure every wound, every injury, every evil word, and attack.
5 If ill-requitals befall you, do not return them either to neighbor or enemy. Yahwah will return them for you, and be your avenger on the day of great judgment, that there be no avenging here among men.
6 Whoever of you spends gold or silver for his brother's sake, he will receive ample treasure in the world to come.
7 Do not injure widows, orphans, nor strangers, lest Yahwah's wrath come upon you.

Chapter 51
Enoch instructs his sons, that they hide not treasures in the earth, but bids them give alms to the poor

1 Stretch out your hands to the poor according to your strength.
2 Do not hide your silver in the earth.
3 Help the faithful man in affliction, and affliction will not find you in the time of your trouble.
4 Every grievous and cruel yoke that comes upon you, bear all for the sake of Yahwah, and thus you will find your reward in the day of judgment.
5 It is good to go into Yahwah's dwelling morning, midday, and evening, for the glory of your creator.
6 Every breathing thing glorifies Him, every creature visible and invisible returns Him praise.

Chapter 52
Yahwah instructs his faithful, how they are to praise His Name

1 Blessed is the man who opens his lips in praise of Yahwah of Sabaoth, and praises Yahwah with his heart.
2 Cursed [is] every man who opens his lips for the bringing into contempt and calumny of his neighbor, because he brings Yahwah into contempt.
3 Blessed is he who opens his lips blessing and praising Yahwah.
4 Cursed is he before Yahwah all the days of his life, who opens his lips to curse and abuse.
5 Blessed is he who blesses all Yahwah's works.
6 Cursed is he who brings Yahwah's creation into contempt.
7 Blessed is he who looks down and raises the fallen.
8 Cursed is he who looks to and is eager for the destruction of what is not his.
9 Blessed is he who keeps the foundations of his fathers made firm from the beginning.
10 Cursed is he who perverts the decrees of his forefathers.
11 Blessed is he who imparts peace and love.
12 Cursed is he who disturbs those who love their neighbors.
13 Blessed is he who speaks with humble tongue and heart to all.
14 Cursed is he who speaks peace with his tongue, while in his heart there is no peace, but a sword.
15 For all these things will be laid bare in the weighing-scales and in the books, on the day of the great judgment.

Chapter 53
Enoch confirms the word from Yahwah's lips to his children that they must obey the will of Yahwah on their own

1 My children, do not say: Our father is standing before Yahwah, and is praying for our sins. For there is no helper of any man who has sinned.
2 You see how I wrote all works of every man, before his creation, all that is done among all men for all time, and none can tell or relate my handwriting. Yahwah sees all imaginings of man, how they are vain, where they lie in the treasure-houses of the heart.
3 My children, mark well all the words of your father, that I tell you, lest you regret, saying: Why did our father not tell us?

Chapter 54
Enoch instructs his sons, that they should hand the books to others also

1 At that time, not understanding this, let these books which I give you be for an inheritance of your peace.
2 Hand them to all who want them, instruct them, that they may see Yahwah's very great and marvellous works.

Chapter 55
Here Enoch shows his sons, telling them with tears, that the time has approached for him to be taken up into heaven, as the malaks are standing before him

1 My children, behold, the day of my term and time have approached.
2 The malaks who go with me are standing before me, and urge me to my departure from you. They are standing here on earth, awaiting what was told them.
3 Tomorrow I will go on up to heaven, to the uppermost Yerusalem, to my eternal inheritance.
4 Therefore I bid you do before Yahwah's face all His good pleasure.

Chapter 56
Methosalam asks of his father blessing, that he may take Enoch food to eat

1 Mathosalam answered his father Enoch: What food is agreeable to your eyes, father, that I may make before your face? That you may bless our dwellings, your sons, and that your people may be made glorious through you, and that then you may depart thus, as Yahwah said?
2 Enoch answered to his son Mathosalam, and said: Hear, child, from the time Yahwah anointed me with the ointment of His glory, there has been no food in me, and my soul does not remember earthly enjoyment, neither do I want anything earthly.

Chapter 57
Enoch bade his son Methosalam to summon all his brethren

1 My child Methosalam, summon all your brethren, all your household, and the elders of the people, that I may talk to them, and depart, as is planned for me.
2 Methosalam made haste and summoned his brethren, Regim, Riman, Uchan, Chermion, Gaidad, and all the elders of the people before the face of his father Enoch.

Chapter 58
Enoch's instructions to his sons

1 He blessed them, and said to them: Listen to me, my children, today.
2 In those days Yahwah came down on earth for Adam's sake, and visited all His creatures, which He created Himself. After all these He created Adam. Yahwah called all the beasts of the earth, all the reptiles, all the birds that soar in the air, and brought them all before the face of our father Adam.
3 Adam gave the names to all things living on earth.
4 Yahwah appointed him ruler over all, subjected to him all things under his hands, made them dumb and made them dull that they be commanded of man, and be in subjection and obedience to him.
5 Thus also Yahwah created every man master over all his possessions.
6 Yahwah will not judge a single soul of beast for man's sake, but adjudges the souls of men to their beasts in this world, for men have a special place.
7 As every soul of man is according to number, similarly beasts will not perish, nor all souls of beasts which Yahwah created, till the great judgment. They will accuse man, if he feed them ill.

Chapter 59
Enoch instructs his sons wherefore they may not touch unclean meat because of what comes from it

1 Whoever defiles the soul of beasts, defiles his own soul.
2 Man brings clean animals to make sacrifice for sin, that he may have cure of his soul.
3 If they bring for sacrifice clean animals, and birds, man has cure, he cures his soul.
4 All is given you for food, bind it by the four feet, that is to make good the cure, he cures his soul.
5 Whoever kills beast without wounds, kills his own soul and defiles his own flesh.
6 He who does any beast any injury whatsoever, in secret, it is evil practice, and he defiles his own soul.

Chapter 60
He who does injury to the soul of another man, does injury to his own soul

1 He who works the killing of a man's soul, kills his own soul, kills his own body, and there is no cure for him for all time.
2 He who puts a man in any snare, will stick in it himself, and there is no cure for him for all time.
3 He who puts a man in any vessel, his retribution will not be wanting at the great judgment for all time.
4 He who works crookedly or speaks evil against any soul, will not make justice for himself for all time.

Chapter 61
Enoch instructs his sons to keep themselves from injustice, to help others and to share

1 My children, keep your hearts from every injustice which Yahwah hates. Just as a man asks something for his own soul from Yahwah, so let him do to every living soul. I know all things. In the great time to come there is much inheritance prepared for men, good for the good, bad for the bad, without number many.
2 Blessed are those who enter the good houses, for in the bad houses there is no peace nor return from them.
3 Hear, my children, small and great! When man puts a good thought in his heart, he brings gifts from his labors before Yahwah's face. If his hands did not make them, Yahwah will turn away His face from the labor of his hand, and that man cannot find the labor of his hands.
4 If his hands made it, but his heart murmur, and his heart not cease making murmur incessantly, he has not any advantage.

Chapter 62
Of how it is fitting to bring one's gifts in faith, because there is no repentance after death

1 Blessed is the man who in his patience brings his gifts with faith before Yahwah's face, because he will find forgiveness of sins.
2 If he take back his words before the time, there is no repentance for him. If the time pass and he do not of his own will what is promised, there is no repentance after death.
3 Every work which man does before the time is all deceit before men, and sin before Yahwah.

Chapter 63
Of how to not despise the poor, but to share with them equally, lest you be murmured against before Yahwah

1 When man clothes the naked and fills the hungry, he will find reward from Yahwah.
2 If his heart murmur, he commits a double evil, ruin of himself and of that which he gives. For him there will be no finding of reward on account of that.
3 If his own heart is filled with his food and his own flesh, clothed with his own clothing, he commits contempt, will forfeit all his endurance of poverty, and will not find reward of his good deeds.
4 Every proud and magniloquent man is hateful to Yahwah, and every false speech clothed in untruth. It will be cut with the blade of the sword of death, thrown into the fire, and will burn for all time.

Chapter 64
Of how Yahwah calls up Enoch, and people took counsel to go and kiss him at the place called Achuzan

1 When Enoch had spoken these words to his sons, all people far and near heard how Yahwah was calling Enoch.
2 They took counsel together: Let us go and kiss Enoch. Two thousand men came together and came to the place Achuzan where Enoch and his sons were.
3 The elders of the people, the whole assembly, came, bowed down, and began to kiss Enoch.
4 They said to him: Our father Enoch, may you be blessed of Yahwah, the eternal ruler. Now bless your sons and all the people, that we may be glorified today before your face.
5 You will be glorified before Yahwah's face for all time, since Yahwah chose you rather than all men on earth. He designated you writer of all His creation, visible and invisible, redeemed of the sins of man, and helper of your household.

Chapter 65
Of Enoch's instructions to his sons

1 Enoch answered all his people saying: Hear, my children, before all creatures were created, Yahwah created the visible and invisible things.
2 As much time as there was and went past, understand that after all that He created man in the likeness of His own form, and put into him eyes to see, ears to hear, heart to reflect, and intellect with which to deliberate.
3 Yahwah saw all man's works, created all his creatures, and divided time. From time He fixed the years, from the years He appointed the months, from the months He appointed the days, and of days He appointed seven.
4 In those He appointed the hours, measured them out exactly, that man might reflect on time and count years, months, and hours, their alternation, beginning, and end, and that he might count his own life, from the beginning until death, and reflect on his sin and write his work bad and good. No work is hidden before Yahwah, that every man might know His works and never transgress all His commandments, and keep my handwriting from generation to generation.
5 When all creation visible and invisible, as Yahwah created it, will end, then every man goes to the great judgment. Then all time will perish, and the years. From then on there will be neither months nor days nor hours, they will be adhered together and will not be counted.
6 There will be one aeon, all the righteous who escape Yahwah's great judgment will be collected in the great aeon. For the righteous the great aeon will begin, and they will live eternally. There will be among them neither labor, nor sickness, nor humiliation, nor anxiety, nor need, nor brutality, nor night, nor darkness, but great light.
7 They will have a great indestructible wall, a paradise bright and incorruptible, for all corruptible things will pass away, and there will be eternal life.

Chapter 66
Enoch instructs his sons and all the elders of the people, how they are to walk with terror and trembling before Yahwah, and serve Him alone and not bow down to idols, but to Yahwah, who created heaven and earth and every creature, and to His image

1 My children, keep your souls from all injustice, such as Yahwah hates.
2 Walk before His face with terror and trembling, and serve Him alone.
3 Bow down to the true Yahwah, not to dumb idols. Bow down to His similitude, and bring all just offerings before Yahwah's face. Yahwah hates what is unjust.
4 Yahwah sees all things. When man takes thought in his heart, he counsels the intellects. Every thought is always before Yahwah, who made the earth firm, and put all creatures on it.
5 If you look to heaven, Yahwah is there. If you take thought of the sea's deep and all the under-earth, Yahwah is there.
6 Yahwah created all things. Do not bow down to things made by man, leaving Yahwah of all creation, because no work can remain hidden before Yahwah's face.
7 My children, walk in long-suffering, in meekness, in honesty, in provocation, in grief, in faith, in truth, in reliance on promises, in illness, in abuse, in wounds, in temptation, in nakedness, in privation, loving one another, till you go out from this age of ills, that you become inheritors of endless time.
8 Blessed are the just who escape the great judgment, for they will shine forth more seven times than the sun. In this world the seventh part is taken off from all: light, darkness, food, enjoyment, sorrow, paradise, torture, fire, frost, and other things. I put all down in writing, that you might read and understand.

Chapter 67
Yahwah let out darkness on to the earth and covered the people and Enoch, and Enoch was taken up on high, and light came again in the heaven

1 When Enoch talked to the people, Yahwah sent out darkness on to the earth. There was darkness, and it covered those men standing with Enoch. They took Enoch on up to the highest heaven, where Yahwah is. He received him, placed him before His face, the darkness went off from the earth, and light came again.
2 The people saw, but did not understand how Enoch was taken. They glorified Yahwah. They found a roll in which was traced The Invisible Yahwah, and all went to their dwelling places.

Chapter 68

1 Enoch was born on the sixth day of the month Tsivan, and lived three hundred and sixty-five years.
2 He was taken up to heaven on the first day of the month Tsivan and remained in heaven sixty days.
3 He wrote all these signs of all creation, which Yahwah created. He wrote three hundred and sixty-six books, and handed them over to his sons. He remained on earth thirty days, and was again taken up to heaven on the sixth day of the month Tsivan, on the very day and hour when he was born.
4 As every man's nature in this life is dark, so are also his conception, birth, and departure from this life.
5 At what hour he was conceived, at that hour he was born, and at that hour he died.
6 Methosalam and his brethren, all the sons of Enoch, made haste and erected an altar at that place called Achuzan, from where Enoch was taken up to heaven.
7 They took sacrificial oxen, summoned all people, and sacrificed the sacrifice before Yahwah's face.
8 All people, the elders of the people, and the whole assembly came to the feast and brought gifts to the sons of Enoch.
9 They made a great feast, rejoicing and making merry three days, praising Yahwah, who gave them such a sign through Enoch, who found favor with Him, and that they should hand it on to their sons from generation to generation, from age to age.
10 Amein

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